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Maryland coach Randy Edsall expects to see 'eager, hungry' Canes Monday night

Maryland coach Randy Edsall was asked Wednesday if facing a Hurricanes team minus nine suspended players including seven starters makes him feel like the Terrapins should be favored to win Monday's season opener at Byrd Stadium.

Randy Edsall Edsall hardly took the bait. "All I know is all those players Miami is going to bring up here are very talented, very fast, athletic and physical," Edsall said.

"Even though there are going to be some of those young men who aren't going to be coming with them as they make the trip north on Sunday to play Monday, those other young men who are going to step in have been very eager and very hungry to go in and play. So, we just need to make sure we take care of ourselves and go out and perform... that's how we're going to approach it."

Edsall, who went 74-70 at UConn including 33-19 over his final four seasons, was also very complimentary of Hurricanes coach Al Golden, who told us Tuesday he called Edsall to keep him abreast of the situation involving his team as a courtesy. While it might be unusual to hear from an opposing coach the week before you face his team, Edsall said he was appreciative of Golden's phone call.

"I would have done the same thing if I was in that same situation," Edsall said. "Again, that's the right thing to do.

"I've gone against Al and have a lot of respect for Al and what he did at Temple and what he's going to do there at Miami. As a coach, it's unfortunate he inherited that situation. He didn't cause the problem. I just told him keep looking forward, keep doing what you're going to do and you'll be fine. That's really all he can do or anybody in that situation can. That's all they can do. I think what he did was make sure his people were up front and honest with the NCAA and the people at the university. That's what I would always expect from Al and the way Al has always been. We were in contact with Al. I was in total agreement with how we were going to handle the situation. Again, it was a mutual respect between two coaches."

> Edsall said he's very aware of the success UM quarterback Stephen Morris had against Maryland last season and respects him. Morris led UM to a come-from-behind win over the Terrapins in his first start for the Canes, tossing the go-ahead 35-yard touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson with 37 seconds left.

"When you take a look at his numbers and how he performs he's, an elite quarterback," Edsall said. "He's a young man that has the ability to beat you in a couple different ways. We're very aware of him. It's good we do have some film on him, we can study him. Now, he's going to be in a new offense. But again, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and what he can do. Our guys know he's a guy who beat us a year ago."

> The Hurricanes won't be the only team playing Monday night with suspensions. Edsall said Maryland running back D.J. Adams and offensive lineman Cody Blue will be held out of the game for violating team rules.

Adams had been listed as the tailback behind Davin Meggett. Blue had been a backup tackle. Adams played in nine games as a reserve tailback in 2010, finishing third on the team in rushes (67) and rushing yards (239) and had a team-high 11 rushing touchdowns, a Maryland freshman record.


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Damn right we are coming! Hard, fast, pissed and wanting to vent!

Go Canes!

hahaha C4L

I feel bad for those Terps, man. The U has the city on thier back. Starting with LeBron last summer, Miami has been the dart board for the US Sports community. Not to mention the personal shots on our lifestyles either.

Can't wait for Monday! Miami will be on everyone's mind once again.

A wounded animal is sometimes far more ferocious than a healthy one. Miami's players will be playing at their fiercest on Monday. Miami will give Maryland all it can handle. I consider this an even matchup. Miami is on the road, definitely short-staffed, and going up against a freakin' phenomenal QB at MD but Al Golden will have Miami in the right mindset to put forth an A+ effort from each and every player. Prediction: Miami 31 Maryland 28 in a thriller.

It's []_[]s against the world. Go play like a bunch of animanls. Screw the NCAA. Nothing we can do about it now. Just play, beat the crap out of MD, AND, let them know your beating them. Next opponent please.


Lets go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our second string players are better than Marylands starters so I do not see a problem!

The first 3 posts I just read made me smile big time. I may be a homer but dammit, everything about this game coming up on Monday Night tells me we're coming home with the Win. All the twerps have is a very good QB, that's it. The defense has had to make adjustments pretty much all around especially in their LB corps moving safeties to those positions and leaving the safety spot filled with players that aren't ready to suit up. Plus their CB's are untested so we'll see about that. Their 2 best WR's are gone to the draft and the new guys aren't field tested yet. The have 2 good RB's but one is out for the game due to team violations.

The Canes on the other hand...

-Have a very good QB in Morris.
-A great Oline that has great depth.
-Fast as hell RB's.
-Very good WR's and will see some freshmen with great hands, speed, and quickness.
-Very good and deep Dline. Even with the issues.
-Very good, Very fast, and hungry LB's.
-DB's are faster and more confident.

We have LB's that can out sprint their WR's, what does that tell you? I know what that tells me.... Johnny's going home in a body-bag!

I have trouble believing that their RB's can get through out Dline. But we'll see about that.

Pick'em about Morris!! U can do it!!!!!!

Hey did anyone hear? Shapiro just got traded for a pack of Marlboro's. Shower scene next!







I see some head thumpping going on monday night! Our LB's are looking nasty. Can't wait! By the way, I got two packs of Marlboro's for that MF.

Again, the game comes down to DL and LB. If they play well, U win. Morris is already familiar with Maryland, so he isn't scared.

Offense looks good, OC should use TE in all kinds of situations to keep defense on its toes.

I'm going to the game wearing my SPENCE jersey and the rest of the family wearing J12 or Dorsey11 jerseys. PROUD AND DEFIANT AS HELL!!!!

DCCANE- I know you and the fam will represent the 'Canes family well. You and the others who are fortunate enough to make the trip travel safely, root our boys on to a victory and arrive back home safely. I have heard Coach Golden on some interviews lately and from his tone, he seems to be very upset at all the issues and pot shots thrown out by the media and writes all around the country at the team. I really believe he is instilling the "us against the world" mentality in his guys and if that sinks in, then we will be able to beat anyone who we come up against. I believe after kick off on Monday night, the nation will see the first category 6 Hurricane to ever be witnessed!

Thanks C4L... I think it's going to be an old fashioned ass kicking like we have not seen since we would go into Happy Valley, South Bend or Ann Arbor as total villains and come out on top. It IS US AGAINST THE WORLD. We have always been under more scrutiny than another other team in the college football world. If what I think will happen ... happens ... finally having a coaching staff that can coach this caliber of talent .... it could be an awesome year! Just look around at the NFL rosters filled with CANES. Turn on any game on sundays and CANES are populated on both teams. It's unreal!! Why then have they been so pitiful as of the last few years? Two head coaches and staffs that were lazy and in over their heads. Then you see Golden with mediocre talent winning at TEMPLE. THAT is COACHING!!. I'm not sure if I remember this correctly but the last team that was sanctioned and went undefeated was Auburn. Under Terry Bowden. How sweet would that be? This team is well stocked. Randy could recruit and maintain order but could not seal the deal with his coaching efforts. If we get by the Terps which I thing will be easy, get those guys back on the field... It might get interesting.

Reels are going to roll over the canes. Sucks to be u

"I would have done the same thing if I was in that same situation," Edsall said. "Again, that's the right thing to do.

What would edsall know about doing the right thing. He snuck off in the middle of the night to maryland.
What a coward...............

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