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Chickillo, Dorsett say UM freshmen are ready to step up if needed

CORAL GABLES -- With eight players seeking reinstatement from the NCAA and a handful more who could face possible suspensions from UM on its own, the Miami Hurricanes could trot out a really young and inexperienced for its season opener Sept. 5 at Maryland.

Anthony Chickillo UM coach Al Golden said last week that in the event of possible suspensions he's confident many of his freshmen would be ready to step up and play. Two of those highly touted freshmen -- defensive end Anthony Chickillo and receiver Phillip Dorsett -- agree.

"We have a great freshman class and if they have to step up they will do it," Chickillo said Thursday. "Guys like Gionni Paul and Phillip Dorsett and Rashawn Scott and Denzel Perryman are fun guys to be around and they come out every day to compete."

Dorsett said Golden has "told everybody to prepare to be the starter." Could Dorsett, a former standout at Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas, do it?

"Absolutely," Dorsett said. "I'm real comfortable with the [playbook] now. I think I've got it down -- especially since I came in the first summer session."

Chickillo was already running with the first team before the allegations hit. Dorsett said Friday he's been running with the first and second team at two receiver positions -- the Z [flanker] and the X [slot]. He's also competing for playing time on kickoff and punt returns.

"I think I'm having a pretty strong camp," Dorsett said. "I'm just going out there doing everything my coach tells me. I'm not really worried about anything. Coming from St. Thomas I feel like I've been ready, prepared for it. It's not that different. I feel like I can contribute a lot, on special teams, even on the offense. The coaches have done a good job in preparing me so I feel I can contribute a lot."

Phillip Dorsett With allegations made against defensive ends Adewale Ojomo, Olivier Vernon, Marcus Robinson and defensive tackle Marcus Forston, it's more likely the bigger hole for UM will be on the defensive line. Chickillo said he'll be ready to go if needed.

"He is a guy that came in and you would think he is a sophomore already," receiver LaRon Byrd said Thursday of Chickillo. "He is big, he's strong, and he's fast. He already has great technique and I think he will be a key addition to this team."

With allegations surrounding UM and possible sanctions headed the Hurricanes way, it's possible players could transfer out of UM without penalty. Chickillo and Dorsett both said they've not considered that at all and are simply concerned about the upcoming season.

"I have waited my whole life to come here and I am happy to have coach Golden as my coach and I'm happy with the team," Chickillo said. "I love being here. I come here every day ready to work."

Said Dorsett: "I came here to play football. This is my dream school like I said. I don't want to leave."


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As a Bucs fan also, I've seen what young and hungry players can do to fill in... Love to see Chick & Dorsett out there.

God bless these kids , i hope after the storm ( we will get hit with sanctions, hopefully not too severe ) is over they decide to stay

Love Dorsett....


who said loyalty was dead big ups to the youngsters

The penalties will be heavy, if I were they parents I would advise them to take the NCAA out clause and go to their second choice next year. The NCAA won't make them sit out.

Bob, they can't do that until the penalties are handed out.

thank god for the kid that love um lets go canes.

Well Bob glad their parents don't teach their kids to be quitters like you do your's! They'll still be able to play. Probably just no bowl games. By their Junior years we'll be back. My sons plays his first year at Charleston Southern on 8/3 vs UCF. If they'd give him a scholie today we'd take it. Even a penalized Canes team at a University of this quality is better than playing for one of those hickville schools with low rated academics. Be strong CANES. Bob go stick your head back in the sand!

Nobody asked you Bob.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Anthony and Phillip,
You guys are great for your integrity!
Great things will happen at the U with you guys, your class and Coach Golden.
Go Canes!

You go Tampa cane. Hate quitters. Way to go Michael, good answer.

Quick question: is it not strange there is no call for the death penalty at lsu?? The bar was all but on school property, where's the institutional control?? And what's this 49 pairs of athletic shoes in his closet?? Whete did that money come from??

it came from gainsville duck sauce! canes will b allright. SIGN GOLDEN TO A NEW CONTRACT, GIVE HIM WHAT EVER HE WANTS.

Great post tampa cane. I dont think kids will be transfering out because of guys like chikalo. One thing that looks great for the U's future is the new recruits for next years class are still saying I comin as long as I have a scholarship. So the U will lose a few just from losing scholarships from ncaa penalties, still going to get the loyal U athletes. Thats what golden is going after anyways. GO CANES!!!!!

These are the types of guys who will be RESPONSIBLE for getting as back to where we belong....on top of the college football world. Just like Michael Irvin said in his speech..."It takes MEN"....It esp takes men in times of adversity.


The "U" will be ok playing this year, we have a lot of talent, unlike the people on the major circuits that have written us off. The coaching is top notch and they have an added motivation! We still have a good QB, that lead us to a come back win over Maryland, and still have a solid o-line. We have play makers at wide out and tight end and two monsters at running back. Were we are a lil thin is on defense, Futch, Williams and the other line backers need to play out of their minds! D-line is our biggest whole with 3 studs possibly not playing. The two safeties will be good if we can get the corners to play decent man up coverage, and if we can generate a pass rush(which I really believe we can) then that takes some pressure off the seconadry. The line backers need to hit their depths in zone, and stick like glue in man to man. You can coach through all of those weaker areas. Their toughest tests will be OSU, V-Tech, and FSU we can pull out one to two wins there.As far as penalties for the program; no death penalty(I strongly believe), maybe self imposed bowl bans and docking of scholarships. I don't think it will be "Great Depression" bad but it will sting. As for future prospects, we are talking about U of M here, we have a crazy amount of players in South Florida alone to pull from, we may need a few players from other states like QB, and lineman, but lets be honest we can get by for the next undisclosed amount penalty time, with the prospects in South Florida alone!

Hoooah USMC cane.

The CANES will show the high level at the U, when are Freshmen can beat Maryland's upperclassmen! GO CANES!!!

Bob_BBA70, it's a Cane thing, you wouldnt understand. It may be []_[]s against the world, but it remains without doubt that we wont back down.

The Cane family is watching...IMHO, the young men who stay through this will have a special place in our hearts for true Cane loyalty. I already know this season will be great as we will overcome this adversity and grow stronger in the coming years. CANES FOR LIFE.

This goes to show you that Golden knew who he was recruiting from beginning to end. These guys have what it takes in my opinion.

Dorsett...From what I saw of him his senior year and what I saw from some practices and a scrimmage, I was thoroughly impressed.

Chickillo....This kid is a man child. He does everything and I mean everything at 100mph+. He's gonna be fun as hell to watch messing up the backfield.

D.Johnson....This is a solid kid who had a great junior year and is now handling his senior year. The school has slapped him with some stupid suspension in reference to a brawl that cleared both benches last season that he thought already paid dues on but apparently the principle wasn't done yet. His coach is putting in an appeal. This kid did great in the 7on7 games. Can't wait to see him in orange and green.

Ladies and Gentleman, we're gonna be fine.


Canestillidie. That post about Johnson. What can his of high school principle do now??

the adiminstrators are doing a good job keeping away from the media and live press conferences, they do not want to give the media any additional ammunition and or gossip to speak of, right now, the national media,including fox sports, espn , and all the local radio shows have nothing new to report about the allegations, good move on the administrator, unfortunately a good move a little too late

THESE are the young men that this program has been lacking for the last 5 years.
THESE are the athletes that will bring the U back to glory
THESE are the athletes who will continue to represent the U in the NFL

Go canes. thank you Chick and Phillip.

Lets get rid of the Northwestern 8. As i have said, they (maybe #31 excepted) have been a bunch of overrated overhyped weenies. Including Forston. I dont care that you all came from the Pork n beans section of O-town, there are plenty others that came from just as bad (the muck inpahookee, Perrine, the sistrunk section of lauderdale, Memphis, etc). I dont buy that. You all came here thinking you didnt have to put the work in. Pink tuxedos, hype, and crp. And what did that get the U?

I think we are gonna be all right as well. Golden has brought in some dtackles that will hopefully fill in the gaps. Its important that we handle our business in a convincingly fashion at maryland. Unc lost all those players and still had a chance to beat lsu. We will win at maryland despite all of this. Osu has 4 returing starters on defense and vtech has 5. There d is no more experienced than ours with our subtractions.

I think the Canes can still have a good year this year. Hopefully at least a few of those 8 players will be reinstated. My concern is for the future. Expect probation and significant loss of scholarships. The last time the Canes were on probation it took 5 years to recover. I hope Golden sticks around. He seems like the type of coach who can weather the storm and build the program back up, like Butch Davis did. I wouldn't blame him if he left though. All we can do is hope for the best and enjoy this season. Fans need to turn out and give them full support.

Yeah, that pink suite and different colored shoes, what the hell was he thinking, and the staff not pulling him aside and saying "hey you represent a school, not some rag tag operations!" I think Randy ran a tight ship, but he was better suited to being an assistant(I think he and Golden would make a great tandem), some of those guys had a sense of entitlement that was the coaching staffs down fall. You take a kid from the killing streets of Mogadishu, Somalia and get him or her into the right structure and they will perform(3 years as combat instructor I can speak on molding impressionable young men), not hand them the keys to the car and say "here you go, don't crash" they have to earn it!

Merely guess craft, but the Golden Touches Hurricane squad is in for a troubling, difficult season. Just connect the Orange and Green dots.

So, a best case scenario with the greatest optimum conditions, the Canes should finish 8-4.

On the other corrupt hand. Miami is staring down the gun barrel of a 6-6 season.

And depending on the severity of the CORRUPT N.C.A.A. findings, I don't expect Miami to play in a bowl game this season as well as next season.

That's how dire the situation is for the University of Miami!

I'd say good fortune to Golden's inherited program. But this major league cesspool in Coral Gables is beyond such superstitious meanderings.

Macjones what are you saying about the lsu and auburn programs??

I strongly hope-- the ncaa takes into account the source of all this-- shapiro. We all know the coaches., administration, and the young men were responsible for their actions. BUT- it was 100% driven by one man, capable of taking live savings from people, the conceit, the evil, the unethical nature of this man comes into play. Its like bad people offering candy to kids to entice them into the car---- now i dont want any comments about this being a comparison to the atheletes-- yes i know they arent kids-- but he wasnt offering candy either. I really think the single source nature of a man of shapiro's integrity should figure into the equation. Thats all--- i pray we can weather the storm-- lets fill the stadium for the ohio state game and show our support---

Macjones--- how dare you refer to this program as a cesspool-- you are an idiot.

Right now, U got to stay competitive. U got to put up a good showing against Virginia tech, FSU and OSU. Morris can do this. Golden has to see this though even though he inherited it.

Shalala, COKER, Dee, COKER, Haith, COKER, Kirby have to take some accountability for this. The players are not the only ones involved, not when DS is seen holding a $50,000 check. Are U kidding me?

All things considered, U go 4-8 this year, unless somebody, anybody's who is left, steps up. This does not look good for U.

4-8, are you kidding yourself! You don't know football!

69camero. There was a piece on espn outside the lines with Susan. Heard for the first time nothin, absolutely nothing, I will say again, absolutely nothing in the yahoo hit piece can be used by the NCAA in this matter. They have to get their information from someplace other than that hit piece.
Not saying all is rosey and okay, there are definitely problems ahead. But those of you that already have convicted the U, stuff it. Those calling us a cesspool, look in the mirror.

Out to get ready for Irene up here.

Fire shalalala now

Yeah hit the nail on the head ITcdolphin, from the piece it seems that the major infractions happened 7-9 years ago. With that said all of those players coaches and higher staff are gone. Can they go back and search, yes they can, will those now NFL players talk, HHHEEELLL NNNOOOO!!!! Can you track down the prostitutes, strippers highly improbable. So all you have are pics on a boat, if this guy kept a mental tab on strippers and prostitutes he has one heck of a memory(we need him in the military). Also the NCAA is moving away from smashing current programs for old regime infractions. Cash transactions are impossible to prove your word vs mine, your a convicted liar, epic fail Shapiro!

The Canes should have come to me for help. I wrote the book on how to get out of booster misconduct allegations.

I think our offense will keep us in alot of games....our o-line is STACKED...running backs are set...we can for sure win with Streeter,Byrd
Dorsett & Hurns at WR....I pity those who have "written us off"....we will prove to you who the real deal is...

we as canes need to focus on how great we are going to be when we start to win games and show canehaters everywhere that we aint going down. nothing can keep us down as long as we want to win.thank you mr. chikillo and mr. dorsett and everyone else who needs a shot at playing for the canes and showing your love for the U go canes!!!! and thank you especially mr.golden for not giving up We love you canes up here in northwest florida... and are rooting for you all the way!!!!!

Phillip is an absolute Beast!!! STA all the way

I don't expect to see any of the 8 players made eligible for the Maryland and Ohio State games. The team will play very hard for Golden and hopefully it will be enough to be very competitive in these games.

Maryland has very few returning players and we know os has all the big guns suspended. We should be more than competitive with noodle arm hand out Harris not starting.

Fire Shalalala NOW

Shalala must go...before any kids are punished, punish the one who was here for the whole time.

EASY !!!!! Lets see how this all pans out 2 weeks ago some said remove football from the 305 hold up HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA.... A week later THE DEATH PENALTY yeah right now 8 kids put in the hot pan.. LOOK we all know some shady stuff was going on but on how much we have NO IDEA.... Did kids mess up NO DOUBT should we get hit "yep" did coach's loose control ( ie look the other way ) "yep" they should get hit harder !! this season was a transition season new coaching staff new QB "please" new defense etc if we get hit now it might free up next year.. this team still gets 8 to 9 wins on talent and a good coaching job ... I love the us against the world vibe i am hearing reminds me of days past.. GO CANES picking my 3 home games now to go to from T-TOWN BABY !!!




I've been boycotting SI since the article in the 90's.

Only one issue worth anything in SI.
Boycott espn after what they did to azinger

It's a mess up here.

I love how Jacorry is still talking crp he told the AP that he "expects to play" at Maryland.

Can someone stick a sock in this kids mouth?

S-TF-U JAcorry let the proces play out
the last thing you want is to inflame the GEstapo of the NCAA any more

Cb that needs to be a dirty sock using a pool cue from shapiros house
Bench hand out Harris
Fire shalalalala now!!!!

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