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Al Golden transcript from Thursday morning

CORAL GABLES -- Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes are still in a holding pattern.

UM coach met with the media Thursday morning and had no news updates regarding the NCAA investigation or the 15 student-athletes whose eligibility are in question -- or a depth chart to present either.

The reason for the delay? Well, they vary. Here's his complete transcript from this morning.

What's the latest with the NCAA investigation?
"Same as I told you last week. We're going to go on coaching our team until we hear from the NCAA. We've cooperated fully. It's out of our hands right now. And as soon as we hear from them, we'll release the information to you and go from there."

What's up with the depth chart?
"We're still working on it. We have not finalized it yet. We have to coordinate with Maryland. Again, the unwritten rule for the coaches is release it to each other first and then coordinate to the media. I know there's an ACC policy that mandates it be done by Tuesday. If we get it, if both [teams] release it sooner [than Tuesday], then we'll do so."

What's your game plan moving forward with players in light of the investigation?
"All of the above. We're just coaching the team, trying to move the team forward. We'll make sure we practice enough guys because we really don't know what the future brings and hopefully we'll find out pretty quickly here in the near future if there are any penalties or suspensions and we'll adjust accordingly.

"We've all evaluated of them in training camp. We've communicated to every player where they stand. Obviously where they are coming out of training camp. The next thing is the Maryland game. Anything else above and beyond that is speculation. Any projections are just speculation and I don't want to get into that."

How do you prepare for a game when so many distractions are on the outside?
"I think if you continue to keep it in the context of this building, the coaches weren't here. 90 percent of the players weren't here. Everybody else is. We're going about our business. Obviously some of the players that are alleged to have done something are guys that have played a lot of football for us. Obviously there's going to be some adjustments if there are suspensions. But other than that, we're just moving forward and the kids have been great in terms of that."

Have any players been declared ineligible by the university?
"Again, by rule, I believe that has to happen. But I'm not going to comment on the university or NCAA. It's an ongoing process right now. Our job is to cooperate right now. "

Are the players in question practicing today?


So the NCAA wouldn't do anything first, it would be UM making a move on the players in question first?
"I believe that's how it is. Again, I don't want to misspeak. But that's the athletic director and the president. And I follow suit based on what the rules and what compliance say."

Have you addressed this with the team?
"Just to tell them what they were hearing outside, just to confirm. If there was an investigation and like anything else, we don't speculate, we don't have opinions in the media or things like that. We keep it in house and move forward.

Any update on recruits who were having clearinghouse issues?
"No. Once we receive that, we'll get it to you and go from there.

Is there a deadline for those players with clearinghouse issues?
"I don't know the deadline, but there is a deadline for sure."

Any update on when you might get Seantrel Henderson back?
"Again I don't know. Everything is positive right now in terms of the back injury. We're optimistic, but we're being cautious with it. We're talking about a young man that has a really positive future and bright future. We just want to positive with it, prudent with it and we really won't know anything for 3 or 4 weeks probably."

Has he been able to do more now?
"He's doing great. He's doing a lot of things pain free. He can get into his stance. He's going to start having a little more aggressive rehab. I think he's moving out of the recovery phrase and into the rehab phase."

Will freshmen have to play more now since many of the players with eligibility issues are veterans?
"Anybody that's moving on to speculating or projecting right now is wrong. We have no idea -- and we're in the middle of it -- what the findings are. So, again, as I said, this whole investigation, 90 percent of our team and staff wasn't here.

How did the scrimmage go Sunday? We're you happy with what you saw?
"Very encouraged. Everybody got some reps. There were some guys we pulled after 20-25 reps. Lamar Miller. Some key players that obviously had played a lot of football. Sean Spence. Ray Ray. I was very encouraged by it. I thought we had a good tempo, good energy. Really excited about the QB play. I thought we ran the ball better in scrimmage 2 than scrimmage 1. A lot of guys touched the ball on offense. We learned a lot about our defense, most particularly individual players. I thought the split squad was good for us because it got us in and out of the game, from nickel to regular to goalline to field goal block."

Are you encouraged by the lack of turnovers?
"It's been good. We just got to continue to take good care of the ball. The flip side of that we need to be a little more aggressive on defense."

Will the NCAA handle this in a case by case basis for players?
"I would hope it would be all together. My job is to coach out. When they say coach this is where we're at and what the findings are."

Will the depth chart be out soon?
"We're not releasing it today. We're still finalizing some things. But at the same time it's really important we coordinate with Maryland and release it at the same time, to each other first, and then to the media. We haven't done that. I know the ACC calls for it to be done by Tuesday. Again, I wasn't aware of the totality of the policy, guys you got to list. I was aware of it and not when it had to be done."

So the ACC mandates it you release the depth chart together?
"No. All I'm saying the ACC policy is you have to release whose playing, whose doubtful, all those things. What I'm saying to you is since I've been in this business, it's always been the courtesy to release it to the opponent before you release it to the media."

Has the investigation caused you to take longer looks at guys you normally wouldn't?
"Again, we're just trying to improve our team. There's not one player out here that doesn't have a concentration card today that we're not trying to improve their game or move them forward. I think again, there might be more turns or opportunity because of that. But it's business as usual for us.

"I told you back in January there were a bunch of them that we're going to have to play anyway. Thank goodness they are what we thought they were. A lot of them are tough. A lot of them are smart. And a lot of them came in good condition, which gave them an opportunity."

How disruptive has this all been?
"It's not. To me, it's a mindset. If you want to worry about that stuff. You can worry about it. If you want to create excuses, you can create excuses. It's no different than having guys injured. You can sit around talk about the injury or do something about it. And my mindset has always been to move forward. So, it doesn't come into our building. And it's not going to. We're just going to move forward. Our mentality is always next man in. So there are going to be some opportunities for some guys."

Could the depth chart, 60-man travel roster change all the way up until the Maryland game?
"Yes. There's going to be a lot of competition. We still have a lot of competition between the twos and the threes and that's going to depend on how they perform on special teams over the next four days."


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Best way to help is to fire Shalalalxl NOW

Coach is better than Corch...

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 25, 2011 at 04:59 PM

I'll let you beat yourself up with your own posts.

So far this is still in the last four years.
Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 25, 2011 at 04:59 PM

So what type of person makes a leap to that without proof or even any allegations. A first class fool would come to mind.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 25, 2011 at 04:59 PM

"four years"? "How so"?

There will not be any news about a school that will be as bad the allegations Shapiro claimed against the U. The only problem is ALL THE OTHER SCHOOLS ARE JUST AS BAD.


The NCAA is not like the police who sit in the hiding of major streets waiting to catch someone speeding or driving drunk. The NCAA is like the 9-1-1 dispatcher who has no clue of what is going on until someone calls 9-1-1.

They did not have a clue of what was going on in USC even though everyone in the press was talking about it until the wannabee Agent got fooled by Reggie Bush. If Reggie would have signed with him then the agent would have never snitched and this would have been going on for the next big recruit. If it wasn't for the feds busting the tattoo parlor then no OSU player would have any memorabilia of their college success because it would all be in display at the tattoo parlor.

And as much as I would hate it but I know that it could all be true the things Nevin Shapiro is claiming against the U. If it had not been for the feds then the NCAA and Paul Dee would have never been doing an investigation.

The bottom line is the university are supposed to police themselves which is the first mistake. If you are speeding and there are no cops around then would you call the cops on yourself... Uhhh No.

If the NCAA is going to be the judge, jury, and executioner then they must also take on the whole law. They have to become the police and the detectives too. The NCAA cannot allow the universities to continue to policing themselves.

The problem with the NCAA taking an proactive role in finding violations (becoming the police) instead of waiting for a snitch to call (accepting the role of a dispatcher) is you quickly find out how a lot of the allegations claimed against Miami are true in all 119 or 120 schools.

As you can tell that I do not have faith in a bunch of 17-24 year old athletes.

It's a known public fact that the SEC pays it's recruits. I mean why isn't Ole Miss or Mississippi not in any trouble for admitting they were willing to pay for Cam Newton. Do you really think that LSU tradition was better than Miami's to sway Patrick Johnson now Patrick Peterson from the U? Do you really think anyone would choose to play in any of the towns that house any SEC team? What is it that brings kids to play in Knoxville, Gainsville, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, or Athens? Tradition? You go to Notre Dame, Alabama, Miami, OSU, Michiiigan for tradition, but not Tennessee, or UF, or Auburn. Most SEC schools did not have tradition until the BCS era. PSU, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, UW all had tradition but all the SEC teams besides Alabama have no tradition of winning championships. Prior to the BCS era, besides Alabama and Florida, when was the last time an SEC team won a national title.

All I am saying is every school is cheating and no one is going to blow the whistle and turn themselves in.

Hopefully, this is all for nothing. But whatever opinion the NCAA has on Miami is the same opinion I have on the NCAA. Why? Because in 2008 the NCAA hired A.D. Paul Dee from Miami and Dee was here when Nevin Shapiro showed up.


By now, the irony -- or amusing circumstance, or whatever it is -- of former Miami athletic director Paul Dee's recent role as the chair of the NCAA Committee on Infractions has been lost on no one. The revelations and allegations in Yahoo!'s damning report about former Miami booster and convicted Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro are embarrassing now matter how you break them down. But the idea that the Shapiro mess could happen while Dee was at the school -- before Dee would go on to weigh judgement on other NCAA violators, including the major USC investigation, while saying things like "high-profile players demand high-profile compliance" -- borders on farce. Honestly, you couldn't make this stuff up.

Long Beach State University president F. King Alexander is struggling to find the funny side. In 2008, CSULB's men's basketball program was cited by the COI for self-reported violations involving impermissible tutoring and other major and secondary violations. The penalties were harsh but fair; CSULB was put on three years' probation and forced to forfeit scholarships, which is basically standard operating procedure for that kind of violation.

But Alexander remembers Dee's tone, and he is none too happy about it now. From the Long Beach Press-Telegram (this is a few days old now, but seriously, these quotes are too good to leave behind):
"Dee told us, 'You have to put in place the kind of institutional control we have at Miami,"' Alexander related with irritation. "And one of the other members of the NCAA Infractions Committee in that hearing was from Nebraska. On that same day, six Nebraska athletes were arrested for illegally selling sporting apparel."

"The hypocrisy of the NCAA makes me sick," he said. "To allow institutions like Miami and Nebraska to chair and oversee its infractions committee is like putting foxes in charge of the henhouse."

Boom. Roasted.

Once you get past the personal anger -- USC fans (and anyone else punished by the Dee-era Committee on Infractions) aren't going to let this one go for a while, I'm sure -- the more pertinent question is how the NCAA can avoid this sort of embarrassment in the future. Is it even possible? How can you be sure your regulators don't need their own regulation?

I'm not sure there's an easy answer. The obvious choice would be to staff the committee with exclusively non-affiliated personnel. That means no athletic directors and no law school professors. Rather, the committee should be as impartial and free of possible conflicts of interest as possible. But even then, there's always the possibility that some unknown issue will creep up; surely no one at the NCAA office had any idea Dee would find himself in this kind of position at any point during or after his tenure. (For as good a job as the NCAA typically does on seeding and selecting the NCAA tournament field every year, I'd argue that this principle should apply to the NCAA tournament selection committee, too. But that's another argument for another day.) And it's not like the COI is full of current athletic directors already.

That solution might be unrealistic. We see this in politics, in policing, in nearly every walk of life: Even those that are supposed to uphold our laws and rules can be guilty of looking the other way when those rules would apply to them. Dee says he didn't know what Shapiro was doing in the eight years Shapiro says he broke countless NCAA rules. If that's true, he seems clueless. If he did know -- even if he had some faint idea -- he seems willfully corrupt.

At the very least, the word "hypocrite," strong though it may be, fits like a glove. If there's a way for the NCAA to ensure this never happens again -- and again, I'm not sure there is -- now's the time to find it. What was that phrase? "High-profile compliance?" Right. Exactly.

But Alexander remembers Dee's tone, and he is none too happy about it now. From the Long Beach Press-Telegram (this is a few days old now, but seriously, these quotes are too good to leave behind):
"Dee told us, 'You have to put in place the kind of institutional control we have at Miami,"' Alexander related with irritation. "And one of the other members of the NCAA Infractions Committee in that hearing was from Nebraska. On that same day, six Nebraska athletes were arrested for illegally selling sporting apparel."

7-6=1 for reading comprehension. The NCAA is only allowed to go back 4 years unless they invoke another clause which they have not do so far. That's why it is on going back four years so far. Perhaps you should read what's out there b4 you try and catch someone else and really look foolish as you have done again.

Um will be fine Watchout UF and Trailerhassee you are next on the Yahoo parade.

The NCAA is only allowed to go back 4 years unless they invoke another clause which they have not do so far.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 25, 2011 at 07:53 PM

"How so" ltc, "how so"? Show me this "4 years" that you speak of. Show me this "4 years" that "you read about" ltc. I wanna know "how so" ltc, tell me "how so". You sure ask a lot of "how sos" for somebody that "reads a lot".

You are either a hearld troll to bring up the count or a 2 year old. Ever watch espn or use the espn app, it's been on the kyron for days. You have to be a hearld troll or have an iq of 7-6=1

Ever watch espn or use the espn app, it's been on the kyron for days.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 25, 2011 at 08:59 PM

You can't tell me "how so" can you?
ESPN spells ESPN not NCAA.
Here you are telling me you're an "avid reader", and you want to tell me about ESPN NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
Try again young lad try again, HAHAHAAAAAAAA!

Hey troll it quotes the NCAA but you know that and another extra post. Do you get commissions for them.

This is how a professional conducts himself in front of the media. Al Golden is a class act professional and a gentleman.

Candy Randy....ehh.. not so much. Lower extremity, upper extremity, blah blah blah...

In Golden we Trust.


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE......DH | August 25, 2011 at 12:32 PM
This is rather lame.

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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