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Golden won't release depth chart until UM hears from NCAA; others news & notes

CORAL GABLES -- Hurricanes football coach Al Golden said Tuesday he won't be releasing a depth chart until he here's back from the NCAA on the players ruled ineligible and seeking reinstatement.

Al Golden "I know everybody wants the depth chart, but it would be disingenuous for me and for us to release one here today and to have to adjust it later today or tomorrow morning," said Golden who told WQAM on Monday he expected to hear back fro the NCAA regarding his ineligible players by Wednesday.

"I've reached out to [Maryland coach] Randy [Edsall] personally, told them our situation, assured him what we're looking at as a program. From an ethical, sportsmanship basis, I wanted to make sure I'd reach out to him head coach to head coach and let him know we'll cooperate with him on what we know so we can be on the same page.

"What we don't want to do is release something prematurely and we find out from the NCAA we have to go back and release something else. I don't think that would be genuine. Clearly it's gone from releasing it based on where we were, to now when the NCAA comes back."

Where we are in terms of how many players could be suspended remains to be seen. When asked specifically about the eight players The Miami Herald, Associated Press and other outlets reported as seeking reinstatement, Golden said that number was "inaccurate. And I'm not going to comment on inaccurate reporting. I'm not going to do that. It's irresponsible."

UM could ultimately suspend all 15 student-athletes President Donna Shalala said had eligibility issues and that's likely why Golden tried to shoot down the reports of eight athletes seeking reinstatement. Either way, Golden said Tuesday anybody with eligibility issues isn't taking first team reps and that if they aren't cleared to return by the NCAA or UM by Thursday's deadline, they won't be available to play in the opener at Maryland next Monday night.

"If it's someone alleged, they're really not getting the reps," Golden said. "If they have been rendered ineligible, and we have not released any names from our end, if they've been rendered ineligible by the university, they can only be reinstated by the NCAA. So right now we're not counting on those guys. Is it difficult. Sure it's difficult. I'm not going to lie to you. Is it a distraction? Sure, it can be. But we have to maintain our focus.

"The bulk of the game planning goes in on a Tuesday and Wednesday practice so it's really important they're there for one of those at least."

Here's what else Golden was talking about Tuesday regarding his team:

- Asked about the situation at defensive tackle and junior college transfer Darius Smith, Golden said: "He's done a great job, has matured. He's doing a nice job for us right now. We're excited about Darius. Olsen Pierre has been in there as well. [Jalen] Grimble has played in there a little bit, too. And we also have some vets. Hopefully those guys will continue to make progress at that position."

- Golden on Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien, the ACC Offensive Freshman of the Year in 2010: "If you get good quarterback play you can get good play from your team. Danny does that. He has a strong arm in addition to being really bright. He can move in the pocket and re-set his feet and keep his eyes downfield. That's really hard to do for a young [player] and he does it naturally. We have the utmost respect for O'Brien."

- Golden on his team's cornerback play: "Well, I think Lee Chambers and Mike Williams have helped us out tremendously there. This is the healthiest Lee has been in his career. He's excited. He's always been a tough player, fast player. Now he has the skill set to compete at corner. I think he'll do so. Mike has been a pleasant surprise at corner. We needed experience because we lost four corners to the NFL; we're pleased with Mike's progress there. [Freshman Thomas] Finnie has done a nice job; JoJo [Nicolas] has done a nice job, has really improved his skill set. [Brandon] McGee is more mature now than he was at any point in the spring. I think we've improved that position. They're going to test us at 8:02 on Monday night and we'll get a better [feel] for where we are."

- On the play of senior Jordan Futch, who has moved to weakside linebacker: "He's an excitable guy. Sometimes Jordan has been his own enemy. If something doesn't go right that carries into second down, third down. What we're seeing from Jordan now is a little more poise, maturity. He's playing WILL but can also play MIKE. I'm excited for Jordan. Right now he's probably playing the most consistent football since I've been around. He's playing really consistently right now."

- On freshman defensive end Anthony Chickillo, who has run with the first team in camp: "The expectations are high for him. He's shown a maturity physically and mentally that he should be able to handle this grind, contribute for us. His work ethic is great, he's got a great motor. Those are the things you have to teach freshmen a lot of times, teach that and not the X's and O's. That's why you don't want to play with a lot of them. Hopefully he has that and now we're focusing on the system part with him. We're excited; it's a great opportunity for Anthony, and that's why he came to Miami."

- On how sixth-year senior Joel Figueroa has moved into the fight for the starting left tackle job: "Right now Fig and [Malcom] Bunche [are battling at left tackle]. With Joel, we have to make sure he's careful with his back, keeps his weight down. We're expecting big things from Fig. Fig is good, brings a sense of maturity. He's been through a bunch of coaches, a great deal of experiences. He has a maturity about him that's hard to duplicate in your locker room. It's Harland [Gunn] at left guard backed up by [Jared] Wheeler. At center it's [Tyler] Horn backed by [Shane] McDermott. Right guard - [Brandon] Linder backed by Feliciano. And the right tackle is Washington and Jermaine Johnson."

- Golden said he's hopeful senior transfer Blake Ayles will be available to play this season. "The others will see action for us in the game. Asante [Cleveland] looks to be healthy, Chase [Ford] is doing a nice job and Clive [Walford] and [John] Calhoun have done a nice job as well. We'll see all four of those tight ends. Anyone who has followed my career knows I like to use tight ends."

- Golden said Jake Wieclaw has won the kicking job for field goals and kickoffs and Dalton Botts has won the punting job. The kickoff job is still up for grabs. "Right now Botts, Wieclaw and [Matt] Goudis is who it is for kickoffs. For me it's about hang time - I don't want line drives to the goal line."


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This Maryland game is going to be disastrous. Hopefully it doesn't set the tone for the whole season.

The injuries at the D-tackle position are very troubling. Between injuries and potential suspensions, the D-Line could be decimated for the Maryland Game.

I don't know about "disastrous." But, we first got to find out who will play. And we got to find out who did what with Shapiro. UM's second string is pretty good. Even if J12 is out, Morris is ready. The RB's our ready and so is the OL.

The big question is the LB's. But with sanctions and something short of the death penalty looming, how hard is somebody going to play?

I think it will be hard to win at Maryland should be high scoring, and UM should run and do short passes run some more and then screen pass, and run some more. Bottom line this effects the D more than the O. I e-mailed Cote with this website yesterday, check it out this is going on all over college football. outkickthecoverage.com then type in Trent Richardson

The issue is can our defense stop Maryland? I think Miami will have to score over 24+ to beat Maryland as I don't see our defense holding them below 20 points.

So I guess we should just pack it in huh? Quit now? Glad you clowns arent on the team. Grow a pair and get ready to make some Terp soup!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Suspensions and lack of experience could decimate the defense. Maryland will score points that is for sure. But on the bright side our offense is fully intact aside from the possible suspension of T. Benjamin and injury to Henderson. Benjerman for the most part played poorly last year, so I feel the loss won't be that much of a big deal. The best way to keep the defense from being exposed is to pound the ball all night long. Keep the "U"s defense of the field as much as possible. A couple of early three and outs by the "U" defense could be huge.

cool cat sounds like dee pressed.How hard is somebody going to play?Guess the game then should be cancelled.Glad you re not a coach.Canes will play well I feel.I ll sure be watching.

Did Maryland suddenly become an offensive juggernaut I wasn't aware about? Maryland is an above average team, but the second and third stringers at Miami are "suppose" to be better.

If that's the case remains to be seen. Last I checked we had talent, but we also HAD a coach that didn't know what he was doing.

Let's see what and how Golden and his staff coach on Monday night before throwing in the towel. Especially to a team like Maryland.

Posted by: 3G Cane

Why don't you update to 4G?

Let's act like nothing is happening and we are on track for our 6th NC. Did you see that the bankruptcy trustee in the Shapiro case just subpoenaed 72 players? As Mike Lowery says, "This sh*t just got serious!"

Oh, but we will will the ACC and Golden will shower us with our sixth NC.

This is freakin' Randy II

Hey jra: Benjamin didn't really pay bad last year, he just couldn't keep DB's from getting the interceptions. That's about a good amount of J12's interceptions right there. On offense, U will do OK. On D, I don't know...U will have to have some kind of presence, or pressure up front, because if U don't, forget the LB's.

So now you're giving ultimatum's to the NCAA. If this isn't the height of arrogance, I don't know what is.

By the way, I wonder if Wilfork paid taxes on those two Escalades and the $50,000 bribe?

Can anyone say...IRS audit?

You guys are a bunch of wussies - why even play the game, just give up and forfeit.

This team will be better than last year's team, even with the Freshmen and backups - the reason is plain and simple: Golden and not Shannon.

Enough said....

The karma train is coming downhill towards your septic tank town

Sure Truth, and before it was "it's "The Boss" Shannon, and not Coker..."

write it down...canes will win by 21+ points - regardless of who plays on monday...

suspensions are posted on cbs sports line, ray ray 4 games, vernon six games, jacory, spence forsten 1 game

ojomo and benjamin also suspended for a game

Maryland is not that strong. Not returning very many starters, much less than us. We will need to dominate offensively running to help the defense.
Goodbye hand out Harris, you are going to play Monday, NOT!!!


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