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Al Golden mum on out clause in contract should NCAA come down hard on UM

CORAL GABLES -- UM coach Al Golden said earlier this week he had no idea the allegations made by Nevin Shapiro would be coming his team's way -- even though school administrators knew the convicted Ponzi schemer had threatened to expose ugly secrets in a tell-all book.

Al Golden Saturday, Golden was asked if he had an out in his contract that would allow him to leave the program without penalty should UM be hit with severe sanctions once an NCAA investigation into Shapiro's claims is finalized.

"I'm not going to get into all that," Golden said. "Listen, my family and I are excited about being here. This is a great place, and we're going to get this fixed."

UM, which has been under investigation for at least five months, will likely be waiting awhile to find out what sanctions will be handed down by the NCAA should Shapiro's claims prove true (Shapiro, currently serving a 20-year sentence for his role in a $930 million Ponzi scheme, told Yahoo! Sports he funneled impermissible gifts that included cash, cars, prostitutes and entertainment to at least 72 players, seven former coaches and members of the equipent staff from the football and basketball teams).

But as for the 12 current players in question -- which include quarterback Jacory Harris, linebacker Sean Spence and safety Ray-Ray Armstrong -- that could end with a resolution before the team's regular season opener Sept. 5 at Maryland if school officials make a decision on their own. Golden said Saturday he's confident the implicated players "did a great job in terms of being open and honest. That's going to allow everyone to move forward." But he has no idea what their fate will be.

"We'll deal with whatever comes down, whatever the issues are as they come. Right now we're moving forward and we're going to select our (starters and travel) team accordingly," Golden said. "Once the President and the AD on the other front talk to us about however we're going to move forward with that [regarding the 12 student-athletes under investigation], we'll release that to you as well."

The Hurricanes practiced Saturday morning for the 18th time this fall and have a second scrimmage set for Monday. After that, Golden said, he hopes to have his 60 man travel roster set and a depth chart out to the public by as early as Tuesday.

"I know you guys are here because there is a sensational story out there, but this is a critical time for our football team," Golden said. "We have a special teams scrimmage [Saturday], and our last scrimmage on Monday afternoon. Then our team is set. There are as many as 30 guys that don't know whether they're on the bus or fighting for a job right now."

Golden said the fight for the starting quarterback job -- once the biggest story in camp before Shapiro's allegations dropped Tuesday night -- is still neck-and-neck.

"Right now they've been alternating with the ones, repping," Golden said of Harris and sophomore Stephen Morris. "We don't know where Ryan [Williams] stands either, so we've been alternating him and Whip [Spencer Whipple]. All those guys are getting reps, are going to get reps on Monday [in the scrimmage] and then we'll go from there."

As for the format and focus of Monday's scrimmage, Golden said he already had "a draft Monday night" to split the team in half. He said unlike the first scrimmage where coaches were up in lifts and the focus was on situational drills (red zone work, etc.) "it'll be the team understanding the importance of field position and actually playing the game and subbing in and out and going to a special teams unit and not having to sit there and call out guys and all those things that cost you timeouts and penalties."

"We're trying to pick up the tempo and teach them the game pace," Golden said. "So it'll be orange vs. white. The only thing that might change is the quarterbacks - the quarterbacks may play on both sides."


> Don't be surprised if you see more starters playing on special teams this year. Golden said as much when he was asked about the progress of his special teams units.

"We didn't excel in that part of the game [last season]," Golden said. "Bosh [Matt Bosher] accounted for a lot of the special teams units that we were good in. Bosh was a great punter, so we had pretty good net punt. But we weren't very good in kickoff return, weren't good in punt return. And I don't think we blocked a kick. Those are things that are important to us, so we spend a lot of time on it, to be quite honest. Also, I think you'll see more starters playing on special teams this year for us."

> It doesn't look like the competition at middle linebacker is going very well for senior Jordan Futch, who has been passed up on the second team by freshman Gionni Paul. Although Golden said the competition for the starting job "is very good," sophomore Jimmy Gaines continues to be one of the few players on defense still wearing a black jersey along with senior Sean Spence.

"There's a lot of different combinations we have in there," said Golden, who said its likely Spence will play middle linebacker in nickel situations. "They're all trying to steal each other's reps. There's a lot of competition there. But I've been really pleased with Jimmy. Jimmy had a really good scrimmage last Saturday, has a great attitude. Jimmy is the same guy every day, which is critical for us because we're looking for consistent players. He brings it every day."

> Golden said he likes that Paul is physical and fast, "plays low, is powerful, explosive, really studies the game." But Paul isn't the only freshman he's excited about. According to Golden, defensive end Anthony Chickillo, receivers Phillip Dorsett, Rashawn Scott, linebackers Eddie Johnson and Denzel Perryman, defensive backs Thurston Armbrister and Thomas Finnie and defensive tackle Olsen Pierre are all "in the mix" for playing time.

"We're worried about the freshmen right now, because we've asked them to do a lot," Golden said. "There really isn't a break when you're a freshman. You go from four weeks of class to training camp. We're worried about some of them hitting a wall. This transition to school will help them get their legs back underneath them, clear their mind. But clearly we're ecstatic with our selections from January... it's a good group of guys that are ready to contribute."

> Saturday's player/coaches were running backs Mike James and Lamar Miller, defensive end Olivier Vernon, linebacker Ramon Buchanan, cornerback Mike Williams and receiver Allen Hurns.

> Injured tight end Chase Ford was back out at practice for the first time in at least a week. He was wearing a yellow, non-contact jersey, but participating in drills.

> The Associated Press poll, released moments ago, did not have the Hurricanes ranked in the Top 25.



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There'll be lots of Mum coming out of Coral Gables for years to come ...

Oh, and losses too.

Seriously, get a life...

Golden has this team ready.
Get ready for the statement on Sept 5, we're ready to roll Maryland.
Love that we're not in the pre-season AP ranking.
This isn't Golden's style, the me-against-the-world, but I suspect it's a great strategic advantage for a coach to take advantage of, in the locker room.
This team didn't need another reason to excel, but it has it.
Go, Canes!

By Gary Ferman

Former Miami Hurricane great Alonzo Highsmith, a Green Bay Packers scout whose son A.J. is a reserve safety for the Hurricanes, told CaneSport.com Friday that he will pilot a lawsuit against the NCAA on behalf of all Hurricane players if the Nevin Shapiro scandal results in sanctions that affect the Miami team.

Highsmith has asked his Houston-based attorney, whom he is not ready to identify, to begin researching and preparing the suit in the event the NCAA takes action against Miami.

"This lawsuit will be on behalf of all the kids who have done nothing wrong and would be being deprived of what they came to college for," Highsmith said. "Look at the Reggie Bush situation. Look at what he did to the USC program. All those kids that went to USC for all the right reasons had to suffer the consequences.

"This has been going on for years and years. If someone at General Motors does something wrong, they don't shut down the company. Nobody ever challenges the NCAA on this. Why? Why?"

As a Packers scout for 14 years, Highsmith has often crossed paths with athletes who were victims of NCAA sanctions that involved the rules violations of others. But this dilemma facing the Hurricanes is different because it is his alma mater and his son is on the roster.

"Most of these kids have done nothing wrong," Highsmith said. "If you have a family and one child does something wrong then he can't go to Disney World. But you don't make all of the rest of the kids stay home too.

"These kids came to Miami to play for championships, go to bowl games and have a college experience. Why do they keep making these kids pay such a steep price for doing nothing? All those kids and the coaches are doing the right thing. They work hard every summer in 100 degrees to have the opportunity to play in a bowl game. You can't make everybody pay the price for what a few do."

Twelve active Miami players are believed to have been interviewed by the NCAA this week about potential interaction with Shapiro that might have involved illicit benefits. They are quarterback Jacory Harris, whom many have expected to be the starter, top receiver Travis Benjamin, top linebacker Sean Spence, top defensive tackle Marcus Forston, safety tandem Ray Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque, receiver Aldarius Johnson, tight end Dyron Dye, cornerback Jo Jo Nicolas and defensive ends Adewale Ojomo, Marcus Robinson and Olivier Vernon.

The players are being accused of receiving food, drinks and entertainment at Shapiro's $6 million Miami Beach mansion, playing in a pool tournament for cash there, being entertained by Shapiro at Lucky Strike Lanes including a "bowling for dollars" tournament over a weekend in September 2008 and receiving drinks and VIP access in nightclubs on a handful of occasions.

But most Miami players followed the directives of head coach Randy Shannon and didn't become involved with Shapiro.

"There are at least 70 kids on that team that have absolutely nothing to do with Nevin Shapiro," Highsmith said. "And you are going to tarnish their image over the actions of a few?

"You want to punish those kids that did something wrong, fine, I understand. But it's a total travesty to punish the other kids who made good decisions. I'm going to sue if they try to ruin these kids' college experience. I'm going to sue somebody."

GATORS Ranked # 22 in AP Top-25 ...

It's FOOTBALL SEASON !!! Ain't it grrrreat Cane Fan !

When will a reporter dig into the allegations printed by yahoo to see if they stand the truth. Seems to be just pictures and receipts with no proof or names. This jerk has been a liar his whole life,Manny or Susan start getting deep into this.

Brian London getting all in the way during the video.

So the consensus around the country is that UM "should have known" about Nevin the jockstrap licker. My question is why are they not holding the folks on the hook for losing hundreds of millions to this professional liar that same standard? Answer, that doesn't sell well to the audience as the renegade UM administration would. NCAA needs to get off their high horse and understand they have created this underground market. I hope Alonzo H. gets a big group of folks and challenge the NCAA in the court of law. It's about time someone does.

The NCAA is great at applying band-aids...year after year.They treat the wound..not the symptoms.Time and time again.Year in and year out.Nothing changes.They have tunnel vision.True, the kids that screw up should be held accountable on an individual basis.Get kicked off the team,lose their scholarship.The Administration should be fined and the student-athlete punished - if found guilty.Otherwise,the majority will continue to be punished when they were not guilty of 1 single thing.Perhaps the most outstanding of individuals.Tough love and tough fines for management individuals who are ultimately held in positions of redponsibility and accountability.Of course, then coaches would quit and go do other work if the NCAA came down too hard on coaches.Nonetheless, the current methodology of answering purported wromgdoings at a university is designed to barely slow down the others as a deterrent.A deterrent that is clearly not effective or one that only barely slows down the violations of university student-athletes.Not one that can come close to elimanating it.

When is the media going to turn their guns on the school president? She's the only one who was here for the entire time in question.

Al Golden shouldn't have to answer these questions. Go ask Shalala why this is even an issue.

It's lazy journalism to put a mic in front of someone who has to do a press conference. Instead march your over to the admin building an interview the person who is really responsible - Shalala.

Fire shalalalala NOW

I would think there is little chance that we play the 12 guys. I think they will suspend them in the end to show they are being proactive about dealing with this and setting down their own punishment. Kinda sucks but just what I think will happen. Which kinda sucks since it will make my trip to the Maryland game alot less fun, probably.

So a large well-funded state university with all the facilities and resources imaginable and 5 straight (ahem....alleged) top 5 receuiting classes is ranked 22...........? 22........?

Epic FAIL by that cesspool school in Trailerville. Horrible showing.

You cant hide, Pig. You still suck, Pig. Hope you get fired from Costco. Long live the donut thieves.

Really important to concentrate on the Gators right now. If the gators didn't exist I wonder what some of the douche-bags on the boards would do all day

Anyone that thinks this team or program is going anywhere anymore is in complete denial. As far as Maryland is concerned if the 12 can't play its a lose. The chances of them being cleared in time is slim. But we will know soon enough. But in the end it doesn't matter. Miami isn't going to be playing any truly meaningful games for years to come. You as fans have the players, coaches and the administration to thank for that. You true fans did your part, they didn't.

This is going to end up being a bunch of hooey..Wrist slap..The NCAA has to rely on a convicted felon?..Even if we lose some scholy's, we can rebuild like we did with Butch...Not a chance of a death sentence.

Bob Sullivan= bull s_it

Forgot. Fire shalalala NOW!!!!

Robert Marve got cleared by the NCAA and if you read the allegations, he has done far more than any of the 12 current Canes. I do not know if him transferring has anything to do with him being eligible, I feel pretty good about our guys playing this season. One of my favorite movies is Law Abiding Citizen and my new favorite quote is " It's not what you know, it's what you can prove!" Hope all turns out well and GO CANES!!!

Don't forget U'all Hurricane rUffians. Both ex-Miami assistant coaches Stoutland and Punnunzio were named as guilty parties by that CONGENITAL liar, and lo and behold, Bama's compliance suits CLEARED Stoutland and Punnunzio of any mafeascance while at Miami.

And dig this, Roll Tide recently came off probation. So, any simple-minded Gator fan should know the compliance officials at Alabama are going to look under the rug and check out the closet for any major wrong doings by these two former Hurricane assistants.

When will parents step up and teach there kids right from wrong. It's sad some of these kids never learned the analogy( NOTHING IS FOR FREE) Many students did the right thing so it can be done. I'm sick of everyone blaming everyone but the students who did wrong and for the parents who did not teach their kid to take the higher road and do the right thing. Yes its even more sad that coaches are involved. Yes one of them admitted to knowing about the issues at hand so stop with all the media is head hunting. Tyronne Moss sp. Also said he took $1,000 so again there is to many things wrong here. Stop blaming the media stop blaming the school. To many kids in college do not break the rules. It can be done. It has to start at home then be reinforced by coaches who are with these kids every day. The coaches should be blamed seeing at least one of them admitted to wrong doings. Let's get The sanctions handed to us and start moving on. Why not non of the pro players want to help all they say is hey that's the part I have moved on. Great loyalty to the University. Not one of them are fighting to prove they did nothing wrong. They are letting Miami go down the drain and they do not care at all. They got paid then and they are getting paid in the NFL now. It's sick .

Macjones, you are macilliterate.

Damn, talk about putting the dummy in stupid.

Robert Marve's situation needs to be revealed. Was he cleared because Shapiro's claims were fabricated or because maybe he lied knowing the NCAA could never substantiate the claims and they didn't pursue him. Has the NCAA actually officially cleared Marve or is Purdue going to take the possible risk of playing him without full clearance. To me, this is the most peculiar thing going on right now in this investigation.

So...the NCAA is done with the interview process. You would think they gave some sort of "opinion" to the U in regards to our current 12 being investigated. No one has been suspended yet?? The longer this goes on without ANYONE being suspended....the better I feel we may be ok with this. Why waste valuable scrimmage time on guys who you know will not be able to play? If we do go into the season with no suspensions...then...the rest of the NCAA better look out....WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?? You will find out soon enough!!

I am in total agreement with Alonzo Highsmith Sr. We should stand behind him because what he is speaking is the truth. Imagine any of our children getting punished for doing the right things just because others did not. Let the entire Cane Nation and all other college football fans back him up on this and we will surely change this aspect of college football.

So Haith was no red flags when he went to Missouri, the other two going to alabama were supposedly cleared, and all this went on while the NCAA was investigating and all is well.
Yet 12 U players remain in limbo on the same stuff and some are reporting that the NCAA might extend it's investigation. Who is kidding whom here??

Fire shalalalala NOW

I agree with you guys on the coaches be cleared and Marve and the lineman from UGA and Hill at UF is cleared now too and don't forget the recruiting director who went to UL. Oh and the QB at UCF he is cleared. They are all cleared from the same reports. So, someone is lying here. How can these coaches drive recruits to this guys house (so he says) and all of them know about the parties, sex and gifts (so he says) but then all get cleared. Then you turn around and say the 12 players on the team and all the other players from 2002 till 2009 are still under investigation for being involved but the coaches who knew and did the driving are cleared and not being investigated. This is really contradictory. You can't have the players involved with out the coaches and you can't have the coaches involved with out the players. IF one group is cleared, it would only make sense that the other group should be cleared. I guess I am trying to be logical. Marve is interesting because he was there for two years. So he is cleared but Harris is not cleared. Yet the both were involved with this guy (so he says). The more this goes on the more I wonder if the NCAA is just trying to punish a program hard to make an example and this guy is giving them enough (false) information that they can get the public outcry and anger built up and then no one will be mad if they use the Death Penalty.

Manny or Susan, I have a question? I know I should Email you but I wanted to just see if you guys read these posts haha. So, my question pertains to my previous post. Can you do some research into who has been cleared at other schools and by whom they have been cleared. Is it the NCAA or the schools at which they are working/playing. I would like to know what coaches and players have been cleared at other schools by the NCAA or just the schools themselves. It just seems crazy that these coaches and players that are named in the report that are no longer at UM keep having reports that they are cleared but we keep hearing about all these horrible things that were happening and how the coaches all knew and even participated in facilitating these actions. I just can't understand how a con-artist sitting in jail could be trusted to not embellish and over-exaggerate stories of how awesome he was and how he was the big man on campus to sell a book he is writing to pay back the investors he cheated and then everyone is mad at Miami for not knowing. The guy was obliviously really really REALLY good at lying to have done 930 million worth of lying otherwise the people in his financial world would have found out. So how does the NCAA believe his stories after he has been lying for so long. Anyways the question still remains, how do the coaches and players at other schools get cleared but players at Miami are still under investigation? The NCAA hasnt even asked Larry Coker for an interview yet and he was there for 2002-2006, The bulk of the time this was happening. Is the NCAA even doing there job? Or are the content with the witch hunt to make an example out of Miami. I hope Highsmith does follow through since it seems like there is no proof, other then receipts that could have been Shapiro entertaining any one of the people he cheated, or just treating himself. Yahoo has these receipts, but no players names are on the receipts so it doesn't prove anything. Hear-say and bank account/ credit receipts don't hold up in court, they need real evidence. Go Get'm Highsmith, IF the NCAA wants to believe Shapiro, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I could sell them.

Hey everyone, Good article. Usually I don't post other website but this one goes along with my question about why our guys are under investigation yet all the other players, AKA Marve, Brown Brothers, and more are cleared.

One by one they’ve filtered out bold statements of defiance amid overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

And there sits the NCAA in the middle of it all, twiddling its thumbs while president Mark Emmert makes yet another inane statement about cleaning up college football.

UCF quarterback Jeff Godfrey? Eligible. The Brown brothers at Kansas State? Eligible. Purdue quarterback Robert Marve? Eligible.

What do these players have in common, you ask? They merely accepted illegal benefits from a scorned booster who tossed out millions of dollars to college football players to feed his bloated ego. Allegedly.

“The alleged conduct at the University of Miami,” Emmert said in a statement, “is an illustration of the need for serious and fundamental change in many critical aspects of college sports.”

Apparently, eligibility isn’t one of those aspects. So while the NCAA will have you believe there’s no place for boosters and their evil doings in amateur sports, they’re reinforcing bad behavior at the foundation of their game by allowing players to play despite breaking rules.

“Regarding Arthur Brown and Bryce Brown,” a Kansas State statement reads, “the NCAA staff has informed the institution that it has no concerns about their eligibility to compete at Kansas State.”

Nevin Shapiro, the disgraced Miami booster at the center of the storm in Coral Gables, has credit card receipts detailing dinner and hotel rooms he bought for the Browns and their advisor. And this isn’t a red flag for the NCAA?

Let me explain how eligibility works: If there is evidence that a player has accepted illegal benefits, the NCAA process has schools first rule the player ineligible and then appeal to the NCAA for eligibility reinstatement. If we’re to believe this process, every current player associated with the Miami scandal—not on the Miami roster—has no eligibility issues. Two key questions come to mind:

— Why are they eligible?

— Why haven’t the 12 Miami players been publicly cleared to play, too?

Faced with an abundance of overwhelming evidence—in some cases with photos and credit card paper trails—the NCAA has decided all is well. Emmert says the NCAA has known about the Miami problems for five months, and has been investigating the program over that span.

Either the NCAA has information the public doesn’t know, or it’s making up rules as it goes along. And really, would either surprise you?

When Emmert took office, he boldly stated that he wanted the NCAA to become more user friendly, to be more open in its process. A kumbaya moment if there ever was one.

It is here we reintroduce Cecil Newton, whom the NCAA said conspired last year with a third-party street agent to sell his son Cam’s services to the highest bidder. Auburn eventually declared Newton ineligible prior to last year’s SEC championship game, and the NCAA came back and magically reinstated his eligibility.

The reasoning: The NCAA didn’t have a specific rule regarding parents selling their son’s services, and wouldn’t you know it, their hands were tied because of a dauntingly complex and out-of-date rulebook.

Fast forward to this past week. The Yahoo! investigation of the Miami program uncovered multiple violations with current and former Canes players (and players Miami recruited) that count as impermissible benefits in the NCAA rulebook.

Either Emmert and the Benny Hill Gang in Indianapolis have yet another instance where the rulebook magically doesn’t fit, or something is seriously wrong in the early stages of the Miami investigation.

Check me if I’ve got this wrong, but after reading the Yahoo! report and scanning the documents and photos linked to it, it looks to me that a Napoleonic booster with too much time and money on his hands decided to lavish some of his love on young adults who clearly knew what was going on.

So how, everyone, are these players eligible? And why in the world haven’t the 12 current Miami players also been ruled eligible?

If Little Luke—or as we’ll call Nevin Shapiro from hence forth, Little Lout—decided to give a player a sawbuck or a thousand dollar bill, it’s an impermissible benefit. If he decided to buy them lunch or dinner, or hang out at his South Beach mansion and have strippers feed them grapes by poolside, it’s an impermissible benefit.

I’m no attorney, but if those Miami players can’t play and the Brown brothers and Marve and Godfrey can, somebody somewhere is about to get served litigation papers. And if the Miami 12 can play, Emmert’s public stand against the ills of the game have zero credibility.

Unless, that is, the NCAA has information we don’t know about.

Or another Cecil Newton rule.

Read more: http://aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/feed/2011-08/um-violations/story/miami-players-eligibility-others-already-cleared-marve-brown-brothers-ncaa#ixzz1Vc75pqw3

Shapiro deserves a shiv in the yard. He has single handedly destroyed this program for years to come. He needs to be choked to death. He is the lowest of the low, dragging down innocent people with him. He is of the lowest character that a man can be.

As for the players, they should have known better, but I put the rest of the blame on coach Shannon, coach Coker, and every other coach that allowed this to happen. Our glory days are over. We should leave the ACC and join the Division II ranks.

Matthew, innocent until proven guilty. With all these players at other schools being cleared who knows if this guy is even telling the truth. He need proof that can stand up in court. Relax on believing everything from this guys mouth.

Hey, I got another article that is really good. I don't mean to step on your toes Manny but this is a good blog. Good questions about the actual number and provides some really good examples of accusations against former players that Yahoo published but they don't have the evidence to support the claims.


We should be prepared and I think Coach G is-we play without the 12 involved for probably 6 games and or possibly all the season. The school and yes the players involved have to shoulder some responsibility. The past AD and present adminstration team including DS need to be the ones who shoulder the major blame. DS should go and I mean if no resignation then the board of regents should fire her.

Amazing how many Miami haters there are out there. Miami is to college football as Tiger is to golf. Love em or hate em, you are going to watch in the end.
What is so completely surprising, or perhaps it should not surprise anyone, Gator fans and FSU fans are actually buying this scumbag's lies. Guess they have a lot of experience with felons....understand their lingo clearly! Most of us need a translator for the nonsense that Shapiro is slinging.

Yeah I'm with Canesjunkie and most of everyone else on this, get rid of the ugly little B i t c h.

Agree champ except for the name calling

I agree with Highsmith. Why has someone not sued Reggie Bush. Bush has paid no price for anthing. USC players have paid the price. Some USC player should sue Bush and the NCAA for preventing him from playing in a bowl. They have dreamed since they were 10 yrs old of playing big time football. Then they are denied because of something someone else did. Charge those involved with the infraction not those who aren't .

Coach Golden wishes he had Dr. Brown's time machine so he can take it 88mph back 7 months so he can say "UM, thanks but no thanks"

FIU fan. Good luck with that. LOL.

Great posts.

Interesting how so much hate is spewed by gators and noles, knowing full well that the NCAA can and will come down on them as well.

What about Miami deciding to become independent again, and fileding a football program without NCAA sanctioning? Has anyone considered that? What is the NCAA? is it a deprtment of the Federal Government that ithas so much power? Miami is a private school so it can do whatever the h-- it wants=- look at Notre Dame!

The more I hear whats going on, the less credibility this spineless Shapiro has. And the less cred the Yahoo yahoos have.

Shapiro is expired

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