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Limited immunity just one way the NCAA plans to try and nail UM says CBS Sports report

If you thought Nevin Shapiro was Miami's only troublemaker -- guess again.

Robert Marve According to this article by CBS Sports.com Senior Writer Dennis Dodd, former Hurricanes Robert Marve and Arthur Brown and four other former Hurricanes recruits who are now at other schools (also implicated by Shapiro for taking impermissible gifts while at UM) are the people who will probably serve as the NCAA's best informants during its investigation. 

According to Dodd, their payoff for revealing their own indiscretions and those they witnessed others doing is limited immunity -- essentially becoming an informant in exchange for avoiding punishment themselves. CBS Sports spoke to NCAA vice president of enforcement Julie Roe Lach, who basically spelled it out that way without specifically talking about UM.

"The enforcement staff has been given, by the membership, a pretty important investigative tool," Roe Lach told CBSSports.com in an exclusive interview.

"Limited immunity" is a little-known procedure granted to NCAA investigators to get information from a player "when such an individual otherwise might be declared ineligible for intercollegiate competition," according to the NCAA Manual.

Roe Lach put it another way: "When we think that's really our only shot of getting that information."

Marve was among the 72 current or former UM players named in the Yahoo! report who allegedly took extra benefits from Shapiro. He is alleged to have taken a cash gift, received access to VIP nightclubs and a strip club and treated to at least two dinners at pricey restaurants.

And like Brown (now at Kansas State with his younger brother Bryce), Florida's Matt Patchan and Andre Debose and Georgia's Orson Charles, Marve has been cleared in the last week by the NCAA of having any eligibility issues according to their respective schools.

Monday, UM President Donna Shalala said in a video statement that 15 student-athletes -- she didn't specify which sports -- had their eligibility in question. Yahoo! fingered 12 current football players (quarterback Jacory Harris, receivers Travis Benjamin and Aldarius Johnson, tight end Dyron Dye, defensive linemen Marcus Forston, Olivier Vernon, Adewale Ojomo, and Marcus Robinson, linebacker Sean Spence, safeties Vaughn Telemaque and Ray-Ray Armstrong, cornerback Jojo Nicolas) and basketball forward DeQuan Jones as student-athletes who broke rules.

Charles Robinson, who has been involved with nearly all of Yahoo!'s investigations into college programs who broke rules of late, told Yahoo! radio host Tim Brando Monday that he believed former Alabama defensive tackle Marcel Dareus was given limited immunity to get information on the North Carolina players who attended a party with an agent. Dareus was suspended just two games last season after talking to the NCAA and required to pay back the $1,787.17 received in impermissible benefits to the charity of his choice. But unlike most of those Tar Heel players implicated, he got to play last season.

"I can't say this with absolute certainty [but] to me, [the fact players implicated at other schools have been cleared] suggests [the NCAA] has already reached out to those players at other schools and they've cooperated with the NCAA," Robinson said of the situation at UM.

Just my opinion, but at this point I would have to guess none of the current 15 student-athletes at UM are going to be cleared, not when the school is trying to play nice and not with the NCAA allegedly making these "limited immunity" deals with former recruits and players. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if UM decides on its own to hand out the punishment in an attempt to gain favor with the NCAA.

The opinion of most experts, though, like Robinson, is that the NCAA is more concerned about going after the big fish. And in this case, the 72 players implicated by Shapiro and their transgressions are really sardines. As Robinson said Monday, the NCAA can't make athletes no longer in college talk about anything. The big fish the NCAA is after are UM's administration and its former coaches.

Former basketball coach Frank Haith, assistants Jake Morton and Jorge Fernandez and former football assistants Joe Pannunzio, Clint Hurtt, Jeff Stoutland and Aubrey Hill have to be at the front of the big fish line at the moment. Would the NCAA cut a "limited immunity" deal with one of them? Probably not. But if their testimony could prove higher ups such as former athletic directors Paul Dee, Kirby Hocutt and Shalala knew of Shapiro and other improprieties, well, what makes you think they wouldn't?

Look, I'm not trying to defend Shapiro by any means (he's a convicted felon for crying out loud), but in the end this is all going to come down to what the NCAA determines on its own that Miami did wrong, not what Yahoo! reported or Shapiro alleged. Many of you have tried to find holes in Yahoo!'s 11-month investigation. I did too. But it appears pointless. 

UM isn't going to court to defend itself from Shapiro or Yahoo!. There won't be an impartial jury that gets to listen to Tyrone Moss, Randy Phillips, Devin Hester (or any of the other former Canes who allegedly partied on Shapiro's dime) try and explain or defend themselves. The NCAA doesn't care about any of that because they are the judge, jury and executioner.

And right now, college's governing body doesn't care how it gets its information -- cutting breaks for guilty parties elsewhere to get after the guys still wearing orange and green. That should tell you one thing: they want to nail UM. And this is only the beginning. They've started with the sardines. The big fish -- and the real trouble -- is next.


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Get the pres. and hocutt

The system is broke and breeds corruption. Too much money surrounding intercollegiate athletics from the NFL who use colleges as their cheap farm system, sports agents who thrive on athletes signing with them for 10%, television contracts measured in hundreds of millions, big-money, big-ego coaches and boosters flush with dough. The only ones not receiving anything are the players who are the ones who actually play the game amidst all that cash. How can anyone expect players not to partake in that kind of system which is doomed for failure and a breeding ground for corruption? It's like bemoaning fish in an algae-infested pond.

Time to examine the entire system from top to bottom including school administrations, athletic departments, conferences, professional sports organizations like the NFL, agents, and even the NCAA itself. Miami could take a leadership role in the examination of the entire system as a unit and not just focusing on one element.

Former players with no more college elig. can tell the NCAA to stick it.

What do corporations do when they are in trouble? They isolate the cancer, come clean and move on. UM is better served isolating the cancer and coming clean sooner than later. What's worse -- admitting they broke the rules on a small scale, or clamming up and letting speculation run wild?

What if that cancer is the president?? Fire her now!!!!

shalala has to go. This is ridiculous. I appreciate the owner of lucky strike bowling alley to come forward and speak out the way he did the other night but she is obviously incompetent.

Golden is the man for this job. Hell I saw offer the Director job to Howard Schnellenberger and the AD job to Jimmy Johnson and lets move forward.

Since 2008 Nevin Shapiro was told to take a hike by Shannon. the economy went bad and he knew his Ponzi scheme would soon be exposed. He set out to intentionally follow and incriminate the best current players on the U football team. Notice how no second stringers were named? He would follow the players to a location and often intercept their checks to generate a receipt. Often the players didnt even know who he was. He concocted the Dequan Jones recruitment payoff in 2008 saying that the payment was made in the summer of that year. The only problem is Jones had played a full season by the and was signed in 2007. The Yahoo reporter couldnt even figure that one
Shapiro sent numerous phone calls in 2009 to the UM athletic department threatening to bury UM athletics if they didnt help fund his defense. An ex UM player in the NFL has also reported a similar extortion attempt which also involved Shapiro's attorney.
The Miami Herald should have been on top of this . Instead they have chosen to take the easy way out and jump on the accusatory bandwagon without sending out anyone to check the facts.
I for one hope the U severs all connection with this paper after all this is done -for good.

shalala has to go. This wasn't happening or even a thought until she got here. I love my U but she is a foot sore (I say foot because I can't in good conscious call her an eye sore because she is not at eye level with me and I'm only 5'8"). Saw what I did there I made a funny. lol

Sorry guys my humor is corny in the morning.

Lets getter done!!!!

SI has called to shut down the UM program... again.

I wonder what the readership was in 1996 when they published that infamous cover story. LOL

Of all the hypocrisy, the media takes the cake. yahoo sports may be patting themselves in teh back, congratulating themselves or waht not, lining up and wishing for that Pulitzer or Edward R Murrow awards. But the bottom line is with scandalous stories like this, no matter who gets hurt, they line their pockets with cash

Hypocrites, self serving, self-promoting.

IMO, the NCCAA, to be fair, has to invest the same amount of energy and money auditing and investigating the top 50 programs in cfb, basketball and baseball. period. Right now, one of the travesties is that they had Yahoo do the investigating for them, and are going by the words of a con man. Did the NCAA actually send someone to interview Shapiro in jail? Do they know he is a pathologic liar?

As for shutting down the program, funny how media outlets such as SI (and its owners), etc feel they have the right and authority to call for something like that, well they do feel entitled- look how CBS felt that they could elect a president when Dan Rather called Florida in 2000 before the voting had even ended!

As for now, UM must be investigating the 12. They must know something we dont because why would they not suspend the 12 yet? Why has Golden not named his strters yet? I agree- The NCAA currently has no proff of 90% of these allegations on the 12.

How did Ohio State deal with their 'situation'? They came out and admitted what happened and offered up a series of self-sanctions. That got the NCAA off their back. I agree with the poster this morning, if Miami admitted to (lesser) infractions and self-imposed some manageable sanctions then we could all get on with our lives.

The NCAA is starting to come down hard on violators from major institutions. The Tennessee hoops coach has basically been barred from coaching for the next two years [any program that hires him must stand in front of the Sanctioning Committee and explain why they wish to hire him].

As Mike above suggests, it's time for a controlled-burn to eradicate, at the core, this cancer. There is an opportunity here for real change in college athletics, one would hope we use this travesty to seize up it.

Way to stop this is for NCAA to cut a deal with NFL. if student took gifts and money they dont play in NFL. Guess what? that stops all of this right in its tracks.

Want to know how much the "U" is hated around the nation?http://www.thestate.com/2011/08/23/1943315/morris-miami-should-say-goodbye.html

Cane75. Good idea. So now we see ex canefan has many sudonames to hide behind. and cannot back up what he writes.

I think without the 12....we still have players who could step up and potentailly get the job done. Chick, Grimble, D. Crawford, Finnie, Perryman, Gionni Paul,Dorsett,Hurns,Gaines, Futch, Streeter....it will be like 4 years ago when Spence and Co. were starting as freshman....

itc; check any national media outlet for the Tennessee Hoops coach situation and the SI article on looking for real change in this quagmire. [i.e. 'back-up']

not sure why your upset with me...must be out of frustration. ;)


All I can say is that,"Yes they did wrong" but they did not commit murder. They are only young kids being taught by adult coaches on what is right & what is wrong. Hold the adults accountable for the players actions. They should have done a better job in protecting the players from criminals like Shapiro. They should have known what was going on instead of looking the other way.

Ok so the NCA wants to punish wrong doers.
The NCAA should punish those schools/programs where there is:

- Hint at a player being paid or recruited for $- Auburn
-A player gets subsidized housing car, or money by a booster- UM, USC
- A coach lies about any of the above or tries to cover up- OSU
- There is >1 player arrested per semester or in the summer- UF
-Academic cheating- FSU, Tennessee
-Any funny money from boosters- texas, Ok State, Ok, ALLLLL!


Ok so the NCA wants to punish wrong doers.
The NCAA should punish those schools/programs where there is:

- Hint at a player being paid or recruited for $- Auburn
-A player gets subsidized housing car, or money by a booster- UM, USC
- A coach lies about any of the above or tries to cover up- OSU
- There is >1 player arrested per semester or in the summer- UF
-Academic cheating- FSU, Tennessee
-Any funny money from boosters- texas, Ok State, Ok, ALLLLL!

Posted by: corpus | August 24, 2011 at 03:27 PM

Now wrap that all up into one and you've got our current situation down here at the U!

Sebexcanefancarrirtion whomever you really are if you are ex cane fan and was on this blog yesterday, or someone else stole your ID. Which ever, yesterday you talked in circles. Today we shall see.

Crego -- 'kids' the same age as these 'kids' are commanding troops in Afghanistan and operating dangerous, heavy weaponry. I think if we trust the 'kids' in Afghanistan to make life and death decisions, these 'kids' can be trusted to listen to the guidance provided by their coaches and refrain from taking improper benefits.

Hoooah why. Had not gone there but you are right on. Big difference though in some being prima donnas, hand out Harris et al, no discipline, no honesty or respect. Thanks.

SI wants "shalala" disband football. First, greg Cote, your headline is stoopid. Shahlala has no authority to do that.

Second, I say, Who the eff cares about the NCA. If the NCAA is going to slam Miami, I say play the 12, play them all who the eff cares.
Go into the season full blast.if they retroactively take our wins away, who the eff cares.

Play them all. Eff the NCAA.

Eff all of the media.

Its the U against the world. Always has been.

Everyone acts like these kids committed robbery or murder, or stole a dead giorls lap top, or cheated in school, or whatever.

I say shut SI down. And yahoo while your at it. Eff all of those arrogant talking heads.

Number 1 qb at Purdue down for season with torn ACL. Guess who is now the #1 qb there?? Turncoat rat.

PS: Shalslalalala needs to be disbanded. Fire her NOW!!!
She almost did it at Wisconsin now she has another chance at the U.

The U documentary is on again tonight

Watch it gyturd fans

See why u su...k and wish you were like the u instead of some inbred hillbillies

I think the NCAA should take away Randy Shannon's 28 wins and make him a solid 0-50 for his career. I guess Shapiro had to be a Ponzi schemer, he obviously cannot does not know how to invest. He paid money for Jacory Harris. These 15 players all suck-lemons, they can go. RayRay might have talent, but he does not show anything on the field.

Geez Aristotle (ironic) wouldn't it be in the best interest the U to down-play that image...just a little...given the current circumstances??

The fact that the media is piling on and the University has failed to stay ahead of this thing with its own investigation is making it spin out of control.

You guys sound like my 13 year old who knows everything about everything and EFF who ever doesn't agree with him.

Really?? Good observations. You really a gator with that astute observation:).
Miami is in trouble and the reason is none other.

Fire her NOW

El Huracan. You have to be the dumbest poster yet. The only person to run Shapiro was Randy Shannon.
Oh you cpuld be excanefan under another name, kind of sound like him.

Tim Tebow- Likely the 4th best QB in Denver per Yahoo Sports/


Any comments Gator Nation or Gator sam or any of the other trolls?

Or should we bust on Yahoo as being f-o-s.

EFF The NCAA. Greg Cote's article is right on t he money.

Is anyone here sick of seeing "she who doesnt know how to throw up a U"?

Fire the Hobbit. She is destroying the U. Something even Tad Foote couldnt do even though he wanted to

I feel these players should know the difference between right and wrong by this age. I have always been a Cane fan. I feel if a player violates the rules the school should revoke their scholarship. Maybe that will get their attention. The walk ons should be kicked off the team. This is a real embarrassment for all. Maybe the NCAA should make some rule changes...

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