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Former Bethune-Cookman star catcher O'Brien enrolled at UM, seeking waiver to play

Former Bethune-Cookman star catcher Peter O'Brien has enrolled at UM and he hopes to play for the Hurricanes as a senior once he receives a waiver from the NCAA.

Peter O'Brien O'Brien (6-4, 220) was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the third round last June after a stellar three-year career at B-CC. But he didn't sign with the club before the Aug. 15 deadline, allowing him to return to college.

The former standout at Miami's Braddock High wrapped up his career at B-CC playing in a total of 168 games, hitting a total of 38 home runs and 38 doubles, while racking up 154 RBI and a .336 batting average. In his time behind the plate, he collected 1038 putouts and 148 assists, for a .985 fielding percentage.

UM's sports information department said O'Brien is allowed to practice with the team, but still needs a special waiver from the NCAA to be eligible to play this coming season. Last year, UM received a waiver for USC transfer and first baseman Cade Kreuter.


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We're less than a week out, Manny. Get it together.

Who really cares? We could care less about this during baseball season much less at the beginning of football season. I get it space filler. Whats up with Ryan Williams getting a waiver?

its baseball du...s support THE U

Who gives a s h ! T


THe fact that this kid is a beast. That's why this is important to all those whiners out there screaming for Jim Morris' head.

Welcome Mr. O'Brien!! Help get us back to the College World Series. I love all UM sports and football is the closest to my heart. I am looking forward to Monday night and the entire football season, but UM baseball may be our only chance to win another National title over the next 2-3 years.


BTW: Hey you never know, maybe we can shock the world this year and get our 6th NC (we have the talent). Stranger things have happened. Coach 'em up Coach Golden!!


Welcome to the "U"!!!!

Anyone who is criticizing this article's presence has exposed themselves for clearly being wannabe Canes who clearly have never attended a single class at the U and probably no other university either.

Miami volleyball will ABSOLUTELY win the ACC and make a Final Four run in this, Lane Carico & Katie Gallagher's final season, and the fearsone foursome who came in last year of ALEX JOHNSON, RYAN SHAFFER, TAYLOR HOLLINS, and RS-F EMANI SIMS. They are everybody's sleeper which is the only thing that scares me.

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