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Limited immunity just one way the NCAA plans to try and nail UM says CBS Sports report

If you thought Nevin Shapiro was Miami's only troublemaker -- guess again.

Robert Marve According to this article by CBS Sports.com Senior Writer Dennis Dodd, former Hurricanes Robert Marve and Arthur Brown and four other former Hurricanes recruits who are now at other schools (also implicated by Shapiro for taking impermissible gifts while at UM) are the people who will probably serve as the NCAA's best informants during its investigation. 

According to Dodd, their payoff for revealing their own indiscretions and those they witnessed others doing is limited immunity -- essentially becoming an informant in exchange for avoiding punishment themselves. CBS Sports spoke to NCAA vice president of enforcement Julie Roe Lach, who basically spelled it out that way without specifically talking about UM.

"The enforcement staff has been given, by the membership, a pretty important investigative tool," Roe Lach told CBSSports.com in an exclusive interview.

"Limited immunity" is a little-known procedure granted to NCAA investigators to get information from a player "when such an individual otherwise might be declared ineligible for intercollegiate competition," according to the NCAA Manual.

Roe Lach put it another way: "When we think that's really our only shot of getting that information."

Marve was among the 72 current or former UM players named in the Yahoo! report who allegedly took extra benefits from Shapiro. He is alleged to have taken a cash gift, received access to VIP nightclubs and a strip club and treated to at least two dinners at pricey restaurants.

And like Brown (now at Kansas State with his younger brother Bryce), Florida's Matt Patchan and Andre Debose and Georgia's Orson Charles, Marve has been cleared in the last week by the NCAA of having any eligibility issues according to their respective schools.

Monday, UM President Donna Shalala said in a video statement that 15 student-athletes -- she didn't specify which sports -- had their eligibility in question. Yahoo! fingered 12 current football players (quarterback Jacory Harris, receivers Travis Benjamin and Aldarius Johnson, tight end Dyron Dye, defensive linemen Marcus Forston, Olivier Vernon, Adewale Ojomo, and Marcus Robinson, linebacker Sean Spence, safeties Vaughn Telemaque and Ray-Ray Armstrong, cornerback Jojo Nicolas) and basketball forward DeQuan Jones as student-athletes who broke rules.

Charles Robinson, who has been involved with nearly all of Yahoo!'s investigations into college programs who broke rules of late, told Yahoo! radio host Tim Brando Monday that he believed former Alabama defensive tackle Marcel Dareus was given limited immunity to get information on the North Carolina players who attended a party with an agent. Dareus was suspended just two games last season after talking to the NCAA and required to pay back the $1,787.17 received in impermissible benefits to the charity of his choice. But unlike most of those Tar Heel players implicated, he got to play last season.

"I can't say this with absolute certainty [but] to me, [the fact players implicated at other schools have been cleared] suggests [the NCAA] has already reached out to those players at other schools and they've cooperated with the NCAA," Robinson said of the situation at UM.

Just my opinion, but at this point I would have to guess none of the current 15 student-athletes at UM are going to be cleared, not when the school is trying to play nice and not with the NCAA allegedly making these "limited immunity" deals with former recruits and players. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if UM decides on its own to hand out the punishment in an attempt to gain favor with the NCAA.

The opinion of most experts, though, like Robinson, is that the NCAA is more concerned about going after the big fish. And in this case, the 72 players implicated by Shapiro and their transgressions are really sardines. As Robinson said Monday, the NCAA can't make athletes no longer in college talk about anything. The big fish the NCAA is after are UM's administration and its former coaches.

Former basketball coach Frank Haith, assistants Jake Morton and Jorge Fernandez and former football assistants Joe Pannunzio, Clint Hurtt, Jeff Stoutland and Aubrey Hill have to be at the front of the big fish line at the moment. Would the NCAA cut a "limited immunity" deal with one of them? Probably not. But if their testimony could prove higher ups such as former athletic directors Paul Dee, Kirby Hocutt and Shalala knew of Shapiro and other improprieties, well, what makes you think they wouldn't?

Look, I'm not trying to defend Shapiro by any means (he's a convicted felon for crying out loud), but in the end this is all going to come down to what the NCAA determines on its own that Miami did wrong, not what Yahoo! reported or Shapiro alleged. Many of you have tried to find holes in Yahoo!'s 11-month investigation. I did too. But it appears pointless. 

UM isn't going to court to defend itself from Shapiro or Yahoo!. There won't be an impartial jury that gets to listen to Tyrone Moss, Randy Phillips, Devin Hester (or any of the other former Canes who allegedly partied on Shapiro's dime) try and explain or defend themselves. The NCAA doesn't care about any of that because they are the judge, jury and executioner.

And right now, college's governing body doesn't care how it gets its information -- cutting breaks for guilty parties elsewhere to get after the guys still wearing orange and green. That should tell you one thing: they want to nail UM. And this is only the beginning. They've started with the sardines. The big fish -- and the real trouble -- is next.


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Ignore The Trolls. Fire shalalalalala NOW

itc', I have nothing against Randy; he does seem to be the cleanest of the bunch...but he aint no saint. When you accept that job (esp. as an asst. coach) you got to expect to get dirty...it's clearly been that way for a very long time. This is just Chapter 3 of the story. [Uncle Luke, Pell Grant Scandal, lil' Luke...].

To claim he didn't know what he was getting into would be disingenuous at best.

Don't think he has said that but he made a valiant effort to keep his side of the street clean. In his position what he needed to do is make sure his superiors knew, and I think he did that. We will see as this unfolds but from what has been written so far Randy should be able to sleep well at night. Not so much for others, especially the shalalala.

Fire her NOW

I hope he kept some kind of documentation showing he tried to bump it upstairs and was turned away and/or ignored.

I doubt, however, that could possibly be the case. And here's the point: As soon as he re-upped he showed he was a company man. If he was making noise to the contrary, the BOD would have viewed him as a loose cannon and not renewed him. Remember, given his on-field performance, he was a 50/50 at best to get that new contract last year.

No, I'd be surprised if he gets out of this unscathed. There's just too much smoke around during his tenure.

Arty, you are just want Mike Gundy said you were.....GARBAGE.

We are through. Finished. That is the last time you reject my advances. You hear me?@

Also, looking back on it. When it was announced last year that Shapiro was going to talk, the UM administration quietly started cleaning house and we all wondered how strange it was to let RS go only a year into his 5 year contract. Especially knowing how frugal the canes had become of late. The AD left, the head basketball coach left, asst. football coaches and recruiters left.

Hind sight being what it is, it's becoming ever more clear why they all left at around the same time.

Penalize them. Penalize them not. Penalize them, Penalize them not. Proof that NCAA picks and chooses which schools they want to hold accountable to the rules and which ones get a pass. Just pisses me off even more! Read this about OSU investigation.


Excane. Look at it 180 out. He was clean and they knew it and reupped the contract based they were attempting to keep the status quo. And one other thing, Randy was a player during the first scandal, stayed clean, and supposedly said when he met Shapiro he all but threw him out of the office. Also it was written that Shapiro would call complaining very loudly and in foul language about Randy being racisist etc. all that came out recently.
So all said and done, I think Randy will be fine, at least I hope so.

suiycyco and boats and hoes- You 2 are so stupid, that I have to be concrete for a dumb a55 like you to understand anything.

That's ok. You are ither a moron from Opa Locka or a gainseville hill billy to be that ignorant.

But its OK, you idiots are drooling to see Miami fail...

Newsflash, poster, Not going to happen.

And everything I say is true. The NCAA has hated Miami since we whooped on their lilly white "supposed" clean cut (we all knew that wasnt true aka Lawrence Phillips)in 1983. In the 80s Miami's swag destroyed every and anything that came their way with few exceptions.

In the 90s more or less the same. The Miami rule came in to fruition because the powers that be could not stand what Miami did to venerated texas in teh Cotton Bowl

So much so that every one of the moronic media wanted Miami shut down... Didnt happen. Knocked us down, but the U came back. 4 years later should have played for a NC, but between the nCAA and the other gestapo called the BCS, that didnt happen.

But they couldn't stop the force of the 2001 and 2002 storm... until one of their own, a referee named tery Porter had to stop the U from back to back Ch.

They will knock the U down, but not out. Despite the wishes of a55h-oles like suiyco (whatever that means) and others, The U will be back.

Actually ... The U hasnt left. Nothing has been proven, geniuses

Blame the NCAA
Blame Yahoo Sports
Blame Shapiro
Blame the Marves
Blame the hoes
Why does everyone hate Dah U
Wahhh, wahhh, wahhh

all fine until they fired him a year into his contract...there goes the 'status quo' theory.

I just think that everyone above a certain pay grade had to know...they get paid for knowing. They call them positions of "control" for a reason.

We are felons, we cheat and we stil can't win.


UFelony at Trailerville

Posted by: Best cfb program the last 32 years

Was that English? "In the 80s Miami's swag destroyed every and anything that came their way with few exceptions" If they destroyed everything and anything - how are there exceptions? And WTF is Miami Swag?

Excane. Firing him does not stop that theory. Randy was a stand up guy and proved that with class when he was fired.

itc', he did nothing different his last year than he had done the previous 5. The only variable which had changed was that the administration now knew Shapiro was going to sing.

When you have a stash of pot and the cops knock on the front door...what do you do? that's right, get rid of the evidence. no difference here. The administration tried to put as much distance between themselves and the conduits as they possible could.

Ex-Canes Fan... and please stay an ex-Canes fan.

Donna has hired the best to represent the U, so what? That bother you that the U will be well represented? Don't you believe in innocent until proven guilty? You rush to judgment with everyone else, you are ordinary, no different than the rest of the crowd that wants to bury the U before the investigation is complete.

Ex-canes fan, stay that way and please add something significant to the conversation other than your uniformed, bias and unverified arguments.

There goes basketball. Julian Gamble buh bye...

Ex-Canes-fan.....has all the answers, got it all figured out. You know there are times when ordinary,go along with the crowd, plain people such as yourself open their mouths or put their thoughts to pen .....and remove all doubt!

Say something of significant value, not just stupid opinions based on faulty logic.

whew; that's tough to compete with Anon'. But then again, did you say anything?

get over yourself son, you only add biased opinion and no facts, for instance you have NO idea what Randy did or didn't do, just speculation, what else?

Anon'; what are you trying to say? That you're extremely frustrated with this whole thing and wish it would just go away. LOL!

Anon can speak for himself but I will say your biased against Randy shows and does not let you think logically. More like someone with and agenda. You need to follow the advice about stop digging when you make a fool of yourself.

Sooooooo, where are U Cane Fans screaming from the mountain top about how Yahoo!'s story is full of holes, a bowling alley owner said nothing ever happened, there's only photos and why the others involved at other schools s are cleared ...

U starting to finally see things for what they actually are and not for what U hope and see from Ur delUded thimble minds ? Good lil Cane Fan. Ur learning the difference between reality and delUsion ...

Arty and I have been the Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein on this situation since this time last year. We continued to tell U what was going to happen days before it became breaking news. U wouldn't listen and U allowed, through Ur own stubborness, to let Urselves get beatn over the head time and time again...

One last bit of info for U. By this time tomorrow, the hits will keep on coming. 15 to be exact. Then the final stages of Ur Ship will begin to list and slooooooooowwwwly begin to sink and slide into the Abyss over the next 8 years...

Finally, if U ClUcks ever need any expert knowledge about Football or anything Sports related, Arty and I will be glad to answer Ur questions and educate U ...


Yo Arty ... btw- I'm Redford

Posted by: King Soldy | August 23, 2011 at 03:38 PM


Well said Soldy. Solid and so trUe. They only have themselves to blame.

APB for Canesfool. Put down the gUn.

No agenda here itc'. Just going where the facts appear to be leading. Please again try to prove your point (unless you've finally given up).

Excane I have given you nothing but facts and if you interested enough you could find them. They are all out there in the last week. Your the one with nothing but suppositions not backed up by anything.
But nice try next will come the name calling. Your beginning to act and sound like a herald troll to keep the posts up

Wheeew. Fake Cane King Soldy has some very serious homophobic issues with homosexuality.

Seriously Fake KS or whoever you are, the fact that you have resort to spewing homophobic rhetoric and not be able to form some well informed sentences to debate things here is an absolute testament that U haven't the intelligence of an infant Neanderthal. It's 2011 you racist bigot and you give just as bad a name to fine Canes as Nevin Shapiro.

Just so sad that you react to these Arty/Soldy/the other idiots and their copycat trolls the way that you do. You are no better than those fools when you react the way that you do. Pure pollution. As a Cane fan with Homosexual friends and family members you're a disgrace, completely unoriginal and an embarrassment to all true Canes everywhere.

And I would be glad to explain this all to you in person at a UM Game, Football , Baseball, Basketball or the Titanic anytime. Ask for me.


Jamaicancane letting them know that, the U will always rise. That is our destiny. No more feeling sorry for ourselves.

sarasota cane (aka another fake hillbilly poster: Miami swag is what I did to your momma last night in your daddy's bed.

Best cfb program the last 32 years
Great name.............if you are a delUsional fool!
The UM mascot has been changed to an ostrich, get your heads out of the sand and face reality. You are in troUble, the NCAA hammer is coming down soon. You get what you deserve, stop the excUses. No one will miss ya.

Did someone say there may be a post season bowl ban? That is so unfair. It only punishes the opponent by depriving them of an easy win.

The fact that NCAA is providing immunity to anyone suggests to me that they don't have much hard evidence against UM. If they had such a great case against them they wouldn't have to do this.

Prin just lee believing that and I have a pair of rose colored glass to sell you.

It's funny that Art Brown is mixed up in this. What the heck did Shapiro stand to gain with dealing with Brown? Moss might hold some trump cards. he has already un his mouth and seems bitter, but he got hurt. i cannot figure his axe from that standpoint.

Anyone remember the BCS championship 2002? OSU wins, despite the paid players McGehee and K. Winslow, Jr.
And UM fans blame the officials!

I'm gonna write a personal check for $100 to the best college players EACH WEEK based on the best plays of the week. It's gonna include a note that says "nice Hit" or "nice catch" or "nice return", and signed Big Fan. We'll see who cashes them. Then I'll notify Yahoo and the NCAA and see what they wanna do about it. GO CANES! BEAT THE BUCKEYEYS!


... you don't offer any "immunity" IF you got the documents!

Let's see, this sleezeball has been in jail since 2009...

... but only names UM's 2011 starters?

He created fantasies for hundreds of really smart investors...

... but you now believe he kept records of all his Illegal scams, credit cards...
... oh yeah, that $600 at Discount Tire was for one of those UM players [looks at roster to see who the current QB name is]

He admits he only did this to write a book to raise $$$ after getting the finger from NFL Canes he shook down!

Canes are required to attend Booster events.

SCREW HIM and his friends!!

Tyrone Moss is a fat waste.

so i just read over the allegations on the current players for like the 3rd time... and there is nothing extreme there and nothing for that matter that can be proved.. so at this point im just hoping that they will be cleared later this week... its still ok to have dinner from a booster once.. and partying...seriously.. we all do it so dont go there people..

You always look at the bright side!! How about look at like half full and not half empty!! If I recall correctly YOU were a huge advocate for RS, don't see him coming to the rescue for his beloved Canes now, and this happened on his watch. Yes I know he warned players and coaches about this scumbag, be it was still on his watch and all of those guys on the current team are HIS players!! Good job supporting RS...loser!!

Common sense please use some. But first look at NCAA rules. Special favors not allowed. Cash not allowed. That's pretty much already shown. Now count the marve and browns singing and getting their supposed revenge.

Mark your the looser. The only person to go against this scum was Randy. Nice attitude anyway, your remarkably like ex cane. You've already started with the names, but keep trying.

It appears the NCAA case is quickly unraveling. If they hammer UM, I suspect they might be on the receiving end of a class action lawsuit (Alonso Highsmith Jr has standing as a member of the current team). Interesting legal test that will have a number of lawyers take it on for free just to cause havoc upon the sanctimonious NCAA.

I have one question, I wonder how the ncaa can not know about this if it had been going on for over 10 years?????? Everyone who comments said the knew the U was dirty, but the ncaa couldn't even figure it out with all of their people who are supposed to be monitoring this type of infractions! If you ask me, I think they should be just as responsible as the University of Miami, and any team they try to reprimand for letting something like this go on for so long. Why set someone up when you can stop it as soon as you find out about it and send a much more impressionable message. Shame on the NCAA too! Don't get me wrong, if it did happen, then I have a problem with it as much as the next person. Anyone old enough to be in college should know is was something they shouldn't have any part of.

It wouldn't surprise me if that little F**KER MARVE decided to rat on his former team mates.

Marve, come back to Miami sometime. we'd like to have a little talk with you, you big mama's boy!
You sucked at the U and you suck at Purdue!!

Oh wow, it was just a matter of time for the genius of this bunch, jls 1434 whatever to come out and spew his dumb dribble. Nice popst genius. Go back to your trailer. Your momma is waiting for you to give her sponge bath.

Go canes, F__K the rest of you jealous pu55ies

Immunity? Informats? This is all going to be an episode on Law and Order by the end of the season.

Sounds like the NCAA is on a witch hunt and willing to cut deals with guilty parties in an attempt to frame Miami. They want to think it was a higher up and we all know common sense says it ain't so. Why would any of these people risk their entire careers to have a few drinks, prostitutes, or money? Just does not make sense. We can only hope people are truthful and convicted felons don't lie to "help" the NCAA. I am willing to say they find a lower level assistant coach with guilt such as Aubrey Hill or perhaps Clint Huertt. Although, I just do not see them risking their careers for a good time either. Basically, what you have are players who accepted gifts they never had growing up. Temptation is the evil and to attempt to hang it on the institution is unfair. Players accepting gifts or favors is happening on every college campus. Players selling their complementary tickets is as old as the NCAA.

can our 15 players get limited immunity as well if they promise to tattle on all the sec schools who did illegal things during their recruitment?



Don't suspend any players. The Buckeyes will take the U down anyway.

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