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Former UM coach Jimmy Johnson rips Nevin Shapiro

Former University of Miami football coach Jimmy Johnson called into the "Paul & Young Ron Show" Wednesday morning to weigh in on the allegations of improper benefits involving former booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro.

Jimmy Johnson On the show, Johnson called Shapiro a "jock-sniffer wannabe" and offered perspective on a number of the aspects of the story:

On Shapiro: "This little scumbag is in prison for bilking a billion dollars from a bunch of people and obviously he's going to embellish the truth a little bit, but I'm sure he took advantage of some of these kids and I hate it for the program."

On boosters with their own agenda: "These parasites hang around every program and the players have got to be smart enough to know that they want something, that they aren't giving out free drinks to them unless they get something in return."

On current UM football coach Al Golden: "He wants to do it the right way. He's very thorough, very detail-oriented. He's gonna be fine, but I hate that he inherits some of this mess."

On the temptation to student-athletes to accept extra benefits: "A lot of these kids come from the inner-city without a penny to their name and some booster wants to buy them dinner. It's hard for them to say 'no'."


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The fact is that the bulk of the info is 2002 to 2008. Most of the guys named are seniors, and the administration is completly Different than it was when most of the infractions happened! Hell Paul Dee was the AD during a portion of the time this was happining. Don't think punishment will be that harsh.

First, why are the current players who are implicated in this scandal still active members of this team?

Second, why hasn't UM offered to let Golden out of his contract? If this investigation has been going on for 5 months, why didn't anyone bother to tell Golden? The guy deserves better treatment.

I love the twist that fans of other schools put on this. Florida are you serious??
Bull Gators have been providing money and cars for years. Urban Meyer? His teams lead the nation in arrests for 4 or 5 years.
Miami was in the wrong no doubt but the haters are always looking at them closely while they look away from the larger programs.
SEC, PAC10 and Big 10 schools are much larger than Miami and their booster actually graduated from the schoo. They have genuine love and loyalty for their alma mater. They would not do what this scumbag did. I've been friends with South Florida football coaches for years and know for a fact how dirty all the programs are. LSU, Tennesse, Florida, FSU, Alabama, Clemson, USC, Oregon, etc... All dole out Cash, Cars, houses. 99 out of 100 kids who have never had a pot to piss in will take the cash hand out and tap that putang ass. It's not just at the "U" it's everywhere. The NCAA needs to fix their house and set some real disciplinary standards.

He'[s going to be housed in the same FCI that James Burgess in an administrator in.

This idiots going to be housed in the same FCI that James Burgess is an administrator in.

The football program has been on downslide ever since Salala took over, and nowTHIS!! Housecleaning should start at the top. Salala should go!!

I wish all of these people talking about the death penalty would shut up. This program will continue to move forward after the NCAA gets all the facts and makes the players pay for there stupid actions. But if you think that this is not happening all over college football you are just plane stupid. There will be more NCAA violations in the future but they will not get the coverage that miami is getting. If this had happened(or when it happens) at a school up north or the midwest, you would not see the frenzy of comments being made by all these one sided commentators on the news and ESPN. Just let it run its course and lets see what the NCAA decides.

First of all. All the people talking trash about Jimmy are stupid. Luke did party with and treat alot of players then like royalty. However he was not a booster and to this day has never committed a NCAA violation. He was a huge UM fan and was at most a freelance promoter for the program. Now how some of the players acted off the field back then yeah there is some validity but still there was no NCAA violations it was more about the outlandish and showboating that made the old canes outlaws. Dennis erickson was the cause of the old scandal. As far as the new scandal yes if true they will be slammed but the death penalty will not happen. The NCAA does wanna send a message but they also wanna make money and there is a whole conference as well as a school at stake. They should and will be penalized harshly but the U will be able to recover unlike SMU.

Maybe if we called Boosters lobbyist like we do in politic's .
There would be no problem . After all Millionaire Senators and Congressman getting $ 174.000.00 while players get nothing .
Freebies is Freebies no matter where .especially with kids coming from single mothers on welfare for life sadly .

Why would Jimmy take a job with a program that is going to be ineligible for the next 5 years?

I blame the former athletic director Paul Dee for this scandal. If anyone should have known it would have been him first. Funny thing is he works for the NCAA Committee of Infractions and helped decide USC punishment stating that the football coaches and the A.D. should have known Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo were receiving improper benefits. I wonder what he will say when the same committee that he works for now begin to question him.

Well, Paul Dee all I can say to you is you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Irony at its best and worst.

Let's be realist for a change. The idea of amateurism in college sports is bologna. Do you really expect ALL 17-24 year old athletes to turn down free money or extra benefits? Paul Dee worked for the University of Miami and was a member of the General Council that should have monitored all the players for the fifteen years he served the university, but even he and his wise council couldn't prevent a low life from enticing his athletes.

The system isn't broke. The system never existed. Amateurism never worked in the first place. From the smallest colleges to the largest universities college athletes are receiving improper benefits. Whether it is free drinks at a bar, a house for your family, a house to throw Halloween parties, a rental car, a VIP pass at a club, a tutor who does your class work for you, etc. college athletes are constantly receiving extra benefits that contradict the definition of amateurs. These are 17-24 year old kids who will more often then not take the easy way out especially if they believe they can get away with it. Keep in mind that if these allegations are true then the athletes who broke NCAA bylaws were able to keep it a secret from Paul Dee who is now a member of the NCAA Committee of Infractions.

The good thing is Randy Shannon didn't let this dwarf around his players the four years he was the Hurricanes coach. All you haters of coach Shannon should be very thankful.

...seems like a few people out there are still ticked about Coach Jimmy beating the sheet out of their teams...

I'll just sit, wait, and see...

Is Nevin Shapiro gay? He looked mighty happy around half-naked Hurricane football players


Where is the proof?

So you have receipts & bills...who will back you up that indeed a player received XX amount of money?? So you have pictures of dudes standing around with you? OK...show me that they accepted your money for knocking out Tebow or Rix? You do that, this shitpump has a case.

Where is the picture of you and the player shaking hands as he takes the money?

His attorney even said he is in this to make money. This dude is a Ponzi schemer for Christs' sake!

Start getting pissed off and demand some freakin' proof guys...ABSOLUTELY nothing in the Yahoo! article proved to me he is telling the truth. A bill? So what...where is the players name?

This is stupid.

My parents lived one block away from the U in the gables, I graduated from Miami and I made friends in the classroom with some of the players and I would let them use my car and they would come to the house and hang out. Did I break any rules maybe if we made friends and treated them as humans they wouldn't hang out with scum. Hope Shapiro makes a lots of friends in prison

Lets have miami,usc,ohio state,alabama,pitt,nc,wv,oregon,and a few more schoolsleave the ncaa and form your own conference

Where is Randy Shannon now?

We now have a Bernie Madoff in the sports world, the midget Nevin Shapiro. It is his fault, and his alone. At least Bernie picked on adults. Unfortunately, these Psychopaths will always be among us. Go Canes!

The scum bag planned this entire "feed" of naive players - NCAA and college sports system needs to be changed from bottom up - NFL has a free farm team - and these kids have dreams that are dashed by "small" creeps like Nevin. He's not even a "big giver".....this is a rogue booster - and Paul Dee has always been a piece of c-r-a-p. Pay back's a *itch, Paul. Devoted Fan and nearly as big a giver as Nevin, Gina

Its great to see Jimmy supporting the U. I agree with him. And for all of you that think that this type stuff doesnt go on at every major college program, then you should have bought into that little bit..'s ponsi scheme. I dont live in FL, but there is a college here that has recruited several well known players One playing QB in the NFL now from the slums in the state only to see them driving around in 50k dollar cars while he was in college, so you tell me if this is "just" a problem at Miami? Hmmmmm? I am sure that every team has booster that give players money. Heck the NCAA makes millions off the players, why shouldnt the players get a tiny bit of the pie from the alumni or boosters? Personally I think the NCAA are the real crooks here.

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