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LT Seantrel Henderson to have back surgery

It's true. The big guy -- 6-8, 345-pound Hurricanes left tackle Seantrel Henderson -- will soon undergo back surgery.

I just got off the phone with someone close to the football program who confirmed the news, as first reported by InsidetheU.com, and said the surgery would be "intense," as I imagine most back surgery would be.

Seantrel could miss the whole season, I'm told.

Either way, your left tackle will be 6-7, 320-pound Malcolm Bunche, who won the job legitimately during the spring.

Malcolm is a beast, from what I'm told, very talented and hard-working -- so at least that's good news. However, he is a redshirt freshman and hasn't played in college yet.

Expect the line to be shuffled around, with right guard Brandon Washington likely shifting to right tackle and Brandon Linder likely taking over the guard spot. Jermaine Johnson and Ben Jones are two other tackles.

UM coach Al Golden told me last week that Bunche earned the first-team spot at left tackle on his own during the spring, and that it had nothing to do with Seantrel's lower-back injury.

Seantrel started nine games last season at right tackle and was the No. 1 recruit in the nation coming into college.

My prayers go out to him for a safe and speedy recovery. The surgery will reportedly be Aug. 8.




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Who was the 'wait and see' doctor? The UNC AD?

Henderson will be missed and i hope his surgery goes OK. U were smart to hire Kehoe, he is a fruitcake, but a very likeable and production-orineted fruitcake. Kehoe will run things OK.

J12 is going to need all the protection he can get. U will be strong with Miller and James. Benjamin will provide deep threat. Streeter? Johnson? Thompkins? I say bring Thompkins more into the mix. The TE will have to be used, and I think Kehoe is coaching TE's. The passing game hurt U last year, but only because Whipple called wrong plays at wrong time. U will beat Maryland. OSU will be tough: I say do what JJ used to do: Turn loose the speed demons on offensive, defensiove special teams!

No need to rush him back, we have the depth.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Dude.....dude.....did you just refer to Kehoe as a fruitcake?!!! And by fruitcake what do you mean? Oh please share!

a lot of confidence in Bunch, a redshirt freshmen who never played a college game to protect the blind side...why not Brandon Washington on the left and him on the right? oh well... Johnson and Jones will have to step it up as back ups....every other position looks strong with Linder, Gunn, Horn etc......looks like big Henderson will have to medical redshirt...damn....

Take a breather Seantrel - heard your dad is scribing a new joint entitled "I'm Back!"

Dare I say he comes back and wins the Outland Trophy unanimously?! I still think he will be a bettor lineman then the lizzard's pounceys.

Go 'canes!

Well it sucks that Seantrel is out but at least Bunche will be ready. Hope everything goes well with the surgery and U have a speedy recovery, Seantrel.

All we need now is the ba-trd gaytor coming on here and talking trash about this unfortunate event in this young man's life. why not? He has disparaged Bryan Pata, why not the big guy?

Get well son, with Physical therapy and strengthening you may be able to return

OooOoooooOoOoo oooooOoooOoooooooo oOOOooOoOOO ooOOoOoooo

Under over Canes have 10,000 at Dolphins stadium! Pathetic Canes fans, majority of you never step foot on UM campus. Were 80,000 strong in Doak.

S-T-A-T-E Florida State! Florida State! Florida State Whoooooooo!

80,000 what? Lizzards? I saw a number of FSU games last year and there were plenty of empty seats, even more impressive when there's nothing else to do in that yahoo town.

What is the matter? Envy getting the better of you? Getting nervous already?

Two Words ...

Over under...10,000 trailer parks in Tallahassee?

Will you FSU and FU fans give it a rest with the "we have more people attend our games" nonsense. Miami, like Los Angeles, New York, and other major metro areas have more to do and more distractions than ever. It takes a lot to get people out to games, even when we were kicking the snot out of everyone, so enough already.

Besides, I'm not so sure that the we have more people in our stadium argument is such a great one to make. If so, your mom might be considered Miss America by now (or at least Ms Trailer Court 2011).........okay maybe someone will need to explain that joke to you!

To the troll acting like a Seminole fan...Seminoles don't talk that way here. By the way , did ya'll see that interview Erin Anderson did with Chizik and Nutt???? Classic sec. She came right out and asked them why they schedule so many creampuffs "if they are the sec"?Chizik was smart and kept his mouth shut while Nutt was floundering for an answer. After repeated studders, Nutt said" I don't make the schedules". As fast as he was studdering he went off subject.Chizik didn't even try to help out . Nutt was even laughing before he changed the subject and then got real serious to help avoid the question. Not 1 studder of that non answer Stststststarted to say they play in the sec and that is why.Chizik was frozen and let Nutt look like an idiot. Priceless!

"Miami led the nation by throwing 27 interceptions last season, continuing a trend that the Hurricanes have simply been unable to shake. Since the start of 2008, the Hurricanes have thrown 64 interceptions as a team, by far the most in the country. And 39 of those have been tossed by Harris, tying him for the most of any active quarterback entering this season."

Oh yeah ... This will ALL change this year riiieeeett

D@MMIT. We should still be ok and have an amazing O-Line production this year but...


All Gator fans you are being called to dinner, more Baloney and Nayo from what I hear, enjoy!

Did someone steal all the phones and shut down the Internet in Trailerville (dial-up of course)? No news on Gatard clause.

No one cares about a soon-to-be 5-7 team.

Easley, Floyd, Powell?

Bust, bust, bust.


JOHN "17 INT's" BRANTLEY will finish wrecking that crap program.

But remember what Gatard fans said 5 years ago when he signed? "we be re-loading."

Yeah, re-loading crap with more crap.


Baloney and Mayo....my bad!

He'll be fine. My prayers still go out to him. But I'm sure that he'll be just fine. Take the year off, get a medical or red shirt for the year missed. Come back rehabbed and refreshed. With Bunche who, according to Coach Golden, earned that spot during the spring whether Seantrel was healthy or not. Thank goodness that our O line is literally 2 or 3 deep at all positions.

On the other things.


Looking good. "Smash and Dash" from what I read in another website. Love that little quote there. Anyways with those guys plus Darion Hall (who has very decent speed plus can take a hit from what I saw in the spring game when his helmet flew and still got 3 more yards), Maurice Hagens (a good 3rd/4th down back), and John Calhoun at fullback. We have Kevin Grooms who has great speed, quick step, shifty who can contribute immediately. We'll see.


I'm hearing some cockiness coming from Laron Byrd. All I have to say to that is that it's about time man, damn! Get your separation and stretch your arms out and you'll do just fine. I hear Phillip Dorsett is getting great remarks from players from what I read in another website. Man, they are really doing a great job over there at St.Thomas Aquinas.


I've got nothing. I hear and read that they are in a dead heated competition. We'll see in practice this fall. Honestly QB and DB positions are my only real concern. Which is a damn big concern if we can't throw the ball and can't cover the defensive backfield.


Only thing I like about this is that Telemaque and Ray Ray are playing safety. That's about it. I want to see what will Kacy Rogers, Jojo (who honestly hasn't impressed me since he put on a jersey), Keion Payne, T.Finnie (I'm very optimistic about him, the only thing I have against him is his size, but he makes up for it with tenacity and speed), Dallas Crawford (I can't wait to see what this guy does). He's an athlete out of high school, (QB,WR,RB,DB,etc).

I have no concerns in regards to our O line, D line, and honestly we have great LBs in the wings that are very promising. Gianni Paul looks damn good, Spence is Spence-what else can anyone say. Futch has proven himself left and right. His time is due and his time is now.

DLine is a monster. Good luck opposing offenses.

Relax, we still have Joel Figueroa .

I'm glad we have Bunche, but I would have loved the depth a lot more if we had Henderson playing back up cause that dude could play anywhere along the line except center because he is too tall.

My prayers go with you that you will come back even better than before. May God be with the doctors and all the personnel that will help you come back 100%.

DLine is a monster. Good luck opposing offenses.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | August 02, 2011 at 06:40 PM

U mean like FSU's, Va. Tech's, USF's and Notre Dame's Offenses looked out ?

great LB's and Monster D-Line ... U are a fool waiting to be exposed for the 8th. year in a row. Just when will U get tired of being wrong year after year after year after year ?


I've got nothing.



get well seantrel, keep your head up

noles have more class than the gaytards and respect the canes rivalry. stop acting like a FSU fan "cane suck"

Which one is it, Pig? 8 years? A decade? Since the 90's?

You are all over the place like your soft doughy gut.

Speedy Recovery Henderson!!

We love ya big fella.

He was beat out in the Spring so as far as I'm concerned we lost a back up. Let the third string tackle step up and we all move on. So far all Seantrel has provided is drama. I do however wish him well with the surgery. But Guys bad backs are bad and something deep inside me tells me he's never going to be a factor for the Canes that we all thought. I wouldn't be shocked if he didn't finish at the U.

Arty Pig:

Have a good one tonight at Costco. Don't eat all the doughnuts.

Back surgery/fusion for a big guy is bad news. The physics of a tall and large person compressing down on the fused segment is bad.I hope Daddy bought an insurance policy, he will not be back this season. Look at Peyton Manning with just neck surgery (2), tough road ahead.

Just neck surgery?
What are you a neurosurgeon?
Man between the gator rocket scientists, and the seminole einsteins, now we have a brain surgeon in our midst.

But its true. The big man will have a hard tine depending on the type of surgery meeded:

The malpractice lawyers are licking their chops

The malpractice lawyers are licking their chops

If y'all were real Miami fans you'd know Coach K plays all linemen at ALL positions. I think the man that has been here for all our championships has it figured out. Nothing to see here...

...except wishing #77 a speedy recovery.


Seantrel, I wish you a successful surgery and a safe and quick rehab. Cool Cat, why would you refer to Coach Art Kehoe as a "fruit cake". That term in my book when describing a man only refers to one thing. We are ALL entitled to free speech, but to slander someone's good name is hitting below the belt.

Cover Corners ? get the butter ready...are you there????????

You are assuming that you will see the same linebackers that we had from the previous season. The only constant on for the LB's is Spence but there will be 2 new ones that have proven themselves in spring. Gianni Paul is a monster and Jordan Futch was in candy randy's doghouse all last season and the only time you saw him was on special teams (see U vs. GT '10). Assuming will get you no where. If you are someone with an education you would be aware of that.

Now my question to you is, who is your team? What are your colors? Or do you just like to patrol randomly and make argumentative remarks to people to simply get a rise out of them? You must be a fat loser on your ass in front of your computer at your mother's house but you call her your roommate (whatever).

I hope your life improves. Be well.



This sucks!! Wish you well Seantrel..

In US News and World Report's rankings of America's best colleges, the state of Florida boast two schools in the top 50: University of Florida and University of Miami. Forbes is now in the college ranking business too, and the rankings for the schools in Florida strike as a bit weird. Only one Florida school made the top 100, and the University of Miami seems seriously low balled.
Forbes says that "appearing on our list at all is an indication that a school meets a high standard," as they only ranked 610 colleges.

Here's all the Florida schools that appeared:

93 University of Florida
120 New College of Florida
193 Florida State University
245 Eckerd College
250 Rollins College
263 Stetson University
293 University of Miami
378 Florida Southern College
429 University of Tampa
459 University of South Florida
495 University of North Florida
510 Florida Atlantic University
512 Florida International University
550 Florida Institute of Technology
597 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Not lowballed, jUst low rent ...

Posted by: U Were Saying ?

Who will have more fans at Sun-Life?

A. Barcelona vs Guadalajara on a Wednesday night
B. Home opener vs Ohio State

Dare I say canes by 45k!

Who was the team doc who decided to wiat until the begining of the season to perform the surgery? What the $%*&%(

Henderson is a huge loss, no pun intended.

Seantrel, prayers for a safe surgery, and a positive recovery.
UM wants and NEEDS you.

Dude come on, his surgery is going to be minimally evasive surgery and his expected to be out for 2 weeks. It’s not a fusion. Quit Sensationalizing!

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