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Here it is, word for word: Al Golden on NCAA investigation

I thought I'd make it a bit easier for you to dissect and put in perspective if I transcribed, word for word, what UM coach Al Golden told reporters this morning.

It took me a while, but here it is. Here are the questions, and replies.

I continue to be impressed by Golden, but I am somewhat bewildered that the UM administration would not have briefed him on Nevin Shapiro by this point. Even if he didn't know when he accepted the UM job, you'd think he would have known by this point. We wrote an article about Shapiro and his allegations in late August 2010.

Did departed UM AD Kirby Hocutt not tell him? And if the answer is no, then why didn't current AD  Shawn Eichorst tell him? Did Al really not know about Shapiro? (actually, Golden makes it seem like Eichorst was surprised about NCAA stuff) If anybody can shed light, feel free.

One more thing. Here's the prepared written statement UM sent out on this:

University of Miami statement on NCAA investigation


 When Nevin Shapiro made his allegations nearly a year ago, he and his attorneys refused to provide any facts to the University of Miami. The University notified the NCAA Enforcement officials of these allegations. We are fully cooperating with the NCAA and are conducting a joint investigation. The University of Miami takes these matters very seriously.



Here's my transcript

Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011

 Al Golden

Obviously we’ve learned of a situation here that we’re working through right now. I’m as surprised as all of you and I’m learning and gathering information as you are.


Q: How much did you know about this at all?

A: “None. Zero. Absolutely nothing.

I just found out, just found out. Clearly there were some articles yesterday. But in terms of contact with the NCAA, I haven’t had any. Our AD and president have, but other than that, it’s a joint effort, it’s a cooperative effort. Once we learned of the allegations we wanted to make sure we’re doing our due diligence and obviously want to cooperate with the NCAA on this.’’


Q: Any idea how long the NCAA will be on campus?

A: “I have no idea. I really don’t know. My job is to support that. Clearly, this is not aligned with the University’s mission or goals or values; it’s not aligned with Mr. [Shawn] Eichorst or the president [Donna Shalala]. It’s certainly not mine. And again, I’ve been in this profession for 16, 17 years and haven’t had any NCAA issues. It’s important that if there are things there we’re honest, we don’t compromise our integrity and that we move forward. Again, ever since I’ve been here, the kids have been incredible. We’ll make sure we get to the bottom of it.”


Q: If there are current players that were active in some elicit behavior, what would your message be to them?

“Well, to be honest, to be truthful, and move forward. Again, I’m learning of it, so it’s hard for me to comment on it, but as we move forward there’s only one way to go here, and that’s to be honest. Clearly, we don’t need these types of things to be a great team. We don’t need it. We have 24 commitments right now and not one of them have taken an official visit, not one of them have been on our campus. They’re aligned with our core values, what we want to get done, the types of principles and cultures that we’ll have here, that are obviously congruent with our coaching staff and the direction of our football program. Again, this is tough for me to discuss guys, because this happened all before I got here and certainly Mr. Eichorst feels the same way. So we take this stuff, seriously, but at the same time, boy, we’ve made so much progress in the last eight months that we don’t want to go backwards.”


Q: What are you going to do to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

“We do something everyday. I can’t speak for the previous coaches that have been here, but for instance, every players has a ‘Cane Code’ and in that Cane Code we talk about extra benefits, we talk about agents, we talk about different things. So, there’s not only a compliance component, there’s an educational component. Everyday this summer our kids get an email from me about the things that have occurred in Chapel Hill or at Georgia Tech or at Ohio State, so we’re going to continue to be proactive and we’ve got to make sure third parties stay away from our student-athletes. Again, I said this to Shawn yesterday: Since I’ve been here, this is the tightest compliance department I’ve been around. And what I mean by that is they are strong, they have incredible manpower, they’re on top of everything. And for me that’s good as a head coach – because it helps you sleep at night. Dave Reed and his group do a tremendous job.”


Q: If you knew then what you know now would you still be here?

A: “Absolutely. This University of Miami, it’s a special place. It is. I can’t tell you enough that this is an incredible place and that you have a chance to do so many wonderful things, whether it’s academically or from a football standpoint. So we’re not going to let this knock us backwards. Again, we have great kids on this team. To the extent that they may have made a mistake, OK, that’s fine. But that’s also part of growing up. And what we have to teach them now is that if something did occur, let’s be honest and move forward.’’


Q: What was your emotion when you found this out?


A: “Well, you can probably see it on my face right now that I’m disappointed but I’m more disappointed because of the strides that we have made as a football program and the culture and understanding – how to conduct ourselves in the community, and those types of things. And how hard these kids have worked and how much leadership the seniors have provided, so we’ve made great strides. Again, I don’t know the extent of it, but we’re going to look at it like we’re disappointed in it, but we’re not discouraged. We’re going to keep moving forward.’’


Q: Have any of your players been interviewed or do you expect them to be interviewed by the NCAA?

A: “Well, I’m sure they will. Again, I’m learning this as you guys are. I’m no different than you. Again, they’re not going to include me in this process. And to be honest with you, what we’ve learned from some of the other incidents that have occurred recently is that they’re not permitted to discuss it with me. So, if they do contact a student-athlete they’re going to talk to them specifically and not include me in the situation.”


Q: Are you concerned at all that there might be an effect on commitments, recruits or current players that might get worried and transfer?

A: “I don’t think so. I really don’t believe it’s to that level. Clearly, the student-athletes that are committed to us know who we are, know what our core values are, know what we’re committed to, so again, the timing is unfortunate because we’ve been doing so many great things. Our kids are doing a great job in practice. Recruiting is going well. So the timing is unfortunate. But again, if the allegations, if some prove to be true, then we’ll get it corrected.”


Q: How do you keep them focused?

A: “We just have to. We have to. I mean, that’s part of being tough and having unity and staying together. We’ll stay focused. I’m certain of that. Again, we’re disappointed, but we’re not discouraged. There’s going to be a life lesson here if, if.. Again, we’re talking about allegations from a man that’s behind bars now. If these do hold some truth then we’ll deal with it. There’s no other way to do it.


Q: The NCAA can’t talk to you, but can you talk to your kids [about it]?

A: “No, no, no, no. The NCAA, if they’re doing an investigation, they will not have me interfere with their interaction with our student athletes.”


Q: So you can’t say to your kids, ‘Is this true? Tell me what happened?’’’

A: “Nope. Nope. I’m out of it. I’ll be completely out of it. And we want it that way. We want to be cooperative. Again, it’s unfortunate but it’s hard for me to stand up and defend something that occurred, you know, three, four, five, six years ago. My record with the NCAA, our staff’s record, our commitment to our student-athletes since we’ve been here. It speaks for itself and we’re going to leave it at that.’’


Q: Players weren’t available today. Was that just for today, or until you figure out what’s going on?

A: “I’m living day by day right now. We just had the meeting where everybody was told that we just make sure we cooperate and all that. So I don’t think it was fair to have them just come out here. We’re getting ready to practice so from that standpoint we didn’t think it was fair for the kids.


Q: Were there multiple NCAA investigators on campus – more than one or just one?

A: “Don’t know. Can’t tell you that.’’


Q: There were reports that there has been here an internal investigation about this? Is that true?

A: “It is true. That’s what I started with. It’s a joint venture. As soon as Shawn got wind of something he made sure we’re making sure that we look back at all the years and his involvement with UM. We’re doing all the things we should be doing.’’


Q: So the internal investigation started now? I didn’t start previous to maybe you or Shawn getting here?

A: “I don’t know that. I don’t know the extent of that. This is the first I’ve heard of it, so I don’t know.’’


Q: How tough is it to police guys like that [Nevin Shapiro] around the program? This guy was on the sideline. How tough is it?

A: “It’s tough. I’m going to reserve judgment until I learn more. But we’ve got to continue to do that. But clearly, we’re not immune to it. If it can happen in small college towns across the country it could certainly happen in Miami. I’m going to learn and see what the facts hold and we’ll go from there.’’




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Death penalty.

Disagree...no death penalty coming because both coaches it occurred under are gone. Sounds like mostly Coker and possibly Butch, so we'll probably get a couple years probation. That's if a) it happened and Shapiro isn't just a lying skunk and b) he can prove any of it (he doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the pack to me).

Either way, be honest, weather it and pound Maryland!

Not likely, Tony.

Although from some of your previous comments under other IDs, you certainly deserve it.

This guy is obviously a slimebag. First he bilks folks out of $900 million then writes a "tell all" book that no publisher would agree to so he has to generate publicity like he's doing now. I'm guessing the best his "evidence" will be able to establish is a few instances where either an athlete was on his yacht or they were at a club together. So what? Unless he can show a specific video that shows "I bought this drink for that athlete at this club" who the hell knows what really ever went on. That stuff will never get proven. Plus, Randy Shannon always went strictly by the books. So this isn't going to be some Tressel scandal or any University compliance issue. This is also nowhere near a Reggie Bush situation of a prominent player accepting $300k+ in cash and gifts. If a few players decided to skirt around things (and IF that happened even within the last 4 years), the NCAA will not punish the current players and coaches. Not when in all likelihood Randy Shannon and the administration can document how rock solid they are in their compliance checks. Unfortunately, this scumbag is still extracting some level of his hatred on the U by simply poisoning the well with this nonsense. As Golden said we'll move forward but it sucks to even have to address it at all. Hopefully we can get a "no further investigation" in a few months once the NCAA investigation committee sees that Nevin is a worthless sack of cow patties.

I don't think the investigation can do much because none of the players, coaches, and administrators are current. They do not even have subpoena power. I think the main getter of treats is dead, Sean Taylor.

Trying to be a lawyer here, even though i'm not.

1. Shapiro, AND his lawyer said that he thought these guys were his friends. If that was the case, I'm sure he gave boat rides to his non-athlete friends as well. So, no special treatment there. Right?

2. The biggie is "lack of institutional control". That's where programs like OSU and USC got whacked. I can't believe there was a "lack of institutional control" under Shannon.

If improprieties were found from 1 above, we'll get a slap on the wrist and vacate the Wake Forest win from '09.

I just hope the NCAA wasn't waiting for a chance to whack us after seeing the documentary "The U".

There are skunks in every major College Program. EVERY ONE. And if we are the flavor of the month for the ncaa, rest assured Florida, Alabama, Oregon, TCU, who ever, etc. etc. will be next. A goon like shiparo lives in every city and approaches every kid on every team. The real issue is to make sure that Golden's hard work and vision, stay in tact. Great timing ncaa, as usual, a few weeks before kick off, nice. Why would you even believe a lying scum bag who has been incarcerated? Did you do your homework on him and his character/ Naw, you need a story! So let's go all you Cane haters, can't wait for your wisdom on this. Death Penalty Tony? Get a life! Go Canes!

The death penalty happens when a program is under probation and breaks the rules again. We dont even know the players involved and how far it goes back. It might have happened under Shannon as well. If so, he can kiss his coaching career bye-bye.

Hearing Yahoo's @DanWetzel & @CharlesRobinson will be lowering the boom on Miami in the next 12 hours. Be very afraid, Hurricanes fans

The four year rule will be in our ("U") favor simply because here for three and a half to four years; I will be shocked if anyone in the football office or administration knew of any misconduct on this level. This issue may surface during Butch's time, but not with RS. He lived by a code of ethics and if this happened with RS, we are in trouble (as human beings).

for all you shanon haters, looking at the 'barrel of the ncaa shotgun,' you must be happy that shanon was in control the past 4 years. hes was a disciplinarian, and went by the book. so all this will blow over...losers!

This is complete BS. Regardless of whether this guy has proof or not it is just another reason for the media to tear us down. This is a definite black eye either way this thing turns out.

OK everyone, lets hear it for DRAMA!!!!!

Now, a serious note...

Just so everyone knows unless it was mentioned earlier and I simply missed it. This guy shapiro has ties to "Barry Alvarez", the same Barry Alvarez who is the Head Coach at Wisconsin where sha-la-la-la-la came from. Funny how when she got here, this guy seemed to have followed her and mentioned players during the time when we won our last championship (for which she as present for) and others up until now...


Is sha-la-la-la not as squeaky clean as we thought??? Does the hobbit have dirty feet? You be the judge. I find it to be too much of a coincidence. And for the AD Eichorst not knowing anything makes sense because he wasn't around during the beginning when the hobbit arrived on our shores. Kirby @#$%nut was. Kinda makes you think that taking that job at Texas had more meaning behind it than he lead everyone to believe that it was a "family decision".

Hey Susan, Manny please read what I got here and let me know what you think because everything we are hearing now is just too much of a coincidence.

Where is the hobbit anyways??? Has "anyone" seen here lately? Or did she drop back down into her hobbit hole? That's Frodo's cougar girlfriend for those of you who didn't know, lol!!!!!! Can you see that I can't stand that little troll!?!?

The University did do the right thing by asking for evidence and after not receiving any turn to the NCAA and cooperate with a joint investigation. On that note I can breathe a sigh of relief because it shows that we took and are still taking the initiative.

Guys, you may know that I have been writing here for sometime now. If I do sound like I'm being overly paranoid then I'll take your criticisms. BUT..If you think that there is more to sha-la-la-la and Kirby @#$%nut leaving quickly (roughly a year ago when this supposed first came up) for another job in another state and conference, then lets voice our opinions.

Susan - you read my post/tribute recently on Howard and liked what I wrote. I'm truly speaking from my heart with an unclouded mind.

Manny - though you and I have never communicated with one another, I have always been a fan of your journalism and think you have an even brighter future ahead of you. Same goes to Susan.

I believe in Golden and I believe in The U. I just can't find the trust I need to have to feel comfortable with the hobbit.

Programs are punished for trying to get an unfair advantage.
Since this SOB latched onto our program he's been a disadvantage. Superior players that this guy didn't help recruit played worse than expected and that actually hurt our recruiting. The special benefits he supposedly gave the players don't seem to have helped them on the field. Thank god he's in jail where he belongs and can only harm us to the extent of revealing, once again, what a scumbag he is.

Randy Shannon had no comment...surprising.

First off, these are just allegations from a felon. This a new program with a new staff, we have a four year statute of limitations on our side. I have been in the Marines for 15 years and have seen my share of rule violations, the first thing you must understand is that if you comply, you will get a lesser or no punishment, if you lie, well...(SMU, OSU, USC). I truly can't see the program getting smashed with little or no evidence. Also how can you smash a school for players acting on the impulse of greed and lack of discipline, if the school has set the proper control measures and done proper reporting on "ALL" violations or possible violations then I don't see a problem. If the NCAA does find wrong doing by senior staff then there is a serious problem with the ethics in the program, and they deserve to get slammed! The " Pell grant scam" should of sent an indelible message to all the UM staff about NCAA transgressions! I would love to speak to these kids and the short sited selfish decisions they make when they involve themselves with persons like Shapiro. You jeopardize your schools reputation and future students ability to enjoy four years of competing for a championship, because of self gratification... If I were the coach I would be up front when I get the new commits on the rules and regulations, and have established non negotiable repercussions for any violation. I would emphasize that no player is worth my job, the programs reputation, and future players ability to enjoy there college experience!

Well said USMC Cane. Hoooah.
To add a couple of things. Randy Shannon should have no comment just like Al Golden. It's a well known fact Shannon did not like the scum bag and refused him access on campus. Now Chokers comment said alot about him and the fact he said anything was out of place. Think the NCAA should head west to see him.
And finally and probably more importantly is the statement released by the U. They apparently self reported themselves when these allegations broke in 2010. They asked the scum bag for proof and got none. So now when he can't get his book published here comes this PR stunt.

Nothing will come of this. The U will be stronger after this and all the other teams fans will go screaming into the night when Miami steam rolls their team.

Does the fact that this is a convicted lying ponzi schemer that robbed people by lying count for anything? Does his lack of credibility hold any water/ If not, the NCAA is worse than we all thought.Its like the IRS.
How is this a55hole believeable in any way shape or form? His so called receipts or whatever are garbage!

How do we not know that the reasonhe kept all of this proof was because he had ana agenda for a future payday with a tell all? meaning, could the entrapment argument not be valid? Surely riding a boat cannot be construed a violation can it? he was not an agent. And any cash that exchanged hands must come with proof. Not just hearsay.

Do we really believe that UM under Coker, Shalala, Shannon, Dee, and Hocutt had any knowledge of these seriosu accusations? i doubt it. seriously. And if the 4 year statute of limitations is truly valid, that may be Miami's saving grace, at least not to undergo thedeath penalty, becuase just about everyone is gone except Shalala, and the players allegedely still here who took part in this- Word is, jacorry Harris (if true, he is a dumbsh&t of gargantuan proprtions), Spence, Dye, ray Ray, and 8 others are still here, in which case it would lead to vacating all of the wins since 2008 that they played in. Which to me is ok, since 2008 (7-6), 2009 (9-4), and 2010 (7-6) are forgettable. What scares me are scholie reductions and bowl bans. that would destroy this program for another 5 years. USC is struggling because of that.

Where is the leadership in all this? Why is Golden beingmade to answer question when he obviously had no clue this was going on/ Why did Shalala Not tell him about it while recruiting him? Why is the AD not speaking?

One thing I will say is that this Shapiro guy may better be off going into witness protection, because his health may be in dange if he returns to the streets of so florida. I may know some colombians who are huge cane fans...

Little Neville- ever heard of the colombian neck tie?

Poor Al Golden, who would have ever thought that staying at Temple might have been a better move than coming to UM.

Sorry UM fans, but you guys are done for the next 10 years. By then FIU will be the king of this town.

I just got wind of the allegations and to say the least they are totally damaging to the program! I can't believe you let a non alumni that deep into your operation! A booster, seriously; have we become that greedy! There is a leadership handbook that we read, and it breaks down the load of everyone in the infantry squad, and with all the radios, bullets, chow, water and extra gear, the weight that is the heaviest, is the weight of the leader, because he or she(Shalala) has the weight(lives) of the junior team members i/e the lives of young students not just athletes. That parents entrust the school with the responsibility to teach their children how to conduct themselves as adults! I am totally appalled by what has even been insinuated, how do educated adults allow such reckless abandon deep in their institution!?!?!?! Not five years after the "Pell Grant" issue! I feel cheated as a true Cane fan; but I feel far worse for all the current students that have to live with this shame. I'm tired of people saying "well all schools are doing it" guess what, all schools didn't get caught. As for Shapiro, what do you expect, when you let shady individuals get you into compromising positions...this is what you get! Lets just hope that the NCAA does not destroy the program!

Yeah, Miami is screwed. The NCAA already hates us and wanted to shut us down in the 90s. Donna should step down as prez for her involvement with that scum bag. The AD and Coach shouldn't b penalized. They should vacate the wins from 2006-2010 since the statute of limitation is 4yrs. They can't touch the 2001 team since the trash bag booster said it started in 2002 after the national championship team. Death penalty is possible but not probable. They need to take the UNC approach and suspend all players currently on the team that have been named in the investigation. So, 12 players need to be bench, yes it sucks but need to take action and if Ray Ray and Harris were involved sit their butts. I am a cane at heart but we need to due everything to save the future moving forward. We will see what happens but the coaches that are there now are new and not involved.

FIU Season Tickets start at under $50... Come support a CLEAN, WINNING program that is earning respect the HONEST way with results both on and off the field.

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P.S, for all those millionaires that are involved(just because your gone in the NFL, your still part of this), you should never utter the "U" during game intro's. Taking 100 dollars here 100 dollars there I get, heck tattoos for jerseys, I get. Hookers, abortions, what in the HELL was going on! Oklahoma did this trash in the 80's, hello...If this is a major issue in all programs (and I do, not to this grotesque degree) we really need to check ourselves. Also if this can be proven to be an extensive period of violations(and it surely does), we don't fall under the four year statute of limitations!

Yes, from what I've read, it looks like the 4 yr limit will not work. If they can prove that the issues were a continuation they can go past the four yrs. So, it looks like starting in 2002. The guy said he became a booster after the 2001 season. So that national title team is safe. Now, it looks like the 2002 lost to OSU should b a vacated yr. OSU cheated also that yr. So basically vacating all games from 2002 till 2009 or 2010. The guy was arrested in 2009 so I imagine that's when it ended. That sucks but gotta think that will happen. Next, what penalties do they give us, we have all new coaches and AD. Suspend the plays on the team involved and move forward.

Dmac09Um, I feel ya, sit the players involved, and hope for the best! We are going to get a lot of sanctions, recruits were influenced, players and coaches paid. I hate to say it but an example must be made! I think Golden is the right guy, I just hope he has the resolve to stick around. Recruiting, i hope wont be that bad, USC still pulled in a lot of top guys, and their best player Barkley stuck around. Its going to be rough but as long as we don't get the death penalty we will be good(I hope)!

Been bashing your head against too many windmills lately, Quijote? Or did you forget that FIU was busted by the NCAA in 2006 for covering up the use of ineligible players, leading to the resignation of the coach, AD, and school president?!
Cristobal's a stud, but your program is just as tainted as the rest. Every school cheats...EVERY SINGLE ONE. And if you don't believe that, you can keep burying your head in the sand right alongside the "there's no-PEDs in college" crew.

Oh yeah, and there was that small little fracas in the Orange Bowl after the Panthers cheap-shotted the UM placeholder...but let's not get bogged down with facts, shall we.
"CLEAN...both on and off"...really?

Since Shapiro latched onto the Miami program it has gone downhill on the field. Many of the players mentioned went on to do worse than expected while they were there. Maybe they had other things on their mind than football. Shapiro has ruined so many people financially by lying and cheating for profit that destroying the U gratis has to be considered a charity ruination. I suppose he did it just for fun.

I just watched on ESPN the segment about the school; I have to Iraq three times tons of fire fights, lost my sniper the last go round. This not as devastating as that but damn, I feel so bad for the students trying to better their life! When will we learn!!!!

The worst part is that Shalala claims to want to run a clean program. But there is a picture of her with Shapiro and Haith holding a 50,000 check. My question to the school is, when you see a 32 year old bringing you a check for that amount, shouldn't you ask yourself "where is this money coming from?" SHe should be fired or forced by the board of governors to resign!!!!!!!!

Nothing will come of this. The U will be stronger after this and all the other teams fans will go screaming into the night when Miami steam rolls their team.

You need a train to steam roll. You are riding a big wheel son.

and the U is donnnnnne sonnnnnnn

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