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Former UM coach Jimmy Johnson rips Nevin Shapiro

Former University of Miami football coach Jimmy Johnson called into the "Paul & Young Ron Show" Wednesday morning to weigh in on the allegations of improper benefits involving former booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro.

Jimmy Johnson On the show, Johnson called Shapiro a "jock-sniffer wannabe" and offered perspective on a number of the aspects of the story:

On Shapiro: "This little scumbag is in prison for bilking a billion dollars from a bunch of people and obviously he's going to embellish the truth a little bit, but I'm sure he took advantage of some of these kids and I hate it for the program."

On boosters with their own agenda: "These parasites hang around every program and the players have got to be smart enough to know that they want something, that they aren't giving out free drinks to them unless they get something in return."

On current UM football coach Al Golden: "He wants to do it the right way. He's very thorough, very detail-oriented. He's gonna be fine, but I hate that he inherits some of this mess."

On the temptation to student-athletes to accept extra benefits: "A lot of these kids come from the inner-city without a penny to their name and some booster wants to buy them dinner. It's hard for them to say 'no'."


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Buying dinner and a hooker are 2 different things Jimmiy!

Same thing, if you're "eating out".

No they are not, and besides what about the sex parties thrown by Lobbyists in DC and other places. The use of prostitutes is rampant in business circles to celebrate a deal and for bonding with customers.
I have worked around the world and prostitutes, booze and parties are perfectly acceptable ways of rewarding customers and decision makers when celebrating a large deal or trying to woo a potential client. If grown men who are politicians and captains of industry find it hard to say no, what can we expect of 20 year old kids.

right on jj

ISnt anyone questioning this dooooshbags credibility?

Jimmy is right in some regards,,this guy is a parasite with no love for the host that open thiers arms and thier university to..if he cared for the unversity that he mentioned so many times that he did,,why would he allege these actions, why would he go to such great length to hurt those who he claimed he loved,,yeah right to him and to his self-greed that landed him a stay with the feds for the next 20 years,,this guy can not and will be trusted, he operated a ponzi scheme that net a billion dollars, trust me people, it take a smart, creative, and develish person to accomplish this,,,another point,,isnt it easy to claim he gave away millions of dollars to athletes,,what a way to dispose of this money,,yeah right,,i dont believe it..

Once Al Golden leaves next year, the Canes should turn to Jimmy. Who else would take the job?

Al---Wake up and smell the roses!

Jimmy, Pleeeeease....... You started it!!!!!

we spend about 20K per year traveling to UM games from Tennessee. the scumbag AD, President and coaches have destroyed a program, many UM players are apparently ignorant, today and in the past. i hope and pray they get the death penalty. the program is history either way however. thanks for all you bastards have done for the loyal fans. we should file a class action suit to get a refund on this years seasons tickets.

Does anyone think that the idea of offering the president/director/AD position to Jimmy Johnson to be crazy????

Hell I don't!

Jimmy comes back from his fishing trip from down in the keys and we'll run the establishment with him and Golden as our prize general leading us into battle.

Can anyone say shutouts? 50+ to 0 scores? Re-writing the books and taking over the draft, again?


Dennis -- It is certainly a major blow, but you can't give up on the program that easily. Let things play out, I have a feeling this won't end up as severe as most are assuming (still not good, of course). Let Golden prove on the field what the future of this program is before you jump to any conclusions. Keep in mind that Butch Davis took over amid NCAA sanctions and built the team right back up to national championship caliber quite quickly.

clint hurtt was the dirtiest of them all. he went into teddy bridgewaters living room and had already taken the job with charlie strong at louisville, why else would he all of a sudden go there. stoutland was to dumb as exemplified by his halftime interview at the sun bowl.aubrey hill also new what the deal was . they should be fired asap, and the biggest fraud of them all, kirby holcutt.

The players are immoral without integrity. I will NOT make excuses for these selfish individuals called players. They've forgotten what "team" stands for. Due to their actions the "U" will never be the same.

The "U" has made collectively billionaires out of past players, but not many have written checks of gratitude. Why wouldn't they, coaches, keep legal "petty cash" to assist players in need, or provide weekend money for them? Ex-players knew how difficult it was being a broke student-athlete, but they don't support the younger players who struggle. If some type of program like this had been set-up we wouldn't be in this mess.

As a moral conscious man of principles I hope these allegations aren't true. If they are accurate and true then UM deserves the death penalty. And this breaks my heart, because I had so much hope and pride for my team this year. This is devastating.

May not be a job to take, most of the kids will run away, FIU will be the biggest team in Miami. NOBODY would want to go to Miami for years to come. Miami would be the next SMU.

While I proudly went to FSU, I grew up in South Florida as a UM fan, and hate to see that Thug U is back in full force.

Sadly, this is likely happening everywhere. Boosters throw their money around, and get whatever they want. In Tallahassee, they pushed out Bobby Bowden (right thing to do, wrong way to do it). In Miami, USC, UNC and elsewhere, they seem to think they own the football programs, and to some extent, probably do.

There's plenty of blame to go around, from administration to boosters to coaches to players. If all plays out, plenty will be fired, some may be jailed and some players will be released. Unfortunately, scholarships, reputations and tv coverage may also be lost. A sad day for college football.

Andrew you forgot. Fire shalala fire shalala fire shalala

Andrew you forgot fire shalala fire shalala fire shalala

At least we know how to do a real scandal, no t-shirts or tattoos for us. It is better to burn out than to fade away.
We are the Tony Montana of college football.

Jimmy is about the only person here with any sense. And cane til i die.

Jeeeeemy , please, you ran a zoo and circus with
no accountability for morals and class.

The problem is that even if only 10% of what this dwarf scumbag con-artist's story is true, we are in huge trouble. There are already allegedly numerous corroborations of some of the claims with probably more to come. I know the guy is a scam-artist lying sack of $H1t felon but due to the early corroborations I cannot live in denial. Way too early to predict the punishment but again if only 10% of the allegations are proven we are going to get crushed.

Jimmy is right . Shapiro is a scumbag. Unfortunately, he's UM's scumbag.

Jimmy is right that Shapiro is a scumbag but you know what everyone knew that Shapiro was a scumbag but everyone let him hang around because he was throwing money around. So looks like the blame should go around evenly.

And as for Jimmy, he is creator of the what went on at Miami. He encouraged this type of behavior on and off the field. He allowed Luther campbell to roam the side lines and pay players off.

Take some credit Jimmy for what you created. Don't sit there and say Shapiro is a dirt ball for doing exactly what you allowed Luke to do.

There is a big difference between giving a player some money for clothes or for food or giving him a job and paying him a little extra than taking a player to a club or a strip club and dropping $3k. Miami just got out of control.

And this is exactly what jimmmy created.

So the school accepts money from the guy and now is ashamed at the students for accepting drinks and dinner? Really? And for all of you out there that are faulting the kids, they are just that, kids. So at 18 and 19 any one of us would have turned down dinner, drinks and a cruise on a yacht to eat in the cafeteria and go back to the dorm? Hypocrites. The issue is the hypocrisy of the NCAA and the fact that kids that dont have anything are prohibited while every adult is getting theirs. And don't give me the education angle. A kid like jacory Harris makes the U at leat ten fold the value of 3-4 year education.

I believe this Shapiro guy is mad because U of Miami kicked him off campus and took his name off the booster list; therefore,he is trying to bring down the University of Miami football program. I know the media loves allegations but lets wait to see what the investigation reveals. I can believe that 95% of Shapiro allegations are lies. I know that Randy Shannon did not like this guy and he purposely kept him away from campus and told the athletes to stay away from him. I bet you will see after the investigation is done that little to none is found to be true. I say little because I don't know what the 2003/2004 class may have done. Luther Campbell and Jimmy Johnson is right about this Shapiro sleazes ball scum bag. Hold tight recruits and the storm will blow over.

P.S. To all other schools the CANES have on their radar screen, don't get to happy and hope you don't have to play this team because the CANES are primed to make a run for the National Championship. 2013 - GATORS come take your spanking like a man and stop being afraid to play us. GO, CANES!

Orlando cane,

If you haven't noticed you lose 6-7 games a year. Prime to make a run? You haven't been able to win a basketball conference. Duke gives you fits.

Stop talking nonsense. Wake up and smell what hit the fan. You are delusional.

I think Pacino playing satan in a movie some years ago said it best. "free will...it is a b**ch"

Maybe there are some key questions that remain unanswered.

1. What are the allegations that have been made in the last four years, the time limit of statute of limitations?

2. Which of these allegations are proven true?

3. Of the proven allegations occurring in the past 4 years, which of them are proven to have been known by UM coaches and staff?

4. And which of those staff are still at the University?

It just might speak well for the University to have shared their knowledge with the NCAA as soon as they heard about it from sleazeball and his scumbag lawyer. Or that actions were taken by University officials to attempt to rid this guy off campus and shew him away from our players. It is one thing if players took hand outs from this dirtbag off campus and without University knowledge. It is quite another if the players took hand outs and the U turned a blind eye, were culpable, or worse, attempted to cover it up.

It is my understanding that it is the answers to these questions as to whether the University will be penalized and to what extent. And most of us don't know the answers to these questions, so we'll just have to wait and see.

"More will be revealed"...

Come on all you high and mighty talkers. Lets include the NCAA board as well, If someone bought you some fine hooker and you thought nobody would know you would be all over it. These young men are just like any other men (ecept the virgin named Tebow). Wave that hot stuff and they are all in and other than Tebow no one else is gonna turn it down. Leave'em alone and don't make the players live to higher standard the NCAA board or any of you would live.

It's Miami guys....we often forget the power of money these young kids are out here playing ball in hopes of smelling the NFL. This Nevin guy a crook thief stole millions because he is a con and great at it im sure I mean think about it he stole millions from people who had lots of money, smart people grown seasoned people, Now take that same con and put him with broke 20 year olds. ...Hey let buddy rot on them twenty yrs and give Miami a chance to clean up this mess and playball

I got no dog in this fight, I am an Alabama fan. The reason I am posting is ...

This reminds me of Alabama about 10 years ago. At the time I was in denial, as many here seem to be. At some point you have to come to terms with the situation, as we did ten years ago.

When you do, you realize, the problem lies with the Athletic Department and the University. They set the tone and the atmosphere. This must be a hard nosed no bullsh*** attitude towards boosters and athlete's who don't play by the rules. Even if the rules aren't fair.

There MUST be a commitment to diligent and detail oriented monitoring of the program and outside influences on it. If there isn't, then a shake up must occur and people need to be replaced.

Even then there is no guarantee. I still cringe at every blog where something nefarious is stated about Bama. Because, let's face it, we fans and the honest players are the ones who pay the heaviest price!

Additionally, since I am now gun shy, I fervently hope that both the coaches we just hired from Miami are let go ASAP.

I can understand why Orlando Cane hopes that 95% of what Shapiro alleges are lies and why Jimmy Johnson at least made a hint in a similar direction. And certainly while building up his 'wholesale grocery business' he seems to have lied his way from top to bottom. Unfortunately, there is not a linear connection in veracity from someone who has lied his way to the top and assuming that he is still lying once he has fallen. Sometimes, such corrupt individuals turn out to be unsettling honest in recounting all their past misdeeds. Already a number of players have confessed to some of these allegations publicly. I have not followed this scandal extensively, however I am not aware of any charge leveled by Shapiro which has (publicly, at least) been shown to be demonstrably false. Usually there tends to be a circling of wagons by college officials (or business elites or government leaders, etc.) if they think they can deflect damaging criticism by denying charges and will gleefully point out how this or that charge should be construed as baseless. We're not seeing that here.

Let's cut to the chase:
If Miami gets the Death Penalty
how many years could we talking
about here? And, how soon could
coach Golden get a job elsewhere?

S D Rodrian

Marve has been cleared by the NCAA to play for Purdue. So have the Gators players and the Georgia player who was implicated by Shapiro. If these players were cleared, the 12 current Miami players should be cleared as well. Maybe they won't be able to show any violations occurred within the last four years. That is really the only hope we have...

So we're talking about a fallen big time con artist who financially devastated innocent people out of their life savings.

While doing so, he justified his evil actions to himself by engratiating himself on a long-envied elite local school in efforts to boost his own ego and self-worth. But once a con artist, always a con artist! He made the conscious decision to put his evil conniving self into action upon inexperienced, innocent kids.

Now that the experienced con artist has been caught and is now serving deserved time for his evil actions on one hand, he expects others on the other hand to absolve him of his evil ways. When the latter does not happen, he sets his evil sights on pulling others down into the hell he worked so hard to put himself into.

Bottom line, the NCAA needs to take a hard and thorough look at the entire college football world and put things in proper perspective to arrive at a fair and reasonable resolution. It would serve all well to remember that we all live in an imperfect world, and those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Hey Jimmy, Canseco is a scumbag...but he told the truth. You started all this mess with Uncle Luke, Dah U had this coming, for a long time.

You are right on Sunny Dee...your scenario is about our only hope to salvage something for this season.

Sure looks bad long term .. :(

it is obvious he is a disgruntled person with his pyramid collpased and he is in prison with soap on a rope he wants revenge against every one. to him i say enjoy the food and the population i am sure they will looking for you. lol

What everbody seems to forget that this idiot said he has a tell all book just waiting for publisher.... What a better way to promote your book

I find it very amusing that Jimmy Johnson is calling someone a scumbag.

Someone in this forum wrote "As a moral conscious man of principles I hope these allegations aren't true. If they are accurate and true then UM deserves the death penalty." This is the most ridiculous statement I've ever read. No one is perfect. We are humans and we commit immoral conscious acts ALL THE TIME. These kids were all having fun and got caught up in the delusion of what Miami really is.

I blame the environment, and I blame Shapiro. There is NOTHING Shalala or the coaches could've done to forsee this. We live in Miami people! Wake up! If it wasn't Shapiro, it would've been the next guy trying to get celebrity status by buying his way to the top. People come here to chase the fast life of South Beach living. Every day I see people post up pictures of the Yatch they suckered some rich-insecure-friendless classmate to take out for them and their friends. It is a competition of who lives the more fabulous lifestyle.

As a current UM student and Miami native, I have seen countless kids lose their direction upon leaving their home in other states and come here. Every DAY my classmates go to south beach and use these loser promoters to help them get access to exclusives clubs like LIV and Set. Afterwards, you see mobile uploads of a sorority girl making out with Dwayne Wade, or parting getting drinks with Lebron, etc...College nights at the grove on thursdays- These bouncers take away fake ID's and turn around and sell them back to students all the time. The entire environment is corrupt. And THIS REALLY DOES HAPPEN.

Who you need to be careful with are low life insecure people like Shapiro. These evil people try to buy friendships and popularity with their "money". And hell, You give money to someone who has never seen a $100 bill, and he sure as hell is not going to deny the offer. These players have done nothing "wrong". They are merely following the lifestyle of the place they have come to live. This is a sad reality. Miami is full of people who constantly want to get rich. People who want to party every night and yet have no desire to work and struggle to get far. This is why Shapiro is sentenced to live out the rest of his days in federal prison. This guy is a leech who wanted to keep his title as Miami's "Sugar daddy". Maybe he was neglected as a child or made fun of for his small size, who knows? Clearly he is tried to make up for his days as a nobody, and sure if we look back a 2 years, most can say he succeeded. But not for long. Whatever the case may be, we are surely not the only school accepting gifts and donations from boosters, we were just the only ones that got caught.

Also, don't believe everything you read. The same article in Yahoo! that unleashed this information claims that "former UM players have admitted to going on Shapiro's yatch". A different article says the same thing and added "after they graduated". Now who knows what the real truth is, the thing that matters here is that if you come to Miami, this is what you will see. Asking these players not to accept free drinks is like asking them to not breathe and blink. It is something so common that you can't seriously call the players "immoral", "cheaters", etc...

I love the U. Cane for life.

I don't know if any of you read the "Who is Nevin Shapiro?" article posted by Yahoo! If you do, you can clearly see that Nevin Shapiro is absolutely insane and pure evil

The first thing I noticed was ever since Shapiro latched onto the U it's gotten worse on the field.
The second thing is he seems to be the lone malefactor, where are all the others if this is so widespread?
Third the investigation is so thorough because absolutely no one has tried to hide anything, Shapiro or the school.
So why aren't there any indications of recruiting violations, this would be a given in a dirty program but believe it or not Shapiro wasn't invoilved in recruiting or he would have been caught sooner. Last if Shapiro is the only corruptor and he is in jail
and all the coaches and staff are gone there's nothing left to clean up only penalties for past misdeeds as punishment.
As a Cane fan the death penalty would be an improvement over watching the ShapiroCanes these last 10 years, I hated the way the team played.
The sooner whatever penalty comes the better so we can all see what the team can do without this monster on our backs!

This will all blow over---the NCAA is corrupt and will give the U a bowl ban for a couple of years and take away some scholarships--no big deal. It happens everywhere.

We should just all go to FIU or FAU games ...
FIU is winning & FAU has brand new stadium ...
It seems like everyone hates U and they are definitely not winning ...

A funny thing I just realized is Shapiro would have gottem more admiration and street cred from some of the players that took his money if they knew the millions he was throwing around were stolen. Those same players might be sharing a cell sometime in the next 20 years with him and they can reminisce about old times when they destroyed the U and had a good ole time doing it.

There is only one way to end this mess once and for all. This type of activity happens at every Division 1 University in the country. A bill needs to be presented by all 50 states that basically says: Any Agent, Booster, or University affiliate found guilty of providing extra benefits to any college athlete, is subject to a 3rd degree felony, punishable by up to 1 year in prison. This type of activity is worse than stealing! Guys like Shapiro are playing with peoples lives....It's about time the NCAA put a stop to this mess...knowing that they may sit in prison for a year would bring an abrupt stop to this activity...Go Canes

I'm gonna have to co-sign Coach Johnson's comments.

Snitching inside of you're case is frowned on but to snitch in public and break the "mancode" is another issue completely. Shapiro is mad for onlt one reason...He had a $10mm bond and needed $1mm to bond out from a county jail in N.J. It was convenient at that point for him to think he bought loyalty. When no one would respond in the way he wanted he became irrate. He not only has a napolean complex but he wanted to sign these players with Michael Hoygue. He is going to be housed in Miami FCI by the Metro Zoo. A low security facility. It will not be fun for him there especially now. he has 17 long years to go. I blame the compliance dept... thats all they do 24/7 but they faultered in this case. By the way it is impossible for the NCAA to substantiate much of what this guy is saying. There will be no death penalty. In fact I think this is more about the failed poilicies of the NCAA than some little jock sniffer who wants people to see him as 6'6" although he is only 5'5". Lets get on with our lives I believe we will survive and I know that we will be undefeated in November as we head to Tally. Enjoy that...if you jump ship now we don't f in need ya. Call Shapiro and say hi cause your no better. And I am a G8RH8R and all of the gatorgirls on here can f k off too!!!! IT IS STILL ALL ABOUT THE U, if you don't like it join the GATORGIRLS.

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