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Aldarius Johnson's mother hires lawyer, wants explanation on why her son has been suspended indefinitely by Golden

Shantera Walker-Johnson is one angry mom and she wants someone to clarify why her son, senior receiver Aldarius Johnson, was suspended indefinitely by University of Miami football coach Al Golden on Tuesday.

Aldarius_johnson Johnson, one of a dozen players fingered by imprisoned former Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro for allegedly taking impermissible gifts, was interviewed by NCAA investigators two weeks ago according his mother.

But unlike 13 of his teammates who heard back from the NCAA on Tuesday in regards to their eligibility, Johnson's name was nowhere to be found on the NCAA's findings and penalties report. Instead, UM sent out a press release Tuesday saying Johnson, the team leader in receptions in 2008, had been suspended indefinitely by Golden for a violation of team rules.

"What UM told me when I called is that they're waiting on the NCAA to clear him," said Walker-Johnson, who says she's hired an attorney to help get her son reinstated. "I don't see his name anywhere on the NCAA website about the case. I figure if they had the other players names up there, and what UM was telling me was true, it would say Aldarius Johnson's case is still pending. And it doesn't.

"To me, they're trying to set an example with Aldarius. But he's not the one to set an example on. I'm not going to allow it. I'm going to fight until I get some justice. He's not the fall guy. Go back at Shapiro and point the finger at him. You all let him come to your university, gave him a hall with his name on it, you had coaches taking these kids to meet this man. It's not fair to put it all on Aldarius. He is not Nevin Shapiro. He ain't did nothing."

Other news outlets -- including Yahoo! Sports investigative reporter Charles Robinson -- reported through sources that Johnson was less than forthright in two interviews with NCAA investigators while the rest of the UM players questioned by the NCAA admitted they had received impermissible gifts.

UM associate director for communications Chris Freet, however, told The Miami Herald Wednesday Johnson's suspension was not-related to the NCAA investigation, but rather the result of what Johnson did last last week. Freet said Johnson was actually suspended indefinitely on Sunday, but the announcement wasn't made until after the NCAA's ruling because the school was waiting until after the ruling for all roster news to come out at once. Freet confirmed Johnson is still enrolled at UM.

Walker-Johnson said her son told her he recently got in trouble for breaking "Team rule No. 10," a Twitter-related rule in place by Golden. On Saturday, during Canesfest, an autograph event involving players and fans at the BankUnited Center, Johnson sent out a tweet on his account (adjohnson04) asking his followers what the best strip club in Miami was. It has since been erased.

"They said it was tweeted by Aldarius, but at the time Twitter came through, he was signing autographs, taking senior pictures at Canesfest," Walker-Johnson said. "And are they really suspending him because of that? He can't practice or do nothing with the team because of that. He's got to sit in study hall and watch as his teammates practice. That's not a reason to suspend him. To me, it has nothing to do with it. What they keep telling me is he can't participate is because his case is pending. To me, they just want to make an example of him."

Of the 12 players named by Shapiro in the Yahoo! report, Johnson had the most allegations against him. Shapiro claimed he provided Johnson with dinner at Benihana in 2008 followed by VIP access and approximately $5,000 in entertainment and drinks for Johnson and other players at The Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club in North Miami Beach.

Shapiro also alleged that he gave Hurricanes equipment staffer Sean Allen $150 to have Johnson’s car removed from a towing lot, and providing Johnson with multiple cash gits totaling in thousands of dollars.

“Aldarius was always calling me if his mother couldn’t pay the bills, or the cat had a problem or the dog ate his homework," Shapiro told Yahoo! "I just gifted him money at least 10 times, from the low end being like $50 [to] the high end being probably like $300 to $400. I’d say he took a couple grand from me over the course of time.

“He just became very heavy maintenance – high maintenance. I inevitably just broke the chain because I couldn’t take the calls from him anymore. It was always about wanting something.”

Asked if her son lied to NCAA investigators, Walker-Johnson said: "That's not true. For one, you can't make him say he was somewhere and he wasn't. That's the issue. You're going to make him lie? He's not supposed to be lying. Here's a convict who did lying for a living and the school would say Nevin Shapiro is not lying, but you are Aldarius? I don't think so. If the NCAA felt that way then why wouldn't they have ruled a punishment like they did to other kids?"

Walker-Johnson said her hope in the end is to get her son reinstated so he can finish his senior year at UM. Johnson, who came to UM as the all-time leading receiver in Miami-Dade County after a stellar career at Miami Northwestern, had been trying to make a comeback after two disappointing seasons after a solid freshman year. His name, however, is no longer even listed on UM's roster.

"He graduates in 12 weeks," Walker-Johnson said. "My main concern is in a couple weeks he will be walking across the stage, getting his degree at the University of Miami. But he didn't just come to UM to get a college degree -- he came to play college football. How are you going to take that from my son when he needs a breakout year to go pro? If this got anything to with the NCAA, he should be able to practice and do everything else but play in a game.

"My son has been doing everything he was supposed to do to better himself, even more than what he was supposed to be doing. That's what he don't get. 'Mama, I done everything they've told me to do. You mean to tell me football is over?' Do you know what that means to hear from my child? It ain't over son. It's not over.'"


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CLARIFY???? Are u serious. Ask Ms Johnson to read the article. YOUR SON IS A PUNK.

Good to hear that he's graduating.

Tell you what.....I'll build you a watch if he walks out of there with his degree.


He ain't did nothin. Double negative.

Nitro...play nice.

His career has been a cautionary tale to any high school football star. U still have to bust your ass and work hard in college!

There are no secrets to success in life Ms Johnson, it's all about hard work, no short cuts

can I get a "Not MY BABY!"

Dude ... transfer to Florida A&M or Charleston Southern I-AA and play out your senior year. I will never forget the TD pass Aldarius dropped against Ohio State. Freakin' ridiculous.

Why don't U let your son grow up and be a man? I'm wondering if she's worried about her son's well being or her own well being. Sounds like another parent trying to pimp out her son.

Them the rules. Whether NC2A or Golden's. As they say, "Timing is everything". I do not think he picked a good time to tweet about strip clubs in light of what is happening.

I smell that too, championships. Doubt he was NFL material anyway.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

"he came to play college football. How are you going to take that from my son when he needs a breakout year to go pro?"

I sort of admire how upfront she is about the whole thing. She's really treating it like a business. Horrible mothering though.

Ms. Walker-Johnson is not helping her son's cause. If he did something wrong, she and her family need to address it and make amends if possible. If he's completely innocent, then there are better ways to make that known. Pointing the finger at everyone else and not taking responsibility for your own actions just makes you look worse. If she wants her son to get reinstated, calling out the coaches and administration (even if they need to be called out) is not wise. In the end, I hope he can earn his degree AND play football his senior year.

Well said NEBD!!!!

He tweeted about strip clubs in the middle of one of the most serious NCAA investigations in the history of NCAA investigations? I'd suspend him too. That's not just violating an anti-tweet rule (which would probably just be a one game suspension)....that's mocking a full-scale NCAA investigation.That's a whole different ballgame.

"How are you going to take that from my son when he needs a breakout year to go pro?"

I think this statement alone sums up why Ms. Walker-Johnson is so upset. It certainly is not because she knows Aldarius "ain't did nothing wrong." Unfortunately for AJ, I highly doubt the institutions (both Miami and the NCAA) have singled Aldarius out. If he came to play football and get into the NFL, he should have avoided this type of crook and focused more and making good cuts, catching the ball and blocking in the run game. Sorry Ma. I am happy to hear he will be getting his degree though.

Somebody needs to tell this dumb b! T_c h how stupid she looks before she really messes up her son's name. News Flash for her, there isn't a lawyer, judge or anyone that can make Golden play this kid. She is really showing her ignorance, hope her son took after his pops.

He aint done nothing... In 3 years at the U.

Came in just like most of the Bulls from 2008: Over-hyped, over-confident, under-achieving and under-working. lazy know it all punks.

We need to get rid of this 2008 Miami NW garbage baggage and unload it!

Only then can UM move on.

Kid takes NO responsibility for anything. UM satff probably saw in him a potential liability, plus he didnt put the work in. "Good Spring Training" or not, there is more to being a cane- He is all for himself.

He is NOTHING. He has done NOTHING. THAT id the legacy of AJ, jacorry, Forston, and others. Again, like I've said before, except Spence.

This garbage is thelegacy of the 2008 miami Number 1 recruiting class. Thank you young men. You put Miami back in the news...the wrong way.

Jacorry Harris will NEVER play in the NFL. Let's cut our losses and sit him. he is another one of those Bull punk a55es

"He ain't did nothing". Uh Huh.

Tweeting during a team event is bad enough. Tweeting during that team event about the same clubs that has so many crying "Death Penalty" for the school is beyond understanding.

Then... lets have mom come and say "But he didn't just come to UM to get a college degree -- he came to play college football." REALLY?! REALLY!!??

Shapiro is a career liar so it is hard to trust him, but his accounts of Aldarius are of a spoiled player that couldn't get enough handouts. Now mom steps in and actually makes those claims more believable. Its a good thing Aldarius wasn't as good as Regie Bush because they would be demanding house payments and cars...

Who is the dipsh@t lawyer who agreed to take the case?

The ghost of Johnny Cochran.

His Cousin Vinny ....

Wonder if she realizes her son probably was not going to be any PT this year anyway. How many times was Johnson mentioned during camp???

I can't think of any...

AJ....u mean to tell me that you tweeted inquiries about the best strip club in Miami with all of this crap breathing down our backs??? Are u serious??? That's about as dumb as some of the stuff the UNC players did last year (facebooking and/or tweeting pics of expensive jewelry, etc).

If u were not very 'forthcoming' with your info to the NCAA, Golden has no choice but to suspend you. What if u are found to have violations but played in games? Then Miami would have to 'vacate' (I hate that term) wins and all of that crap.


And Mom loves her baby, but he's gotta be accountable.

....this dude actually tweeted about strip clubs in Miami...WTF??????

Take some of that anger and go vote to cancel the ridiculous UF event. http://thefinsiders.com/blog/2011/gator-celebration-poll

This woman needs to ask her son! He knows!

I still think that Johnson is a much better receiver than Robinson as an investigative reporter, and no doub that his carreer at UM is over.

ok worst statement from a mom ever. my son didnt go to college to get a degree he went to play football, what?
U are kidding me right. do u know what a degree from miami is worth in todays world.

Her sone has been a mediocre football player and is a 7th round draft choice if not an undrafted free agent at best at this time.

He will make more off his degree then playing football at this stage of his career.

Now she killed his chance of an NFL career by being a dumb@$$!!! 'He ain't did nothing!' You imagine if he gets in the NFL and she pulls this nonsense. That kid has to hold his head in shame for being so stupid and having his mom making a fool out of him.

Its much more important to teach him to face the consequences of his actions then to worry about him "gettin his." If he lied to the NCAA or even tweeted the bs about the strip club, he was risking his teammates' and the University's football future. That sort of selfishness has no place on the team. Good riddins. Oh yeah, take yo mamma wit cha!

Best post so far Michael.

Don't let the door hit you in the a _s on the way put aj. .

His mom has the right to for her son regardless of how anyone thinks. The real idiots here are shalala and dee for giving this dude all that power. Even the sports reporters and half the of the people on here use bad grammar so lets be respectful because i bet none of U would call his mom those names in her face.

I'm sick of hearing about what is being "taken" from these players that knowingly break clearly stated rules. They're given privileges far above what most kids get coming out of high school, yet somehow they are so deprived.

nah nah nah you've got it all wrong!!! If he really had accepted all the trips to the t#$ty bars that they claim he had, he would know notnly which one was the best, but second best, third best.....

so why oh why would he tweet a question as to where the best one was? this does not make sense!!! just ax his momma

AJs most memorable play at the U? Pulling up lame after a good reception @FSU two years ago! Reminds me of Ryan Moore...WASTE OF TALENT.

ms johnson when about this all wrong, she should have met with the coach found out what happen and what could be done to reduce her sons punishment. but to get a lawyer and demand he play, not good. he may not see the field until thanksgivings now. it sounds like he is mad because he may not get a chance to wow nfl scouts, well he had 3 years to do that. and if this is her sons last big chance then she should coach her son up better and tell him not to do stupid things

Tally, I get the fact that any parent would not stand by and watch their son get railroaded for nothing. But lets be real here. The only thing she is caring about is her son hopefully taking care of her financially for the next decade. If Shapiro was indeed keeping her up and there is proof of this, they then will have to pay the plaintiffs back. Its all about money to her just like Cecil Newton, not her son's well being. I agree that the majority of us and sports writers are not English Majors either, but she just makes herself sound stupid and she wouldn't be the first Mama I told that to their face,nor the last one.


ms johnson should realize that her son has acted out how he was raised. i am a star athlete i do not have to follow the rules at home or in college. he received > money than any of the other athletes and then was not willing to come clean. this is just part of the culture that exsists with so called elite athletes. transfer to Bethune or Grambling or Pravie View or Tenn State where he can be pampered and feel like a real star. a shame.

wow...well AJ more than likely did do something wrongs. "impermissible benefits" and moms benefited too.now you want to act "ghetto" yeah now blame UM? I guess it was all good when NS was paying your bills!!!!!

Disappointed in the attacks on ms. johnson from the bloggers here. Many of you would be defending your son/daughter if you feel he/she was wronged by the school. From what I just read in the article, I see nothing wrong with her going after the school.

The U needs to be specific with why he's been suspended indefinitely. Was it the dumb tweet? If so, an indefinite suspension is way overboard.

Was it the large amount of impermissible benefits he took from the crook? If so, why not a 6 game suspension like they gave Vernon? At least he could still practice.

And mom makes a great point that is upfront and honest. She says her son did not go to UM JUST to get a college degree. He could have gone to lots of different schools JUST do get a degree. He went to UM to try and get to the NFL. To try and be like R. Wayne and S. Moss and Andre Johnson.

What's wrong with pointing out the fact that the school is preventing him from having that chance in his senior year if in fact they are suspending indefinitely for a dumb tweet!

I'm all for teaching kids personal responsibility, but I agree with moms on this one based on the statements in the article alone. Now if some other info comes up that justifies an indefinite suspension then I'll amend my position. But for now, she's right on point in spite of the grammar issues.

She doesn't have to possess perfect grammar, that's why she's hired the lawyer. But it's shameful that the school just won't be straight up and let her and AJ know what's going on.

Keep your head up AJ and other CANES just stay focused on MD!

Sorry Mrs. Johnson, but your son has admitted he didn't put forth the effort the last 2 years,to wait till the last minute to try and turn it around,maybe he should have thought about this 2 years ago. He is your son and know you want the best for him.

If he tweeted that during this investigation, that was not a real smart move, but I'm not going to bash the kid or his mom.I don't agree with her making statements because as regards public opinion, she is not getting anyone to support her son (look at most of the comments on this board), but she is just a mom fighting for her son. ALL of us would do the same thing in her shoes. The only thing is that she should have done was just hired the lawyer and speak with the Coaches and administration about the issue. Keep it in house and out of the media. AJ has under performed over the past several years and Coach Golden is not making an example out of him, he is doing what is best for his team. I am glad that he will be graduating and since he is a senior, I hope that he gets reinstated soon and has a chance to perform well for the 'Canes. If that happens, then he MAY get a chance to play on Sundays.I wish him the best. I will always remember his big 4th down catch against Wake Forest on the road in the rain on Miami's game winning drive. I know, it was Wake Forest, but it was reminiscent of Kellen Winslow's catch against West Virginia on a 4th down in the OB on a Thursday night in '03 or '04.


Red shirt AD and come back strong next year! Caner fa life!!!

LMAO this dumbass cant accept the fact that her son actually did these things. so sue, that makes sense... solution to everything for anyone looking for unearned money these days... still clinging to that hope of reaching the nfl i guess... newsflash: AINT HAPPENIN

You White Canes fans are just sickening!
A bunch of racist pieces of hit(S)!
Especially you 'championships is all that matters'.
...if you ever called my mother a "b! T_c h", I'd get with you and whip your monkey a5s!

These kind of comments make me want to side with the rest of the nation in hoping The U get's the death penalty.
Typical racist garbage, all of you!!!

This never would've happened if she had paid the light bill on time.

What a shame of wasted talent. Just 3 weeks ago there was an article where Johnson himself stated he didn't put forth too much effort and saw this season as his redemption and chance to make the NFL. He even equated making the NFL with his only form of success. And then what does he do. One of two things; lies to NCAA investigators about what he got or tweeted the strip club comment, or both. If he tweeted then indefinite suspension is more than justified. Levied against you are the worst accusations and you have the gall to tweet that; really? It shows immaturity and a lack of accountability. If he lied to the NCAA then that also shows lack of accountability and lack of foresight. Some how I'm pretty sure all the players were warned that you either admit what you did or you will be suspended hence the reason why the NCAA ruled so quickly on the players and stated miami was excellent in complying with the investigation. Whatever he did he has shown poor judgement throughout his time at the U. He wasted his time and talent and i wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the receivers having a snowball fight during the notre dame game. As for his mom she is only defending her son. Don't mock her grammar. Some of us are blessed with a better education than others. I hope they find success whether it's in the NFL or in the real world. Highly doubt an NFL team would take an admitted slacker on the field that shows poor judgement. Regardless lets wish them the best and move on.

Thank you, ATLKane09, very well said!
The voice of reason in a sea of idiotic racist fools! smh

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