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Canes looking forward to 'continuation' of Camp Golden

NEW YORK -- They don't know who their new roommates are going to be yet. That will be assigned in the next 48 hours according to fullback Maurice Hagens.

Brandon McGee But once the University of Miami football team checks into their team hotel Friday for a three-week stay, the continuation of what new coach Al Golden started pounding into his players heads this spring will commence. 

"I think it's pretty neat, pretty dope that the whole team will be together, everybody will be in one location, one building," cornerback Brandon McGee said Wednesday. "It's really a way for the coaches to keep an eye on us, make sure we're focused. If there's any questions to be asked, your teammate will be right next door. If you need to go over the plays for the next day, you can.

"Like Coach D said [defensive coordinator Mark D'onofrio], 'You get 15 practices in the spring. When we come back out our first day of practice on Saturday, that has to be our 16th practice. Not our first.' They expect us to be ahead, pick up where we left off. What we've been doing this entire summer, the program is designed to put us ahead of our competition. I'm just excited to get it underway."

What some players say they've been told to expect is more high-tempo, fast-pace practices that will feature several key position battles. Hagens said players expect Golden to be tough, but all 20 practices to "once again be a lot of fun."

"In the spring, he wanted everything high tempo. So we were playing football at a high speed pace. It was fun in the spring," Hagens said. "It was fun to go out there and play. I think that's what a lot of people didn't do last season. Some guys weren't having fun playing. And you aren't going to play good unless you're having fun."

McGee, a junior who came to UM in 2009 as one of the nation's premier cornerbacks out of nearby Plantation High, will be right in the middle of arguably the most important position battle on defense.

In two seasons, he's played in 21 games and made just one start (last year vs. Florida A&M). But with former All-ACC corner Brandon Harris (2nd round pick by the Texans) and Demarcus Van Dyke (3rd round pick by the Raiders) gone, McGee is expected to contend for a starting job opposite senior Jojo Nicolas, who basically solidified himself as the starter at boundary corner this spring.

McGee's primary competition at field corner is former running back and senior Lee Chambers (who hardly played after making the transition corner last year) and former Wake Forest defensive back Mike Williams, who started four games for the Demon Deacons in 2009 before being sidelined by a hamstring injury. Redshirt freshman Keion Payne and freshman Thomas Finnie are likely to backup Nicolas at the other corner spot and play some in nickel and dime situations.

"I think the coaching staff definitely sees that potential in me [to step up and be the man]," McGee said. "[Defensive backs coach Paul Williams] tells me 'You have to step up to the plate.' I definitely think it's my responsibility to step up."

McGee said his summer has been "a grind." Aside from his daily workouts with teammates and strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey, he said he's been doing extra work with former Green Bay Packers All-Pro cornerback Al Harris, a family friend and Pompano Beach native.

"I'm real close with Al. I talk to him and pick his brain a little bit," McGee said. "I spent this past year working with him in the summer time. I've been knowing him for awhile now. He's helped me understanding the game, being able to know what to do and when to do it as far as sitting on routes, backpedaling, reading the quarterback and stuff like that. We worked out on the weekends in Pompano. There were other guys there, but it was pretty much one-on-one. It was more of him telling me what I need to work on, showing me things here and there."

McGee said while he would like to become a more vocal leader down the road, Nicolas has taken arguably the biggest leadership role in the secondary.

"He's definitely got the leadership role down well," McGee said. "He gets everybody where he needs to be, tells us what coach needs us to do everyday. He's probably the leader of the entire secondary. I think Jojo is just relentless. He was able to transition so good being that he was playing safety and just came over to play corner. He's still learning. But he invites the challenge of playing a whole new position, a position that is not easy to play. He has a drive and hunger."


> Asked to point out which receiver will step up and replace Leonard Hankerson as the go-to-guy, McGee said he "couldn't really say anyone has." But he did say he sees a lot of potential in true freshman Phillip Dorsett.

"He's a smooth route runner," McGee said. "He's fast, has real speed. He definitely has the potential to play this season, and I'd be happy if he was playing. But I'm not the offensive coordinator either."

> Hagens said he's most looking forward to what defensive end and fellow Tampa native Anthony Chickillo will do once practice starts Saturday.

"He's just a whole different animal," Hagens said. "I saw him playing in high school and he was a beast. From what my dad told me, he was in the backfield every play when he went out and watched him. If he's not sacking guys left and right I'd be shocked. I can't wait to see him play. He's already talking about how he's going to be great. I believe him."

> Linebacker Sean Spence recently said the one thing he's done this off-season is become more of a vocal leader in UM's defense, something he doesn't naturally do. Sophomore Jimmy Gaines, expected to be in the fight with Jordan Futch and freshman Gionni Paul for the starting middle linebacker job, can attest to that.

"He's definitely become more of a vocal leader this year," Gaines said. "When Sean talks, you listen. We stand behind Sean. I definitely try to pick up whatever I can from Sean. He plays with such passion too. Guys are copying that. It's fun to come up under him right now. He leads us in meetings. Sometimes, he jokes around like he's some kind of coach. He's definitely that guy. Him, Ramon Buchanon. They got the leadership down together."


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Play us turds

Posted by: Five Titles | August 04, 2011 at 09:54 AM

U know all that garbage U posted is just proof positive that all things Gators are deeply entrenched in U pea brain and would be moot if say ... Duh U could just win some BIG games, Ur Division, ACC 'Ship and perhaps a BCS Bowl Game...

Problem solved ...

Looks like U still have lots of problems moving forward Cane Fan ...

the bottom is still down there somewhere .

2011 USA Today Coaches Poll ...

Gators ... check

'Noles ... check

U ? ... U ?... U? ... b-U-eller ? Wash-Rinse-Repeat

The Southeastern Conference, which has won the last FIVE Bowl Championship Series titles, leads ALL leagues with eight teams in the top 25. Auburn, the defending national champion, debuts at No. 19.

ACC ? Not so much.

Gator troll apparently jumps from IP to IP in an effort to keep from getting banned.

Posted by: Five Titles | August 04, 2011 at 09:54 AM

Nope ... We GATORS are just smarter than U candycanes ...

Anybody concerned that Eddie Goldman may choose FSU? I heard from a couple kids I know that are on FSU's team that he really enjoyed himself and bonded well with the players. I also heard from a friend of mine here in Tampa that Earl Moore is a FSU lock. There are guys from Tampa, family and aquaintances up there that make FSU his favorite. FSU leans heavily on FAMU connection to attract the Black players. Pretty much all Black players from the state have or had some family member to attend college in T-town or had a good memories visiting. Its a cultural thing like FSU and Gaytorville is to White students. Hoping that we can fill the remaining scholies with D-Linemen, O-Linemen and Safeties. Go Canes

Gators isn't time for dinner at the detention center, I hear it's peanut butter and jelly tonight.

Florida plays 6 pre-season top 25 ranked teams, Miami plays 3. Both schools play one from out of conference UF (FSU); Miami (Ohio State). Eight SEC teams in the top 25; 2 ACC teams. Play in a respectable conference and stop obsessing about scheduling the Gators.

How important are the pre-season polls?

To insecure Gatard trash? Very.

To anyone who knows? Not at all.

To the blog Pig? Who knows. That dope is choking on a twinkie.

P-L-A-Y us!

What exactly is a "respectable conference" Gatard trash.

When head to head the ACC beats the SEC, is that respectable? When the preseason #3 team from 2010 gets pounded by FSU, is that respectable?

When Tennessee gets pounded by a horrible UCLA team, is that respectable?


Turds at 23? Seriously?
ESPN couldnt help themselves
gatorsam your arguments hold no water and are circular: the sec is good because we sez so and thats that
Kentucky,ole miss, msu, vandy, and tennessee, and even last yrs unranked turds who lost to msu, are just sooooo good.
Sure because you said so.

Play us beetches

Open up with us every year, like you used to until jeremy foley got scrrrrrd. Open up with us instead of fau or the other miami (of ohio)
Play us, scared pu55ies. Play us

Heres my prediction: fsu beats okl goes to #1
um beats osu, vtech, loses to unc, ranked #10, beats fsu, moves to #5.

You already posted that twice, yet you think I give a $%#! about the Gators?

I care about the Canes, the team with five titles. Best school academically, athletically, and historically.

No mention of your school occurs until you start your whining on here, loser.

Noles are stacking up recruits while Canes are slacking! Noles are getting 4 and 5 star recurits and Canes well theyre just tring to get more than 8000 at their stadium I mean Dolphins stadium. hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahhahaha

Go get your own stadium you uneducated wanna be UM alums!


Yeah like the thousands of billies who travel across the panhandle or alachua cty in pickup trucks with spears or gatr heads on them are fsu or f-_u alumns. Right.

Now you have lebron james defending the fake qb teblow lol. Losers attract each other. Will lbj give timmy an eskimo kiss?

Come on gatard trashes, admit it, you all cheer for a dooosh school.

Titletown one calls himself. Let me remind titletown that 9>5 now nd forever
And you losaers stop posing as nole fans because real nole fans and u fans actually respect each other.

Cane fans have no respect for fu fand we think you all are a bunch of soft smug wannabees

And what ive heard from the athletes, its the same. Nole and cane players respect each other, but theycant stand uf players

Ill see anyone of you *ussy Canes fan right now!

Anytime spear boy. Any place anywhere. Careful what you wish for. When you see a colombian straight out of the 305 coming at you.... Lol.

Has anyone seen a pu55y rednk fight?

It would surprise me if Dorsett starts from Day 1. We don't have a consistent playmaker at WR, so the opportunity is there for him to take a spot.

The Gatards will suck this year.

That is why I have to talk about a conference. What else does a lowly piece of Gatard trash have left?

Florida plays 6 top 25 pre season ranked teams. Miami plays 3. Both play 1 out of confererence UF (FSU) Miami (Ohio State). Eight SEC teams in the top 25, only 2 ACC teams. Play in a respectable conference instead of obsessing about playing the Gators.

You already posted that twice, yet you think I give a $%#! about the Gators?

Posted by: Five Titles | August 04, 2011 at 04:46 PM


Here U go for a 3rd. time then ... Usually take U clUcks 3 times to get anything anyway...

U put the U in Unranked


2011 USA Today Coaches Poll ...

Gators ... check

'Noles ... check

U ? ... U ?... U? ... b-U-eller ? Wash-Rinse-Repeat

The Southeastern Conference, which has won the last FIVE Bowl Championship Series titles, leads ALL leagues with eight teams in the top 25. Auburn, the defending national champion, debuts at No. 19.

ACC ? 2 ... P-U

Yay SEC! I am Gator trash. My team will suck this year.

I do the cowardly thin and cheer for......my conference?

The conference that despises you and thinks you are trailertrash?

Oh well. Gatard losers need something..anything to hold onto.

What a loser I am.

Posted by: gatorsam

Obsessing about the Gators? You're on a Miami blog telling us we're worried about your team?

We don't give a damn about nothing but this U...we don't.

more things, your team is ranked 8th in your league while the U is ranked 3rd in the ACC. It really hurts doesnt it? The truth does sometimes hurt but not as much as your toothless mother trying to eat possumn.

This will sum it all up for you trolls and n(b)oles how many championships do you guys have combined? What is your guys longest winning streaks? What is you longest home winning streaks? And then compare those to the U. Talk all you want but at the end of the day the answer to those questions is all that actually matters

When your team blows, talk about your conference.

Kentucky and Vandy have been doing it for years. The joke is that Gatr trash is now in that group.

I bet we don't see Bama fans focusing on the SEC.

Such is the life of trailer maggot Gatr fans.

gatorsam the troll is relegated to repeating his same comments every 2 and a half hours.

Nothing new in his brain, so nothing new in his posts.

He has a wonderful clean Gator blog that has every Canes comment cleared away by Matt, but he still comes on here to post instead. Why? Obsessive hatred. Yet he goes running to Matt (Matt, help, help a Canes fan commented on our blog, I'm SCAIRED") if a Canes fan posts a comment on there.

Get this, I posted a comment AGREEING with him, and he had it removed. He said Mark Richt needed to beat the Gators this year or his job would be in trouble. I agreed, he ran crying to Matt.

That is gatorsam for you, folks!

Practices start tomorrow. Bring on this underrated beast of a team!

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