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Canes looking forward to 'continuation' of Camp Golden

NEW YORK -- They don't know who their new roommates are going to be yet. That will be assigned in the next 48 hours according to fullback Maurice Hagens.

Brandon McGee But once the University of Miami football team checks into their team hotel Friday for a three-week stay, the continuation of what new coach Al Golden started pounding into his players heads this spring will commence. 

"I think it's pretty neat, pretty dope that the whole team will be together, everybody will be in one location, one building," cornerback Brandon McGee said Wednesday. "It's really a way for the coaches to keep an eye on us, make sure we're focused. If there's any questions to be asked, your teammate will be right next door. If you need to go over the plays for the next day, you can.

"Like Coach D said [defensive coordinator Mark D'onofrio], 'You get 15 practices in the spring. When we come back out our first day of practice on Saturday, that has to be our 16th practice. Not our first.' They expect us to be ahead, pick up where we left off. What we've been doing this entire summer, the program is designed to put us ahead of our competition. I'm just excited to get it underway."

What some players say they've been told to expect is more high-tempo, fast-pace practices that will feature several key position battles. Hagens said players expect Golden to be tough, but all 20 practices to "once again be a lot of fun."

"In the spring, he wanted everything high tempo. So we were playing football at a high speed pace. It was fun in the spring," Hagens said. "It was fun to go out there and play. I think that's what a lot of people didn't do last season. Some guys weren't having fun playing. And you aren't going to play good unless you're having fun."

McGee, a junior who came to UM in 2009 as one of the nation's premier cornerbacks out of nearby Plantation High, will be right in the middle of arguably the most important position battle on defense.

In two seasons, he's played in 21 games and made just one start (last year vs. Florida A&M). But with former All-ACC corner Brandon Harris (2nd round pick by the Texans) and Demarcus Van Dyke (3rd round pick by the Raiders) gone, McGee is expected to contend for a starting job opposite senior Jojo Nicolas, who basically solidified himself as the starter at boundary corner this spring.

McGee's primary competition at field corner is former running back and senior Lee Chambers (who hardly played after making the transition corner last year) and former Wake Forest defensive back Mike Williams, who started four games for the Demon Deacons in 2009 before being sidelined by a hamstring injury. Redshirt freshman Keion Payne and freshman Thomas Finnie are likely to backup Nicolas at the other corner spot and play some in nickel and dime situations.

"I think the coaching staff definitely sees that potential in me [to step up and be the man]," McGee said. "[Defensive backs coach Paul Williams] tells me 'You have to step up to the plate.' I definitely think it's my responsibility to step up."

McGee said his summer has been "a grind." Aside from his daily workouts with teammates and strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey, he said he's been doing extra work with former Green Bay Packers All-Pro cornerback Al Harris, a family friend and Pompano Beach native.

"I'm real close with Al. I talk to him and pick his brain a little bit," McGee said. "I spent this past year working with him in the summer time. I've been knowing him for awhile now. He's helped me understanding the game, being able to know what to do and when to do it as far as sitting on routes, backpedaling, reading the quarterback and stuff like that. We worked out on the weekends in Pompano. There were other guys there, but it was pretty much one-on-one. It was more of him telling me what I need to work on, showing me things here and there."

McGee said while he would like to become a more vocal leader down the road, Nicolas has taken arguably the biggest leadership role in the secondary.

"He's definitely got the leadership role down well," McGee said. "He gets everybody where he needs to be, tells us what coach needs us to do everyday. He's probably the leader of the entire secondary. I think Jojo is just relentless. He was able to transition so good being that he was playing safety and just came over to play corner. He's still learning. But he invites the challenge of playing a whole new position, a position that is not easy to play. He has a drive and hunger."


> Asked to point out which receiver will step up and replace Leonard Hankerson as the go-to-guy, McGee said he "couldn't really say anyone has." But he did say he sees a lot of potential in true freshman Phillip Dorsett.

"He's a smooth route runner," McGee said. "He's fast, has real speed. He definitely has the potential to play this season, and I'd be happy if he was playing. But I'm not the offensive coordinator either."

> Hagens said he's most looking forward to what defensive end and fellow Tampa native Anthony Chickillo will do once practice starts Saturday.

"He's just a whole different animal," Hagens said. "I saw him playing in high school and he was a beast. From what my dad told me, he was in the backfield every play when he went out and watched him. If he's not sacking guys left and right I'd be shocked. I can't wait to see him play. He's already talking about how he's going to be great. I believe him."

> Linebacker Sean Spence recently said the one thing he's done this off-season is become more of a vocal leader in UM's defense, something he doesn't naturally do. Sophomore Jimmy Gaines, expected to be in the fight with Jordan Futch and freshman Gionni Paul for the starting middle linebacker job, can attest to that.

"He's definitely become more of a vocal leader this year," Gaines said. "When Sean talks, you listen. We stand behind Sean. I definitely try to pick up whatever I can from Sean. He plays with such passion too. Guys are copying that. It's fun to come up under him right now. He leads us in meetings. Sometimes, he jokes around like he's some kind of coach. He's definitely that guy. Him, Ramon Buchanon. They got the leadership down together."


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this defense is gonna be NASTY!

Can't wait for the season! It's all about the U!!

Please GOD just give us a mediocre QB so we can win 9 games.

Who will have more fans at Sun-Life?

A. Barcelona vs Guadalajara on a Wednesday night
B. Home opener vs Ohio State

Dare I say canes by 45k!

Off target, but why is the Dolphin stories on the UM page for the Herald. I'm a Cane with the intensity of a thousand suns (credit Mark Schlereth), but don't the Fins have their own page? Canes news only please. Bye the way Go Tampa Bay Bucs!

what happened to Latwan Anderson? Did he transfer?

LMAO @ IslandCanes - dude has me dying over here!

this defense is gonna be NASTY!

Posted by: canesallltheway | August 03, 2011 at 02:10 PM

Can't wait for the season! It's all about the U!!

Posted by: miadolphin | August 03, 2011 at 02:27 PM


Annnnnnnnndddddddddddd they're OFF Arty !!!


can sure see why Ur so fired up especially after the last three games to end last season... But it's the GOLDEd ERA Riiiieeeeght ?
2 years and gone, an Era does not make... Whuuu next ?

psssstttt... Same players... soft, gutless and use to losing.

Annnnnnnnndddddddddddd they're OFF Arty !!!

Yep, five or six positive comments, and you show up to make sure nobody tries to have an actual conversation on here.

Could you learn to spell at least?
use (instead of used)

You are a dreadful example of UF's education levels.

BTW, what was wrong with their comments? Defense is gonna be nasty and can't wait for the season to start? nobody saying that in the Gator blogs? How sad for you.

10 comments in around two hours here, 5 commets in one WEEK on Gator Clause.

Yep, Gators post more here than they do on their own blog. Can you see the obsession when you look in the mirror "Soldy", or is it like a vampire and not give a reflection?

Either way, we can see that it its their by your CONSTANT checking in on our blogs to attack such controvertial statements as "Can't wait for the season!"

Still Dodging Says:
August 3rd, 2011 at 10:00 am

The point still holds though that this sicko is claiming we are full of two stars when we actually have NONE. The irony was too strong to ignore.


NONE huh ? Try again to ignore this...

************** ESPN.com RANKINGS***************

* * STAR --74 David Thompson, QB POS Rank QB #99HT 6-1WT 195lbs.HS Westminster Christian School (FL)Verbal

NO STAR --45 Brandon Holifield, TE HT 6-6WT 220lbs.HS Godby (FL)Verbal

NO STAR --45 D'Mauri Jones, WR HT 6-3WT 185lbs.HS Leesburg H.S. FL)Verbal

*************SCOUT.com RANKINGS******************

** STAR --CB NR Nate Dortch
(South Fort Myers HS)
Fort Myers, FL

** STAR --OLB NR Josh Witt
(Cypress Bay HS)
Weston, FL

** STAR --DE NR Jake O'Donnell
(Central Bucks HS-East)
Doylestown, PA

** STAR --CB NR Larry Hope
(American Senior HS)
Hialeah, FL

NO STAR-- TE NR NR Brandon Hollifield
(Amos P. Godby HS)
Tallahassee, FL

NO STAR-- NR D'Mauri Jones
(Leesburg HS)
Leesburg, FL

NO STAR-- David Thompson
(Westminster Christian School)
Miami, FL


NO STAR-- Jontavious Carter 0 stars WR Cordele, GA

NO STAR-- Brandon Holifield 0 stars ATH Tallahassee, FL


News flash U delusional Cane clod... It's well known that Scout.com and ESPN.com's College Football recruiting analysis are far superior to Rivals in their coverage because they do not cater to the fans of teams to effect their player rankings. Scout.com is run by Foxsports.com and MSN. ESPN speaks for itself as the World Wide Leader in all things sports. They both have 10 times the resourses, money, knowledge, manpower than lil yahoo "sponsered" based Rivals has with their basemant based no nothing dweeb writers and evaluators. Rivals relys soley on subscription money from dweebs like U to pay their bills. When U tell them what team U follow, their rankings are a direct reflection of their subscribers teams to appease know nothing dopes like U so U then can spout off about their site to give them advertisement. IE CanesInsider.com... But no doubt, U don't get that..

So, tell me again how Duh U has ZERO ** STAR or lower ranked players again?... What's that ? Ed Reed ?

Bottom line is this. Golden began to panic early and went for the, "let's get all the average local kids to commit to create a false buzz as to how U be lockn down that mirage 80's State of Miami crap... Big Al is panicking bigtime and sending out offers to warm upright bodies like flyers at a SWAMPmeet... Ur just too idealistic as blinder wearing Cane fans and too crosseyed to see it for waht it truly is as opposed to what the REAL BIG BOY Schools are doing. Which is keeping the class at around 15 commits with a few 3 Star and mostly 4 Star kids and waiting to close BIG with the final 10 commits only being4-5 STAR STUDS ... Golden WILL NOT have that card to play come Feb. and Ur so called high rankings will come tumbling down like the Crickety O.B. ...

Cane fans... U need to learn before U get burned again. U do not have permission to respond to me unless U have permission... And U do not. Now U can get back to Ur, " 10-2... 11-1... ACC 'Ship game... BCS Bowl game, Next year, National Championship game" delUsional talk for our Gator ammusment ... Seriously, if U guys were a Broadway Play, U'd be on an 8 year run with projections through 2015...

U are what U are ... Irrelevant Nationally.

Arty... I know, I know... Why do we even try ?

Posted by: Soldy... The Real One

Yeah but we have swagga.

You billies can't help yourselves, can you? You're on here 24/7.

The U will be back and you ignorant nex will be back to another 100 years of mediocrity. That's your history and that's you're destiny.

Choking and losing.

It's what you do and who you are.

Now get back to your roadkill BBQ and get off your toothless sister.

....oh and btw check Merril Hoge's tweets. Your suckboy is stanking it up.

Hee Haw 'billies

The Canes stalker is showing his love for all things Miami again, how sad his life must be. Having conversations with himself and his long nonsensical ramblings are too pathetic for words but hey at least he has his top ten douchiest school status to fall back on...

B. McGee has been completely lost on the field since he's been at UM. It's time for him to get his act together. It's hard to believe someone with his supposed ability was not able to earn a starting CB position in the spring with all the turnover of players. Chambers, a running back, is apparently ahead of him. It's got to be mental because he has physical ability. It's now or never Brandon. I'm rooting for you.

There is one thing all the ranking services have in common. They have all been wrong on their assessments from time to time. Not all 5-star recruits play up to that level and not all no-star recruits play down to that level. It is an educated guess at best.

The Orange Bowl Basketball Classic is set:
Miami - FAU
Florida - Texas A&M

Why does Miami keep participating in this? Just another day to get humiliated in front of the rest of the sporting world. Having other schools outdraw them in their own community. They should just tell the Orange Bowl Committee "Thanks But No Thanks."

I dunno, why do you keep participating in this blog, changing your ID and throwing out insults at people? Maybe since Florida is afraid to play us in football, we can at least see some jorts in person through basketball.

Making up fake posts to respond to, and then saying we cannot respond to you? Cmon, gatorsam, just give up and go to Gator Clause. It has plenty of room there for you now that the Florida bandwagon has been unloaded.

Gatorsam it's goodwill and back scratching with the orange bowl committee. No one gets rich of that half full event especially when the lights go out in the middle of the second half. No reason for Miami not to be tight with the committee of its conference's affiliated BCS bowl though

Listen up U gaturds. Why are u on our site. Worry about all of the the 4 and 5 star chumps that Urban brought in. According to ESPN & Scout Urban had 4 top 3 recruit classes and still registered the biggest disappointment in college football history. The 09 team which returned everyone back except 3 on offense, was picked by everyone as unanimoussly to win it all, only to loose to Alabama in the SEC Championship game, it also showed how soft TT was crying. Florida, who is Florida. Until Urban came and won a title with Zook's recruits, Florida was a second tier program. Guess what and still is. This the U. Tradition ladened, championship dominate, school. Oh, by the way get an underfeated football season as well. TT rejuvenated a sleeping giant. Get a life. It doesn't matter what your rank is in comming out of high school. All the rankings is for making people money and you wondering where and is the next TT coming to Fl. Urban left you guys because his wife or him couldnt keep cheating on each other. Also his daughters playing momma and daddy with the players.

GatorSam, the product of a bankrupt public educational system.'

"Little Johnny can't read or write, has not marketable skills and no informed view of the world, but damn that Gatard football team be good. Them were the best 7 years of my life going to games."

Yikes. Epic Fail at UFailure.

Oh my you guys are so humorous. Tough talk from a program that can't even win a division title in the ACC. Would love to see what would happen if you played an SEC schedule, you would piss in your pants, would not have five titles but maybe would get more than 30,000 per game.

It is hilarious how concerned the TURD fans are with Miami. They know FSU has already passed them and Miami will this coming year.

Why don't you want to play Miami? Because when the scoreboard reads Miami 41- Turds 16 they can't lie to recruits and say "we're better than those 5 Time National Champions with 3 undefeated seasons".

Even Foley knows playing Miami on a regular basis is a death sentence. It would be like have the TURDS move to the SEC West and finish 5 or 6 every year.

Good Luck MusCHUMP, try not to let Fat Charlie eat the entire pre game spread before your players.

Play us Gecko...every year

Gator sam, How long did it take Ufelons to win an seceasy title?

If the Cames played the Gatards SEC schedule, they would have done no worse than 7-5 last year.

Check out their schedule from 1987 and tell me if they would have won it all that year. They pasted 3 SEC schools including the trailer maggots from Trailerville.

As usual, logic still eludes those holding the useless diplomas from UTrailer.

You just proved my point. They did beat 3 SEC teams. You need to play 8. They also played Cincy, Miami (Ohio), Toledo, East Carolina, Maryland and Virginia Tech.

Yo, I hope we have a great great pass rush, cause the thought of having Jo Jo and McGee as the two starting corners....with Lee Chambers and Williams behind them, is truly truly scary. I don't know how Payne hasn't made enough strides to challenge and at least be ahead of a guy who was at RB his whole career (Chambers)...heck Finnie is already making those strides.

Scary, but hopefully we find a way to hide those guys with the rest of our D.

One last thing, can we stop the fascination with addressing Gator fans at all. Its sad when you just can't talk UM stuff but instead need to talk crap to gators fans. Sad really

Keep talking, but ducking the Canes you losers. The SEC LEAST has proven time and time again they can't compete with the west. Your champions was beaten down by FSU last year and the SEC should think about kicking all you losers out because you are bringing them down.

Oh please the SEC is a good conference but they are not as good as ESPN makes them out to be. Florida sucked last year as bad as we did and before Meyer got there they sucked too, so don't act like they have had one great year after another without being down. Everything goes in cycles with the U, FSU and Florida with one team being dominate for a few years while the others catch up. And at this point in time FSU is the team in this state this year until they are beaten. So lets be real about this thing, the ACC runner up squashed the SEC runner up last year and a depleted UNC team that we crushed beat Tennessee in a bowl and was one dropped pass from beating a fully loaded LSU team. If I were a gator fan, I would be more concerned that I had a coach that has never been a head coach before and wasn't even as good a DC as Randy Shannon. And by the way we know how that worked out for us.

plus the turds just suck @ Championships

**** MLB

Hey , I have an Idea . Let's stop arguing with the gators about the sec because we don't have selective scheduling, crooked refs,or Oversigning. We can't buy our way to a NC so we just have to send a team and hope they get picked over 2 lose sec teams.Boise can win 60 in a row and won't get a chance.We just need to play our game and hope the ACC will put up the money to get us in. Strength of schedule has nothing to do with it either so lets start sceduling more cream puffs, like Kentucky,Vandy,Miss., Miss. st. ,Tenn.,Georgia,Ufelons(wait we tried that one), Auburn(1 and done with Cam), South Carolina(Lattimore is all they have)and Arkansas, who got beat down by OSU,and the only reason UM lost to them was Jacory, in our OCC scheduling. They got exposed last season when a depleted UNC almost beat LSU(Dubbed "luckiest team in NCAA history),Clemson almost beat Auburn ,SEC champion at home With the only player(Cam) they have ever had,FSU beat S.C.,Duke beat Vandy,UNC beat Tenn.,. We likley would have won those games we did loose is we had ACC refs on the field.The acc has not had refs suspended for phantom calls unlike the sec.Then we have to win the Popularity contest to get to the big one.I believe the ACC is as popular as the sec but we have too many pro teams to compete with and it shows in the stands.

One last thing, can we stop the fascination with addressing Gator fans at all. Its sad when you just can't talk UM stuff but instead need to talk crap to gators fans. Sad really

Posted by: Jayel | August 03, 2011 at 11:04 PM

Not sure how long you have been here. We basically do not bring up the Gators until one of their trolls comes here, tossing out their lies and hate. Then some Canes fans rip them apart, and move on. The sad thing is, the gator trolls like the abuse, like that guy in Pulp Fiction that gets beaten by Bruce Willis.

We did get to 7 posts before their obsessed loser gatorsam in one of his fake IDs came on here though, so it is getting better.

It was a deal we made with Eudocimous (sp), who also was tired of the taunting of Gator trolls. Those that have been here a while know that the options were:

1. Ignore them. That failed. They just make a fake Cane ID and make him say dumb stuff so they can argue with him. Yes, they are that desperate and lonely.

2. moderate comments. That failed. manny would get a bunch of their garbage, and had to sift through it to post the few Canes comments, but the delay ruined timely conversation. Since it didn't stop their obsessive posting, Manny and Susan turned it back to direct responses.

3. Preemptive strike. That got some of the folks here annoyed, but it lowered the Gator trolling, especially when we moved it over to the Gator blog. Eye on the U was much better after that happened.

4. Current status quo. We talk Canes, then some Gator troll tries to spew their garbage, and gets their lies proven wrong.

That way, those that want to talk Canes sports, and actually read the article, can do so, and the folks that want to make sure the namechanging trolls don't do to our blog what they have done to their own Gator blogs (all three are dead, dead, dead) can respond, leaving the Jayel's of this blog free to talk about the Canes and how we have avout a month to go before that big Labor Day game against Maryland, which will help choose the early leader in the ACC.

Until the Herald gets single sign-in, this it the best workaround solution we can come up with, because the Gator troll apparently jumps from IP to IP in an effort to keep from getting banned.

Oh Soldy....you are clearly a closet Cane fan. Like the little kid who picks on the girl he likes. Your knowledge of our recruiting class is astounding since you have no vested interest in 2 star athletes. Might be time for you to accept that your moment in the sun is ended when Timbo finally graduated. Back to mediocrity you go now. Don't f*ck with The U!

Some turd tried to sell me on this - that college football is about money and power - not talking trash.

Money is king and home games for big schools are financially lucrative. Michigan – like Ohio State, Texas or a big SEC school – loses millions by not playing at home. The school brought in $5-6 million per game in revenue before renovating the stadium. The 7th and 8th home games, even against crap teams, are basically pure profit for the university. Only the staged neutral site games, such as Alabama in the Jerry Dome or a really top draw home and home (Michigan tried for the opener last year and ended up with UConn) would come close to equating that revenue for Michigan.

Non-conference road games make no competitive sense. They add risk without adding value. Voters are guided by win-loss records. Voters in week 13 don’t remember how wins were obtained in the first four weeks. Big Ten and SEC schools know their schedule will be strong enough (or be perceived to be strong enough) not to hurt them. Adding excess strength provides no benefit. It’s more prudent to assure a 4-0, or at worst a 3-1 start, especially with all your competitors doing it.

Every season the home games become more profitable and the pressure for perfection becomes greater. It shows up in the scheduling. Alabama plays at Penn State next season. Its other three non-conference games are Kent State, North Texas and Georgia Southern. Florida plays Florida State, but also Florida Atlantic, UAB and Furman. Wisconsin plays Oregon State, but also UNLV, Northern Illinois and South Dakota. Big teams generally schedule one prominent home and home. Michigan already has that with Notre Dame.

The non-conference season is sub-optimal, but lame appeals to competitive spirit won’t improve it. Teams need a tangible incentive, either financial or competitive, to play better games. That would require a radical change to the postseason and a reform of the way teams are ranked. Eventually, schools’ television network overlords will step in, but that will be to add an extra conference game.

The power and perception around the country of the SEC has nothing to do with ESPN. Results on the field matter as does strength of schedule. That is why a 2 loss LSU and single loss UF can be elevated to play in the title games. Some of the computers that make up the BCS factor in who the teams play. Every week there are at least 5 SEC teams ranked in the top 25.

When comparing conferences head to head is just one measurable that can be used. N. Carolina was supposed to be a national championship contender. Tennessee was awful and NC won in OT on a fluke with clock issue problems (rule changes were made to address this). Not exactly a crushing win. First game of the year against LSU, absolutely LSU should have won going away against NC but didn’t. Arkansas, got beat down by OSU? Again a late 4th quarter TD to win. I didn’t know the Buckeyes were in the ACC. Clemson almost beat Auburn, but didn’t. Yes, FSU beat S.C., and UF, and Duke beat Vandy. However, SC beat Clemson and Georgia beat Georgia Tech. But in addressing the strength of a conference and why the ACC has a problem you have to look at: Georgia Tech losing to Kansas and Air Force, Duke losing to Army, NC State losing to East Carolina, Clemson and Miami losing to South Florida and your conference champion losing to James Madison.

gatorsam, Gator Clause needs you, hurry!

what an amazing apologist, GatardSam. And what factors do you think go into determining "strength of schedule?" A big factor is the media and ESPN is the king.

You waffle, excuse and shade SEC losses but don't do the same for the others. Geeee, if only VaTech had not played Boise only 5 days earlier it would have beaten JMU. See how easy that is? OSU's victory against Arkansas came on a late TD. So what. It counts as much as a TD scored at any other point in the game. What an apologist. Your 3rd best team lost. Face it.

When you presuppose that every SEC team is superior, then that perception carries over such that a loss to an otherwise weak SEC team is considered proof of how tough the league is yet a victory against the otherwise weak team is dismissed.

LSU was lucky to survive how many times last year? Had they lost those games, they would have been a 4 loss team. One of those was to the worst Tennessee team in decades. But, perception being what it is, wow the SEC is so tough. Given what a depleted UNC did to LSU, maybe LSU was not as good as the perception, trumpeted by the media, would have you believe.

It is a tautological argument. SEC is a top-heavy conference.

Never an undefeated season....poor Turds....they truly experienced "goodness".....I will give them that....but never "greatness"....it would be hard for me as a fan....to truly appreciate my college team winning a BCS Championship while there were other teams undefeated at the end of the year and after we supposedly won against a horrible Oklahoma team...barf...(Boise State & Utah 12-0)....we will truly NEVER KNOW....

See, it takes UFluke a $4 million coach, and arguably one of the best college athletes at QB/HB to get there's. How often is that gonna happen for them?

And they still couldn't get an undefeated season...

Lost at home...

Against Ole Miss...

Who the ACC's own...

Wake Forest beat...

Always love envy in the afternoon...

The perception of the SEC is generated by the dollars that ESPN gets so that is why they pump them up and sensationalize about the SEC. It has nothing to do with the facts. Why is it that a 1 loss SEC team or even a two loss SEC deserves a spot automatically in the National Title game? Their schedules are not as daunting as people at ESPN make them out to be. Almost every team in their plays one of the weakest non conference schedules from top to bottom of any league in the nation. When a team is within a conference everyone knows their tendencies and what they are going to do and how to defend it. So every league's conference schedule is going to to be tough, not just the SEC. Its the out of conference schedule that really determines how good a team is. If the SEC is so good why don't they schedule the U, Notre Dames, Texas's, Oklahoma's, Nebraska's, and USC's in college football. The reason is simply they are scared to because they don't want to run the risk of being exposed. At least Oklahoma isn't afraid to play us or FSU. Really what do U gain from playing Furman, Toledo, Georgia Southern, and North Texas besides money? Play someone out of conference who is a big boy for a change.

Ahhh, football is back baby!

Hey gator sam...........since you love pointing out how bad the ACC is, in particular the v-ech loss to james madison, it would be great if you were objective, that's unbiased since I know your UFelony education is lacking, enough to point out

Mississippi State losing to Jacksonville State the same year(2010).

Your conference has a historical wart to, just like the ones you share with your sister.

And TT's heisman came in a FOUR loss season. Me thinks I smell a rat!

Would that be the SAME Miss. State team that pounded the trailer maggots in their Homecoming and sent most of the toothless 'necks, the alleged mythical GAtard Nation, running for the exits in the 3rd Q?

Is that the same team?

Play us Gecko!

2011 USA Today Coaches Poll ...

Gators ... check

'Noles ... check

U ? ... U ?... U? ... Wash-Rinse-Repeat

The Southeastern Conference, which has won the last FIVE Bowl Championship Series titles, leads ALL leagues with eight teams in the top 25. Auburn, the defending national champion, debuts at No. 19.

ACC ? Not so much.

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