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News from Coach Golden's presser today (and good QB-related quotes)

Coach Golden spoke to the media today, a day before the Canes begin preseason camp.

He's psyched, for sure. It really DOES seem like a new era at UM. Now, we'll see how the Canes respond. 

Some highlights:

> On the status of 6-8, 345-pound offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, who will undergo back surgery:

Golden: "He is going to get surgery. There’s not a person walking the planet that knows what that’s going to mean. They won’t know until they actually do it. They won’t know what kind of recovery that’s going to be. And as in all these cases, if it looks like it’s going to be a long-term thing I will announce that, as we have with Shayon [Green] and several of the other players in the spring. But right now we don’t know what the extent of that actual pain or what they’re trying to relieve is. Hopefully we’ll get good news."

> We all were wondering about why exactly Eduardo Clements was moved back to RB from safety, where he was moved during the spring. Now we have a much clearer picture. Turns out that South Broward High star RB Kevin Grooms, who WILL be played at RB if he makes it to UM, is one of three incoming players with NCAA Clearinghouse issues.

Golden did not go into detail, other than to say Grooms, DT Corey King (West Boca High) and LB Antonio Kinard (Youngstown Ohio, Hargrave Military Academy) have NCAA Clearinghouse issues and he'll let us know if "it doesn't look favorable.''

> Golden's main message during fall camp: "Conditioning and unity.''

Can't go wrong there  The conditioning part is huge, and will be key this season. And of course, unity is always important.

> What unit would you like to see the most improvement from?

 "The quarterback position has to show the most improvement. Like many, I’m a firm believer that quarterback play really dictates the outcome of games for the most part. Our qb position has to be the most improved coming out of preseason camp and I also think our secondary has to be the most improved. We have some talent there. We’re inexperienced in certain areas but we have some maturity there, when you think of  [Mike] Williams and [Lee] Chambers and JoJo [Nicolas] and of course the safeties. Our secondary as a unit, playing together and being cohesive and being confident with the defensive calls and not having any blown assignments will be critical for us."

> Will Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris have freedom to change plays, audibles, at line. What’s your philosophy?

"They will, they will, absolutely. You have to trust them to get us in the right look. It’s part of our system, so they will be doing more of that than they have been."

> Talk about you decision to move Eduardo Clements back to running back?

 "For us it’s about getting the best players on the field. The coaches always rank the players on offense and defense and if a guy is not in the mix in a certain position or it looks like he can help us out at another position, and in Eduardo’s case, running back, kick returner, punt returner, special teams guy, all those things. It looks right now that his best chance to do that is at running back. Is that going to change during camp? I could change for a number of players. But our job as coaches is to get the best 22 on the field and we think right now that he has a better shot to impact this team and help this team on offense."

Between the qb competition, what’s the standards on which you’ll base your evaluation, what would you place the most emphasis on?

"Obviously completion percentage is critical. Interceptions – critical. Leadership, decision-making. All of those things will factor in, and they’ll be evaluated every day and as we start here. Stephen and Jacory will probably rotate series. It’s not like a scrimmage. In practice it’s segments. So, if we’re doing a seven-on-seven segment, Jacory may go with the ones and Stephen with the twos. And the next segment, if it’s a perimeter period they might just switch.

"They’ll both get ample opportunity to throw with the No. 1 receivers and we’re going to chart them everyday. We know what it needs to look like in terms of us improving, bringing the turnovers down, bringing our interceptions down and obviously making better decisions with the football most particularly in the red zone. If that doesn’t get fixed by one of them, that’s going to be an easy decision to make by us as a staff."

> Any one quarterback have an advantage going in?  I think it’s a dead heat. I really do. And again I can say it publicly but I’ve also said it privately. There are people really close to me that say, ‘OK, now tell me the truth.’ And I said, ‘Here’s the truth. This is a dead heat and this will be decided here in the next 14, 15 days.’’’

Also, Golden said Shane McDermott and Tyler Horn "are in a big battle at center'' and Joel Figueroa -- "Figs'' -- "looks like he's really healthy. He'll have something to say at guard. And former guard Brandon [Washington] certainly looks like he has the feet to play in space and play tackle.''

 >QB transfer Ryan Williams (from Memphis) has applied for an NCAA hardship waiver to play right away but Golden said he couldn't talk about it now and he'd let us know if the NCAA permits him to play this season. However, right now he is not eligible to play.

>Golden is adamant about the Hurricanes not getting excessive celebration penalties. This year if someone is celebrating as they approach the end zone with the ball -- en route to a touchdown -- the touchdown will be called back.

"It better not happen,'' Golden said. "It's very simple.''









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Nice job Susan. I love what Golden is selling!

Nice article, but could someone tell me why we're getting Dolphins articles on our page? We've had extended periods of seeing nothing on the Canes football pages. And now that football is right around the corner we've got to read about the Dolphins? They've got plenty of space with old liberal Obama loving Cote. Keep them there.

This might be J12's last chance to impress the big league folks. If he doesn't produce, there are second chances, but RS might have gone a little too far with those second chances. But the cubbard was a little bare...

U have to have a un oriented offense with Miller and James. Clements ain't bad, and kept his his up when he got switched. I say play the 3 of 'em. Clements could turn out to be a secret weapon type of guy, heck I'd line Clements up at TE, too — definitely ahead of Ford.

Selling pie in the sky until he wins games. To move JoJo to corner when he cannot play in open space as a safety is suspect. I know Al Golden from his days at Virginia and if you look at VA's roster back in 2002-04; the corners were bigger, slower, and could not cover fast WRs. I would admit that they were good at the point of attach with the run. As an opposing coach, I would throw the ball every down towards JoJo.

Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris are thrilled new coordinator Jedd Fisch has given them the authority to change plays at the line, unlike last year: “Big help,” Morris said. “We want no wasted plays.”…


**Harris to the line of scrimmage... looks like he's checking off to a different play as the defense "shows" blitz... the snap.. the defense drops back into coverage... Harris drops back... stares down his reciever to the wide side and lets one fly down the far sideline ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3P742lHya8 ... the ball is begining to flutter and hang in the air ... Over the top Safety help is there and ... ... IT's PICKED OFF !!!**


"Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris are thrilled new coordinator Jedd Fisch has given them the authority to change plays at the line ..."

So are opposing salivating D-Coordinators ... U can bet that.

That new NCAA rule that doesn't allow celebration before entering the endzone is a downright bad idea. Some other actions can be misinterpreted as celebration before a TD such as looking back to see if a d player is gaining on them.

That's bad that even canes fans talk so bad about jacory.all I care to say is the boy has played through significant injuries the last two plus years.his confidence has been shattered cause he's being questioned by the same band wagon groupie fans that ran marve out of town.common sense says golden gives the job to jacory cause he is a senior and it's his last chance. If it goes the other way and he starts Morris(who will be very good)and has to pull him for jacory than we would be dealing with Morris and a bruised ego for two more years .just relax and trust in jacory.before he was gave a route and allowed two hot reads.now he can read the defense and do what he must.j12 is very football savvy.you'll see,then everybody will realize what randys problem really was and that's he held kids back in his vision rather than developing them to their potential

I have to agree with you NCAA IDea re: the celebration rule. Guarantee you that there will be some major controversy over some calls this season, and one mistake by an official could change the result of a game. It's like the players can't have any fun anymore. I understand about after a TD is scored, the thing all coaches are stressing is to celebrate with your teammates. That's fine. But this new rule is shaky.

That's one thing Gatr trash won't have to worry about. They won't be scoring any TDs anyway. Well, maybe against their weak schedule they will.

The nation's No. 1 offensive tackle and No. 7 overall prospect Decides @ 7pm Tonight

D.J. Humphries will choose among Auburn, Clemson, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Humphries, 6-foot-6 and 275 pounds, has a clearer head now and is ready to announce his decision at his his high school at 7 p.m. tonight. Humphries will decide between Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson and South Carolina. Most feel that the Gators and Vols are in the lead, with Florida the favorite.

Don't see U in there anywhere ... Get Used to it Cane Fan. When all these Top 4-5 Star kids start to commit, U will be nowhere in sight. Which is exactly way Goldie is stocking up early with average quantity...

So I take it Ninja style backflips all the way the endzone will be frowned upon even if it is a superior technique?

Posted by: Canealums4life

If Jacory was only given 2 routes and still found a way to throw a pick, I don't want to find out what happens when he has to read a defense.

Jacory has started most of his career, it's time we try something different.

Practice tomorrow, a beautiful thing.

Canes will be the best coached team in the country. Ready for Maryland.

Can't wait I am gonna be at the Miami vs Virginia Tech game OCT. 8th. Just curious but what is ncaa clearing house? I know it has to do with academic problems but what exactly do they have to go through. Thanks go Canes!

D.J. Humphries picks Florida Gators...


Mr. Humphries, meet Mr. Patchan and Mr. Colon. They were just like you 4 and 11 years ago, respectively. This is your future. You have flushed any NFL aspirations down the toilet (which, coincidentally, is where your college is located).

Career killing program claims another. GAtr trash.

What a poor choice. The cesspool strikes again.

NCAA keeps killing our sport with those ridiculous penalties... hey let them celebrate and bring the fun back to the game!!! It is not fair to call a TD back for celebration TOTALY ridiculous



The Best TWO O-Tackles Recruits heading to Titletown...

Bookends til 2015 ... See U and Ur ** Stars in 2013 chUmp.

Get Ur Phat # 77 a "Cane"

Muschamp is ready to kill another program i see!


Didn't muschamp single handedly ruin Texas? Their D went to he11 once he was hired . Thats why Mack Brown Hired him as coach in waiting...Job security.

Title town? Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

5 titles in the only 3 sports that matter does not a title town make

Try Nine. Nueve. 9! Beeeeeothc!

We are title town. We are the U. Uf is beneath us. Get used to it.

You sound like 2 yrs ago when yiu recruited Brantley. Hhahahahahahahahahahah. How did that turn out beetch?

On our own note, the fact that jacorry and morris are in a dead heat PROVES how mediocre jacorry is. H shold be leagues ahead of morris. As a senior, there should be no question he should be ahead and morris soild be #2, but thi is rididculous!

What are they seeing? Ints? More ints?

Canealumlife, the fans did not run Robert Marve out of town, that dubious distinction belongs to Randy Shannon himself. Now maybe Jacory does turn his career around but he does not deserve it based on the fact that he is a senior. If Morris beats him out then Morris is the man, period. I do see much more upside in Morris than I do in Harris but the one I am interested in seeing is this Williams kid and how he performs. It would be great if he would be eligible this year, should he be granted it rather than sitting out the whole year. Then we would have three guys to push each other rather than just the two we have now. Looking at Jacory though if the guy would just step into all of his throws instead of putting so much touch on them he wouldn't have half the int's he has had.

Morris threw more td passes last year and he was a backup. Your qb situation is bleek with a couple of backups that have never seen the field. That is why brantly is gaurenteed to be starter. And he sucks. Plus your O-line sucks too. This will be fun to watch.

I want to see emotion in the game. I don;t want to see a bunch of emotionless robots play football. The refs should stick to refereeing the game, not trying to referee etiquette according to the white man's rules. Let people be themselves. Vince "Racist" Dooley is the one who started it all.

sid cane,
you got it! passion is the theme and, when combined with execution, you win.


I am excited about Coach Golden. Hopefully, we will see results quickly this season. QB is a major pivotal issue. The ESPN U guy, Tom Luginbill, believes Morris has more upside. We shall see.
Go Canes!

Check that!
Make it Samoa who has the right idea on the power of emotion in football!

Samoa is spot on man! These rules exist only to take out the natural swagg that lives in most brothers that play ball. It was barely tolerable when just the black kids were doing it. But now that some white brothers are flexing after a big hit or showing some flare after a nice throw; the old white establishment can't take it. I wish the 60 and 70 year olds that make the rules would just go ahead and retire, die off or just leave the game altogether. Let some of the 40yr old guys who are used to and more tolerant of hip hop culture take over.

Notice the NFL. Goodell has cracked down on the unsafe hits, but the cats still show their flare in the game without penalty flags. Goodell is younger and much more aware of today's culture. Those old foggies in college long for the days of Red Grange and the 4 horsemen of ND. Well that sh*t is over and it ain't coming back so get used to it.

Canes on the feel this morning. WE READY, WE READY, WE READY FOR YALL!!!

Morris has to start this year. We need to make moves for the future, Jacory had his shot.

I'm with Samoa....

Refs need to spend more time making sure they're getting calls right, instead of looking for guys high-stepping or holding up the ball.

It's college.

They're kids.

Get a grip.

Personally, I wish College Football was like it was in the 80's in regards to the unsportsmanlike penalties. This brand that these old farts are implementing is boring. It has gotten so bad that the NFL is where we as fans look for creative entertainment from players. It used to be the opposite. I'm sick of these ref's calling penalties for nothing. The NCAA acts like a bunch of old Britain's with sticks up their rearends saying "no no no we can't have U guys having emotion and fun out there. News flash dipsticks this is football not croquet. U want a gentlemans game go play golf. Its just like Tiger pumping his fists and letting his emotion out. Thats what got alot of people interested in Golf and made the sport money. But thenthey started telling Tiger to tone it down and the sport and Tiger got boring again. If I was Tiger I'd tell those old farts to go F themselves that I would play like I want to and they could shut up and like it. Same thing with CFB, emotion and the guys entertaining made this sport a money making machine but what the NCAA fails to understand is that nobody wants to see a guy score and hand the ball to an official. I know I don't. The sport needs a little Randal Hill and Michael Irvin in it nowdays.

Is it just me but Morris didn't impress me

No thanks, I d really RATHER NOT trust in Jacory.Got to be Morris all the way as the starter now for the U.Jacory had a zillion chances and did not define what a winning QB should be at the U.Sorry.Incidentally, with the dumb new no celebrating a TD rule for a call-back to zero points......if it were basketballl...they d outlaw the DUNK.Very,very, dumb idea that went way too far.Guess that means no more sumersaults into the end zone when a player is joyous and scores.Guess if you can muffle the enthusiasm and slow down the game....alot of other crappy teams will have more of a chance to keep the game a little closer.DUMB IDEA FOR SURE.

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