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Eduardo Clements back again (from safety) to running back

We have learned that Eduardo Clements, who was switched from running back to defensive back in the spring, is returning to running back -- though the situation will become a lot clearer when Coach Al Golden speaks to the media at noon today.

As you all know by now, Storm Johnson transferred to UCF, leaving Mike James and Lamar Miller -- now known as "Smash and Dash,'' as the two main runners.

Incoming freshman Kevin Grooms is expected to fight for playing time as well, and there's redshirt freshman Darion Hall there as well.

Coach Golden told me recently at the ACC Football Kickoff that Clements, initially tried at cornerback, had been converted to a safety for a while.

Here's what Golden said in late March, right after Clements' switch to corner:

"We felt he was one of the best 44 on the team and we wanted to give him a shot where he can play. It doesn't preclude him from playing running back in the future, but he has a shot to start at corner.''

I asked Eduardo before the Sun Bowl: "Was it frustrating for you at all this season?" His answer: "Yeah, it was frustrating, but I’ve got to look at it in a great way. I came out here, did what I had to do on special teams and learned from guys that were in front of me, like Coop, D-Berry and those guys are going to be gone next year. I contributed to the team there."

"There were rumors about you transferring. Were they true?" I asked him. "Never. Never,'' Clements said.  "I mean guys might think I got frustrated about my playing time but I never thought about transferring. I bleed orange and green."

So, what does this mean at the safety position, where UM has one of the nation's best starting tandems in Vaughn Telemaque and Ray-Ray Armstrong?

Coaches must have high expectations for converted safety A.J. Highsmith.

 Clements' bio, per UM sports information:

2010 (FRESHMAN): Appeared in 12 games, getting touches in two games. Had his best game in his debut against Florida A&M... Ran for 23 yards on six carries against the Rattlers, while catching his only pass of the season...

HIGH SCHOOL:Rushed for 3,105 yards and 50 touchdowns in four seasons at Booker T. Washington ... Rated the No. 79 player in the Sporting News 100 ... Rated the No. 43 prospect in the Mobile Register Super Southeast 120 ... As a junior rushed for 892 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns and caught 34 passes for 296 receiving yards and three total touchdowns ... In limited action as a senior, rushed 694 yards and nine touchdowns ... As a sophomore on the state champion team, ran for 961 yards and 19 touchdowns ... Rated the No.62 player in the Sports Illustrated Takkle Top 200 ... Rated the No. 11 running back by Rivals.com, a four-star recruit and the No. 156 player nationally ... Named first team All-Dade by the Miami Herald as a senior and second team All-Dade as a junior and sophomore ... No.76 prospect on the Bill Buchalter's Florida Top 100 State List.

Your style? "I’m an all-around guy. Catch the ball out of the backfield, run between the tackles and a fun guy to be around."




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Great stuff Susan, combined with the quotes from Asante Cleveland. This is also good news because it means we are not lacking depth at safety. But the fact that an all around talent like Clement can be used where needed shows he is a great team player.

I'm relieved to learn that this has finally come to pass. Ray Charles could have seen that, once Johnson transferred, the team needed Clements back on offense. Miller and James are both great backs, but the first time one of them gets hurt, who is going to give the starter a breather? Clements has the build and the background to be an every-down running back. What's more, I can't believe the team can't come up with another adequate back-up at safety.

EC the ultimate "team player," you can tell the young man wants to get on the field and is willing to do what is necessary for that to happen. I like him better at running back and he will provide the depth needed for that position. He can get the job done in my opinion and I expect his number of carries will increase this year. Got to love a young man that puts it all on the line for the orange and green.

In regards to long term offensive success, this was the best move. By the time he is a SR, he'll be One of the best in the ACC if not the country. As well, I think this mean we're going to be running the ball A LOT this year. And when I mean a lot, I mean anywhere from 50%-100% more than originally expected.

It's baout time UM football gets back to players who are team first and understnd you may have to wait a year or two to make your mark. Not everyone gets to be a star freshman. Personally I would rather have a team of star Juniors and Seniors who put the time in to learn what it means to play at The U.

The U is 29th in the USA Today Pre-season coaches poll...

Five Titles, what quotes are you talking about from cleveland?

Someone should forward this article to stupid a55 "Storm" Johnson, a me-first individual who thought he was the second coming of Willis Mcgahee. But as we all have seen in the last 2 days, the storm is now a wave. All fizz, no pop.

Good move. With Clements as RB, the depth at that position will be good.

U at 29. Probably a good thing, to start this new team off with an "us" against the world, no hype, but definitely a chip on everyone's shoulders. I don't think, despite the #5 ranking, and last year's whoopin, that FSU is that much above UM. That game wwas lost by 2 individuals: randy Shannon and jacorry harris.

Did you read Barry Jackson's column? Jacory's father is upset. He doesn't believe Jacory is getting help from former Miami quarterbacks the same way Kyle Wright and Dorsey did. Possible racial overtones being alleged by Mr. Harris? Wow huge issue on the horizon.

Five Titles, what quotes are you talking about from cleveland?

Posted by: d | August 05, 2011 at 12:53 PM

•#Canes TE Asante Cleveland: "It feels like the tight ends are going to be used a lot more in this offense. I'm excited." 1 day ago
•#Canes TE Asante Cleveland: "I'm pretty much starting from scratch in terms of having to prove myself to new coaches." 1 day ago
•#Canes TE Asante Cleveland said he will be 100 percent ready to go in camp following minor shoulder surgery in February 1 day ago

From the Twitter feed on the left side under the journalist photos. The fact that he is seeing more Tight End usage is great news. Bubba Franks, Kellen Winslow, and Jeremy Shockey all approve, and it is part of what made this offense predictable was that they took the TE out of the gameplan. We beat FSU multiple times with the TE up the middle for a TD when the game mattered, we need to stick with that.

I am looking so forward to CANE Football with-out Loser Shannon. Go Golden!!!!

It's the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day

gatorsam- whatever dude. Go away. But to answer your querie, Jacorry harris and his camp will make a racist issue out of anything. recall the crap about the racist blogs immediately prior to the OSU game. I mean how pathetic is that. Kyle Wright got as much hate from fans as any black QB at Miami. Dont believe me? ask his dad who got kicked out of the stadium once for a fight due to the abuse his son was getting!

U fans have mixed ethnicities:
Jewish- A large portion of the U student fan base
Black- Inner city, or not
Hispanic, ditto
White- the rest

Your remember the incident correctly the Miami fans were throwing soda, beer and actually spitting on the players as they were going into the tunnel and Mr. Wright took offense.

Great, the guy can't compete at either Saftey or Runningback. Maybe he can tackle on Special Teams ? Probably not. Wasted schollie.

I don't care if he's just a "kid" or not. All players must be held accountable. That's the difference between a Top 30 team and Top 10 team.

Gatorsam, who gives a crap what Jacory's dad says. Everytime U turn around he is whining about how his son isn't getting this or that. Like my man said earlier about Wright who got a raw deal to begin with, having Coker and Shannon as head coaches, Jacory has not got anything that Wright and others haven't recieved. Did his father ever think that possibly it could be his son who has the problem. If anyone has ever had a QB job given to him it has been Jacory.

@ Mark UM: You do realize he was moved back because Grooms is having trouble qualifying through the Clearinghouse, right? This has nothing to do with him "competing" on either side of the ball. Clements is another one of those guys who were kept on the sideline when he should have been on the field last season. He is a class act and I think will be an excellent re-addition to the backfield depth. I assure you, his talent is not a "wasted schollie". Now...Lil Whip on the other hand.

EC ... Your patience and sacrifice will be rewarded in this life ... That you can be certain of. Keep working and Keep Smilin'

Us against the World.

Can't wait for football season to start. The canes will show what we're made of this year!

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