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NCAA: Eight Canes must sit out, repay benefits; Aldarius Johnson suspended indefinitely

CORAL GABLES -- The NCAA announced moments ago that eight Hurricanes will face suspensions and be forced to repay benefits in order to be eligible to play again following a decision Tuesday afternoon by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff. 

Of the eight, three received substantial benefits as recruits from former booster Nevin Shapiro and athletics personnel to entice them to enroll at UM, which are considered some of the most serious recruiting violations within the NCAA. Five other students were found to receive less than $500 each as student-athletes at UM.

> Defensive end Olivier Vernon received more than $1,200 in benefits and must miss six games and make repayment of the value of the benefits. 

> Safety Ray Ray Armstrong and tight end Dyron Dye will miss four games and must make repayment. Ray Ray owes $788 and Dye owes $738. 

> Defensive end Marcus Forston, linebacker Sean Spence, defensive end Adewale Ojomo, receiver Travis Benjamin and quarterback Jacory Harris must miss one game and make repayments. Forston received more than $400 in extra benefits. Spence received approximately $275; Ojomo $240; Benjamin $150 and Harris $140.

The NCAA says UM has not submitted any additional reinstatement requests at this time. 

"The NCAA has informed the University of Miami of their decisions regarding the reinstatement of eight student-athletes who were declared ineligible by the University last week,” UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst said in a statement released by The NCAA. “The student-athletes involved have acknowledged receiving improper benefits and will now be responsible for restitution and, in some cases, the student-athletes will also serve game suspensions. They understand that their actions demand consequences.

"This university has the highest standards in all of our academic and athletic endeavors. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to continue to build winning programs with the utmost of integrity. We will be more vigilant in our compliance and continue to work with the NCAA on the joint investigation to determine the facts..

"We appreciate the diligence and understanding of the NCAA staff and its handling of the student-athlete eligibility issues in an expeditious manner. I would also like to thank Coach Golden and his staff for their professionalism and leadership over the past few weeks."

> Additionally, the following football student-athletes have been cleared by the NCAA to play in all competition and each must make repayment in the amount of less than $100: cornerbacks Brandon McGee and JoJo Nicolas, defensive tackle Micanor Regis and safety Vaughn Telemaque.

Linebacker Marcus Robinson has been cleared of any NCAA violations and will not face any penalties.

Finally, UM head coach Al Golden announced that senior wide receiver Aldarius Johnson has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules.

> It's our understanding is all suspensions begin immediately, starting with the season opener at Maryland Sept. 5.


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really T-Ben 1 game for $10.00 u must be kidding

NOW...... can we all just play ball


I'm sure it was a typo

$10? What did he give him a t-shirt? That's ridiculous.

The first real proof of NCAA agreed upon violations. This is gonna be real ugly, no longer just the words of a con-man. They may just make an example here.

Since they are in reverse numerical order, it's pretty safe to say the $10 is a typo and meant to be $210.

Would hate to see what that stripper looked like for $10

WOOOT! not nearly as bad as it could be. I'm actually pretty happy about this. season won't be to terrible.

The football program will be de-emphasized in years to come in much the same way that Vanderbilt (another private university) runs their program. Also, Al Golden is VERY likely to depart after this season (he does indeed have an out clause.

In the years to come, UM will remain a Division 1 program but will not compete at the highest level most of the time, again much like Vanderbilt (or Northwestern to some degree).

This isn't just opinion. I've been at UM for nearly 25 years and have heard PLENTY of talk in this regard. The days of "The U" are over, folks. For good, like it or not.

(and that's all I better say!)

Farce. Facade. These are ALL professional athletes and always have been at UMimi, most corrupt school in the nation historically and once again. Just compare the posh housing, charter travel, unlimited fine dining GIVEN them vs the typical student if you're still a defender. Reset the clock for the next scandal OR eliminate this stain once and for all and let intramural teams use the facilities.

Happy this segment is done now we can get back to the play on the field. Time for Morris, Futch, Rodgers,Swasey, Smith and Dorsett to step up. Next Man Up

Well that wasnt so bad. Willl UM still be sancationed and loss of scholarships?

Keep in mind this is just the first shoe to drop. There will likely be institutional punishment coming down the line.

This is great, I thought it would be worst, hopefully the sanctions are not too bad either, with good recruiting and great, developing coaching THE U will not be down for long, we should all thank Randy Shannon because if he would not have been there this could definitely could have been the death penalty.

This does not look good for Johnson, who was struggling in the first place. $10. What the heck did Benjamin do? But U still got to dole out big-time punishment to administrators, like Shalala. And how does Coker escape this? He put U on this huge downfall in the first place.

Make an example of what? This parasite Shapiro was a predator offering young impressionable kids rides in fancy cars, boats and and access to mansions girls.

The NCAA has spoken and that is it! Sure there will be loss of scholarships and bowl bans but there will be no death penalty or anything even remotely like that. What happened at SMU wasa severe breakdown where coaches, boosters and administrators participated in paying players a salary to play football. Even then, the NCAA realized that the death penalty is excessive and will never apply it again.

This is nowhere near a SMU situation. It was a rogue booster working alone. A walking talking scum bucket that cheated people out of a billion dollars. A professional liar and conman.

he conned the U. That's it! If he would have lived in gainesville, he would have conned UF.

Stop the hating. We will take our medicine and get on with things.

Hopefully Golden sticks around and we rebuild quickly.

I love my canes and I'm glad the drama with the current players is over and done with.

Go Canes!!!!!

Really 100 bucks get you suspended. The dude took the kids to a tity bar and you lose a game. Fin joke!

Marci Pan, Get a clue. You're delusional if you this only happens at UM. we just had a bitter booster who went public.

hey In The Gables: R U serious? U got the kids of generations of players that want to come here. Plus, U got to realize that this is the state of Flo-rida we're talking about. A state stocked with Division I, II, III talent. I don't see a 'Vandy type setting coming.

OK, so some punishment is coming, but after that UM will be back...


Not long enough.

All the B*****s that wanted the U to get the death penalty need to go and sit on a toilet some place.WE don't need you win or lose I don't like cowards.What this boiled down to was much to do about nothing.

(Jacory Harris must miss one game )

Not long enough

NCAA website is saying Benjamin got $150 worth of benefits

In the Gables...I can assure you there will be no "de-emphasis" in regards to Miami football. Belive it or not....alot of students come to The U because of the history of our football team....plus...there is too much money to be made. Suggestion...take the glass off the wall and stop "eavesdropping"....your ears are decieving you.

Thank God Vaughn is cleared to play...at least we will have one guy with experience back there...

I didn't say I WANT the university to de-emphasize the football program, only that there is a LOT of sentiment on campus (including among some who have the power to make such decisions) to do just that.

Don't shoot the messenger, folks. I am simply telling you some of what I've heard. You are free to reject it, but that makes it no less true.

By the way, Shalala is NOT leading the charge in regards to this. My sense is that she is hugely upset and embarrassed, but not among those who want Miami football to be on a smaller stage.

As for Golden, do not expect him back next year (although not impossible). The sanctions are likely to be pretty severe and as a young coach with a bright future you could hardly blame him for looking elsewhere if competing at a high level will be impossible for an extended period at UM.

Most of you guys never spent a day in a UM classroom, and probably no other college for that matter, and act as if this is "your" university.

It is not. The University of Miami is a PRIVATE institution and the decisions they make about the players and the future will be made PRIVATELY.

You have absolutely nothing to do with any of it unless you are on the inside.

So, in one of the stories the media had out there, The U players received "millions" in illegal benefits from Shapiro. With the numbers just reported in the only factual story so far, the average take is about $549 with the current players. That is including $1200 for just one guy. If you spread the average out to 72, that becomes $39-40K. Yes I know there is that $10k check floating out there and more will come of this. I only really say this to point out just how ridiculously this was blown out of proportion. We may get whacked institutionally for this and it may be deserved if this went unchecked. But, I think we can safely assume the death penalty will be nowhere in sight.

I hope Morris is ready to score some points. It's on the Offense now to bail out the young, undermanned defense in Maryland. If we can score 35 I think we'll be OK.

Has anyone scouted Maryland? Who do we need to worry about? Do they have any superior players?

Screw the u...Hang them all.


Did I miss something here? I thought all this Shapiro-pay-for-strippers-and-illegal-benefits-stuff was just heresay, inuendo, and rumor promulgated by a lying Ponzi schemer???

Wait 'till Gino and Michael here about this!

Thank God for football, what do you think this underprevilage kids, would be doing if it was not for football,I don't think they are the one's that should be punished.
Kids are kids, the people that allowed that to happend are the ones that should be punished.
and it is not only the UM is allover.
beside there was no claim for recruting inproperty.
Like Auburn

"In the gables" dont know sh*t, first he's at UM then he hears about UM?? dude your lame bro. I'm glad this parts over.

"Glue hands" suspended indefinitely??


'In the Gables', tell the truth, you know your name really is 'in Trailersville' and Cool Cat, that was one of your best post ever sir.

I am amazed at the criticism towards these students. I went to UM and what these guys are accused of doing over their entire 3-4 year careers at UM is the type of thing I would do every single weekend. And no one throws any blame at colleges who overcharge and underperform, or the NCAA admins who bring home over $1 million per year on the backs of modern day slaves. The whole system is a joke and anyone on here who blames UM is oblivious to it all. What this Shapiro guy did (if true) wouldn't even cause a stir in the SEC. Entire system needs revamped. Go Canes

jj, columbo why dont you both go eat $hit & die.

TB3 suspended for accepting a 10 dollar gift certificate???? wow, jc penney sends me a 10 dollar coupon for any 10 dollar value items every month, i could pay that 10 bucks for TB but i'm afraid the NCAA might suspend him for another game.

Well, we have to see how far back they go! They are re-doing the rule book, from what the chatter is, they will hit the coaches HARD!!! The school program not so much, and that's fair. The kids get bashed, but it's the culture that is established. Let's hope that the NCAA does not destroy the program(I don't think so), as for JJ, you could of used a better mantra for the discipline to administered to the players(mostly black southern players!)

Here is the MAIN question:

What’s going to happen to the main culprits (i.e. Paul Dee, Kirby Hocutt, Larry Coker, Randy Shanon, and Dona Shalala)? And, what about Frank Haith? What was his role in all that may still surround the basketball program?

It all occurred under their watch!!

The biggest pain for us at The U will be the OSU and FSU games.

And the final point is that Shalala needs to do whatever it takes to make 100% SURE that Coach Al Golden remains at The U. This is extremely critical, in my opinion!!

there is no institutional crap here. think about it, if shanon chased him away when he came in and warned all players and assistants to stay clear of him or else, and somehow, he circumvented shanon's control and went behind his back to affect his recruits without shanon's knowledge. this shows the actions of a rogue booster that had no respect for the institution's rules.

I read at other Sites that have Benjamin receiving more than $150 which is why he is being suspended for 1 game... There is a typo on this site/blog...


I pray that Coach Golden sticks with us.

Let's play some ball! Go Canes! Slow down the Terps!

Manny says Benjamin was $150 and it was a typo. FYI

Not such a sexy story after all!!!! $300 to $400 on average
in dinner, drinks ect. Big effn deal! I am stoked, and proud to be a Miami Hurricane!!!!!!

I think we hurt the most on the D line

To all the jackwagon gator/seminole trolls that were calling for the death penalty, eat sh_t boys. This fish wrapper of a paper should be begging the U to donate money to the program as once again the MH is made to look really foolish by running with a story that has no backbone. The U should ban this paper and only speak to the sentinel.

I'll take it..We'll miss Ray ray, but almost all are back for F$U

The whole college football world has speculated for weeks over what turned out to be nothing more than good ratings on espn's 30 for 30 and radio yada yada. I for one am tired of the crap! In Gables take your drama and shove it! I'm ready for some college football! Can't wait for Thursday night and what will be a great holiday weekend peaking with the Canes on Monday night!
Go Canes!

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