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Alonzo Highsmith one-on-one (with good news for A.J): Canes great who believes in his Hurricane son A.J. -- and believes in UM coach Al Golden.



I had a long conversation with former Hurricanes fullback Alonzo Highsmith yesterday for the article I did on his son, A.J., for today's paper. MiamiHerald.com http://hrld.us/oLvEQi via @miamiherald

As always, he was candid and outspoken. Alonzo is extremely encouraged by new UM coach Al Golden and is 100-percent convinced he will turn the program around. That doesn't mean the Canes will always win, he warned, but this team will have a completely different attitude and look this year and will no longer lie down for anyone, he said. Not with these coaches.

Alonzo played fullback from 1983 (under Howard Schnellenberger) to 1986 ('84, '85 and '86 under Jimmy Johnson) and is one of the former Hurricane stars who turned the University of Miami football program into a great one.

The following four paragraphs I reported and wrote for a story I did on A.J. a couple years ago:

Alonzo Sr. met Denise at UM. He graduated from Miami Columbus High. She graduated from  Miami Killian. The way his folks describe it, A.J. was born in 1991 wearing UM gear. In one photo at six months, he's wearing a UM cap, orange UM shorts and a T-shirt that reads, "I'm tough Enough To Be a Hurricane."

A.J. Highsmith grew up in Missouri City, just outside of Houston. His bedroom in Texas is marked by a replica street sign, " Miami Hurricane Alley." A replica jersey of late former UM safety Sean Taylor hangs in his bedroom. He got to know and work out with Taylor, Andre Johnson, Clinton Portis, Ed Reed and other Canes when he moved to Miami with his mother and sister, Jordan, from August 2002 until December 2003. Denise's father was gravely ill, and the three of them came to help take care of him while Alonzo Sr. stayed home to work.

A.J. Highsmith became close friends with the son of former UM receivers coach Curtis Johnson, and UM's receivers would come to their Pop Warner games at the Kendall Boys and Girls Club.

 The last time A.J. played safety was in eighth grade, and according to DB Coach Paul Williams on Tuesday, A.J. had made the most improvement in the first few days of camp.

Here are some things Alonzo told me during our conversation:

* Alonzo on Al Golden:

 "He’s the right man for this job. He’s brought back accountability and toughness and that’s what the Miami program was built on -- no entitlement. When I went to that bowl game and I watched those kids in Miami and I hung around the kids for a couple days and watched how everything worked, I said these kids have got no chance. Just their attitudes, the way they presented themselves. I felt they weren’t on the right course.

"I think they walked around with that entitlement -- 'We’re the University of Miami,' without the work part. Golden is stripping away that U swagger. But they’ll ge it back through hard work.''

"I’ve been around this game long enough and I’ve watched all the great coaches. I don’t  know how many games Miami is going to win this year but you’re going to see a different team this year. You’ll see the effort and you’ll see the competitiveness back out there. You won’t see them get beat by South Florida.

"What happened to them against Notre Dame isn’t going to happen anymore.

"I don’t care about losing. That’s part of the game. But when you lose your bowl game because the other team is tougher than you and you aren't competitive, and you give up, then I become sick to my stomach.''






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great stuff! The guy that helped us win a title saw the team versus Notre Dame, sees the team now, and can already see an improvement. Tht is great to hear. Thanks Susan!

SMD for President....way to revv up the fanbase Susan.

Exactly! Us diehard fans couldn't have said it any better!

What great memories I had growing up watching Alonzo and Melvin Bratton.

Go Canes!!!!!

Lets Go Hurricanes.


"AMEN", said the brother in the 3rd row...!! Earn it, carry it, give it to your teammates, never let anyone take it from you...but it IS NOT GIVEN to you just because you are on the team. Ask VA Cavaliers...ask Notre Dame...we can do this, but you got to want it and go out and get it. I am excited as a fan, but the proof is always in the pudding...or let's say after we play 4-5 games...we'll know what we got. take care and God Bless all my CANE FAMILY and FRIENDS!

I think Kellen Winslow said it best: "we don't care about nobody except this U". I like what I'm hearing.


yes!!!!!!!! on our way back!!!!!

Highsmith, Sr. was a heck of a player. I just cannot figure out how RS lost the way he did. Especially to UVA the last game at the OB. And then ND. I hope stuff like that never happens again.

it's gonna be a different year, no doubt. Different attitude, different hunger. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

I'll tell U how, Shannon sucked. Don't worry that stuff will never happen under Golden.

Lots of off field things went on with Randy Shannon. Unfortunately he wasn't a good HC and still can be a great Defensive Coordinator, head coach? I don't think he has the temperament and the "right stuff" for that but remember he is still a Cane and always will be.

The team got away from him and it showed, there was definitely tension between RS and Mr. Whipple. That affected a lot of things and probably cost the Canes a win or two!

Golden has "the right stuff" and Miami will prove to be a tough out this year. This staff has good chemistry and it will filter down and already has to the team.

Bringing back Kehoe was a stroke of genius and the staff Miami now has is one of the best in the ACC and maybe the country.

I'm glad such a classy man as Alonzo Highsmith supports Golden. I have met the Highsmith family on several occasions and they exhibit "class" from the word go. Auntie Highsmith as well, she will always have a special place in my son's and my heart, can't say enough good things about them!

Randy didn't coach in the sun bowl.

Great article Susan! Thank you! I'm starting to really feel that this team is under-ranked at 29 and will do something special this year! (Even with an average QB) Sooooo excited! Go Canes!

sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to be able to pick yourself and say, I will never let that happen again. we have definitely seen rock bottom. its all upside from here.

i bleeed ORANGE n GREEN and my sons does too!!!!!!!!!!

He tells it like it is...Hard to swallow
but the truth always hurts. That bowl game was the pits...but I bet you will not see the same thing again from the new "U"....

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