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Matt Bosher misses the "family'' (with Warren Sapp sighting and uniform news)

Happy Friday, I hope.

I spoke with new Atlanta Falcon and recently departed UM kicker Matt Bosher by phone this week.

After a long day at training camp, he told me he was relaxing watching some television -- after playing video games.

No way getting around the fact that Matt, who was drafted in the sixth round, will be severely missed.

Matt did it all for the Hurricanes -- place-kicking, kicking off and punting. He told me he is competing to punt for the Falcons and possibly will do kickoffs. The Falcons are the ideal team for a kicker, because they play indoors. Also, Matt said his family can easily hop on a plane or even drive from Jupiter in Palm Beach County to Atlanta.

The Falcons' practice facility is outdoors in Flowery Branch, Ga., about an hour north of Atlanta.

Dalton Botts, who is expected to replace Matt as the punter, was wearing the coveted black jersey at Hurricanes practice Friday. Botts, a 6-3, 198-pound sophomore, is from Taft Union High School in Taft, Calif., about 45 minutes west of Bakersfield, he said.

"I haven't seen him kick, but I've heard good things about him,'' said Bosher, who worked out at UM during the summer at times when Botts was there.

"I met him in the weight room [in July],'' Botts said of Bosher. "He seemed real cool."

Bosher said he enjoys being a Falcon, and that there are "a great group of guys -- great special teams coach and a lot of solid veterans helping me. I have a veteran longsnapper (Joe Zelenki) and kicker (Matt Bryant). They've all been big helps.''

He said camp is going well, but that there was a learning curve for him regarding the new system and its terminology. Bosher is smart, so I doubt there will be any problems in that area.

Bosher said playing at UM "was a dream come true'' and that "everybody there was my family.

"Of course I miss it. Miami became my home. Leaving was tough, but it's a new chapter in my life. That's where I'll always have roots and come back to.''

Bosher said his message to the competing kickers would be: "Just keep working hard, stay confident in what you do and do it to the best of your ability. Always know you have an important job. Don't let the typical  kicker comments detract from what you're trying to do. It's an important role and if you treat it that way you can make an impact in just about every game.''

I asked Bosh about Jake Wieclaw, who has only kicked off once in one game. He's a fourth-year junior and fighting for the starting kicking spot. "That's just how it goes,'' Bosher said. "I had the opportunity to play, but Jake was a great guy, a great kicker. He's still a really good kicker and I'm sure he'll be able to prove that. He's a hard worker and he's confident, and that's good. When it's time to prove himself, he will. Jake is one of the more athletic specialists.''


Former Hurricanes great Warren Sapp showed up at practice this morning a few minutes after the Canes got out there. He said he had never met coach Al Golden. Sapp previously dissed Golden publicly because he said the coach snubbed him when Sapp waited to meet him months ago, and also sent out mean-spirited tweets about UM's hiring of Golden in December.

  A few moments after Sapp walked onto the field, Golden saw Sapp and the two bear-hugged with gusto.  Lots of energy in that Canes lovefest moment. I guess Sapp is now a fan.

Sapp sparked the Hurricanes with a pep talk before the heart of the practice session got underway.


UM recently noted that the Canes would only have two uniforms this season: orange jerseys and white pants for home games, and all-white for road games.

Turns out that the road uniforms now will be white jerseys and orange pants.

When Golden was asked about the back-to-basic uniforms with no other options, as originally relayed, he was surprised (especially about the all-white uni, it seems).

"I don't think we're a [Nike Pro] combat team this year, so that's out. But in terms of the other colors, I haven't even talked to [equipment manager] Bobby [Revilla] or the AD about it. I do have something to do with it. But I didn't know we were going to be all white and what's the other?  We'll get that tied down for you.''

  UM later made the update, and did note, when I called and asked, that other color combinations could be used periodically.

 So for those who love those weird combos or the out-there looks, there's still hope. However, if the Canes keep winning, I'm betting they'll keep it simple.


LT Seantrel Henderson is out-and-about already after back surgery on Aug. 8. Guard Brandon Linder said Henderson spent Thursday with the players and attended position meetings. Henderson is not back at practice and will be out indefinitely.

WR LaRon Byrd and CB Brandon McGee wore yellow non-contact jerseys Friday. McGee was limping but Byrd seemed OK.

Golden said there's no update on the statuses of RB Kevin Grooms, LB Antonio Kinard and DT Corey King. They are still waiting for clearance from the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly called the NCAA Clearinghouse).






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Fact. Half of all good teams games are decided by 2-3 missed or made F.G.'s every year that keeps your team staying within or leading by more than one score by that little sidewinding Soccer player.

Fact, we will miss Bosher more than he misses us.

Hope we have a kicker. It's killed FSU in the past. Florida last year and it's our biggest question scoring wise this year.

Hope Wieclaw steps up. Fact, he will decide outright the difference between a 5-1 or 2-4 6 game stretch with his foot alone.

Good luck in the NFL.

It seems small, but I unfortunately think there will be a game this year were we will really miss the consistency that Matt Bosher brought in both the punting and kicking game. I hope I am wrong. All the best to Bosher in his NFL career and of course to Wieclaw and Botts. We need you guys (especially Wieclaw) to step up this year.

I think it was JJ that said:"the kickers primary job is to kick extra points." If the offense can get touchdowns that's all he will have to do, but you still like to have one that can leg it through from 50 yds out in a pinch.

I thought Miami was going back to the gold pants and helmets like when Carlos Alvarez dominated them and caught 15 balls aginst them in the Orange Bowl.

I wouldn't be surprised if Golden reached out to Sapp and asked him what was up, and, if he had anything to say, he can say it to him and not the media.

I know the Jersey type, I don't like to speak in general terms, but it seems that he doesn't get caught up in bullsheet. What you see is what you get.

I think it was JJ that said:"the kickers primary job is to kick extra points." If the offense can get touchdowns that's all he will have to do, but you still like to have one that can leg it through from 50 yds out in a pinch.

Posted by: IBGO | August 12, 2011 at 07:08 PM

Love him or hate him, Spurrier Coached the same way. Advance, score, bury them.

Wonder if our O.C. Fitch is it ? Feels the same as his mentor ?

golden should be careful of sapp, he might be peddling pot. he shouldnt be allowed any where near the team. his failing the drug tests and erickson not reporting it was a major part of the penalties from the ncaa in the 90s. be carefil al.

sorry, careful

Am I the only one who also liked the green pants or the green jerseys? With white of course, as an all green look is boring.

I think U guys are concerned about the wrong things... (uniforms, etc...). Our focus should be on WINNING! Personally i dont care what they wear... just win!

Yeah afraid U are. I like the deal of returning to our Orange home jersey's with white pants and white shoes along with our away white tops and orange pants and white shoes. That was the best and classiest look. I don't mind the green occasionally as an alternate but the original look from the 80's without a doubt looks the best.

I don't care if they wear fatigues, just kick arse!!!

They never went really crazy with uniforms anyways unless it was some special Nike promo (like Pro Combat or the all greens w/ the orange sleeve). I definitely think the green gear needs to be an option for when we play other teams wearing orange. I remember Clemson vs. UM when both were in orange...brutal.

maybe not

It's good to see Sapp doing OK. I'm sure he had Fortson's attention allday. Anybody know if Donnell bennete and Ryan Collins were with Sapp? I mean, that's how it was back in the day...

Gatorsam you mean that same team that disgraced itself with the Gator Flop and jumping in the dolphin tank?
That same team that ran away from UM after getting pasted in the 80's and 90.s?That same team that refuses to play a competitive out of conference schedule?That same team that had the most players arrested in a 4 year span of any college in Florida EVER?

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