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Golden: QB competition still 'a close call' after scrimmage; he'll temper excitement on Streeter

CORAL GABLES -- After discussing the NCAA investigation for nearly 10 minutes Tuesday, coach Al Golden Golden was happy to answer football-related questions.

Here's what he talked about:

Tommy Streeter > Golden said he's going to "temper" his excitement over Tommy Streeter's three touchdown performance in Sunday's scrimmage.

"For me, it's about consistency," Golden said. "I don't want to say he's this and that. For me, it's be the same guy everyday, be consistent, but no question he caught the ball in traffic, caught the ball with his hands, made some really big plays. He's in much better condition and he's trusting his hands right now, which is really the difference.

"[I want to see the] same guy every day. Consistent. He's got the foundation now. He's used his hands more to catch the ball instead of trapping it against his body. He's playing like a 6-3 wide out now. We always knew he can run. He's not getting tired. Again, for me, for him to make the last play in a 2-minute drive and catch a ball that was literally 11 feet, above the crossbar, that's telling me he's not tired. He's ready to compete. He's finishing and that's what we want to get out of him everyday."

> Golden said the quarterback competition remains "a close call" after Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris combined to complete over 70 percent of their passes in Sunday's scrimmage.

"It's a competitive deal right now," Golden said We'll try to figure it out in the next five to eight days and we'll let you know who the starter is as soon as we know."

> Defensive tackle Curtis Porter is "healthy and running with the 1s" despite reports to the contrary after Sunday's scrimmage."He's had a real good camp," Golden said. "I really appreciate his attitude, especially the last four practices. I think he's made a lot of progress."

> Golden said there is still no word quarterback Ryan Williams' hardship waiver. Williams, who is seeking to play this season, "also had a good day too, 6 for 6 with a TD," Golden said.

> Golden said UM's first Family Day Sunday went well. The Canes picked up their 24th commitment shortly afterward -- Tampa Hillsborough High defensive tackle Earl Moore (6-1, 285).

"When you have a scrimmage and your coaches are coaching and preparing and meeting and all that, a lot of coaches don't want to do that because it just exposes you for who you are," Golden said. "But that was the greatest thind about it. It was just who we are. From the lunch we had, to Shalala talking, and our Deans and professors telling recruits what our academics is all about. Then they came over here and did a panel with injured players -- Seantrel, John Calhoun, 5-6 or guys, came out here and watched the scrimmage. That's pulling the covers back and showing who we are. And they loved it.

"So that's what I'm excited about. I can't speak for what happened here before, but I'll go back to what I said earlier. Right now, we have 24 commits and not one of them has taken an official visit, not one of them had been on campus. Whatever this guy was doing prior to that, we're doing it the right way and it's working. We're committed to these young people and they're committed to us."

> Golden clarified that the team didn't go back to his house after Sunday's scrimmage for a BBQ -- the were over at the pool on campus. "I don't know if my wife would go for the whole team," Golden said. "We had a good time. Kids were jumping in the pool. They worked real hard the first week, so we wanted to give them Sunday night off. Yesterday they were off. Hopefully they got their legs underneath them."


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Its not about what you know, its what you can prove. Here are the cliff-notes from this 'article'.

Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...Shapiro says...

No one's getting the death penalty for the hearsay of a convicted felon. This guy can't 'prove' anything. Go back to sleep kittens.

Very disappointing, indeed. I don't like the looks of this....this is by far the worst of all the stories yet to break this year....don't kid yourself. We will HAVE to kick half the starters off of this year's team now...and it is the right move. The inevitable--I am afraid-- is that we will get the death penalty or as close to it as you can get. Al Golden is going to pop smoke people--he would be an idiot not to when this breaks. We won't be able to hire away the dude who replaced him at Temple. If half of this is true-- we are done. I am now totally off of any thread of support I may have had lingering for Randy Shannon.

Most of this is true--face it; why else would Kirby Hocutt bail from the U to go to Texas Tech--family ties my a**, he was just trying to save his a**. In a greater sense, sports at the U might be done--they cannot financially survive without football. Not fair to the fans, to all of the other athletes, and especially cruel to Coach Golden.

Death Penalty gets handed down in the next 6 months

Joe Pa breaks his hip again for the last time, and retires....

Al Golden and D'Onofrio do the only thing that they reasonably can, go back to PSU.

Art Kehoe gets the knife in the back a second time from Larry Coker (what an absolute douche bag).

I am sick.........

oUr work is done here Arty ...

I wouldn't blame Golden if he quit before the season started.

The worst thing about all of this is that these players aren't really that good. Jacory Harris doesn't belong in VIP.

All that crp for 5-6. 7-6. 9-4. 7-6

Was it worth it JAcorry Harris, Forston, Dye, Spence, ray RAy?

Was it worth helping take down the program?

Most of youwont sniff the NFL, because you arentgood enouh. Esp you J12.

You can now go back to the ghetto and wear your J12 jersey. A lot of good that will do ya.

Better yet, call you pal Shapiro. maybe he'll get you a gig in a semi-pro league

Selfish, arrogant, stoopid bastrds all of you/

Had you won anything, I'd say, ok, its the miami of old. at least they backed up their sheet. But you all are a bunch of losers who havent won a bowl yet, who got spanked by Virginia at home.

And still.... no where to be herard from are the AD or the President of the University.

I say they have to be negotiating Golden's contract right now. A 500,000 a year rasie and rasies to all his assistants or he bolts.

24 commits? See them start dropping Miami like the Dow Jones industrials watch that 24 nymber go down...down... down...

Its over. At best the NCAA will say, this guy is all about revenge. There is no proof. At worse, Death Penalty. Realistically, I se a 5 year bowl ban, loss of scholies, probation, etc etc

I agree with thepost- All of the curent players that were named should be given a chance to speak to the AD and Golden... if there is any chance they were involved- cut them. Gone. period. No play. Out.

Then start fresh (if the NCAA will allow).

This is BS. The gred and selfishness of several will hurt and destroy it for all.

I feel terrible for Golden. Butthis sounds bad people. I hear the posts that say this is all hearsay. I hope the NCAA has some common sense, because the media, including our very own Herald has already crucified Miami.
If it is as bad as it sounds... and if it is all true and backed up with credible (lol) evidence, the football program is done.

Agree. Any player with whiff of this on the present team gets the UNC treatment. This is really ugly.
All my canes stuff goes in the closet for awhile and I have been a fan since Andy Gustafson

Marcus Forston...



Jacory Harris got a hooker and 3 K per INT thrown?

makes this qb point seem moot now.

Manny run to FIU, FAU anywhere but here.

Cant wait to see the QB competition next week:
Walk on #1 vs Walk on #2

Marcus Forston was highly overpaid. What was it a dozen hookers, 5k, and a boat ride per play?

I ? why Coach G is having to handle all of the negatives of this allegation. Where is DS the distinguished president of the UM? CG had nothing to do with this mess. I really wonder did DS and the adminstration know about this before they hired the coach and AD? UM will survive but this again brings up the lack of leadership at UM. I have said along that DS is not of proper calibre to run a university much < one that is as hight profile as the UM

Hey I believe Lil Luke. These athlets get very little cash ($150.00 a month). Would you rather them steal or accept cash from a booster? The way I see i t the School has so much more to lose, so you may as well pay the kids $1,000 a month. These kids have a social life as well as clothes and other expenses. The schools make millions a year off these kids.
Luke did what he had to do which was exposed UM after he got caught because nobody helped him when he needed them most.
So if you are a fan you hate him, but he has the pictures to prove it. I am sure the coaches were aware of it to some degree, but happiness to the athletes trump everything else in the univ. and coaches eye.

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