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After tsunami of allegations, Canes, Golden -- and 12 players in question -- return to practice

CORAL GABLES -- Less than 24 hours after an 11-month investigation by Yahoo! unfurled a tsunami of allegations of improper benefits made by former booster Nevin Shapiro to players and former coaches at the University of Miami, Al Golden and his team returned to the practice Wednesday morning.

And the 12 current players who were implicated by Shapiro in the Yahoo! story, were out there in uniform, too -- albeit under a much more subdued setting.

Safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque; linebacker Sean Spence; quarterback Jacory Harris; receivers Travis Benjamin and Aldarius Johnson; tight end Dyron Dye; defensive tackle Marcus Forston; defensive ends Adewale Ojomo, Marcus Robinson and Olivier Vernon; and cornerback JoJo Nicolas were all involved in practice Wednesday. The question now -- as the team tries to move forward under a cloud of an NCAA investigation -- is for how long.

"Right now, the only facts I'm going by are what we received from the NCAA and the university from a compliance standpoint. Until we hear an infraction or that we did break a rule, everybody is practicing," said Golden, who also told reporters he has yet to read the Yahoo! article. "If it is determined that somebody broke rules than certainly it will first be dealt with from a university standpoint, from an eligibility standpoint."

Golden, the only person at UM to speak to the media since news of an NCAA investigation in Coral Gables broke Sunday night, said while the last 24 hours have been difficult he's still focused on getting his team ready for its Sept. 5 opener at Maryland. By then, he hopes, the NCAA will have determined or let him and his staff know who might have to sit out.

"If there are guys that are going to have to sit out games, then we'll adjust our practice accordingly," Golden said.

"Whatever the number that is being interviewed right now or being named, that makes up less than 10 percent of our team. It's really important to understand we have a lot of guys in that locker room that do things the right way and come from great families and have made good decisions and want to improve today and want to get better. We have to manage this team -- not just the guys that if they did make a mistake [will be out].

"We've been talking about being a mentally tough team, a unified team. This is going to test that. We'll see where we're at. I'm no different than you guys. I come to work. I come and talk to you guys and when I'm talking the players start coming out behind me. I don't know what their attitude is going to be and how they're going to approach practice here, but I hope there is good leadership in that locker room. I hope there's enough guys that know they've done it the right way and paid the price. I know we have those types of student-athletes here. I have a feeling they'll keep focusing on getting better and getting ready for Maryland."

Golden said his message to his team has been not to judge any of the 12 players potentially involved in the Shapiro allegations.

"I would hope they would learn from them," Golden said. "We're in an educational setting. It's no different than if a student makes a mistake on campus. We don't toss them out. We don't turn our back on them. We try to educate them. And they're all at an age right now if they were exposed to Mr. Shapiro, clearly we have to make sure we prevent that going forward.

"So, how do you do that? You do that by getting to the facts, by getting to the truth. How did this guy how did he get around our players like that? Me as the head coach, I want to know. And I know our assistant coaches want to know. We want to make sure it never happens again."

Golden, who already has one of the nation's top recruiting classes in place with 24 commitments, said assistants began making calls to recruits Tuesday night. The message: sit tight.

"I think their [high school] coaches obviously wanted to wage what the heck was going on. So our coaches got in contact with their coaches and ultimately with the recruits," Golden sad. "Until I know what the facts are and I know what's going, it's important we don't rush to judgement and start saying things I'm not privy to. With us, we're trying to move forward quickly."

Golden, who took over for Randy Shannon in December, said Tuesday he had no knowledge that any investigation by the NCAA might be coming down the shoot. Asked Wednesday if he felt the university had the responsibility to inform him of it when they hired him, Golden said: "Only if they knew.

"If they knew this was perculating then I believe they did have a responsibility to tell me. I believe they had the responsibility to tell [athletic director] Shawn [Eichorst].

"I mean, I'm happy. My wife is happy here. We have great kids on this team. We have 24 commitments from young men and their families that appreciate and share our core values moving forward. Again, from what I'm understanding, many of these allegations go back. At the minimum all the way back to the early 2000s. So it's hard for me. I only had one kid at that time. Now, I have three children. My life has changed a lot since then. I'm just trying to move forward."

Asked if he felt broad sided by what UM is facing, Golden said: "No. We'll get through this."

"Again, I feel Temple prepared me for this opportunity," Golden said. "We had so many issues when we got there and so many of them were carry overs from the previous team. And we stood in there and fixed it. We fixed it with the lowest APR in the country. We had players suspended for violations, from things that happened before I got there. We had 54 scholarship student athletes my first year and we came through it.

"Again, I think that has prepared me for this. You can sit there and feel sorry for yourself and say you got blindsided, but at the end of the day we have a chance to be a really good football team and a chance to be a really great program."


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Thats right five titles. the turd fans are relishing in this. See, a real man would love to have a worthy opponent to beat, and to brag against, not a decimated opponent. A real man doesnt kick a man when he is down. A real man (in this situation) would never agree with a con man who swindled innocent victims of their money, just because the program is now in jeopardy. Weee. Weee. the Miami programis dead. weee. let's all rejoice that we will never have to play them at thier best again. thats what you are saying right?

And to say that miami fans are the owrse. Wrong again. The rednecks that fill the swamp or any other venue are terrible fans. One former Um coach said its the worst venue to go to, as he had batteries thrown at him. I myself had a drunken gator start something with me in front of my family in the 2004 peach bowl. You all are cut from the same cloth.

I'd like to see the NCAA do this reasonably. I'd like to see them sit down and analyze the current coaches, admin., and players, Most (95%) of which had absolutely nothing to do with this. I mean only Swazey and Barrow remain, and Shalala and Golden's secretary, and the fat boy assistant AD were the ones here before plus the 12 named players. Go to them, see waht they have to say. Surely their word has to mean more than Shapiros.

Final point: fat man Tyrone Moss threw his teammates under the bus. Good job fat a55.

Suzy-Q the name-changing troll says "But there is a huge difference between say, Chris Rainey texting some stupid crap to his girl, or Janoris Jenkins smoking weed, or even Cam Newton stealing a laptop, to widespread payments, use of a luxury yacht, gambling, and worse still, prostitution, strip clubs, abortions."

Yes, there is a BIG difference.

Chris Rainey threatened someone's life.
Ronnie Wilson fired an AK-47 at a guy he had already beaten up.
Cam Newton STOLE from another person, and then destoryed the laptop rather than return it when he got caught.

Shapiro's ALLEGATIONS do not include any Hurricanes players hurting, stealing, threatening, shooting at, robbing, or doing anything wrong to another person.

Riding in a boat?
Accepting money?
Seeing naked women?

Definitely a big difference. And remember, even in Shapiro's account, the abortion (singular, not plural like you have it) was done by Shapiro without the player's knowledge.

So yeah, big difference in that the Gator players harmed others, the Canes players harmed noone.

Me thinks the Amber Alert can be called off. UFelony30ormore has been found. She's alright everybody... just a little blood on her panties. Oh, and she wants us to call her Five Titles now.

ltcdolphin, do some research moron. The "Gator Flop" had nothing to do with Spurrier. Nothing at all.

You guys cry when we run it up on you (see Shannon vs. Meyer, 2008), and you cry when we let you score (see Gator Flop).

There's no pleasing you guys. I guess only Lil Luke knows how to do that.

Whatever happened to the American principle of justice and the concept of being presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt?
These allegations have come from a felon who based his criminal career on lies and deception. Why should we believe these allegations?
Let the investigation proceed. Withhold judgment until proof is determined by the facts. That is the American way.

The Amber Alert has been called off. Ufelony30andmore has finally been found. She's alright now. She's just in a lot of pain and wants us to call her Five Titles now.

You need some help thete susiqq. It was the gator flop I was there and if it was not nc spurrier it was another slimy gator qb

I can't believe we are still allowing the '12' under investigation to participate with the team. we're going to need to change our mascot to the ostrich.

AG should sue for mis-representation. his career is shot. this all comes from the top, continued ignorance of the law is no defense.

So, how are things Cane clUcks ?

Five Titles = UFelony30andmore.

SUICYCO = Rico Nice

The B.C.S national championship Miami won in 2001 won't be taken away from the program. That's because all these SERIOUS allegation took place between the years 2002-2010.
So, please get your FACTS straight Hurricane fans!

How is the NCAA going to strip them of their 2001 title? Ohio State didnt lose their 2002 title and they had at least one player in the game that shouldnt have played. this is all silly until the crooked little douche can actually prove anything why even worry?

Other than the Gator & Nole haters, why are TRUE Cane fans speaking out of turn?

The American juris prudence system states that all are innocent, until proven guilty.

So, to the real Cane fans, do not assume that we will get penalized severely or at all. Remember that Shapiro has been convicted (20 years) of being a liar and a thief, and he is writing a book. Therefore, of course he will exaggerate, fabricate and promote his support of The U athletic teams. It is in his own best interests. He has no money!!

To the Gator & Nole fans, bear in mind that NO SCHOOL is immune. Your turn I am sure will come, and when it does good luck to you!!

To Cane fans, do not hang your head, keep the faith, and stand by and be proud of the U!! We have come back before, AND WE WILL COME BACK AGAIN! You can bank on it!

Yes, @Five titles. The 2001 title is safe. The 2002-2009 or 2010 season will be erased, which I guess I won't argue and on some level wish never happened anyways haha. I actually think its funny that all the problems started in 2002 just about the time Larry Coker, and Donna showed up. I never liked Donna, she is from Bill Clinton's cabinet and just a liberal douche bag from the start. She needs to resign since she is the only one who is still left from the time when everything started. She has pictures with the guy and was best buddies with him and always had her hand out for his dirty money. She should step down. I could def see us losing the post season for 3-4 years, somewhere in the range of 5-10 scholarships a year during that period and vacating all the wins from 2002-2009 or 2010. Also, reduction in recruiting calls and visits and I think the 12 players need to be benched this year just like UNC did. Once they are cleared they can play. Cover your butt and bench them, I am a cane fan and I understand that it is pretty much the best players but you have to do what you have to do. Next, the Death Penalty is being thrown around a lot but we are not repeat offenders so this is not a death penalty situation and if the NCAA does try it they will be breaking their own description of the criteria for the death penalty. Finally, it will be interesting how much proof is out there. Hearsay is not what the NCAA can go by and huge bills on credit card statements for a man trying to live like a playboy only means he went to the strip clubs a lot. It doesn't prove who was at the strip club with him. But beyond that I also wondering what the NCAA will do since the team obviously already has turned over the whole athlete department since 2009. You can put penalties on the program but how do you decide how tough they should be when everyone who did the crimes is gone or suspended. Sorry to Golden for this crap and Shawn but I think he can stick around for 3-4 yrs and weather the storm he will be stronger and be able to build the program from the ground up in his image.


@Death Penalty your an idiot. There is a guide line for what the death penalty is for and Miami is not a repeat offender. We did not do what SMU did which was get put on probation and then break the rules a second time. Go look up the requirements and come back with a real comment that matters you jack wagon.

Hey ltcdolphin, Gator Flop-it wasn't Spurrier..the QB was John Reaves, and the coach was Doug Dickey. It was funny as hell too. That being said, I hope these allegations are not too bad and that Shapiro is blowing smoke up everyone's bum.I mean what a slime ball... All programs cheat, anyone who say diffrent is in loser denial, just don't get caught.

No the gator flop I am talking about was to allow spurrier one more td to set the record. Of that I am certain in my old age.

Manny what we all want to know is...I have a few friends who are seniors at Miami Braddock and dont play sports but since the Canes are going down thought they would try and walk on now for the QB position, do they have a shot? The next article you write will be "Walk on #1 Luis Hernandez vs Walk on #2 Juan Carlos Montenegro battling it out for Canes starting QB.


ltcdolphin, I hate to beat a dead horse.......but SOS(Spurrier) was the QB from 64-66, in 1964, Gators won 12-10, not enough of a spread for a run up the score touchdown(or field goal). The Gators lost to the Canes in 65 and 66, thus putting the idea of a flop for a record breaking touchdown out of the realm of possibilities.....IJS

And as a coach, SOS only played MIA once, and lost 37-20 i think....to the Cane squad that was snubbed for the NC in Y2K

if that transplant find his way back to Miami,,,,,,,

the bryce brothers, robert marve were all clear by their current universities and the NCAA, why cant the same be done for the current 12 miami players??? i mean, did the ncaa investigate and clear these players months ago, or recently? if recently, why cant they do it for the miami players? no one has accepted or been accused of accepting any money after 3/2010, the guy was tyring to keep his butt from the FED pen by then,

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