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Al Golden transcript from Thursday morning

CORAL GABLES -- Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes are still in a holding pattern.

UM coach met with the media Thursday morning and had no news updates regarding the NCAA investigation or the 15 student-athletes whose eligibility are in question -- or a depth chart to present either.

The reason for the delay? Well, they vary. Here's his complete transcript from this morning.

What's the latest with the NCAA investigation?
"Same as I told you last week. We're going to go on coaching our team until we hear from the NCAA. We've cooperated fully. It's out of our hands right now. And as soon as we hear from them, we'll release the information to you and go from there."

What's up with the depth chart?
"We're still working on it. We have not finalized it yet. We have to coordinate with Maryland. Again, the unwritten rule for the coaches is release it to each other first and then coordinate to the media. I know there's an ACC policy that mandates it be done by Tuesday. If we get it, if both [teams] release it sooner [than Tuesday], then we'll do so."

What's your game plan moving forward with players in light of the investigation?
"All of the above. We're just coaching the team, trying to move the team forward. We'll make sure we practice enough guys because we really don't know what the future brings and hopefully we'll find out pretty quickly here in the near future if there are any penalties or suspensions and we'll adjust accordingly.

"We've all evaluated of them in training camp. We've communicated to every player where they stand. Obviously where they are coming out of training camp. The next thing is the Maryland game. Anything else above and beyond that is speculation. Any projections are just speculation and I don't want to get into that."

How do you prepare for a game when so many distractions are on the outside?
"I think if you continue to keep it in the context of this building, the coaches weren't here. 90 percent of the players weren't here. Everybody else is. We're going about our business. Obviously some of the players that are alleged to have done something are guys that have played a lot of football for us. Obviously there's going to be some adjustments if there are suspensions. But other than that, we're just moving forward and the kids have been great in terms of that."

Have any players been declared ineligible by the university?
"Again, by rule, I believe that has to happen. But I'm not going to comment on the university or NCAA. It's an ongoing process right now. Our job is to cooperate right now. "

Are the players in question practicing today?


So the NCAA wouldn't do anything first, it would be UM making a move on the players in question first?
"I believe that's how it is. Again, I don't want to misspeak. But that's the athletic director and the president. And I follow suit based on what the rules and what compliance say."

Have you addressed this with the team?
"Just to tell them what they were hearing outside, just to confirm. If there was an investigation and like anything else, we don't speculate, we don't have opinions in the media or things like that. We keep it in house and move forward.

Any update on recruits who were having clearinghouse issues?
"No. Once we receive that, we'll get it to you and go from there.

Is there a deadline for those players with clearinghouse issues?
"I don't know the deadline, but there is a deadline for sure."

Any update on when you might get Seantrel Henderson back?
"Again I don't know. Everything is positive right now in terms of the back injury. We're optimistic, but we're being cautious with it. We're talking about a young man that has a really positive future and bright future. We just want to positive with it, prudent with it and we really won't know anything for 3 or 4 weeks probably."

Has he been able to do more now?
"He's doing great. He's doing a lot of things pain free. He can get into his stance. He's going to start having a little more aggressive rehab. I think he's moving out of the recovery phrase and into the rehab phase."

Will freshmen have to play more now since many of the players with eligibility issues are veterans?
"Anybody that's moving on to speculating or projecting right now is wrong. We have no idea -- and we're in the middle of it -- what the findings are. So, again, as I said, this whole investigation, 90 percent of our team and staff wasn't here.

How did the scrimmage go Sunday? We're you happy with what you saw?
"Very encouraged. Everybody got some reps. There were some guys we pulled after 20-25 reps. Lamar Miller. Some key players that obviously had played a lot of football. Sean Spence. Ray Ray. I was very encouraged by it. I thought we had a good tempo, good energy. Really excited about the QB play. I thought we ran the ball better in scrimmage 2 than scrimmage 1. A lot of guys touched the ball on offense. We learned a lot about our defense, most particularly individual players. I thought the split squad was good for us because it got us in and out of the game, from nickel to regular to goalline to field goal block."

Are you encouraged by the lack of turnovers?
"It's been good. We just got to continue to take good care of the ball. The flip side of that we need to be a little more aggressive on defense."

Will the NCAA handle this in a case by case basis for players?
"I would hope it would be all together. My job is to coach out. When they say coach this is where we're at and what the findings are."

Will the depth chart be out soon?
"We're not releasing it today. We're still finalizing some things. But at the same time it's really important we coordinate with Maryland and release it at the same time, to each other first, and then to the media. We haven't done that. I know the ACC calls for it to be done by Tuesday. Again, I wasn't aware of the totality of the policy, guys you got to list. I was aware of it and not when it had to be done."

So the ACC mandates it you release the depth chart together?
"No. All I'm saying the ACC policy is you have to release whose playing, whose doubtful, all those things. What I'm saying to you is since I've been in this business, it's always been the courtesy to release it to the opponent before you release it to the media."

Has the investigation caused you to take longer looks at guys you normally wouldn't?
"Again, we're just trying to improve our team. There's not one player out here that doesn't have a concentration card today that we're not trying to improve their game or move them forward. I think again, there might be more turns or opportunity because of that. But it's business as usual for us.

"I told you back in January there were a bunch of them that we're going to have to play anyway. Thank goodness they are what we thought they were. A lot of them are tough. A lot of them are smart. And a lot of them came in good condition, which gave them an opportunity."

How disruptive has this all been?
"It's not. To me, it's a mindset. If you want to worry about that stuff. You can worry about it. If you want to create excuses, you can create excuses. It's no different than having guys injured. You can sit around talk about the injury or do something about it. And my mindset has always been to move forward. So, it doesn't come into our building. And it's not going to. We're just going to move forward. Our mentality is always next man in. So there are going to be some opportunities for some guys."

Could the depth chart, 60-man travel roster change all the way up until the Maryland game?
"Yes. There's going to be a lot of competition. We still have a lot of competition between the twos and the threes and that's going to depend on how they perform on special teams over the next four days."


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I love Al Golden. We are lucky to have this man at THE U!!

Sounds to me that the U has already declared the players in question as ineligible, and waiting to hear as to who can be re-instated prior to the Maryland game. May be wrong just speculation and reading between the lines.

Well no one can say Al Golden doesn't talk the talk. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. I think fully eligible this could be a 10 win team. If all of those 12 are suspended i still the think offense will be alright, but it would be really tough for our defense to be anything better than awful.

Would they be practicing if they were ineligible?

Manny...thanks for the update. It may be Saturday or Monday when the depth chart is released. Thanks for your time last night on the Q&A also. See U around the blogoshpere and as always...GO CANES!

You reporters are redundant and annoying...

I hope that the kids in question aren't suspended without REAL hard evidence. That would be a travesty.

You reporters are redundant and annoying...

Posted by: Outofcanetrol


This program is so dirty and corrupt it makes me feel like an outsider in my own home. All of this has been covered up for years right under our noses.

It makes me question what else has been covered up by the leaders of this community when it comes to that 'private' institution in the middle of Coral Gables.

If Miami is dirty, imagine how bad the SEC is. All top recruits at SEC schools are bought and paid for. Cash, payable over years, untraceable.

If you want to clean up college athletics, start in the slime SEC where they have the means and motive to be dirty.

What goes on in the SEC makes Miami look like a tea party.

Sebastian: You are definitely a cane loser...go find another team...head on up to gainsville and take a seat

Jimmy Fitz: I agree with you totally...personally, I wouldn't suspend anyone...they just don't have enough hard evidence to hurt these kids futures....pics and credit card receipts aren't going to cut it...if I was a senior and one of the guys in question, I would definitely hire an attorney and fight this garbage...the university administration is a different story...

Coach Golden is strong and doing a good job. We will lose some players. I hope other guys will step up and begin to make a name for themselves. Go Canes!

Sorry gwp'; born and raised in Miami. I aint goin anywhere.

It is what it is - they (U) have to make a move first, then try to reinstate - this is not a judicial proceeding with presumption of innocence etc. Its the NCAA - judge, jury, and executioner...

This is how a professional conducts himself in front of the media. Al Golden is a class act professional and a gentleman.

Candy Randy....ehh.. not so much. Lower extremity, upper extremity, blah blah blah...

In Golden we Trust.


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE......DH

I feel the same way. Hopefully they save these press clips so our new coach in 2012 can follow suit.

Canewhatyoucallit: Takes a real special person to blame the one person that actually tried to keep a clean program and paid the price for doing that. You are a piece of work.

Prior to Coach Golden coming to South Florida our Football Program was not going anywhere, including ACC Championships or BCS Bowl Games...Now with that said, if your not with us then your against us, but never under estimate us...HURRICANE FOOTBALL WILL SURVIVE AND WILL SOON BE DOMINATE AGAIN!!!!...

Unrelated question out of curiosity: Anybody know who pays for the lawyers for players involved in criminal conduct, like, say Jefferson, et al. at LSU? Does the NCAA allow universities to pay for attorneys? Or are attorneys allowed to volunteer? Either way, it seems like an extravagant gift to the athlete.

Somebody should ask the attorney in G'ville, who represents all or most of the UF players arrested, and that is a boatload, what he does regarding billing. His answer would probably be he does most or all of it "pro bono", just like he'd do for any other non- Gator athlete majoring in philosophy when they were arrested. This doesn't just go on at any one school. It just happens to be more relavent at UF because of all the arrests. I would imagine these attorneys don't charge the athletes and are taken care of under the table by school boosters. It could be cash, free game tickets, etc.

Posted by: rboud

The NCAA ain't up in Gainesville.

The NCAA would need to be the size of the Chinese Army to handle all the dirt and garbage that goes on on Trailerville.

Posted by: King Soldy

I am sure when the NCAA is done in Coral Gables, they'll be up there.

depth is nice but you only play 11 a a time...

Where is Paul Dee's retarded ass?
Paul Dee = biggest hypocrite of all time!

This says it all about Coach Golden: "How disruptive has this all been"? "It's not. To me, it's a mindset". If our beloved "U" can somehow, someway keep Coach Golden after the smoke clears I truly believe the "U" will be back to respectability sooner than later. Give him a salary increase and x-tra years on his contract now. If he goes many more players like Chickillo will follow. Aside from the severe sanctions coming the "U's way, Coach Golden's decision to stay or go may be the next most important aspect on where the "U" program is heading.

Awww, Klump, that's just it. They cannot possibly grow to the size of the Chinese Army so, despite the garbage going on in Trailerville (pun intended), they will let it slide.

If you want to really clean up college football you start by getting rid of it all. They say that it is harder to patrol kids in smaller cities than an international city, but I say it is all the same. The smaller the city the more the players are treated like Gods.

As much as I hate and don't want to believe that some of the things Shapiro stated are true I can't ignore the accusations. The university is putting their faith in 18-22 year old kids. It may not be as bad as Shapiro is making it out to be but it is hard to believe that Shapiro did not provide extra benefits to some players.

I've been a fan of the U for 2/3 of my life. Never attending school there, but I fell in love with the Canes in the early 90s. They were the reason I loved watching college football over the NFL. And the only reason I watch the NFL is to pinpoint how great the University is.

Football is like a sitcom. Once you take away the tv show I wanted to work then something else will consume my time and it won't be the U.

If all, most, or some of these allegations are true then I blame all of the adults first because they should know better. You wouldn't allow your child to be alone with a known pedophile so why would you allow another parent's child to be with a known pedophile taking 17 year old high school recruits to strip clubs and purchasing prostitutes for them.

The first adult I would be most disappointed with would be Paul Dee and a far second Kirby Hocutt. How could you let this go on and call yourself men of integrity. If you want integrity in the sports then it always starts with the top. You don't change the culture from the bottom up you change the culture from the top down. God help the NCAA if it is looking at Paul Dee to be the Chairman of Committee of Infractions. If this whole mess is true then the NCAA is as dirty as its Chairman. Like they say in Tennessee "$#!t flows down hill".

Next is Shalala. President Donna remember this saying. Behind every joke there is a bit of truth behind it. Of course, not all jokes are true, but repetitive jokes mean there is more behind it than meets the eye. If Nevin is acting like the GM of UM and actually contacts coaches like Houston Nutt and then offers to be the coach and pay top dollar for the best Offensive and Defensive coordinator make sure you ask out loud "Are you serious?" Not to dismiss him but to investigate if you have a nut job as a booster. Don't excuse such actions as innocent because they were comical. You are the president of the University the head of the program. If a guy can approach you with offers that would doom your program if attempted then it is a good sign that he has gone awol. As a program you are supposed to defend against all threats made to the university and if all these allegations are true then you let me down as a die hard cane fan.

Next the coaches. You talk about accountability but all of your life lessons don't mean a thing if all these allegations are true. How can you turn boys into men if you are cheating to get their services. If Nevin Shapiro was your secret weapon into recruiting then your entire coaching career should be banned for life in the NCAA. If you are talking about making an example then it should start with the adults who definitely knew better but chose to lead the children astray. In the Bible, it calls for such men who lead children astray to be thrown into the ocean with a very large stone (imagine Atlas World Strongest Man contest) tied around his neck. In other words drown such adults that ruin the lives of young men and leave their bodies at the bottom of the ocean.

If the NCAA is serious about making a statement then it would start by firing all adults responsible for knowingly breaking NCAA rules and never allowing them to be eligible for rehire. Is not the common practice for most places of employment. You break a couple of rules and before you know it your fired and placed on their do not hire list. $#!t flows down hill. Known violators should not be allowed to coach student athletes ever again. A three year band is not good enough. Tell them to find a new career because they are not cut for coaching college athletes.

I really don't blame Nevin Shapiro for the same reason I don't blame the devil for being so evil. You expect that from him.

Last and definitely not least, I blame all the 15 current players and the rest of the players who sold their souls to the devil if all these allegations are true. You mean of all of the beautiful ladies attending your school you can't find someone worth your time. People like Nevin Shapiro need prostitutes because the only thing he had going for him was money. But you were on your way up to the top so I don't understand the prostitutes. I look skinnier than Jacory Harris at 6'0" but don't have any problems picking up chicks. Food. Man get food stamps and play with a hunger to go to the NFL.

I just feel so let down by the program I loved. Every other year I go to Blacksburg and watch the Canes get destroyed but I don't care as long as I can say that I went to a game. The last two times have been terrible. Kyle Wright's career couldn't end soon enough and Jacory couldn't get any help from the offense in 2009. The sun was out in 2007 but it turned out to be a very cold evening. In 2009 it didn't stop raining and I ruined my brand new green and black Airmax from all the rain.

Win or lose I was a die hard Hurricane fan, but I will probably never watch college football again if these allegations are true. If all of these allegations are true then College football is corrupt from the very top of this Billion dollar industry to the lowest ranked player on the lowest ranked team.

Death to Amateur Sports


I agree with some of your post but your allusions to god and the devil eviscerate your post. They don't exist.

How would a college kid at LSU afford 49 pairs of athletic shoes????

LSU must have paid some pretty good $ for Jefferson.


LSU: just announced witness to fight says Jefferson licked a man in the face when he was already down. And we are worrying, quite rightly, about monetary gains.

Soldy your last post shows what a brown eye hole you are.

ER. Good post and well said. As someone said on one of these blogs recently, we have 18/24 year olds in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting and making the right decisions, what is the problem with these prima donnas??

Interesting take on the U scandal...


right, ltc, because god and the devil have a lot to do with this. That is escapism. It is immoral because you then do not take responsibility for your actions. "It was god; it was the devil. I didn't do it."


Soldy it is obvious you know nothing about what you write and your posts show it.

ltcdolphin, anytime you want to examine your posts, I'm game. You would think you are winning Pulitzer's for your posts.

Bringing god and/or the devil into this is idiotic, childish and irrelevant. And that does not even get into the matter of whether they exist (which they don't).

Keep posting your drivel. Probably nothing but a hearld troll.

I personally believe that the players in question have been suspended by our “U” with the understanding and acceptance by the NCAA to permit them to practice, until the NCAA gives an affirmative go / or no go for players to be declared eligible or ineligible. The question is whether the players will receive a one or two game suspension or a longer period. If the violations are minor (i.e., receiving meals, drinks, partying), the suspensions will be one or two games; but with the added intrigue of alleged coaches leading these players into this misconduct or at least through acquiescence, the NCAA may declare the players eligible and focus strictly on the coaches’ misconduct. There is sufficient mitigation here to warrant far less punishment. More so, if Marve, Brown, and others alleged to have engaged in the same type of misconduct received a get out of jail free pass (limited immunity); I am of the opinion that the NCAA will either clear the players or impose limited punishment (one or two game suspensions). We “U” should get ready to play Maryland without the 15 players and get them back for the Ohio St game.

Yeah, ol' "Death to Amateur Sports" guy is ready to be forego amateur sports because some booster paid for strippers, food and drinks.

Lawrence Phillips' rapes, Thunder Collins' firearms, Gatr arrests, Jordan Jefferson kicking a guy in the face when he is on the floor, etc., etc., that was ok. Just silly kid stuff. But whoa if he will tolerate strippers, food and drinks.

Canewhatyoucallit: Takes a real special person to blame the one person that actually tried to keep a clean program and paid the price for doing that. You are a piece of work.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 25, 2011 at 12:58 PM

"How so" ltc, "how so"? Shapiro was at Miami almost as long as Shannon was.

Are you saying that Shapiro was invisible when Shannon was DC, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN! Shannon noticed Him when He became the Head Coach?

So "how so" ltc, "how so"?

L-T-C, The "how so" man
L T C, The "how so" man

That aint me ltc...but he does make some very good points you must admit.

Thats funny...I heard through a source that 5 of the 12 have been cleared....Harris and Benjamin being two of them....so...perhaps they did delare them "ineligable" after this thing first broke...perhaps they were proactive and just kept it under wraps.

Just another screen name for short on iq. So far this is still in the last four years. But what we know is
Shannon was the only one to throw Shapiro out on his ear. And that is shown by facts.
Are there any allegations talking about Randy when he was DC. NO!!! So what type of person makes a leap to that without proof or even any allegations. A first class fool would come to mind. Or someone with an axe to grind.
Them comes the childish ending by a so called adult. Use the word adult loosely in this case.

What goes on in the SEC makes Miami look like a tea party.

Posted by: King Soldy | August 25, 2011 at 11:23 AM

U mean like what's going on at Georgia Tech, North Carolina and scUM of the ACC ?

Right now, "Goldy is not a coach. It's going to take more than a coach to get through this. UM ought to be lucky he's sticking around, the least somebody could have said was hey the NCAA might be coming down on U. If some kind of punishment comes the way of the players, that doesn't mean Shalala, Kirby, and COKER and RS, Haith aren't all together innocent.

Naw, I mean like paying players, paying recruits to attend, greasy refs, criminals (31 arrests, ahem....), Georgia, Cam Newton, Alabama, the Mississippi schools are so greasy they deserve their own category, and on and on.

That is what I mean, you sick Pig. Some booster paying for strippers, drinks and some sports bar food? Really? Big deal only to the phony bible-thumping holier-than-thou SEC crowd.

Course, these are the same people that hit the strip bars and cat houses when they go on vacation to Vegas and Myrtle Beach.

No inconsistency there, Pig. Haven't you been diagnosed with incurable cancer yet you slob.

But I can tell U that the second string players will step up, just like in the past. Cortez Kennedy didn't even play his first year and look where he is. Lamar Thomas wasn't always a starter. My guess is that if I'm a second string 'Cane, I'm looking to get an opportunity.

And look at The Rock, he hardly played at DT and he did Ok.

Look, I certainly expect that if Miami has to be the first to declare the 12 in question as ineligible.....then do so.It s the singular thing to do.Hopefully,relatively soon, some or all or any would then be reinstated.This minimizes damage control up to a point and every chance any University can to show the NCAA that it is attempting to make meaningful,positive change...is a plus.Of course,Al Golden is representing himself and the team and the U very professionally.As time passes and facts become more clear....we ll have no choice but to accept the reality of the overall situation at the U.I certainly hope for the best,most positive good but will accept the ultimate outcome if it is based on an unbiased and fair representation of the facts.The NCAA is running this show.....not lawyers or representatives for all those involved to represent individuals through any legal process.This is again the NCAA, not our American justice system.

Thatgaytor pig including carrion:

You all are wishful little hillbilly wh-res.

The SEC slime makes Miami look like the Vatican. And if you dont believe that then your SEC love is blinder than Steveie Wonder.

Jefferson has 49 pairs of shoes. Who in effen college can afford 49 pairs of shoes? and I am sure 1/2 of them are not Thom Mchans. I'll tell you how- under the table cash paid by some shady Louisiana Booster- not unlike the boosters found in tuscaloosa, Stillwater, Norman, Columbus, LA, Ann Arbor, Austin, Traylerville or Tally. Please. You all act all high and mighty.

Just a matter of time. You'll get yours too.

lets just wait and see.

But one thingis for sure. UM Trustees and alumni have to do everything possible to retain Golden and his staff. look at this guys interviews. The man exudes class,professionalism and intelligence.

when he intrduced himself in the spring to his new team, and he said something like, " I love you guys and I want you to love me back". That was the sign of what Golden is about.

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