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UM will have Golden, players talking on WQAM Friday morning

With football camp set to start on Aug. 6, the Miami Hurricanes will take to the airwaves Friday morning from 6 to 10 a.m. on 560 WQAM.

Among the guests from UM lined up: football coach Al Golden, men’s basketball coach Jim Larranaga, offensive line coach Art Kehoe, women’s hoops coach Katie Meier and athletes Olivier Vernon, Sean Spence, LaRon Byrd, Marcus Forston, Vaughn Telemaque, Mike James, Tyler Horn, Harland Gunn, Malcolm Grant and Julian Gamble.

With the football team off limits to the media -- outside of the flagship station obviously -- this might be the only time you get to hear them talk for the next few weeks. So listen in. 

>The Maxwell Football Club named Spence and junior defensive back Ray Ray Armstrong to the 2011 Chuck Bednarik Award Watch List on Tuesday, given annually to the best defensive player in college football. Dan Morgan is the only UM player that has won the Bednarik Award, winning it in 2000, along with the Nagurski Trophy & Butkus Award.

> Travis Benjamin was one of 75 receivers named to the watch list for the Biletnikoff Award  Wednesday. The award is presented annually to the nation’s outstanding college football receiver by the Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation.

> University of Miami left-hand pitcher Bryan Radziewski was named to the Baseball America Freshman All-America Second Team on Tuesday. Radziewski finished the 2011 season with a team-leading nine wins, amassing a 9-2 record with a team third-lowest 3.35 earned run average.



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Manny - what's the format? They taking questions or just doing a show?

Great to get early recognition for Spence, Armstrong, and Benjamin. Big fan of Benjamin, he reminds me of my all time favorite cane Santana Moss. Kind of odd to see Ray Ray on that list when he's not even the best safety on the team.

Hey Eudo: I like Benjamin, too. But, Moss has something that Benjamin doesn't have, and that's what got him in the NFL. TB is good, but must produce at a different level this year. And, I think Ray Ray has more promise than VT. U agree?

Yea, Moss didn't drop balls and sure as hell wouldn't let a defender get his hands on one - Benjamin is too skinny and doesn't have enough of an aggressive streak. He's actually a great route runner but won't be more than a returner at the next level unless he can bulk up.

Definitely agree about Ray Ray's potential - he could be the hardest hitting safety in the country next year and the hardest hitting safety in the NFL shortly after. But Telemaque can also lay down some wood and his ball skills are vastly superior to Buchanan's. They complement each other well back there, it seems like the canes are going to have to rely heavily on Telemaque's cover skills with all the young guys and RBs at corner.

Building the STATE OF MIAMI

Benjamin doesn't need bulk, he just needs to get the ball in open space , in stride. Then it will be bye bye time...a la DeSean Jackson.

Watch the 2002 UM v FSU game and you'll see what it means for receiver to " fight" for a ball, rip a 50/50 ball from the hands of a receiver, running through routes without slowing down,etc. I am talking about Ethenic Sands, Beard, Daryl Jones, A Johnson. Seriously. Benjamin is not even close. Speed or no speed, it takes more than that. We shall see but tb has huge expectations on his shoulders.

I agree with part of Mike's statement in that last year they were using Benjamin wrong. Why have a short guy continuously running go patterns when all they had to do was throw him the ball quickly in space and let him weave through the defense with a couple of blockers in front. Streeter needed to be running go patterns. But I do believe adding a little power would help him when fighting for the ball. To be honest with you every one of the recievers could use a class in fighting for the ball. Our recievers need a meanstreak attitude.

No doubt, it's more attitude than bulk - if the ball's in the air it's gotta be the receiver's or no one's.

But if he wants to play WR and not just return kicks in the NFL Benjamin does have to put on weight.

Honestly, how easy would it be for an NFL safety to break this kid?


Eudo, U do have a valid point. Could U imagine Kenny Phillips or Ray Lewis hitting him before he could cover up. They'd fold him up like a beach chair. I heard he had put on some weight this winter and spring so we'll see. The two guys I am interested in seeing are Streeter and Thompkins. What ever happen to davon Johnson? Seems like he did a little as a freshman and has done less than that the last 2 years.

Florida Gators swept away by South Carolina in College World Series

Great..they'll be on 560 and I'm sure it will be homer talk as usual. Get the hoover going..the sucking will begin in the morning.

DeSean Jackson seems to be doing just fine in Philly.

WHAT????travis bengamin on the biletnikoff list??? isn't this the same guy who couldn't run the correct route,or catch a ball last year to save his life.....WOW,must be a weak crop of receivers around the land this year...

where can i stream this?

no one wants to write the UF blog....Gayturd trolls are on the prowl

Yep, Benjamin has basically underachieved, but he would nondoubt menthe #1 receiver for the Gatards. That trainwreck has nothing at the WR spot. Or the QB spot. Or the OL spot.

Wow, what a heap of trailerpark trash UFelony is.

We got the new Jim Kelly in Preston. duh U shall rise from the ashes like the great pumpkin on halloween.

go 'canes

its not about the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog, ive seen rascoe parrish taken some of the most violent hits in college and pros and still go get em without fear

rise from the ashes like the great trailer maggot at the Hail the Roach Festival in Gainesville. Wow, just typing that podunk town's name makes me laugh.

UFelony30andmore, Sec? lol, swept by the gamecocks, Big Daddy Cane, Insecurity in the trailerpark, and Duuuuug, Arty? I's be so stupid:

You guys are a disgrace, you're obsessed with a team UM plays once every 3 years and isn't even close to being in our league - you care more about what UF's doing than UM, it's pathetic.

Get a life ladies.

truth, the facts are that your trailertrash, septic tank stadium, koran burning necks in trailerville need to climb out from the hole/basement under your moms trailer and accept that the U owns your sorry publicly funded diploma mill academically and on the fields.

No one wants to write the gator blog because there is nothing to write about except arrest and how their football team is a wild dumpster fire that is spiraling out of control. Their baseball team choked again, basketball (enough said about those criminals)and the only thing to write about is track and field, swimming and badmitton.

I've lived in both Miami and Baltimore and I'm a Hurricanes alum and a Ravens fan.

Ravens have a real rivalry with the Steelers because there's a mutual respect and the teams play at least twice a year. We copied their formula but we do it the right way and it's finally an even matchup.

Same with FSU and UM. We play every year, UM was the original but FSU has the better athletes and the latest win. It's real rivalry. We have history.

Why so many people on this blog are sweatin' the Cincinnati Bengals is beyond me. It is only because UF has a blog on this same website? Why do you care so much what other computer nerds say about UM? We play them once every three years, I went to the last game and I've gotten two degrees from UM since then (no joke, graduated 2008 and got a masters since). They are not our rivals.

BTW - "UFelony" - your whole schtick making fun of the Gators for their players' questionable character is ridiculous. Are you really that ignorant of UM's history or are you just too dumb to see the hypocrisy in your line of trash talk?

BTW Eudo, Gatard trash is the first to say, "stop living in the past" when it comes to Miami achievements. The same should apply to Miami's less savory past for consistency.

Gatard trash criminal behavior is in the present and very recent past. It Is relevant. it appears Gatard trash can dish it but can't take it. That shows how insecure they are about that public diploma mill.

Eudo, quite aware of our past, fan since 1981 however gator felonies are recent and relevent to the conversation. I am also a grad (1988)and I love to dish it out to the idiots that post over here and do not speak the truth, I believe my comments are quite calm compared to other cane comments. BTW are you the blog police?

Eudo, I know you would prefer that we not respond to the obsessed gator trolls that attack our players and the fans.

But that won't stop them. And anyone reading would beleive that they bullied us into being afraid to answer.

It's a slow time, their blog is dead, dead, dead, so they come on here with their lame trolling out of boredom and desperation, we get that.

But if one of our folks chooses to clear the air about one of their sick lies, just let them. You say to let their stuff slide, why not let our responses slide?

All it will change is that we will no longer seem to accept their abuse anymore. They have done it obsessively since before you or I posted here no matter how it was handled, and until Susan and Manny get a new system in place that bans them permanently, we will have to let each fan choose their own method of response.

Oh and it is not hypocrisy to point out their glass house. Their original attack is the hypocrisy, those that point out their 30+ arrests just highlight the Gator troll hypocrisy.

I to think this UF bashing is terrible, really I do.

By the way gator fan, CONGRATULATIONS ON 2ND PLACE IN THE COLLEGE WORLD SERIES!!! That's really great. You get some kind of second place medal, or trophy don't you? God, it was like UM won the damn thing it was so gratifying watching you lose gator fan.

The first question Joe Rose should ask the players is how does it feel to play home games in front of an apathetic fan base that doesn't support you and doesn't it stink to play home games in a stadium that is 3/4 empty?

I know it's more of a constant thing from blog to blog but this particular blog is a perfect example.

13 posts talking about the gators, not including my post or the one above my post that prompted my rant.

0 posts from gators fans.

All it would take is one paragraph long entry from that troll and the rest of the blog would be about the gators - until a new blog was posted. Gators aren't our rivals, we never play them, and one of their fans owns this blog and all of your minds.

But do your thing.

Haha - and of course a gators fan posted something right before my comment.

Quick - someone correct him!! Our stadium isn't 3/4 empty - someone look up the stats!!! WE CAN'T LET THESE GATORS FANS WIN!!!!

PLease Eudo. Enough with your lecturing. Save that for when you teach a class with your new U degree (congrats by the way. Good for you). Many of us seethe at the comments that those dastards from traylortrashville post. From making fun of Bryan Pata (in case you didn't know a deceased person), to racial innuendos (eg marble mouf). Ok some may be a touch funny, but some aren't and all in the process of talking smk to each other bc we don't like each other. I for one, have a track record with UF fans. I got into a heated argument that nearly deteriorated when a drunk rednk wouldn't sit down during the 2004 peach bowl, kept using expletives in front of my wife and small kids. Basted wouldn't back down. That's how petty and arrogant some are, and that was before they won their ncs.

You proved our point. Not even before you posted your last post, that a turd posted some other smack. Most of it is nonsense. They've been saying we live in the past since 2004, only 2 yrs since we won our last one. Then they started with the thug u crp. Only to have 31 arrests. So please stop lecturing us from your ivory tower. I've been a cane fan since 1980, and I hated the turds then, and I hate them now. They were jealous then, they are jealous now.

If there was a radio station that cared about Trailerville football, maybe ask the players what it is like to play in front of toothless racist 'necks. A whole stadium full. Of course, as dumb as UFelony student athletes (ahem) are, they wouldn't understand the question.

I knew Bryan, he played Halo at our frat house with Baraka Atkins and some other guys.

Also have a history with gators fans - got my back windshield smashed out up in Gainesville last time we played. Im really looking forward to the next game in 2012 but I still don't give two squirts of duck sh*t about what internet tough guy gators fans say, just wish there werent so many UM Internet tough guys who enjoy this constant mindless back and forth, the blog is barely readable.

Bur lord knows what you boys would be doing with your time if you didn't have this, knock yourselves out.

God, it was like UM won the damn thing it was so gratifying watching you lose gator fan.

Posted by: Vann | July 09, 2011 at 09:58 AM

First, for you to feel like you won because another team did what you couldn't do for yourselves is just plain sad and a direct refection on the state of your athletic program and fanbase.

Second, what's truly gratifying is beating you down the last 10 out of 11 times on the diamond. And the last two times on the gridiron and hardcourt. That would be 1 Win in your last 13 head to head matchups. Now that's the present and where you're at. And try, just try, to mix in just One Conference Title in the next few years in anything and then pop off son.

So by all means, you enjoy and keep letting other programs do for you what you what you can not.

All the interviews from the 560 media day the other morning are up online right now for anyone who's interested.

Joe Rose went through the list of players that have come from out of state and remarked on how impressed they were with UM. He asked Al Golden what he was saying to them to impress them and Golden said "it's not what we're saying, it's what we're doing".

He said the biggest difference in his recruiting strategy has been the camps - bringing in high school kids from all over to see first hand what the coaching staff is looking for. He wants players who want to be Hurricanes and isn't wasting his time chasing the nonbelievers.

Good things - check out the interviews, interesting stuff.

Ahhhh, yes. Mike B spinning history but the cutoff, of course, is at the point where it benefits Gatard trash. What is the gridiron record since 2000? Anyone? Anyone? Gatard trash has one win over Miami in 10 years. One.

That is what you celebrate? Shows the insecurity of where the program is. Gainesville U is a joke which will get even funnier this Fall. Ta ta, trailer maggots.

Mike b
Does the b stand for beeeotch? Bc that's what you sound like
I could care less about how many times the UF team has beaten um in baseball the only number that matters is that UF has choked it's way to Zero nat championships, and in it's 120 plus yr history, even before UM came into existence, Only 2 nat ch in football.

When are you losers going to realize that we own you in football and baseball?

Win all the sec championships you want but in the grand scheme of things, the gators are # 1... at finishing # 2!

And #2 is the first loser

He was a good and decent coke dealer

There is the Pig posting just off his graveyard shift at Costco.

Pig, what kind of benefits do they give a loser like you?

Too bad there can never be a discussion on this site without it ending up with name calling. Yes UF and Miami fans dislike each other, not big news. But to link UF and Gainesville with trailers is ignorant, anymore than it would be than to link UM with Liberty City. I can guarntee you there are more trailer parks within the City of Miami than in all of Gainesville. Drive anywhere in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and all you see are UF license plates. Are all these alumni/fans rednecks? I think not.

gatorsam, your 'billy logic doesn't hold water. Did you read the post by "I'll-gotten"? Slandering the memory of a dead player and his family? Yep, that's the toothless 'neck way.

Have you ever been to trailertrashtown? Full of trailers, overall wearing toothlesss 'necks, meth shacks, and klan rallies.

Don't compare the Magic City to that stench filled, Teblow worshipping, backward fundamentalist sewer outpost.

Hee haw hillbillies!

Maybe GatardSam want to tell us the reason all these UF alumi live here? Wouldn't be because they wanted to stay away from that cultural backwater full of bible-thumping ignorant 'necks, would it?

Or that the reason there are so many is because that bloated diploma mill pumps out 18k unprepared graduates every year.

That's not me talking. Those are the facts.

Anyone who mentions the death of a player is an idiot and not representative of my school. You guys are proving my point with your ignorance. Most Gators in South Florida grew up here and went away to college and have returned home like grown ups do. UF has the highest ranked medical, engineering and law schools and accounting program in the state, and that is a fact. Also only one of 60 schools to be a member of the American Association of Universities, whose members are the top research universities in the country. Not sure what you guys don't understand. Maybe in your spare time you should drive around Miami and count the numer of trailer parks.

Abby Wambach GATOR!!!!!!!! USA USA USA

According to the latest stats the UM med school and the trailer one are tied
As a university, Um was ranked higher this yr
So stfu
You and I'll gotten are one of the same. That ignorant coward is defacing the memory of a deceased young man

Face it you pu55ies suk a55. And we own you

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