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Aldarius Johnson's mother hires lawyer, wants explanation on why her son has been suspended indefinitely by Golden

Shantera Walker-Johnson is one angry mom and she wants someone to clarify why her son, senior receiver Aldarius Johnson, was suspended indefinitely by University of Miami football coach Al Golden on Tuesday.

Aldarius_johnson Johnson, one of a dozen players fingered by imprisoned former Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro for allegedly taking impermissible gifts, was interviewed by NCAA investigators two weeks ago according his mother.

But unlike 13 of his teammates who heard back from the NCAA on Tuesday in regards to their eligibility, Johnson's name was nowhere to be found on the NCAA's findings and penalties report. Instead, UM sent out a press release Tuesday saying Johnson, the team leader in receptions in 2008, had been suspended indefinitely by Golden for a violation of team rules.

"What UM told me when I called is that they're waiting on the NCAA to clear him," said Walker-Johnson, who says she's hired an attorney to help get her son reinstated. "I don't see his name anywhere on the NCAA website about the case. I figure if they had the other players names up there, and what UM was telling me was true, it would say Aldarius Johnson's case is still pending. And it doesn't.

"To me, they're trying to set an example with Aldarius. But he's not the one to set an example on. I'm not going to allow it. I'm going to fight until I get some justice. He's not the fall guy. Go back at Shapiro and point the finger at him. You all let him come to your university, gave him a hall with his name on it, you had coaches taking these kids to meet this man. It's not fair to put it all on Aldarius. He is not Nevin Shapiro. He ain't did nothing."

Other news outlets -- including Yahoo! Sports investigative reporter Charles Robinson -- reported through sources that Johnson was less than forthright in two interviews with NCAA investigators while the rest of the UM players questioned by the NCAA admitted they had received impermissible gifts.

UM associate director for communications Chris Freet, however, told The Miami Herald Wednesday Johnson's suspension was not-related to the NCAA investigation, but rather the result of what Johnson did last last week. Freet said Johnson was actually suspended indefinitely on Sunday, but the announcement wasn't made until after the NCAA's ruling because the school was waiting until after the ruling for all roster news to come out at once. Freet confirmed Johnson is still enrolled at UM.

Walker-Johnson said her son told her he recently got in trouble for breaking "Team rule No. 10," a Twitter-related rule in place by Golden. On Saturday, during Canesfest, an autograph event involving players and fans at the BankUnited Center, Johnson sent out a tweet on his account (adjohnson04) asking his followers what the best strip club in Miami was. It has since been erased.

"They said it was tweeted by Aldarius, but at the time Twitter came through, he was signing autographs, taking senior pictures at Canesfest," Walker-Johnson said. "And are they really suspending him because of that? He can't practice or do nothing with the team because of that. He's got to sit in study hall and watch as his teammates practice. That's not a reason to suspend him. To me, it has nothing to do with it. What they keep telling me is he can't participate is because his case is pending. To me, they just want to make an example of him."

Of the 12 players named by Shapiro in the Yahoo! report, Johnson had the most allegations against him. Shapiro claimed he provided Johnson with dinner at Benihana in 2008 followed by VIP access and approximately $5,000 in entertainment and drinks for Johnson and other players at The Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club in North Miami Beach.

Shapiro also alleged that he gave Hurricanes equipment staffer Sean Allen $150 to have Johnson’s car removed from a towing lot, and providing Johnson with multiple cash gits totaling in thousands of dollars.

“Aldarius was always calling me if his mother couldn’t pay the bills, or the cat had a problem or the dog ate his homework," Shapiro told Yahoo! "I just gifted him money at least 10 times, from the low end being like $50 [to] the high end being probably like $300 to $400. I’d say he took a couple grand from me over the course of time.

“He just became very heavy maintenance – high maintenance. I inevitably just broke the chain because I couldn’t take the calls from him anymore. It was always about wanting something.”

Asked if her son lied to NCAA investigators, Walker-Johnson said: "That's not true. For one, you can't make him say he was somewhere and he wasn't. That's the issue. You're going to make him lie? He's not supposed to be lying. Here's a convict who did lying for a living and the school would say Nevin Shapiro is not lying, but you are Aldarius? I don't think so. If the NCAA felt that way then why wouldn't they have ruled a punishment like they did to other kids?"

Walker-Johnson said her hope in the end is to get her son reinstated so he can finish his senior year at UM. Johnson, who came to UM as the all-time leading receiver in Miami-Dade County after a stellar career at Miami Northwestern, had been trying to make a comeback after two disappointing seasons after a solid freshman year. His name, however, is no longer even listed on UM's roster.

"He graduates in 12 weeks," Walker-Johnson said. "My main concern is in a couple weeks he will be walking across the stage, getting his degree at the University of Miami. But he didn't just come to UM to get a college degree -- he came to play college football. How are you going to take that from my son when he needs a breakout year to go pro? If this got anything to with the NCAA, he should be able to practice and do everything else but play in a game.

"My son has been doing everything he was supposed to do to better himself, even more than what he was supposed to be doing. That's what he don't get. 'Mama, I done everything they've told me to do. You mean to tell me football is over?' Do you know what that means to hear from my child? It ain't over son. It's not over.'"


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Really disappointed with some of the comments. If this happened to your kid, wouldn't you want to investigate? She doesn't need to have perfect grammar. Most of you on this blog don't. Fact is that the President of the University had a con artist hanging around and gave him free access to these kids, without any checkups. That's like giving a fox the key to the hen house. Bad choices by leaders of the university. I am a ashamed to be a graduate. Matter of fact you can forget about getting any checks from this Alumni. #epicfail

His punishment is not about whether he took money or not. It's about one of the two speculative rumors. Either he lied when he should have been forthright or he tweeted. If everyone else didn't lie then why did he? If he tweeted where are the best strip clubs in the middle of an NCAA investigation where that is part of the allegation then he deserves the punishment. Imagine the even more media scrutiny when espn opens with Miami paler mocks NCAA investigation. His punishment has nothing to do with the distant past it has to do with his actions in the last two weeks. Whichever report you choose to believe it was a poor decision that justified the punishment.

I agree that the admins/adults allowed the players access to Shapiro but again that is a separate issue and while wrong and someone should be held responsible it has no bearing on his suspension.

Did the U revoke his scholarship for this semester?
No big deal about his " lack of performance ".
He is very likely to make It in NFL which is full of no name collegians from nowhere schools, not to mention those who never attended.

Why not lawyer up? Especially if it is a situation of one persons( A convicted felon)word against another.
In addition, there is a coercive undercurrent, that being the influence of the U administration essentially forcing the athlete to take a mea culpa, or face ostracism, like AJ.
Certainly, if there is anything to be learned by the players,it is to how to tip toe with authority( which is business as usual these days).
If Golden, DS and the school had any character, they would not have played footsie with the NCAA by suspending them pending NCAA ruling.
I am not alone in feeling the U should have bucked up and told the NCAA to prove a lack of compliance in the cases of each and every player implicated! And obtained a court ordered injunction against enforcement by NCAA until all cases resolved as part of a civil suit.

absolutely disgusted with some of the comments here...as a friend of Aldarius and being even closer to his mom....I cant comment on what he actually did or didnt do but its one thing to say how you feel about someone and their child, but to be just flat of disrespectful with the name calling, maybe she is going about the situation wrong, but just like Aldarius and everyone else in the world, people make mistakes. But everyone sit sbehind the internet and talk all bad, I wonder what would be said is you guys had a personal connection with this situation, if your daughter or son was going through this and you felt like it was unfair. I know I will probably be bashed for this comment since it seems like everyone is anti Aldarius but just notice how I said how I felt without disrespecting anyone. Takes note...hope everyone enjoys this upcoming football season.

..the coaches were taking the kids to see this man...

Looks like AJ's mom will be on the NCAA's interview list.

In life you've got to be responsible for your actions and Aldarius knew the rules and kept on breaking them. Not only did he hurt himself he hurt tens of thousands of Canes fans everywhere. Hopefully he'll be a better person for this but the damage he and others did will live on for a long time.

I was going to post some negative anti-U message, but it seems all the Canes have done it for me! Man, I've never seen a group of fans so quick to turn on their own players / coaches / recruits. One minute the U is a "family," the next minute, (fill-in-the-blank) sucks and is garbage and don't let the door hit you on the way out). I actually found multiple videos on youtube of fights at Cane games, and they were always Canes vs. Canes. Hilarious.

Get the eff off this blog suiyco- nobody gives a da-m what youhave to blab about

blacsheep there you go again. The racist is you, mr black panther, fight the power.

I agree that black or white, there is no need to say nasty s--t about the momma. But this has nothing to do about black or white. i remmeber a couple of years ago, many of us blogged about how st-pid Kyle wrights dad was when he got into some fans faces for booing his son.

So dont bring out the race card you losers.

AJ has s-ked. From day one. He dropped a key TD against OSU, he runs bad routes, he cant block his way out of a jiffy john, and this latest evidence of his stupidty-tweeting about strip clubs in the middle of the investigation is enough to kick his sorry a55 off the team and let him transfer to Gramblin.

We dont need losers like AJ on this team. Black, white, or whtever.

But stay off the momma people

For all the u family talk you guys just attacked a current student and former player. Dont throw the U family BS when you attack a guys mom. If you wonder why Miami fans have a bad rep, just read all the previous posts. You guys are idiots. If you say behind a computer what you wouldn't say in front of the person then you are a p***y. GTFOH!

Fair point about the mother. She is a member of the U Family, and that is right to remember.

AJ has a history of not performing,unreliable play and dropped balls.

So what if he is 20? Is he not responsible
for his actions? Shouldn't he be accountable?
Shouldn't everyone?

Anyone else tired of people complaining when their kids don't act responsibly? There's always some sleaze lawyer out there to convince them how "victimized" they have been?

Who is playing what race card? What's that got to do with anything? You see racial bias everywhere? You will probably find it close to home by looking in the mirror.

All in all, I hate to see a kid with talent waste it. It may be his ticket to a great life.

He needs to learn to be a truthful man. Where is his father to teach him?

I wish he and his family well for the future.
Maybe this situation will right itself.

You White Canes fans are just sickening!
A bunch of racist pieces of hit(S)!
Especially you 'championships is all that matters'.
...if you ever called my mother a "b! T_c h", I'd get with you and whip your monkey a5s!


How u know his a real canes fan?How U know there white? Why U acting like this? Your feeding in to what they say and acting how they what U to act.

Mom teach your son to follow the rules, not to break them!!!!! strip clubs? come on... he needs to sit out...we will do just fine without him

In response to another foolish comment about the 2008 MNW class:

Four out of the eight players from this class will probably be drafted in the NFL (50%):
Spence, Washington, Forston and Streeter
Three more will probably get invited to NFL training camps:
Harris, Thompkins, Johnson
One of the eight will be career back up
Summary: A potential 7 of the 8 will be in NFL camps over the next two summers. That is a staggering 88% with 50% most likely getting drafted. You people always forget about Washington being a stud, Forston, Streeter and Thompkins still have two years of elgibility left to shine. Harris will leave UM with most of the passing records despite his interceptions. Please do your research before you make outlandish comments about players still on the team you supposed to rooting for.

Came in just like most of the Bulls from 2008: Over-hyped, over-confident, under-achieving and under-working. lazy know it all punks.

We need to get rid of this 2008 Miami NW garbage baggage and unload it!

Only then can UM move on.

Kid takes NO responsibility for anything. UM satff probably saw in him a potential liability, plus he didnt put the work in. "Good Spring Training" or not, there is more to being a cane- He is all for himself.

He is NOTHING. He has done NOTHING. THAT id the legacy of AJ, jacorry, Forston, and others. Again, like I've said before, except Spence.

This garbage is thelegacy of the 2008 miami Number 1 recruiting class. Thank you young men. You put Miami back in the news...the wrong way.

Jacorry Harris will NEVER play in the NFL. Let's cut our losses and sit him. he is another one of those Bull punk a55es

Posted by: Nevin Shapiro should watch his back | August 31, 2011 at 06:54 PM

Ryan Moore...Lance Leggett..and now Aldarius Johnson....what a low down dirty shame!!

I'm sorry but get real.. The kid is a bust let us move on. I'm sorry, he's a dog send him up to FSU. I feel sorry for all the kids who put out everyday and then but this dog on the field. It aint right man

Hey......"He ain't did nothing" Doesn't that translate to.... he must have done something?

Blacsheep, like he said how do U know I'm white? And what does race have to do with the situation? Nothing. Some of U morons like yourself act like this AJ is 13 years old. He is a freakin adult not a baby. His problem is he has been babied all his life from the sound of things. Just for the record I do not know your mother but if I did and she acted like a retard like AJ's mom is acting and I had to put it down on her I would and thats just that. The only racist fool on here is yourself. Get a life and an education while you are at it nimrod.

what is a lawyer going to do? team rules are team rules and a scholarship is a privilege not a right!!! the privilege can be revoked at any time, get real!


I have never been so ashamed of being a Canes fan as I am right now!
The racist disrespectful garbage that are responding to this article is just embarrassing!
And they ARE Canes fans, I've seen their comments here on other stories and am 100% sure. They are not a part of the Cane Family, but they are your typical ignorant a 5 5 uneducated morally challenged Hurricane fan!
And we don't need their loyalty or warped support! Mr Walker-Johnson is the mother of one of our players and should be respected as such by all real Canes fans. She certainly don't deserve to be taunted and humiliated simply because she has display a little passion about her son being "unjustly" suspended, especially by the fans of the same school I'm sure she has loved up until this point.
And I say "racist whites" because I know that no one black is gonna call a black mother a "b! t c h" over simply defending her son!
...that's you ignorant a55 immoral folk!

And hate me all you like, I don't give a uck.

Not many of us "U" fans felt Sam Shields would make it in the NFL and he did, doing very well for himself. Some kids use college as a stepping stone to make it to the NFL. As fans of "Da U", we know "Da U" is a NFL factory for players and or teams. AJ has a shot just because he come to the "Da U" He made mistake but so did the other players.

We will have forgive when we win the ACC this year, with or without AJ on the field.

Best wishes AJ and family

I think what happened is obvious....AJ...trying to make a "comeback" (they even had a big story about it) - he is implicated in this scandel....knows he took alot of money...and in the interview....just panicked...plain and simple...he tried to lie his way out of it because he was scared about not being able to make his comeback, NFL, mama, etc. Like I said yesterday....God Bless him....he needs to stand on his own two feet though.

Y'all are in a crazy frenzy here lately. Every mother is going to believe her son and believe in her son. The dude can play and is pro material, but the whole time he was here Shannon could not develop him better than MNW High School did.

It sucks for the mother and son. New coach and new opportunities all taken away because of what happened 3 years ago. If and I say if He was not honest with the NCAA then it looks as if he has not learned from his mistake or understood that he did something wrong. Either or the way it looks is as if he would do it again if the opportunity were to represent itself.

What an awful person. Actually, what awful people, both Aldarius and his 'Momma'.

This is a guy, who repeatedly before becoming a Cane was accused of smacking girls around. Way to teach him what's right and wrong lady.

You're son tried to lie, when he was told to speak the truth. Then he broke team rules again with that stupid tweet. Maybe if you'd have raised him right, he wouldn't be in this situation.

Lol, why waste the money on a lawyer- He is not going to have a breakout year- nor is he good enough to go pro, hope he learned something in class =D

Good if U are ashamed to be a Cane then get the hell out. Besides you are not a Cane. Look its like this U are what U are and AJ did some things wrong as so it is reported. It doesn't matter who it is rights right and wrong is wrong and if she can't accept the fact that AJ and her F-d Up then thats her tough S h ! t. Every student athlete knows when they are doing wrong and he obviously did some things that is not acceptable to the University. And besides he has had 3 years to do something and he hasn't produced. I wish the kid well whether he stays or goes but he is going to have to grow up and be his own man not mama's baby.

What I really want to know is what is the NCAA going to do about Clint Hurtt, Frank Haith, and any others that knew or were in on this mess. The players that are innocent should not be punished nor should the fans, or future players and new coaches for that matter that were oblivious to the whole situation. I do feel like Ray Ray Armstrongs dad in that his son was with Clint Hurtt at the time of his recruitment. If that is so then Hurtt should be penalized not Armstrong.

I understand her frustration... I grew up in Miami Gardens and got out of the financial constraints of that time via education... But this is his shot...

That being said she is missing that he hasn't been wise. He will most likely get a shot to go pro... He may even get reinstated...

But shooting silly allegations when he most like was in the wrong... Doesn't help... either the situation or your son learn how to be a better wiser man.

This is not a PR game for the NCAA. Or they would have dropped the hammer more on the whole team. His attitude and continued slip ups... Not a classy Twitter moment... Shows continued poor judgment that he needs to grow out of...

Catching a football doesn't remove all of life's pitfalls... Gives you money maybe...

But how many Lawrence Taylors do we need to show it is about growing up too and always.

The two of them should be thankful he was able to have the opportunity get a good education from a private school. As you can tell from the mother he needs it.

Blacsheep, you're a 4uckt@rd race-bater. Championship didn't say anything even remotely racist. And he also didn't reveal what race he is. It's pretty racist of YOU to come on here and take guesses at people's race and call white Miami fans sickening. If you have a problem, just point out the individual, not an entire race. As a race-bater, you should know what constitutes racism, and at the very least... avoid it yourself. Oxygen thief

sheeps the troll. and u guys walked right into it.

lol@ some of the clowns that post here. I think 'championship' should take his tough talk to where they live. What a clown.

I have no idea whether AJ lied or his mother's intentions, so passing judgement is lame. Good luck to the fella though.

Thank you 'Canewest' ... I find it funny how folks get on the NW players when they have provided some great players from that class. It seems to be pretty dumb to harp on something that isnt true(the class being a bust) or that RS only cared for that one school. If so, I would assume he would've offered more schollies to their players or made sure all of them played regardless if they deserved it or...

if he was white everyone would still be calling him and his mother a pair of dumbasses. i don't see where you found racism

I think the involvement of court in this stage is not applicable as there will be less implication in this conceptualization.

keep your head up aj

You blew it for him, with bad direction. You are to blame. You all got greedy and got into bed with Shapiro and he trashed you. Getting a lawyer was a real brainy thing to do! Yeah, right! That put you on the outside looking in. I hope he gets his degree.

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