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Golden talks scrimmage: QBs, Gaines, Streeter shine

The University of Miami had its first scrimmage of the fall Sunday afternoon (it was closed to the media). Here are some of the highlights according to UM and insight from coach Al Golden from an interview done by the sports' information staff

Tommy Streeter-Lamar Miller > Golden called the quarterback play "excellent." According to UM, the quarterbacks combined for 407 yards through the air on 38-of-52 passing for six touchdowns and only one interception.

“I’d be interested to see where our [completion] percentage will be for the day, but I thought we did a good job,” he said. “We found our check-downs a couple of times and to me that’s very important. Lamar [Miller] made a big play, we hit the tight ends [with passes] underneath with Clive [Walford], Cory White -- and we got a couple explosive [plays] down the field as well.”

According to UM, White and Walford stood out among the tight ends, making key grabs in the middle of the field and in the flats. Sophomore Asante Cleveland caught a touchdown pass near the goalline according to UM.

> According to UM, receiver Tommy Streeter had five catches for 71 yards and three touchdowns -- including one heck of a TD grab according to Golden. "It was a tough one. He went up where he was above the goal post there and snatched it. It didn’t look like he had a chance, to be quite honest with you, but he really got up high," Golden said. "The biggest thing with Tommy right now is he’s more mentally tough and he’s in really good shape. He’s learning how to play at a higher level and he’s catching tougher ones every day.”

> UM's offense committed only one turnover. Middle linebacker Jimmy Gaines made the interception. UM didn't say who threw it. According to UM's stats, Gaines finished with five tackles and a sack as well.

"Jimmy’s doing a good job for us,” Golden said. “It’s going to be quite a competition inside there at linebacker. Gionni [Paul] and [Jordan] Futch will have something to say about it. We’ll see how it shakes out.”

According to UM, senior cornerbacker JoJo Nicolas led all defenders with eight tackles (six solo) and two tackles for loss. Senior linebacker Ramon Buchanan and freshman Gionni Paul each had six tackles, with Paul also recording a tackle for loss. In all, the defense totaled eight tackles behind the line of scrimmage for a total loss of 29 yards according to UM. The defense also stopped the offense in five of eight 4th-and-1 situations.

> Golden said the team ran over 100 plays. Golden said the first team players ran about 55 plays; second teamers between 45-50 plays and third teamers about 15 plays. "So we got a good look at everybody," Golden said.

> According to UM, junior kicker Jake Weiclaw was impressive in connecting on 2-of-3 long field goal attempts. He was successful from 45 and 54 yards out on consecutive possessions, before narrowly missing left on a 56-yard attempt according to UM.

> Golden said he was pleased with running backs Lamar Miller and Mike James. But he was "disappointed [the offense] didn’t execute as well as we need to in the short-yardage situations, both the ones we set for them and the ones that occurred naturally in the flow of the scrimmage.”

> Golden said he wasn't pleased with the tackling in the second half. "That might be a function of fatigue, but that’s inexcusable,” he said. “We’ve got to be better. I thought we were really good early on, to be honest with you. I thought we wrapped up well and pursued with force. And then we tailed off a little bit.”

> Golden will give players the day off on Monday. He invited the team back to his house tonight for a BBQ and a pool party.

> The scrimmage was closed to the media and open only to recruits, family and special guests.


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Encouraging report. Where did Joe z. get that hat from?

Great to hear Streeter is really stepping it up. My guess is he didn't hear the end of it when he got beat by a walk on corner in the spring. Good job everyone for pushing pushing pushing each other to constantly improve. GO CANES!!!

"UM's offense only committed one turnover." "We still havent heard who threw it"?? Does anyone have to guess? Im sure it was JACORY! Please, J12... if you're reading this, please TRANSFER!!!

It actually was Morris who threw the pick in the red zone

Good report Tampacane....geez I hate stupid comments like transfer. What should happen is u should transfer that mush pit u call a brain @ michael

I wonder swept by the Gamecocks...the intelligence level here is really mind blowing..

Yeah cut Jacory a break. U have got to give the kid credit for keeping his head up through all of this. For all we know it could have been Whipple or Morris who threw the int. Either way its encouraging to see that there were many more TD's than Ints. Good luck to both QB's and may the best man win the job.

Hey Zagacki and the Herald management.
Can you spend 25 dollars on a windscreen ?? Your audio is pathetic.
Sounds like crap. You should be more professional minded. You are capturing history, and the content you are capturing sounds like garbage. Seriously !! That was sad.

With the whole world hammering Jacory, I am pleased that the offense are playing well; I am also glad that he did not throw the interception but as far as Golden is concerned it does not matter. I am hoping that he and the team surprise the hell out of everyone. This has been one hell of a mental fight for him; he will be better for it.

The quarterbacks combined for 407 yards through the air on 38-of-52 passing for six touchdowns and only one interception. I'd say that's a promising start for the offense. That's 11 yards per reception, and what we were lacking in last years Whipple Bomb Offense.

Yo Tampacane, whaz up!
Well things look good,as I thought they would. I'm expecting big things this year, I refuse to sit around waiting for the sky to fall, I don't even expect it. We have a lot of talent and I believe AG can harness that talent,and I'm looking for big things baby! Fire up the grill, put the wife and children out he room, or give'em money to go shoping,help out the economy, but let's get it cranking,3 weeks. Let's GO CANES! Yo Sand!

Great news out of canes camp, now we need to keep the momentum moving forward and pick up the pace. If we practice all out ballss to the wall, the games will seem like a cake walk.

I remember the BBQs and swim and wally-ball at Dr. Kalbac's house...I wonder what kind of digs Al has?

After all the hammering of Jake Wieclaw over the years this young man FINALLY getting his chance will be drilling FG's for the next two years for the CANES..........mark my words

For those of you wishing for Jacory to transfer, think about this:

Who do we have as a backup, assuming Stephen wins the QB competition, to step in if there is an injury to the 1st string QB?

Please be intelligent and think before you comment. Those type of remarks shows a lot of football ignorance.

I wish both Jacory and Stephen well in the competition, and may the best player win. Also to the QB that does not win out, please remember that you are one play away from stepping into the huddle and becoming the play-caller!

Separately, it looks like our defense did not have a great day. Usually in the early scrimmages, the defense mostly has its way with the offense. I hope that the D picks up the pace in the next two scrimmages.

People please stop with this Jacory crap. That conversation is becoming dead. The man just didn't have consistency in coaching since he stepped on the campus at the UM and he has also had several injuries. Don't forget that the play calling has a lot to do with your success in college football.

Hey DTO: I hear U: J12 is not as bad as folks make him put to be, especially when U put people like Nix in the equation. J12 is the starter. Everybody knows that. J12 has the experience and from what I heard over the summer, worked out with a specialty coach. When U add it all up, he's got no real reason to not succeed. If somebody is not open, don't throw the ball. If Johnson isn't running good routes, don't throw the ball. If Streeter is inconsistent, think twice about throwing the ball.

Remember, one man does not win or lose a game. But if he ain't doing good against Maryland, sit him down and let Morris play. That's the sensible thing to do.

I agree with UM Fan! The thing is though I don't think it's first teams vs first teams. I believe its first team offense vs second team defense. so on and so fourth. 6 TD's and 1 int. Is good but let's all remember who is playing CB with starting experience? That's right nobody. On one hand its a good thing it gives the offense confidence, but on the other hand just reminds us of what Miami has for a secondary.

As Far as the defense goes, Miami is pretty well off. Just a lack of depth with experience. But its alright sounds like coach D is gonna give some of the young freshmen reps in games, kind of like Oregon does by rotating defense of players in and out. (Maybe that's why Chip Kelly was visiting Miami last spring)

Offense I think we all know as fan's what the strong and weak points are there. I am just curious to see what the play calling is like.

On Jacory let's all be realistic here when I saw him play FSU in 2009 I was stunned at how well composed he was as sophomore. But ever since that Virginia Tech game defense's have figured out pressure this guy and pop him and we can rattle him. He has never been the same since that game. Honestly though I want him to come through surprise the hell out of us fans and the public. Just a side note (Didn't it seem like he was always cramping up last year? DC must see that and feed of it and send blitz schemes.)

Well Miami plays a tough Maryland team in 3 weeks! Then OSU which Miami stayed with for 2 qtr's on special teams alone. So hopefully cut out the turnovers and get some revenge on those buckeyes.

Jimmy Gaines,Dan Morgan ,Reggie Wayne, Matin Bibla all 2
STAR high School players. Feel sorry for the "SUCKERS" who pay
money for those recruiting magazines written by the "SELF PROnunced"
football experts who "NEVER" played the game--even on the HIGH SCHOOl level !!! 5- star- 4- star players-- what a JOKE !.

Butch Davis never had a top ten recruiting class in 1997,1998,1999,
Yet beat the Gators (who had top ten recruiting classes) in the 2001 SUGAR BOWL and 2001,2002 team played for the Nat'l Championship

Sounds like some good coaching got the qbs to get the ball out of their hands faster. They are still facing a good pass rush. Awesome the street is shinin. Looks like it is all coming together. Cant wait for the terps to face them. GO CANES!!!!

Jacory should transfer? Yeah, okay!? So who will be our back up QB? Spencer Whipple or should A.J. Highsmith change positions again? After certain people make post, I think that they should have a sensor to blow into (similar to when people have too many DUI's and have to blow into a mechanisim prior to starting their vehicle)before people start to type to make sure that they are not under the influence of drugs or alchol. The only thing that it can't detect though is if someone is under the influence of stupidity.

No media at game? What a joke!
There is really nothing to hide.
Golden does not have some magic formula in a game( having been played for about 100 years) that boils down to blocking and tackling.

Can you name a top school that DOES allow the media to watch their scrimmages?

It's not a joke, it is standard procedure.

Michael, you are a totally unfair individual. All you heard is one turnover, like the rest of us, you don't know who committed it but right away you want Jacory to transfer. Besides being unfair, you're a moron.

Talk is cheap.Can this U team really play????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Good news is the Canes WILL BE BETTER THIS YEAR.

But keep you expectations reasonable: 8-4 would be very successful given the coaching changes. 9-3 would be a fantastic turn-around year. 10-2 would be amazing.

Saban's one year success is like Coker's one year success-- becuase they already had plenty of thoroughbreds in the stable when they got there.

This is not what Golden has. Yes, some highschool success stories, but they were left without adequate conditioning or mental prep. Golden should be allowed at least 2 years before we demand a team the gets to the top 5 and compete for an NC.

And i agree with above about J12: give the kid a fresh start under a great coaching team, a summer of special QB training, and a better team around him.

If you start bashing this kid before the season starts, then you're just a d*pshit who doesn't know college football worth squat....

Go Canes or Go home....

If I recall, Saban's first year was a garbage fire. They lost to Louisana Tech or somethign liek that.

J12 is a leader on this team. He has been positive and for that alone he gets my respect. He could have torn this team apart but he did not! Classy kid. Hope he has bouce back year.

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