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Camp Golden gets underway, building unity top priority

CORAL GABLES -- After a summer of "grinding" and "bonding," the Miami Hurricanes opened fall camp Saturday morning with what coach Al Golden could best describe as "a sense of urgency in the building."

Lamar Miller "Guys know we have to get a lot done in a short period of time," Golden said. "We're excited about that. I know I am to get back on the field, get around the guys.

"We have to get to the point we're physically and mentally tough. We have to be smart, execute at a high level in practice. You guys know where we're at with our penalties (119th in NCAA) and turnovers (117th), last in red zone efficiency. We have to get that fixed. We really want to come together as a team the next 22 days."

The Hurricanes, who spent the first of 22 consecutive nights together at a team hotel in Coconut Grove Friday, didn't arrive to Saturday's practice on a team bus. Players drove back to campus together in cars according to running back Eduardo Clements, all part of Golden's plan to continue building unity among teammates.

"He's all about unity and everybody coming together. He feels like if we're at a hotel and one of us is driving, everybody should get in," said Clements, who got a ride from [defensive linemen] Luther Robinson and Adewale Ojomo.

"Right now, we all like it. Until somebody misses practice. [Golden] said if it becomes a problem, then he'll get shuttles. But right now, everything we've done as a team since the spring, everybody got there on their own."

Golden, who had his players participate in team scavenger hunts, game nights and bowling nights over the summer to build unity, said he thinks having coaches and players stay together during camp will beneficial in the end.

"It's one night in the hotel so far, but the kids - everyone together there having snacks, doing things we haven't done together, studying the playbook, being with a roommate that maybe they don't know a lot about - those are all things that this program at this time needs," Golden said. "Moving forward I don't know, but right now we need that."

Clements said something else Golden has started at UM is a mentoring program for freshmen. Several veterans, Clements said, have been paired with freshmen who they are now responsible for getting to meetings on time and getting settled at UM.

"I have to take a freshman, somebody who doesn't know anything, get to know them, take them around, make sure they're get to meetings on time," said Clements, who is paired with freshman linebacker Denzel Perryman. "In the meetings, [Golden] will call on us, tell us to stand up and [ask] us what we know about your mentees. It's supposed to last all year."

> Golden said the first day his team will begin full contact in pads is Wednesday.

CLEMENTS HAPPY TO BE BACK AT RUNNING BACK: Clements (5-11, 190) said he was more than happy to get a phone call from running backs coach Terry Richardson on Monday, asking him if he would like to switch back to offense.

"Coach [Richardson] called me after a math test [Monday] asked me, 'How much do I want to play running back?," Clements said. "I said, 'I'll do anything for the team.' He told me 'Just come upstairs, get my playbook and be ready.'

Clements, who ran for 32 yards on eight carries last season as a true freshman, was moved to safety in the spring by coaches. But with incoming freshman tailback Kevin Grooms dealing with NCAA Clearinghouse issues (and Storm Johnson transferring to UCF over the summer), there was a need for added depth at running back.

"I was happy in the secondary," Clements said. "But I'm very happy with this move. I felt like coming into college I was a running back and to be moved to another position, I wasn't really with that. But right now, I'm very happy with my position."

Clements hopes to show coaches he deserves playing time along with Mike James and Lamar Miller. But Clements said right now he's at the bottom of the depth chart and has a lot of ground to make up.

"Lamar Miller, Mike James are great backs, and me being behind them to push them will make them even greater backs," Clements said. "But right now I'm starting from scratch. I'm taking that as a great thing. I'm taking that as I need to work and get better. I have to work my back way up."

> Miller told ESPN this summer that he expects to average 150 yards every 10 carries. Asked what he would average per 10 carries, James said: "I'll probably be right behind him at 135 [yards]."



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If U have a good year: Either Miller, James or Clements is an All-American this year.

If U have a good year: J12 is Honorable Mention AA.

If U have a good year: Ray Ray goes pro.

If U have a good year: U play Oregon for title.

If U has a good year Harris sits on the bench

Has jacory gained any weight??

Jacory has definitely gained weight, and it's time for fans to move on from last years mistakes. Trust the coaches that the best 22 players will be on the field, whoever they may be. It's the beginning of season. They need our support not our criticism.

Yep yep my wife has phat donkey

22 days of back to Cane Ball. I remember when practices were more intense then the games. The hitting was unbelievable and they looked more like pros than College kids. We played so much faster than other teams and it was attitude and expecting nothing but everyone's best out there. This is what Golden will bring back to us. He is a ferocious competitor and a strict disiplanarian. I really have great expectations for this season. Love the entire Team staying together for 22 days! Great use of time Golden! Love that his goals are staying with the Team and not the idiot media. That is the first step, keep it in da house! Will reserve judgement for JH. He will get yanked early for any mental f up and so will everyone else. Back to Cane Ball, boys and girls!

I think the key for us limiting our mistakes is knowing that were good enough on offense to where we can easily "chip away" at the defense and score at will....take the deep balls when its absolutly there...

Agree with Joe. We should have a great ground game. Let's use the TE a lot more and control the game. Use a FB as well in the flat like we used to do. Remember 2001? We controled every games tempo. Dorsey was not the most prolific deep throwing QB at The U, but he knew where the talent was and got the rock to them. ALWAYS. To hell with deep stuff. That is easy to defend. Earn the respect by bringing more into the box to stop us, then go deep. The D will be very good if we control the ball. We put the D in horrible situations the last 3 years. And it broke the teams spirit. Play fast, play smart. If you miss assignments, you sit. We MUST handle and I mean HANDLE Maryland out of the gate. We have a tough schedule this year, but a schedule that if we play right will earn us MUCH recognition.

Cant wait to see what the talent on this team can accomplish with the proper motivation, unity, conditioning and coaching.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Cane4life in on point...

It will be a Penn State type offense with 2 TEs and a strong, punishing ground game.The pass will be used strategically, and will include drop offs to our strong running backs and throws to the WRs once the opponent's defense stacks the box. We have the power and speed in the O-line, at running back and in our WR corps. QBs must play disciplined and smart offense, and could either help or hurt us with their decision making. Lots of penalties and INTs will get a guy quickly to the bench.

Our D will be strong and intense, putting pressure on the QB to support the DBs. They could be ferocious game changers for the Canes!
Have you seen the passion that Coach D'Onofrio brings to the D?

Good choice bringing Eduardo back to RB. We have 3 talented RBs who will hopefully stay injury free.

One this all jells, the Canes could be a surprise team this year.

I would imagine that on Weds. there is going to be some pretty serious head knockin' going on at practice. I am hearing very little from around the country about The Canes. That is very good, because this Team needs to prove something to itself first, and then to its long time fans and I mean since the 70's! I hope that we can go 3-0 and BARELY be in the top 25. You can be very, VERY, NASTY, and keep some humility. Remember we went to sheeeate when Jacory was in the Heiseman Race! What a fall from grace that was. It will take huge disipline this year to even via for The ACC. Tech will be tough, so will NC State, noles, and BC. But we do have the talent, no question! Oh yea, beat the ever loving SHEEEEATE out of ohio plate, ohio fake, or whoever they are this year. Yea, my new absolute hate team from 02, ohio paper plate! Go Canes! Let's have a GREAT SEASON!

By the way, it will probably be best if we have no stand outs on offense. In other words LMiller and the backs split 1000 yrd seasons each, TE's with 20 catches each, and wide outs with under 15 yrds per compl. Just like 2001 when we had the All Amer. on D. Mr. Spence is so far under the radar it is not funny. He is not on anyones list and has a HUGE chip on his shoulder. He is truly one of the top 5 Linebackers in the country. If the D line gets some heat into back fields look for Ray Ray and Vaughn to have HUGE years as well.

We have just needed a face lift and Golden really might just be our guy. Don't let that smile fool you. He is a Joe Pa disciple and has learned to play the toughest kids. Go Canes!

Yes, you are on the mark.
One rarely sees a JoePa team dog it
on the field.
Good influence for us...

It really seems that everyone is really focused. Just the way they talk and the look in their eye is something I haven't seen in a long while at the U. I can't wait for this season to start. Watched the temple at army replay the other day. Temple never quit playing hard. Hope that Golden can carry that over to the U. If it does we will be in the ACC championship game. Can't wait for this season to star. GO CANES!!!!!

Al will either have that toughness or guys who are not willing to embrace it will not play. Period!!! However, I believe we will not recognize this year what we've seen for the past several years under Coker and Shannon. I think we'll see a team with fire in their eyes and when teams see that "U" charging out on the field it will bring back memories of yesteryear when opponents were lamenting, "Oh no, not these guys."

Amen Bob! We can't talk about Da U anymore! We gotta go get it back. I remember when we played with less talent than we have now, and completely outclassed evryone, why?... cause everyone believed in one goal and said to hell with the NFL, UNTIL THEY ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING TOGETHER! That is what Golden will bring. I will be happy at 9-2 as long as we hit for 60 minutes and everyone is on their feet on the sidelines, not in their little groups like the last 3 years. Different Team this year. GO CANES!

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