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Board of Trustees Chairman releases letter to community

A letter from University of Miami Board of Trustees Chairman Leonard Abess to the community:

For more than eight decades, our community has embraced the Miami Hurricanes through both celebrations and commiserations. This devotion is not limited to University of Miami students and alumni—the ranks of past and present fans swells to include thousands of adopted ’Canes, many of whom have never even set foot on UM’s Coral Gables campus. This is why it is understandable that recent news of potential NCAA violations committed by current and former University of Miami student-athletes and staff have aroused such strong emotions in our community and the greater “U” family.

Without a doubt these allegations are troubling and demand a thorough and honest evaluation of Hurricane Athletics. President Shalala has taken a strong position, insisting on full cooperation with the ongoing NCAA investigation. The process will be long, and in the ensuing months the Board of Trustees and the university administration will provide both leadership and unwavering support for our great institution, which we all care so deeply about.

While attention has been rightly focused on the allegations this week, during the same time, the University has also welcomed the finest ever incoming freshman class, and campus is in the midst of the wonderful excitement surrounding move-in day and the beginning of the academic year. We must not allow our current crisis in athletics to diminish the excellence and hard work of generations in the UM family.

It is especially important that the alleged misconduct not overshadow our current leadership and institutional values. Moving forward, I ask for your support in helping to ensure that the University of Miami and Hurricane Athletics come out stronger in our continued commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

Rest assured, ultimate responsibility for the conduct of the overall athletics department lies with the UM leadership, which includes President Shalala, the Board of Trustees, and the Athletics Director.

With everyone’s support, the University of Miami will continue to be a community leader and an invaluable resource to all of us.


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This guy doesnt realize once a snitch always a snitch, if I was him I would be very careful in the prison.

Posted by: Brian | August 20, 2011 at 03:03 PM

Brian, take my word for it. The punk asked to be put in ISOLATION and probably will be in ISOLATION the rest of his sentence. Then, most likely his lawyer will request the Feds for him to be placed in a PROTECTIVE WITNESS PROGRAM for bytches... err snitches.

And believe it or not U'all Miami fans. There are FORCES at play right now which are currently arranging PAY BACK! If U know what I mean... S-E-R-I-O-U-S forces!!

To put it another way. This GENETIC liar better learn FRENCH or GERMAN or even SWEDISH. Because the munchkin may not realize that he gave himself the " death sentence. "

In other words, his now officially PERSONA NON GRATA in the continental U.S.A.

The last statment-the responsibility lies with the UM president, UM board of regents and athletic department adminstration is absolutely correct. The president DS should be asked to resign or if she does not then she should be fired. If the UM board of regents were aware of any of the happenings then they should resign immediately. Everyone seems to be trying to cover their rear-ends in the adminstration. Where is the leadership and responsibility needed for the UM @ this critical time.

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