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Golden: QB competition still 'a close call' after scrimmage; he'll temper excitement on Streeter

CORAL GABLES -- After discussing the NCAA investigation for nearly 10 minutes Tuesday, coach Al Golden Golden was happy to answer football-related questions.

Here's what he talked about:

Tommy Streeter > Golden said he's going to "temper" his excitement over Tommy Streeter's three touchdown performance in Sunday's scrimmage.

"For me, it's about consistency," Golden said. "I don't want to say he's this and that. For me, it's be the same guy everyday, be consistent, but no question he caught the ball in traffic, caught the ball with his hands, made some really big plays. He's in much better condition and he's trusting his hands right now, which is really the difference.

"[I want to see the] same guy every day. Consistent. He's got the foundation now. He's used his hands more to catch the ball instead of trapping it against his body. He's playing like a 6-3 wide out now. We always knew he can run. He's not getting tired. Again, for me, for him to make the last play in a 2-minute drive and catch a ball that was literally 11 feet, above the crossbar, that's telling me he's not tired. He's ready to compete. He's finishing and that's what we want to get out of him everyday."

> Golden said the quarterback competition remains "a close call" after Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris combined to complete over 70 percent of their passes in Sunday's scrimmage.

"It's a competitive deal right now," Golden said We'll try to figure it out in the next five to eight days and we'll let you know who the starter is as soon as we know."

> Defensive tackle Curtis Porter is "healthy and running with the 1s" despite reports to the contrary after Sunday's scrimmage."He's had a real good camp," Golden said. "I really appreciate his attitude, especially the last four practices. I think he's made a lot of progress."

> Golden said there is still no word quarterback Ryan Williams' hardship waiver. Williams, who is seeking to play this season, "also had a good day too, 6 for 6 with a TD," Golden said.

> Golden said UM's first Family Day Sunday went well. The Canes picked up their 24th commitment shortly afterward -- Tampa Hillsborough High defensive tackle Earl Moore (6-1, 285).

"When you have a scrimmage and your coaches are coaching and preparing and meeting and all that, a lot of coaches don't want to do that because it just exposes you for who you are," Golden said. "But that was the greatest thind about it. It was just who we are. From the lunch we had, to Shalala talking, and our Deans and professors telling recruits what our academics is all about. Then they came over here and did a panel with injured players -- Seantrel, John Calhoun, 5-6 or guys, came out here and watched the scrimmage. That's pulling the covers back and showing who we are. And they loved it.

"So that's what I'm excited about. I can't speak for what happened here before, but I'll go back to what I said earlier. Right now, we have 24 commits and not one of them has taken an official visit, not one of them had been on campus. Whatever this guy was doing prior to that, we're doing it the right way and it's working. We're committed to these young people and they're committed to us."

> Golden clarified that the team didn't go back to his house after Sunday's scrimmage for a BBQ -- the were over at the pool on campus. "I don't know if my wife would go for the whole team," Golden said. "We had a good time. Kids were jumping in the pool. They worked real hard the first week, so we wanted to give them Sunday night off. Yesterday they were off. Hopefully they got their legs underneath them."


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Porter with the 1's Manny?? Not Regis??

That didn't sound at all like Golden was "tempering" his excitement about Streeter. It was more like "well, he's the greatest thing since sliced bread but camp isn't done yet so he has to stay motivated." Funny.

I love how Golden tries his best not to take swipes at Randy Shannon but constantly has lines like "Whatever this guy was doing prior to that..." Tough not to talk about what was wrong before, even though he doesn't want to insult anyone.

Go Canes!

Streeter had a broken wrist his freshman year and for some unknown reason didnt fit into whipples lob and bob offense. Randy was the coach but he was a defensive guy. the only people that take swipes at randy are the fans. What does randy's tenure have anything to do with Golden. Why would he be focused on anything but getting the canes back to national prominence.

This team seems like they are really ready to go. They have taken to the new coaches, the new style of the way the camp is running and the togetherness with each other. I think Golden has them all heading in the same direction. With their attitude, will to win and helping each other do the best job they can. Looks like a great season ahead. Go Canes..

any time streeter is one on one with a corner or safety...THROW IT UP!

Hearing Yahoo's @DanWetzel & @CharlesRobinson will be lowering the boom on Miami in the next 12 hours. Be very afraid, Hurricanes fans

Yahoo? That bastion of journalistic integrity? I am not worried, they rate right up there with anonymous trolls that steal IDs from Canes fans.

Yahoo outed OSU and USC. I am scurred!

Pig, is this the same prediction as when the book was coming out last December?

"Scurred" is what a douche says when he hates his race; and when he is an obese virgin.

And we have a winner! The Pig on all three counts. Claim your prize, fatman. Dunkin' Doughnuts and Mountain Dew you diabetic slob.

Cane fans no need to worry. We'll be straight see the thing is this OSU stuff is fresh and let's not leave out how their ball players were in the mix of drug deals & trafficking. Miami has no part of crap like that. And besides "Nevin Shapiro" brought this on himself. He got caught for running a "Ponzi Scheme" and since he has gotten caught he wants to bring down da U because the players went off to the Nfl and forgot about him. Far as my concerns, I think he's crying for attention. I think he wants his lil 15 min of fame and he's trying to get his time cut. That's a bunch of B.S their but I'm not worried @ all about it all I can say is let's go Canes!!!!!!!! get out their and kick some ass!!!!!!!

Posted by: 850Cane4life

Reggie Bush's stuff wasn't fresh and the got sanctions. That's how we stole Seantrel.

Yahoo is coming out with a story....that it paid shapiro for. NO JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY.

Pig, I paid for your mother. Do you have integrity?


The Pig is on tilt. BWAHAHHAHHAHAHAH

I have a nipple Greg, can you milk me?

The Pig is getting pounded.


Hey, Arty, watch this:

Pig, I want a prediction on the Yahoo report and I want it in your pseudo-ghetto speak STAT!!!!!

Pig, you do what the man says and you keep your job.

Otherwise, you will clean the latrines at Manhole.


Pig, you are so stupid.

@J12 for heisman yeah you have a point there buddie. But what messed them up is that "Reggie Bush" admitted to doing wrong. But i'm not worried about Miami thou bro. They have to provide proof and alot of evidence to have me worried. It's all about he say/she say right now. So until evidence appear i'm not worried. I'm wondering if this is the reason why Shannon kept his boys away from the media and interviews because of crap like this occurring. Well I got my fingers crossed on this one.


don't respond with anything serious to this idiot. He is the blog Pig. He posts under dozens of aliases. He is a bitter obese virgin. It's all he knows.

Yahoo outed OSU and USC. I am scurred!

Posted by: J12 for Heisman | August 16, 2011 at 01:35 PM



And au contraire to what Hurricane footbal fan wants to believe about the on-going N.C.A.A. investigation. The Miami footbal program is in DEEP doo-doo. If U'all know what I mean.

Yet, how serious the N.C.A.A. determines the extent of violations commited by past and or current players is still subject to speculation.

However, Cane fan can't say with absolute certainty, that this college pigskin is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Because it's serious albeit not to the great degree of Ohio St. and or U.S.C.

macjones- youspeak like you got your degree at THE Unive of Florida:

" Miami football program is in deep doo doo"

"Still subject to speculation"

EXACTLY, ya rocket scientist! Its all speculation, including:

- Shapiro's agenda- why would he claim to keep all of these records if he didnt have an agenda? How is it that we do not assume that there is potential entrapment here? The University should get a big time lawyer that will pick apart and destroy Maria Elena Perez. I say Roy Black!. There is such a thing as entrapment and these were teenagers, or 20 yrs olds, and if he entrapped them with sights on a book pay day, or maybe a form of black mail... Just saying. This worm was capable of anything. he would rob and kill his own mother if he could.

- Who says anything that was done was illegal? Who says anyone admits to anything? So I am Antrel Rolle. Shapiro bought me a suit. I say to the NCAA- prove he gave it to me. Prove I have worn it. Prove I took it. The NCAA cannot come to these kids homes nor subpoena their records. they can really only go by what the worm says

Seriously, why the NCAA even even for one moment lends credence to a convicted LIAR, PONZI schemer, SWINDLER, CON MAN, is a joke.

And if, I am wrong, and it is ALL true, then the players current or past should be made examples of, never allowed back on campus, cut, their scholies revokes and they should be ashamed of themselves for falling under the spell of this lying piece of fecal matter.
This dirt ball once professed his love for miami. He was obviously power hungry and he wanted Randy Shannon out because he would not kiss his a55. Good for Shannon. he has regained my respect for him. Now what he is going to attempt to destroy the program he once loved?

No matter we have been through this before. Sanctions or not, The U will rise again. Recall, he Pell Grant scandal was huge. 5 years later we won a NC. It will happen. Bank on it.

Posted by: Best cfb program the last 32 years

((yawn)) we are screwed.

Posted by: macjones

there is no "we" with you, Turd. You are either a UFelony Trailer maggot or an FI-Loser. In any event, you are jealous and need this to happen to Miami to lift your sorry programs.

I bet, however, that FI-Loser gets more wins this year the UFelony Trailer maggots.

y'all guys are wild lol. But I feel as if this. I don't see Miami getting caught up with this foolishness. "Butch Davis" caught our attention when we he first arrived at the U. We was on probabtion for 5 yrs lol we can't bear that mess again. But i'm still not worried thou no matter what. All I can say is i'm going ride with the U no matter what. And since they're talking about investigating hell they need to do it on Fl.State,Clemson,Oregon,Penn State,Oklahoma,Ok.St i'm quite sure that it's alot of teams that's out there allowing their players to take money from agents.

One thing is for sure. If Golden keeps the players focused and ready to play and the "U" finishes 9-3 then we can all be assured that the "U" has got themselves once hell of a coach. A strong start to the season has become even more important now.

Back to football...

the NCAA would rather an athlete commit a felony (errrrrr, UFelony Trailer maggots) than take $100.00 from someone.

And while the Gaytor trolls continue to spend sleepless nights in their trailers thinking about The U, Gaynesville residents are looking out of their own trailer windows to make sure there are no Gaytor football players trying to break in.... arrests at over 30 and still counting in Gaytor Country..... background music from Deliverance...... squeal like a pig boy.... leave your sister, I mean wife, alone and squeal like a pig.....Gaytor Troll I
bet you can squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee! ...

Mcjones said: ..."And au contraire to what Hurricane footbal fan wants to believe about the on-going N.C.A.A. investigation. The Miami footbal program is in DEEP doo-doo. If U'all know what I mean.

Yet, how serious the N.C.A.A. determines the extent of violations commited by past and or current players is still subject to speculation.

However, Cane fan can't say with absolute certainty, that this college pigskin is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Because it's serious albeit not to the great degree of Ohio St. and or U.S.C. .."

The quote you have just read hereinabove is the direct result of a University of Florida edumacation.... I rest my case.

Encouraging to see Streeter getting praised.
And exactly the right take by the coach: show me the money.
Streeter has to bring it every day; he's lucky to have this coaching staff.
It's all about Sept 5, baby!

Randy Shannon was a clueless douche...Man was I wrong about that cat...

If I'm on an academic schorlarship and some fool wants to wine/dine me it's not a prob but if I'm on a sports scholarship and do the same everyone is screwed.
What up wit dat!!!

Streeter and Johnson have ben disappointing. I don't know what they lost since the NW days, but i wish it would come back. I am not against using Streeter as TE. Both have to improve route running and have to actually get open a lot more.
J12 looks for both of them when they are on the field. Besides Benjamin and Byrd, who can U count on when the going gets really tough?

If Jacorry, Spence, Ray Ray, Dye, and whomever are all involved in this crp, Golden should sit them- look what happened to Georgia Tech

Where is the leadership in all of this? Where is Shanahnah? Where is Eichorn? Why are they makinG Giolden speak about somethin gthat he nothing to do with?

According to Manny, yahhooo Sports has serious incrimnating "evidence" manny closes it with a ridiculous tweet " Could this be the end of the program"? Manny, I used to think you were aan a55. Now I think you are a du-mb a55.

regardless, if this is th end of UM as we know it, so be it. This program has been for sh-t since 2004. Allowing this criminal to roam free, and donate money and wine and dine players is the straw that broke the camels back. They dont deserve leniencey. If taleast they had won something after 2003, then maybe. Butthis program has s-ked badly and Shannon finished it off by bringing in the miami NW 8.

I feel bad for Golden and his staff. Would not be surprised if they bolt. Other schools are loving this FSU,UF, etc. the 24 recruits will probably bolt as well. why would they wantto go to a program on probation or with no bowls?

I guess its wait and see now.

But where is the effen leadership?

Does anyone have an idea when the NCAA might rule on this? It has been a year.

corpus, your ufelony edumacation is showing through, please just shut up and stop showing your ignorance by asking questions and then answering them in your text. moron,

___________________________ R.I.P. Miami Hurricane Football ...

21 KOHLER SalUte ...

It's ugly people.....


Posted by: corpus

Sit them?!?! He should kick them off of the team!

This isn't taking money from Luke to eat...this sounds like VIP clubbing and yachts. You would think we've been to BCS bowls or something....these guys are clubbing!

I'm giving Jacory the benefit of the doubt on going to Cameo after the FSU loss. The others...not surprised.

Is the NCAA actually going to lend credence to a convicted lying con artist who stole $900M by swindling and lying?

How is he belivable in any way shape or form?

Will the ncaa actually allow a convicted ponzi schemer to "win" and singlehandedly take down this program? Is the ncaa stooping this low!?

Maybe you all, this is exactly what shananah wanted so she can turn the univ into what she has always wanted... The southern harvard...lol

Does anyone know when Shapiro's book comes out?
RIP UM football

Where is the leadership ?

Where is the AD ?
Where is Shalala in all of this?

$930 million Ponzi scheme and all we got was $100K?

Shalala must go!

The U put out a statement this AM. Suggest some of you read it before writing anymore. Seems the U self reported this a year ago. They have already stepped up.

Just read the yahoo article
My friends, i think this could reach SMU proportions
All the stupid effen players are at fault

I feel for goldie

If um has any sense they give golden and his staff huge raises... So they dont bolt

Id be surprised if the commits dont bolt

This is bad

Im afraid this could be the end of the u, all thanks to a 5 foot nothing, pi55ant little wannabe je-wf boy

Shame on mcgahee, beason, vilma, wilfork, and even the soulja. At least they could have hung with a dude with some cred. But this little dweeb?

The article has not facts, just the scum bag talking. The receipts show nothing, it's just a convicted felons word. Now the picture of shalala at the bowling alley is ugly, but one would have to show she knew about this. Now she did learn from bubba Clinton so there is some doubt.
No whete does this article say Miami self reported last august.

Time will tell.

Is their any $$$ left to give the NCAA investigators ?

Let's not panic. I believe ESPN is working something out=$$$ with NCAA investigators. The U very good for TV ratings, even more so now.

I think we are in great shape. We have swagga and the ncaa infraction committee doesn't understand. Dare I say we win our 6th 'ship and Jacory wins the Heisman?

Go 'canes

we're gonna get screwed from this. Kick everyone of the selfish bastards off the team. They knew we were under the spotlight and always have been and they do this crap?

The picture with Shalala doesn't mean anything, anyone could donate a check and as long as it doesn't bounce/have credibility hold up.

"As bad as it was for a notorious booster to try to punch out the compliance director, worse is that the school allowed Shapiro to continue operating as he wished.

Shapiro said an athletic department official told him that after the confrontation Reed investigated Shapiro and discovered his troubling ties to athletes, coaches and his part ownership in a professional sports agency. "

That's embarrassing.

If true this may be the worst thing of all:
"Shapiro says he dealt with seven different football and basketball coaches, regularly took them out to dinner and strip clubs and even loaned one $5,000."

As someone said earlier this: " His relationships with players were out in the open – from hugs in the postgame locker room, to meals at popular South Beach restaurants, to huge gatherings in VIP sections, all bankrolled by him. " ain't Uncle Luke feeding people. It's them being stuck up Prima-donnas as they went 7-5.


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