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McDermott, Futch eager to push for starting jobs

CORAL GABLES -- Redshirt freshman Shane McDermott, a U.S. Army All-American out of high school, spent all of last season on the scout team.

Shane McDermott But after impressing coach Al Golden this summer (and a back injury to tackle Seantrel Henderson that has had a ripple effect on the offensive line), McDermott could end up playing a lot more than anticipated, perhaps even starting at center.

"There's a reason I signed with the University of Miami - because I want to start for the University of Miami," said McDermott, who has bulked up from 265 to 295 in one season.

"I just kept working, not worrying about what [Tyler Horn's] doing. Me working hard will make Tyler better, my team better. Either Tyler's going to get better or I'm going to beat Tyler out. That's how championship teams are born, from competition."

McDermott says he's taken the mindset that "it's my job to lose."

"I told myself, `Listen, I just have to keep on working, keep on doing what I'm doing - waking up early, studying the playbook more, keep on pushing.' I know all that hard work will pay off."

McDermott said former offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland saw him as "a true center," but current coach Art Kehoe, "thinks I can play guard and center." McDermott took his first snaps at guard in college during the spring game, but has experience playing all over the offensive line in high school.

"It's really cool not having to make all the line calls - it's nice because that's mostly where I played [guard] in high school," McDermott said. "It's a nice comfort zone."

McDermott said he maxed out at 360 pounds in the bench last year and benches 400. In the squat he pushes 465 pounds, and he is up to 286 pounds from 275 in the power clean.

> McDermott's roommate during the season will be sophomore offensive lineman Brandon Linder. The two are very much into fishing and caught 26 lobsters last week during mini-season here in South Florida.

"We used a bully net with spotlights," McDermott said. "We caught 17 in the morning and when the sun came up we dove for another nine. We split it up. Me and a couple guys ate it at the house. We have fish fries on the offensive line every week. Every week we have a fish fry out our house."

> Of tackle Seantrel Henderson's upcoming back surgery, McDermott said, "It's sad to hear about that, really was a blow to us. But I know Seantrel will be back and working hard as soon as he's ready to do that. We have other people that just have to step up." McDermott said Henderson, who was out at practice watching Saturday, is "encouraging us and everything. His attitude toward it is great."

FUTCH HAS EYES SET ON MIDDLE LINEBACKER JOB: Most of Jordan Futch's career at the University of Miami has been marred by tragedy (the death of his brother) or injury (he played in only 5 games each season as a freshman and sophomore).

But now that he's a senior, the 6-4, 240-pound linebacker is ready to put that all behind him and have a season to remember.

Jordan Futch "I want to be the University of Miami's starting middle linebacker. I want to help this team win and with guys like Sean [Spence] and [Ramon] Buchanan next to me and coaches like [defensive coordinator Mark] D'Onofrio and [linebackers coach Micheal Barrow], there's no reason I can't be successful," said Futch, who will compete with sophomore James Gaines, incoming freshman Gionni Paul and sophomore Kelvin Cain for the starting middle linebacker job.

"I think everybody has a chip on their shoulder, especially me. I think that's something I learned from Ray Lewis [when he spoke to us a few months ago]. He always played with a chip on his shoulder. My chip is real heavy. So, I'm ready to get this monkey off my back and ball out."

Futch has 12 career tackles -- six last year after playing in 12 games, mostly on special teams. He shined brightly in the first of three team scrimmages last spring, leading the team with nine tackles and two sacks. He had six tackles and two sacks in the second scrimmage, including a big hit on former tailback Storm Johnson.

"Competition is fierce. Jimmy Gaines isn't going to lay down. He's a great kid and he's going to push me to be the best," Futch said.



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Great attitude. You have got superb physical skills. Be the dominant MLB that the Canes need. Best of luck!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... The Mediocrity of it all.

McDermott is an idiot...the Lobster Season bag limit per licensed person is 6 per day. He just admitted he and his boy Linder came up with 26 (over double the legal limit). Good job...

So what jbr

Not so fast JBR... Limit is 24 per boat. He also did not say the 26 were in one day. He strikes me as a law abiding kid. He gets the benefit of doubt and of innocence from me.

Isn't it awesome to hear everybody just fired up to go out and prove themselves. When was the last time anybody can remember the U football players looking and talking so focused and determined. Jacory just sounds like he is ready, with a little bit of edgey to his attitude. I think he will shine in this new system when he can change plays at the line. GO CANES!!!!

If he did say 26 all it means is that charlie weiss ate them all....he's a program killa just like his boss.

WTF...hold up. You guys are talking about how many shell fish this kid caught? Man up boys get with the program! This is the U and we are going up to Tally UNDEFEATED in November. Lets talk about that!!!!!!!I;m bleeding U know what colors?

Not in one day? He said "We caught 17 in the morning and when the sun came up we dove for another nine." Sounds like a period of a few hours, let alone one day to me. If he went back to the dock, dropped off the 17 (over bag limit for two people) and then went back out for nine more then he purposely circumvented the law to do so.

Big deal? Probably not. But putting it out there to a reporter means either he is woefully uninformed about the law, scoffs at the regulatory ability of the FWC, believes those laws don't pertain to him or all three.

Either way, if this is the guy challenging for the starting center position (position on line with most need for cerebral ability for line calls, etc.) then I have some questions...

yo...check out the game warden here! lol...hilarious.

GTFOH with that nonsense.

Trailertrashtown 'billies took a break from cooking up meth in their single-wides' bathtubs to count crawfish.


How about giving us some genetic planning advice between bouts of playing recessive gene roulette with your sisters.

Will Jacory take ownership of the QB position? Our season depends on QB play. A 2009 Jacory, plus this offense can give a good year. Can't wait for the opener.

It's All About The U...

The last couple of years, all the conversation was about bringing swagger back, swagger this, swagger that. Now all they're talking about is improvement, competition, team. They're probably far from where we want them, but the building locks are there. Hopefully there's continuity and these buds build in 'U' oak trees...or palm trees, dropping nuts on the Noles and Va Tech heads.

Actually McDormott said that the caught 26, nothing was said about how many were released. Catching 26 is not the same as taking 26; think about it.

The U Train is getting ready to leave the station and run over all ACC opponents on their paths.

Hey JBR before you call someone an idiot, get your facts correct , it is not 6 per person per day bag limit everywhere, right off southbeach you can bag 12 per person per day and in 2 days 2 people can bag 48 lobster. So dont speak so fast next time without knowing whta you are running your mouth about....

JBR--go to Florida sportsman forums, you can see a picture of the catch that the 5 of them had---5 numb nuts, bag limit in the keys would have been 30 for the 5 friends that took 1/2a day to do something the love to do. All had cuurent licenses, all had lobster stamps. Linder was with him too. Ask the FWC officer that checked them out as well. Get a life.

Are we talking football or lobsters? JBR-get a life and stop making something out of nothing....you sound like goody two shoes....

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