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After tsunami of allegations, Canes, Golden -- and 12 players in question -- return to practice

CORAL GABLES -- Less than 24 hours after an 11-month investigation by Yahoo! unfurled a tsunami of allegations of improper benefits made by former booster Nevin Shapiro to players and former coaches at the University of Miami, Al Golden and his team returned to the practice Wednesday morning.

And the 12 current players who were implicated by Shapiro in the Yahoo! story, were out there in uniform, too -- albeit under a much more subdued setting.

Safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque; linebacker Sean Spence; quarterback Jacory Harris; receivers Travis Benjamin and Aldarius Johnson; tight end Dyron Dye; defensive tackle Marcus Forston; defensive ends Adewale Ojomo, Marcus Robinson and Olivier Vernon; and cornerback JoJo Nicolas were all involved in practice Wednesday. The question now -- as the team tries to move forward under a cloud of an NCAA investigation -- is for how long.

"Right now, the only facts I'm going by are what we received from the NCAA and the university from a compliance standpoint. Until we hear an infraction or that we did break a rule, everybody is practicing," said Golden, who also told reporters he has yet to read the Yahoo! article. "If it is determined that somebody broke rules than certainly it will first be dealt with from a university standpoint, from an eligibility standpoint."

Golden, the only person at UM to speak to the media since news of an NCAA investigation in Coral Gables broke Sunday night, said while the last 24 hours have been difficult he's still focused on getting his team ready for its Sept. 5 opener at Maryland. By then, he hopes, the NCAA will have determined or let him and his staff know who might have to sit out.

"If there are guys that are going to have to sit out games, then we'll adjust our practice accordingly," Golden said.

"Whatever the number that is being interviewed right now or being named, that makes up less than 10 percent of our team. It's really important to understand we have a lot of guys in that locker room that do things the right way and come from great families and have made good decisions and want to improve today and want to get better. We have to manage this team -- not just the guys that if they did make a mistake [will be out].

"We've been talking about being a mentally tough team, a unified team. This is going to test that. We'll see where we're at. I'm no different than you guys. I come to work. I come and talk to you guys and when I'm talking the players start coming out behind me. I don't know what their attitude is going to be and how they're going to approach practice here, but I hope there is good leadership in that locker room. I hope there's enough guys that know they've done it the right way and paid the price. I know we have those types of student-athletes here. I have a feeling they'll keep focusing on getting better and getting ready for Maryland."

Golden said his message to his team has been not to judge any of the 12 players potentially involved in the Shapiro allegations.

"I would hope they would learn from them," Golden said. "We're in an educational setting. It's no different than if a student makes a mistake on campus. We don't toss them out. We don't turn our back on them. We try to educate them. And they're all at an age right now if they were exposed to Mr. Shapiro, clearly we have to make sure we prevent that going forward.

"So, how do you do that? You do that by getting to the facts, by getting to the truth. How did this guy how did he get around our players like that? Me as the head coach, I want to know. And I know our assistant coaches want to know. We want to make sure it never happens again."

Golden, who already has one of the nation's top recruiting classes in place with 24 commitments, said assistants began making calls to recruits Tuesday night. The message: sit tight.

"I think their [high school] coaches obviously wanted to wage what the heck was going on. So our coaches got in contact with their coaches and ultimately with the recruits," Golden sad. "Until I know what the facts are and I know what's going, it's important we don't rush to judgement and start saying things I'm not privy to. With us, we're trying to move forward quickly."

Golden, who took over for Randy Shannon in December, said Tuesday he had no knowledge that any investigation by the NCAA might be coming down the shoot. Asked Wednesday if he felt the university had the responsibility to inform him of it when they hired him, Golden said: "Only if they knew.

"If they knew this was perculating then I believe they did have a responsibility to tell me. I believe they had the responsibility to tell [athletic director] Shawn [Eichorst].

"I mean, I'm happy. My wife is happy here. We have great kids on this team. We have 24 commitments from young men and their families that appreciate and share our core values moving forward. Again, from what I'm understanding, many of these allegations go back. At the minimum all the way back to the early 2000s. So it's hard for me. I only had one kid at that time. Now, I have three children. My life has changed a lot since then. I'm just trying to move forward."

Asked if he felt broad sided by what UM is facing, Golden said: "No. We'll get through this."

"Again, I feel Temple prepared me for this opportunity," Golden said. "We had so many issues when we got there and so many of them were carry overs from the previous team. And we stood in there and fixed it. We fixed it with the lowest APR in the country. We had players suspended for violations, from things that happened before I got there. We had 54 scholarship student athletes my first year and we came through it.

"Again, I think that has prepared me for this. You can sit there and feel sorry for yourself and say you got blindsided, but at the end of the day we have a chance to be a really good football team and a chance to be a really great program."


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casrule '21 ships said this would blow over so I am not worried

There's no way those 12 players will eligible to play Labor Day night...but we'll see...

This isn't going to be good were pretty screwed as it looks. I guess 01 is going to be our last championship for a while... That's if NCAA doesnt take the 01 championship form us.

Hey, this is one of the biggest football schools, is all of this true maybe not( I don't think the NCAA will give 18-24 year old kids the death penalty, for being conned by a conman who took from educated investors. This is going to be long and very painful, but I were the NCAA, I would get every single piece of evidence( which is going to take a long, long time) before I make a decision.

ship has been burning for awhile and now there was just a big explosion, volcano, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, nuclear bomb, all at once....

it was fun while it lasted.

time to find something else to do on saturdays

I truly believe that the Univerity knew that there would be an investigation coming and failed to inform Golden before his hire. If that is true Golden should be given the option to get out of his contract and move on. This would be the right thing to do.

No the reactionof a true fan. USMC has it right, identify the problem, adapt and overcome.

You have to admire Golden and the class he displays. You know this is tearing him up, but he maintains a brave and strong presence. If anybody can hold onto a recruiting it would be him. I'm not sure, however, that even he, with all his charisma, can hang on to the class he's putting together.

If everything alleged is true, then forget about Texas A&M, FSU or Mizzou, the SEC has found its 13th member right here.

Mike Slive must be salivating. He will hire Shapiro from jail as a consultant. Grease loves grease.

I feel Coach Golden and his staff are handling this the best way possible. Contacting recruits and pushing NCAA to notify them of ineligible players. 2's need to be prepared to play in case shiz hits the fan! Man it's going to be a blow if we lose the players named! That said bring on MD!!!

Thank Yahoo and Shapiro, Morris is the default QB choice


Amber Alert: A little girl named UFelony30andmore has been missing. She was last seen a couple of days ago holding the hand of a guy in a Hurricanes shirt named Lil Luke. This is what talking so much smack gets you: just desserts!!!!

I feel for new coaches and administrative team. I'm heart broken. I was so proud telling everyone why are team was clean while other schools had 'bad' players and were cheating. The egg is on my face.

Randy was over his head...maybe...players lost respect and laughed when Randy turn his back...maybe...I come to understand why the U did not perform well...did not recruit well...and how several players were in his dog house and should be in Shapiro's house.

Now I understand why everyone jumped ship early this early...the new this was coming down and it will come down hard.

Heart Broken Fan and Alum in Texas

Its not like people go to the games on Saturday anyways cause there are so many things to do in Miami. Football won't be missed.

When the ship goes down you better be ready.

Dare I say we recover and win our 6th NC this year!

1) Figures just like a gator fan to talk trash to you when you are down. It's happening to me at work with my co-workers, and on this site. You gators are all the same. You are pu55ies and lame. Go ahead kick us when we are down.

2) Golden is right. UM should have warned him. If UM had contacted the NCAA one yr ago as they supposedly claim, then this was kept under wraps from Golden and Eikhorn, and Kirby Hocutt also kept it from him. Golden and his staff could bolt under that pretext. On the other hand, he may see this as a challenge (that is unless they shut down the program) and try to build his own legacy from scratch

3) The Shapiro 12 (as they should be known now) should all be expelled from the team, their scholies rescinded and we should now go with Morris inpreparation.

4) Non Shapiro 12 players should isolate alienate and eliminate these players from the locker room. Why? because those players (along with 70 others) have managed to take down this beloved institution. Take it down. They have all contributed. Through greed, lack of discipline, and lack of respect for the U. They knew it was in violation, yet they all did it.
If they didnt then of course they should be given a chance

I am sick of this. This is possibly the end. The media jhas already crucified UM. I just hope much of this is unproven hearsay by the lowly scum of the earth pencil neck napoleonic j-w boy wi--ger

yeah no we're done guys. The administration has been terrible and they're reaping what they sewed now. golden will probably leave, all those players will get suspended, we'll go like 3-9, the interim will be garbage, postseason ban, loss of scholarships.... it's literally the death penalty.

Here at the U. We are a family. Things are different. We have something special. We all stick up for each other and the U.**

**As long as the payments keep coming. Once they stop its every man for themselves.

i say bring on the new era of canes football. no more hiding it. just flaunt it.

instead of smoke shooting up in the air when they come out of the tunnel, shoot dollar bills, VIP passes, and free abortion tickets up in the air.

Figures just like a gator fan to talk trash to you when you are down. It's happening to me at work with my co-workers, and on this site. You gators are all the same. You are pu55ies and lame. Go ahead kick us when we are down.

You reap what you sow.

If this was the Gators, Miami fans would be all over it. Don't act like Miami fans are classy. Ever been to a UM game? Not a classy guy in sight.

Hang in there Al. We need you more than ever to maintain some stability. It is going to take time to determine what is fact and what can be proved. No one knows where this is going to end, but if we can keep Golden in place a symbol of new stability it will at least give our program, students, future athletes, alumni, and fans hope for the future beyond this. The football program can survive and will survive, I don't know why people are even suggesting this is the end of football at Miami. There is no chance the school would drop the sport, those who are saying they would are only wishing for that for their own reasons. Hung tough Canes! We will weather the storm!

I hope one good thing comes out of this...NCAA has cause to investigate Alabama, Louisville, Florida, Texas Tech, UT-San Antonio and Mizzu. Why, because those coaches and staffers directly involved now are employed in those institutions. If they brough in recruits while working in Miami...I'm sure Stoutland is doing that for Alabama!

The system is broken...NCAA has to fix it...its to bad Miami will be the name tied to the whole thing.

This is a tough time for the Canes family. Maybe everyone will come together with an "us versus them" mind set.

Coach Golden is all about integrity. I respect the way he has handled this so far. It would be a major blow to shut down the program and lose him. The guy represents the best of what is right in college football.

The momentum has been so positive, and this comes at a terrible time for any team.

Anyone still bleating about the wonders of Shannon still left out there?

If this stuff is true, some of the kids have really been out of control. And, gosh, the Northwestern kids are in the mix of these sordid allegations.

I hope Shapiro, being the psychopath that he is, is exaggerating these claims to inflate his self-importance and sell his trashy book.

GO Canes! Be tough and determined to triumph, no matter what happens!

Hey "D": you are THE MAN! Way to hand it to these Canes. I'm loving your posts. The Cane "fans" hate on Gator Nation day and night, praying for our demise. They were straight up giddy last year when we struggled, and they greeted every Gator arrest with glee. Now some of these UM d-bags want to act victimized. No sir. UM has the worst, classless "fans" of life. I'm loving every minute of this debacle. GO GATORS!!!!!!!

The Cane fans are soooo deserving of all the hate. When the Gators are doing WELL, the Cane fans hate on us, not to mention when things go bad. How much "holier than thou" bullcrap did the Cane "fans" throw on us everytime a Gator got arrested? You reap what you sow punks!

If this were the Gators going through this, not only would the Canes be trash talking us, they'd be talking about their 5 championships (back in the Paleolithic Era) and how J12 is going to win the Heisman.

U Suck!!!!

Is your name an acronym for Suicide Psycho?

Maybe your bigger point is about karma coming back on the U because of fans dissing your Gators?

Obviously, both programs have their problems, but U fans are not classless, in contrast to some of the Gator posters here.


Is your name an acronym for Suicide Psycho?

Every school has "classless" fans, but most U fans are well-educated and fair. I am sure many Gator fans are as well. Sometimes, these kinds of rivalries bring out gloaters, but that is always best left to the playing field.

Trust me when I tell you that Canes fans are humbled by this stuff, as I am sure many Gator fans were when the 5 year arrest record for college football was set by UF.

"Here at the U. We are a family. Things are different. We have something special. We all stick up for each other and the U." - D

Really? apparently 72 student athletes don't feel that way

Can't wait for Thursday to get here. I will be wrapped in my U blanket, watching the 30 for 30, eating mom's meatloaf in the basement with a box of kleenex.

If the NCAA wants to send a message, Miami is the ideal target. It’s a big name, but not a big program. It has pedigree and a public presence, but does not have the wealth and entrenched alumni base. The NCAA could nuke Miami, with minimal disruption of college football’s space-time continuum. The message would be sent, but it’s long past its usefulness.

Shapiro said he gave the dancer $500 to have an abortion performed, without notifying the player of the incident.

“I was doing him a favor,” the booster said. “That idiot might have wanted to keep [the baby].”

Cue it’s all about U music

Gators suck, Big props to Al Golden for staying the course. I hope he stays and doesn't leave. It sounds worse than it is let everything come out and we will see. Burden of prof and recipts and photos are not enough prof. It's still albout the U.

This scumbag gave bounties to players?
I'll give a bounty to any prisoner in lock-up with him.
Bonus for a good old-fashioned Gang Rape.
I devoutly hope there are some pissed off Canes fans in the joint with this slimeball

I feel sorry for Golden. What a stand-up guy. Seems to making all the right decisions and trying to bring MIA football to the top again, and then Jacory, Spence, ect. (if true, they are idiots and should be kicked off the team). I'm tired of defending Jacory. Bring in the next guy. Little punk


Your right b-zo. Pictures and talk don't mean anything. Frank Haith stated Nevin is lying. Who do you believe? Nevin, a convicted felon, or Frank Haith? If there was a bounty on Chris Rix, I would have to say that is ok though. I hated that dude. Now I know why he got his bell rung by The U.


UM needs to get out in front of this process. They should already have interviewed the current players in question. If any of the players confess to the wrongdoing, UM should immediately suspend them for how many games necessary based on what benefits they got. Each player's case should be treated individually regarding how much punishment to dole out. This is the only way to mitigate problems with the NCAA. They expect this behavior if a school wants leniency.

As a Miami graduate living in Columbus Ohio, I have seen more than enough of the way the NCAA operates. Tressel deserved to be fired for withholding information; the players, they deserved what? For a few hundred dollars and some crummy tatoos, their careers are compromised? In a business where millions are made by corporations and executives, from the sweat of young men who grew up in a ghetto - the hypocrisy is unbelievable. The NCAA rules have reached a point where almost no major program in the country can truly abide 100%. Any major school the NCAA decides to come down on can be screwed. These young men showed poor judgement alright, but lets not put on our hair shirts just yet. Some of Shannon's own comments in the past suggest that he may have known players were "partying" where they should not have been. Golden has shown a lot of class and I think he will bring the team through. If the season is compromised, so be it - let's have go forward with a solid program for the future. (This by the way is not to imply it can hope to be perfect in terms of NCAA "rules.")

If the university staff were complicit in allowing Shapiro's actions, then maybe stern penalties are called for. Otherwise, I would think that the death penalty would be off the table.

I can say what I want but can i prove? These guys take pictures with tons of people and how can they prove they went to dinner with him? The Canes will be alright along as Al stays the canes will b fine.

Man o man, it's going to take an extra dose of 'swagger' (whatever the hell that is) to get out of this one!

Go Seminoles
Go Gators

Suzy-Q, you act like you have been here for a long time, yet that is the first time we see that ID. Could you perhaps be an ID stealing and namechanging troll that like to threaten the lynching of our coach and players? I bet you are.

You have no room to complain about Canes fans on the Gator board, compared to here. There are three total messages on your week old thread over there, while here we are loaded up with obsessed Gator trolls. The Sun Sentinel finally banned the most crazed one after four years of his threats on Canes fans posting there. Maybe that is why you are on here now, using multiple IDs and agreeing with yourself about half-crazed allegations from a convicted felon that was sent out the door by Randy.

You wanna compare class? Compare my posts on Gator Clause with yours here. You lose, badly.

Serious post for a second, to "DBC": Dude, I know i'm being a royal D**K with my posts, BUT, you have no clue as to all the Hurricane douchebags I deal with on a consistent basis. For years they were playing the "holier than thou" card when stuff happened at UF that was beyond Urban Meyer's control (in most cases). I don't hate UM. I don't hate UM's players. I respect UM. BUT, the hate I dish out is for the countless douchebag UM "fans" who never attended the school, but are constantly saying "It's all about the U" (when it ain't), bragging about 5 national championships (congrats, but it's in the past) and forever hating on Gator Nation. That is the specific group that deserves my gloating, not necessarily you. I have nothing but respect for Al Golden, and I feel sorry for the guy.

Also, there is a loser troll who usually goes by "UFelony30ormore" (something like that) and this retard spends his life on Gator blogs here, at the Sun Sentinel, and who knows where else. No mercy for that clown!

Regarding my moniker, do some research. You either get it or you don't. Most won't. That's okay.

I so glad Randy Shannon was around to clean up the program. Not only did he tank the program when he coached, he has left us a parting gift. He is from south Florida, he had to have heard something.

DBC, one more thing, don't even try to compare the arrests at UF with what has happened at UM. EVERY program has to deal with knucklehead players and with violations. Only a fool would deny that. But there is a huge difference between say, Chris Rainey texting some stupid crap to his girl, or Janoris Jenkins smoking weed, or even Cam Newton stealing a laptop, to widespread payments, use of a luxury yacht, gambling, and worse still, prostitution, strip clubs, abortions. Urban Meyer can't stop players from acting like morons from time to time anymore than Al Golden can. Gators don't smoke any more weed than Hurricanes, they just seem to get caught more times. But what you're seeing here at UM goes beyond one or two players. It's widespread, it's institutional, and it's criminal. Worst of all, it's pretty obvious that coaches were involved. The AD of UF, Jeremy Foley, doesn't mess around. He makes sure NCAA regulations are followed to the tee.

This from susieq whose team had to physically lie down on orange bowl turf to get steve spurrier his tainted record.

"Lexus", you are taking the word of a confirmed liar and con man. You are saying that an undocumented accusation against a player, one where even Shapiro says the player had no idea, is worth commenting on.

This guy is tricking you like he tricked his investors. And he is sending out "gotcha" messages to his victims, just like he did after his conviction. Bitter, lying, and in jail is no way to go through life.

Arty/Soldy/rawpimple, sure didn't take you long to throw abortion jokes out there to go with your Sean Taylor and Bryan Pata jokes. Really sick.

You truly are a worthless human being, proving Suzy-Q's claim of Gator class to be totally false.

This isn't going to be good were pretty screwed as it looks. I guess 01 is going to be our last championship for a while... That's if NCAA doesnt take the 01 championship form us.

Posted by: D | August 17, 2011 at 09:46 AM

Who is this "us" you speak of? You are obviously not a Canes fan by your posts. And even Shapiro's lies start with him jumping on the bandwagon after we won the title. That title is safe, even from his lies.

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