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Limited immunity just one way the NCAA plans to try and nail UM says CBS Sports report

If you thought Nevin Shapiro was Miami's only troublemaker -- guess again.

Robert Marve According to this article by CBS Sports.com Senior Writer Dennis Dodd, former Hurricanes Robert Marve and Arthur Brown and four other former Hurricanes recruits who are now at other schools (also implicated by Shapiro for taking impermissible gifts while at UM) are the people who will probably serve as the NCAA's best informants during its investigation. 

According to Dodd, their payoff for revealing their own indiscretions and those they witnessed others doing is limited immunity -- essentially becoming an informant in exchange for avoiding punishment themselves. CBS Sports spoke to NCAA vice president of enforcement Julie Roe Lach, who basically spelled it out that way without specifically talking about UM.

"The enforcement staff has been given, by the membership, a pretty important investigative tool," Roe Lach told CBSSports.com in an exclusive interview.

"Limited immunity" is a little-known procedure granted to NCAA investigators to get information from a player "when such an individual otherwise might be declared ineligible for intercollegiate competition," according to the NCAA Manual.

Roe Lach put it another way: "When we think that's really our only shot of getting that information."

Marve was among the 72 current or former UM players named in the Yahoo! report who allegedly took extra benefits from Shapiro. He is alleged to have taken a cash gift, received access to VIP nightclubs and a strip club and treated to at least two dinners at pricey restaurants.

And like Brown (now at Kansas State with his younger brother Bryce), Florida's Matt Patchan and Andre Debose and Georgia's Orson Charles, Marve has been cleared in the last week by the NCAA of having any eligibility issues according to their respective schools.

Monday, UM President Donna Shalala said in a video statement that 15 student-athletes -- she didn't specify which sports -- had their eligibility in question. Yahoo! fingered 12 current football players (quarterback Jacory Harris, receivers Travis Benjamin and Aldarius Johnson, tight end Dyron Dye, defensive linemen Marcus Forston, Olivier Vernon, Adewale Ojomo, and Marcus Robinson, linebacker Sean Spence, safeties Vaughn Telemaque and Ray-Ray Armstrong, cornerback Jojo Nicolas) and basketball forward DeQuan Jones as student-athletes who broke rules.

Charles Robinson, who has been involved with nearly all of Yahoo!'s investigations into college programs who broke rules of late, told Yahoo! radio host Tim Brando Monday that he believed former Alabama defensive tackle Marcel Dareus was given limited immunity to get information on the North Carolina players who attended a party with an agent. Dareus was suspended just two games last season after talking to the NCAA and required to pay back the $1,787.17 received in impermissible benefits to the charity of his choice. But unlike most of those Tar Heel players implicated, he got to play last season.

"I can't say this with absolute certainty [but] to me, [the fact players implicated at other schools have been cleared] suggests [the NCAA] has already reached out to those players at other schools and they've cooperated with the NCAA," Robinson said of the situation at UM.

Just my opinion, but at this point I would have to guess none of the current 15 student-athletes at UM are going to be cleared, not when the school is trying to play nice and not with the NCAA allegedly making these "limited immunity" deals with former recruits and players. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if UM decides on its own to hand out the punishment in an attempt to gain favor with the NCAA.

The opinion of most experts, though, like Robinson, is that the NCAA is more concerned about going after the big fish. And in this case, the 72 players implicated by Shapiro and their transgressions are really sardines. As Robinson said Monday, the NCAA can't make athletes no longer in college talk about anything. The big fish the NCAA is after are UM's administration and its former coaches.

Former basketball coach Frank Haith, assistants Jake Morton and Jorge Fernandez and former football assistants Joe Pannunzio, Clint Hurtt, Jeff Stoutland and Aubrey Hill have to be at the front of the big fish line at the moment. Would the NCAA cut a "limited immunity" deal with one of them? Probably not. But if their testimony could prove higher ups such as former athletic directors Paul Dee, Kirby Hocutt and Shalala knew of Shapiro and other improprieties, well, what makes you think they wouldn't?

Look, I'm not trying to defend Shapiro by any means (he's a convicted felon for crying out loud), but in the end this is all going to come down to what the NCAA determines on its own that Miami did wrong, not what Yahoo! reported or Shapiro alleged. Many of you have tried to find holes in Yahoo!'s 11-month investigation. I did too. But it appears pointless. 

UM isn't going to court to defend itself from Shapiro or Yahoo!. There won't be an impartial jury that gets to listen to Tyrone Moss, Randy Phillips, Devin Hester (or any of the other former Canes who allegedly partied on Shapiro's dime) try and explain or defend themselves. The NCAA doesn't care about any of that because they are the judge, jury and executioner.

And right now, college's governing body doesn't care how it gets its information -- cutting breaks for guilty parties elsewhere to get after the guys still wearing orange and green. That should tell you one thing: they want to nail UM. And this is only the beginning. They've started with the sardines. The big fish -- and the real trouble -- is next.


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Petroc. Two examples the coach that took a payoff from Shapiro for 10k and they have the check and Haith being part of a payoff. There's three.
And the picture if shalalala, and boy is she ugly in shorts, holding and accepting the check for 50k. What she shpuld have said was thank you and as soon as the compliance department plays this very generous contribution we can accept it. But no nothing but silence until he got caught. Way to go shalalala. Resign NOW or be fired.

Ii's no secret Big Brother is biased against Miami. This is their chance to squash the bug, even if they have to get in bed with the devil. Whos says there has to be fairness or that they have to be reasonable. Due process? Pllllllease. They are the Gestapo and can do whatever they want, peroid. And they will.

SUICYCO you pseudo-intellectual.

Do you NOT think that there is corruption via boosters at every other school? What is different here is your fake morality at the type of corruption (strippers, yachts, etc.) which couldn't happen in places like Lincoln, Norman, Trailverville, etc.

And nobody gives a damn about Miami? Wow. Seems we get an awful lot of ink and tourists here for a place no one cares about. I mean, you equate Miami with Decatur, IL?

You are not as smart as you think you are. Put your anger aside as it appears you were probably rejected by the Miami admissions committee and had to go to the trailerpark.

Excanefan. She is worried about her job. If I remember she was one that really stuck out their neck and lied to the country about Big Bubba clinton. So how can anyone ever trust her again. Fire shalalala NOW

It's a freaken witch hunt. All the rats are coming out to save themselves. Our beloved "U" is about to get destroyed. The NCAA has waited since the 1980's to get the "U" and now they are going to lay the hammer. It's like a horrible nightmare. Shalala came to the "U" to turn it into the Princeton of the south but instead had a hand in the killing of the program as a result of greed.

Jra. Look at her record before she came to the U. This is her mo.

Man, this has turned our beloved university into a cesspool. A den of disgusting burning refuse. A....a......wow. Sounds like we are Gainesville.

And it will remain so until shalalala leaves. Fire her NOW please

ltcdolphin. I don't dispute that the basketball program is in "trouble." I'm disputing the football team should be in as much trouble or lumped into a "lack of institutional control" argument since the head coach tried to implement said control... even if underlings/players broke rules.

As for Shalala, there was nothing wrong with accepting that check in the first place (despite the fact the context of that event wasn't reported by Yahoo!). The picture confirms she accepted a check from a booster who spontaneously and unexpectedly took the mic at an event. That's all the picture shows.... how does that demonstrate administrators running foul of NCAA rules.

Posted by: PeteRoc

C'mon dude...it's not like they are coming out and denying involvement. If someone accuses you of doing something you didn't do, would you just sit there and take it?

The less we say, the more I believe all of this stuff.

Gatr trash,
Ditto your last two points.
SUICYCO get some air man, your mom's basement has GOT to be low on oxygen from all the hot air you have been spewing. Go burn a cross, or a koran, or whatever else you rednecks do up there in trailer town.:)

Peteroc. It's obvious the guy was slim granted. Don't you get acwarning sign that out of the blue he grabs a mic and hands out a check for 50k?? That certainly raises my warning will Robinson antenna. Then to not have that 50k check guy vetted another warning sign. Comon now this is the big time. You can't be that money hungry not to check it out. Heck they could have checked it out and it was okay but at least you can show institutional control.
To say she did not know he was scum is ludicrous at best. Her box at the stadium was next to or very close to his and he was always bringing in strippers to games and wanted to put up two stripper poles in his box. and you think this was not known?? We will have to call you mr ostrich next.

Fire shalala NOW

Posted by: Gatr trash
Posted by: Tebow, 3rd stringer=priceless

Good one but we won't be relevant for another 3-4 years - if that.

Has anyone seen the answer to these questions?
1. where were the local papers for the last year on this story?
2. Is anyone doing any follow up to Yahoo and short boy's claims? going to these clubs and findinding out if all these players were there?
3. Why hasn't Coker or Shannon been questioned by the NCAA.
4. Where are the car tiltes for Wilfork's car in the yahoo report?

OK, here is a plan. Suspend who we know are listed. Play the newbees and accept the record this year. Take it out on the other teams to the best that we can. Hold up one nice finger to the ncaa, espn, and who ever. We all know that we are hated and have been in the cross hairs for a long time and ALWAYS will be. But guess what? Unless you completely shut the Football Program done forever... we will be back. You will find another school to hate, but we will be back. You believe the convicts, idiot yahoo sports staff like t. barber (there is the poster child for abusive behavior!)and now you change the rules so you can get as close to conviction as YOU want to?

Great time to be an American! You just can't be a Cane Fan can you?

set an example.........go after these former coaches,AD and even the president of these schools, they should be held accountable, just like some of these student atheletes. sanctions against innocent and future players is not the answer. these foul coaches--banned them a few year, then watch how the game change!!!!!!

Everyone's saying how the previous coach was clean but really; what did Shannon really do to deserve this? Fire an assisstant coach? tell everyone how much he hated Shapiro? So what?

Why did he hate Shapiro? Probably because he knew what was going on (just like everyone else) and knew it was wrong. Problem is, he never blew the whistle...or at least go to the complaince officer and have the issue investigated. NOBODY DID. Not for 8 years.

This is called 'lack of institutional control'. Noone wanted to be the one that ended the gravey train and after awhile, it became expected (i.e. part of the recruitment process).

Excane. Shannon did all he could to keep Shapiro out of the program. There are documented emails, coaches check, and having someone monitor Shapiro to see if he was hanging around players. And you know he did not go to compliance how?? I think you should stop trying to fault an honest guy and clean. Look up if you want someone to blame for looking the other way. See my previous post and demand shalalala be fired NOW

Funny we don't want to believe a convict but versus Notre Dame, it was Catholics vs Convicts

I think the players ought to boycott football and other sports! Meaning, the NCAA is very hypocritical! You give some players immunity but punish others; horrible! What kind of message are you sending to student athletes? You hypocrite (NCAA)! It is and has always been about money! You ask too much from kids who are poor--what does accepting handouts have to do with integrity? Heck look at our government; lobbyists, interest group! Give me a break—You Hypocrites (The NCAA)! Okay I get the point about not wanting "kids" to get the wrong message about what collegiate sports are about; however, schools, yahoo sports, the NCAA reap the benefits from these players every single day! Allow allowances to these players and lot of this would go away! I say to the players “don’t play for these schools and see what happens.” The NCAA and most of these big time programs are nothing more than "Pimps" masquerading as an institution of higher learning and an overseer (NCCA). It is time for past, present, & future players to stand up. Enough is enough! Yes I’m all over the place here; hopefully you get my point!

I've seen your post Itc'; but how can you run a program and sign a contract extension when you know the kind of violations going on around the program?

He must have been just as complicit as everyone else. Unless he has documented proof that he was trying to get action on what was going on, it's only hearsay as to his character regarding this matter. And by no means should he be off the hook.

So would it make sense for the hurricanes players that are under investigation to tell the truth about how they were recruited at miami, and also tell the investigators the truth about how they were recruited at UF, FSU, Oregon, Texas, USC, and (pick any SEC school and add them here). Maybe they can all turn into informants into other schools recruiting violoations and be granted immunity, and thus eligibility...

Posted by: UM Alum

Yes it would make sense if they had a convicted Ponzi schemer
running the show who not only provided illegal benefits but was 1/3 owner of a sports agency. Just accept the fact we were running dirty but please were orange tomorrow if you are on campus.

I am just going to see how it unfolds and not speculate, especially negatively. It's a free country and we all say what we want on here( to a degree), and I'm just a good old fashioned homer that thinks we just may be a little better than the experts think this year.
Even if we suspend the players named, and I don't think all of them will be, the offense is going to be pretty special this year. I believe in this coach, this team, and this university. It's called loyalty people. I know some of you that supposedly bleed it are "ex-canes" now, and "I gotta-new-team now", and then soldy your pants is here and all the people who hate us nationally. So what? Go away then, you are the same as shapiro saying that he loved the school, you have the same make up.
The U is not going to die and go away from this-mark my words. I am not delusional, it's a fact. The U cannot and will not die. Sorry folks.

Excanefan. Yes it is well documented he not tried but was very diligent in his attempt to keep football clean as best he could. There is an ole saying out there about you keep your side of the street clean and the rest is on others. It's clear Randy tried to keep his side of the street clean.
You seem to let your dislike for rs show through too much.
Did it occur to you that the nw players laying down on him was because he tried to keep the program clean. Ole handout Harris was upset his pool money was gone.

Check out this blog, pretty good:


Im tired of the media and the ncaa having it out for miami. If this were ohio state or usc or texas or florida they wouldnt be working as hard to kill this program.

Oh well i wont watch any college football if miami isnt around anymore. I wont and i watch alot of college football. I wont buy there video games either and i buy them everyyear.

Im just tired of it all. This isnt fair if marve and them did cheat they should be punished to and if that doesnt happen and im harris's parent or armstrongs father i sue the ncaa so hard they wont stop spinning for years.

Maybe its time canes fans sue the ncaa cause i for one am getting tired of there thinking miamji can be an example cause no one cares.

Wow all perspective just came on us. That was weird to be in an earthquake

As an SMU supporter before, during and after the death penalty, I hope I've become wiser. The main thing, I now no longer take college sports seriously. If my school or any school wins or loses, fine. I will not lose any sleep over it.
Now the issue at hand. I've seen this at SMU in the 80's. A good number of Hard core supporters at SMU in the 80's and now at UM, make excuses like, "other schools break the rules" or "it is not against the law, only against the NCAA rules" or "so what they break the rules". Face it people, cheating is cheating no matter where it is and it is wrong and no one should be give a pass.
Now, I agree that the NCAA does seem to play favorites, not in who they investigate, but the level of punishment they give out.
It does seem that the punishment that the NCAA gave out to City College of New York in the early 50's, Clemson in the 70's and SMU in the 80's & possible UM punishment, so rightly deserved, are alot more harsh than given to the larger powerful state schools like USC, ALABAMA, Auburn, u OF Texas, Texas A&M and etc over the past 30 years.
Since college athletic departments are big business and treated as such instead of an department for extracurricular activities, maybe it is time for all to bite the bullet and eliminate college sports and transform them in a minor league system with no money coming or going from the universities. And if a player wants to go to college, he or she can pay their own way from the salary they get from the minor league team or get a college loan.

Still amazes me how these alleged transgressions by UM players of taking gifts, dinners, etc compare to the at least 43 felony arrests at UF during Urban Decays tenure ?
Let's hire Casey Anthony's def. attorney - Baez - if he could get her off, the UM situation should be a breeze for him!!

Golden, why are you still here?

It is truly a shame as to what is unfolding here. Although I am a Gator and I get the jawing and trash talk that is thrown around, I hate to see this happen to UM. (now don't let this get to your head cause when this incident is put to bed it will be ON again)
Keep you heads up even though we "hate" each other I hope this will go away and it doesn't hurt the innocent players and fans.

Thanks gator fan, nice of you to say.

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That tick, tick, tick is my counting down the time till my date with Ramon. You know, I just luvs me Ramon. I met him at Costco.

You know. I'm all flirty with him. He is such a big mans. My boytoy Arty agrees.

Right, Arty? Say, "yes, Soldy, douchebag."

Cane Fans, take Ur head out of the sand and place here ...

lets start a petition.


We would not have to be dealing with this if she hadn't come here. It all starts from the top.

I think we will be fine. UM hired the best attorney's to rightfully defend the best college program in the last 32+ years. We will be vindicated and win our 6th NC and 3rd Heisman as Jacory leads us to the promise land. Dare I say, it's a cane thang - you wouldn't understand.

I am sick of the responsibilty being on the players - It is time to put the responsibilty on the agents and the boosters - the only way to stop this is by imposing fines - stiff fines and not allowing agents to represent players if they break the rules. We can't expect kids to make good choices when adults are constantly tempting them

Dare we say you are delusional. If you think that is going to happen then Shapiro is innocent and is getting out in a week.

Onstrude. Abstinence works every time it's tried. Just say no. Those players are told that on a daily basis.

You cheat and you still can't win come on forfeit what. Its happens at every school except the booster are not a thUgs!

Sooooooo, where are U Cane Fans screaming from the mountain top about how Yahoo!'s story is full of holes, a bowling alley owner said nothing ever happened, there's only photos and why the others involved at other schools s are cleared ...

U starting to finally see things for what they actually are and not for what U hope and see from Ur delUded thimble minds ? Good lil Cane Fan. Ur learning the difference between reality and delUsion ...

Arty and I have been the Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein on this situation since this time last year. We continued to tell U what was going to happen days before it became breaking news. U wouldn't listen and U allowed, through Ur own stubborness, to let Urselves get beatn over the head time and time again...

One last bit of info for U. By this time tomorrow, the hits will keep on coming. 15 to be exact. Then the final stages of Ur Ship will begin to list and slooooooooowwwwly begin to sink and slide into the Abyss over the next 8 years...

Finally, if U ClUcks ever need any expert knowledge about Football or anything Sports related, Arty and I will be glad to answer Ur questions and educate U ...


Yo Arty ... btw- I'm Redford

I am in love with a beautiful mans. He is soooooooo scrong.

Isn't it all funny? If everyone cheats, gets money of sorts, goes partying, (and this happens everywhere) WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH LINING UP, HITTING HEADS AND PLAYING FOOTBALL? Not a damn thing. In fact, a "CHEATER" would be out of shape, wouldn't they? And yet we have won 5 NC's (Should be 6) and we did it as "cheaters", theives, rapists, and GOD's most unholy people. Wow! We are The University of Miami Football, no better, but certainly no worse than any major college football program in America in terms of ethics people. And yes I will go down with my Team. Why? Because I remember the 70's when we stunk and I still cheered. At this point now, it is about pride in your Team. So, what does it matter who cheats? Has the ncaa all of a sudden become the Christian Belief Center? Is this a morality issue all of a sudden in Collegiate Sports? Naw.... It's Miami.... and we need to make a statement about then damn Canes. May even be because with Golden and a new stable of recruits, some may just be scared about what we are building. Things that make you go hum.... once again!

Rock on Canes!!! 4 ever!

Arty and I will be discussing the finer points of coming out of the closet. Just me and him. Two boytoys pressing all our love buttons.

We tried to teach a class at UFelony but the stubborn compliance department said we were too stupid.

I dunno. If being in love with another mans is stupid, then call me a UFelony valedictorian I guess.

Comon hearld trolls same conversation that you use to ruin the dolphin blog to run up the count. Why ruin a good blog with your nonsense. Next comes impersonating people.


I am king of the night time poofters. No mans are safe when I am around.

Ain't that right, Arty? Arty?

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