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QBs still neck and neck. Who do you think should be named starter? Also: Howard Schnellenberger to make announcement at 4 p.m.

So, as of Thursday, we still don't have a clear picture -- or even fuzzy one -- of who the starting quarterback will be for the Hurricanes.

I asked Coach Al Golden, "Are you hoping to wait until after the second scrimmage to decide the starter at quarterback?"

Golden: "Sure. Yeah. Again, we’ve had five practices now and you look at the stats, you look at the completion percentages, you look at the touchdowns, you look at all that and it’s like a dead heat right now. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved before that time."

Is that good?

Golden: "Yeah, it’s good. If they’re going to keep competing that’s great. I think that’s awesome. Neither one is backing down and the team is rallying around both of them. So all those things are important right now.''

Since we don't see the qbs competing against each other in practice I'm not sure how good it really is. Are they both doing great? Are they both so-so? Or not-so-great?

 So if you were the coach, and the two were truly in a dead heat after the second scrimmage (Aug. 22), would you

1. Wait to make your decision and announcement until closer to the Sept. 5 opener?

2. Make your decision and stick to it.

And if you had to make the decision right now, knowing both are in a "dead heat,'' who would you pick and why? Jacory Harris or Stephen Morris.

I have my thoughts but am a bit hesitant to throw it out there (I am not a columnist, though the lines sure are blurred these days with this new media stuff).

What do you guys think?


> Blake Ayles is injured and sat out again Thursday. For the record, Coach Golden said the reason he came out of practice earlier this week was not heat-related.

"Blake is dealing with a little injury right now,'' Golden said. "Hopefully it will be day to day with him. But he’s good on his assignments. Obviously at his age, from a technical standpoint, he’s solid so he’ll get back soon."

> Former defensive lineman Dyron Dye has been moved to tight end.

In closing, FAU has called a press conference for 4 p.m. Word is that Howard Schnellenberger will announce he is retiring after this season. I have a soft spot for Howard. How can you not? The man brought UM its first national title. I know he bolted, but what a great figure and representative for UM. Let's face it, he might be the FAU coach, but he'll always be a Hurricane.




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It's All About The U.....

If U have to choose between 2 Q.B.'s it only means that U don't have "the one" in the first place ...

MarylandCane, you going to the game? How do the locals think they will do against the Canes?

Howard is a Cane through and through, and I know he regrets leaving every time he sees the Canes win another title.

But he put FAU on the map, so he now has two schools that thank him for being there.

I would waite to make a decison closer to the Sept. 5, 2011 opener. That way both QB's can get as many reps as possible with the first team and be ready to step in if an injury occurs or one of the two is not performing up to par. Two QB system might be the way to go this season. I know I am going back a long ways but similar to the Dolphins and WoodStrock in the 1980's. David Woodley and Don Strock. Got them to the Superbowl once with that system. Work pretty well for Spurrier at Florida a couple of times in the 1990's.

If they truly are in a dead heat then I would start J12. I think from a mental stand point if you don't start a Sr he's a lot easier to lose than a Sophmore. With that said, as of the end of last year, IMO Morris gives us the best chance of winning. But what does last year mean now?

I always wonder how many National Championships Miami would have had if Schnelberger would have stayed at Miami. My bet he would have had more than the Bear, Woody or that jerk coach from Oklahoma tha Jimmy beat for his National Championship!

My impression of the situation is that neither quarterback is playing all that well, which is unfortunate. That is the bad news and makes me think we shouldn't expect much out of the position this year.

The good news is that it sounds like they QBs are at least cutting down on turnovers. Simply doing that will make a huge difference to this team, which has a good OL, run game, and D.

What does this all mean, I think Harris ends up winning the job (somewhat by default/experience). This is not ideal b/c you want your want a positive difference maker out of the QB position, but if he does a better job of managing games we should still see our record improve.

Wtf Yall tripping about, the problem has been turnovers and penalties. Fix that we atleast 10 wins, we got 7 games at home, I think we win them all. Problems being FSU, VT and UNC on the road.2 losses come from that...if we win 2 we will have a special season. One thing people don't realize is how terrible Shannon was at gameplanning. He sucked, Golden kept temple in games they had no business being in, and let's not forget he coached those Virginia defense in the early 2000s. Let's go biatches

Good posts everyone.

I'd wait until they've had time to get used to the offense. That means wait until as close to the opener as possbile to see who grows the most in the new offense.


FYI: J12 is the starting QB. The players know that if J12 doesn't perform, then he's out. U got to remember. J12 came from a spread offense at NW and played under two OC's that did not know anything. Then he was injured and had to deal with Benjamin not keeping the ball from DB's.

Like I said before, one man does not lose a game and U don't understand that unless U played the game.

U start J12. U should beat Maryland, but U are the "hunted" right now. U have to get back to being the "hunter."

J12 still has something to prove, I think he will have a great this year. Canes will shock the country this year. They have all the talent and great coaching I wouldn't be shcked if they win 12 games this year or maybe even win the championship. Don't forget nobody picked Aburn last year and look what they did. J12 still has something left. Buy your tickets, I 've bought 3 season tickets.

Good posts everyone.

Posted by: Susan Miller Degnan | August 11, 2011 at 02:30 PM

Thank you, I know... Mine was the best and most truthful.

The offensive line, running backs, and playcalling will all be better. The dropoff in WRs will not be much despite the loss of Hankerson. So, just having those improvements will improve JH and SM's stats and performance.

Less pressure on Harris means we get the Harris of the second half of the Oklahoma game in 2009.

Less pressure on Morris means we get the Morris of the end of the Maryland game in 2010.

Having two QBs is not a terrible thing to happen. We could be stuck with just one bad QB like a team further north is stuck with.

Howard Schnellenberger is class, and a class unto himself. He took UM to a title, Louisville to a level of success not seen there, and build an FAU program from a bare field and no equipment to a team with its own stadium. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

Personally I'm very tired talking about our QB situation. I still have hope for Harris but deep down (IMO) Morris will lead us.

Now to Howard...

Coach, thank you for your kept promises, bringing our community together during a time of turmoil in our city, and thank you for our first championship. I would also like to thank Mrs. Schnellenberger for pushing to you take the Miami job while others were being offered to you. Though I was 4yrs old when we won our first title my mother would tell me that I would go nuts when I saw my Canes on tv. Very little has changed from that, and I'm 32yrs old now. I had the pleasure of meeting you at one of your youth football summer camps while in highschool and I completely understand what your former players meant by the "fear/respect" they had for you when you walked into the room or field. I still have our picture taken that day at camp framed on my wall.

In closing I would like to wish you the best in everything you take on now with your new life. You were are and always will be a Miami Hurricane.

Thank you


D. Hernandez, I'm tired of it too. But as the quarterback goes, this team will go (which I'm sure you're aware of, just tired of talking about it). And very nice tribute to Howard!

Thank you Susan.

GO CANES ! ! !


Well everyon e has made terrific points. But everyone who is doubting J12 has another thing coming. J12 is fixin to look like "Kenny Kelly" with qb smarts of Torretta,Dorsey,Kelly. This kid has already threw 50 td's. Everyone wants to talk about his 50 picks. But this kid is going out with a bang. He will start over Morris and besides how most of the fans had talked negative about this young man he's going to work hard and prove alot of things to everyone. When J12 does good this year do not jump on his band wagon. I don't know this man from a bag of sugar to salt. But I see alot of potential with him.

If the J12 who beat FSU 2 years ago up there somehow shows up this season....we will contend for a BCS title. He proved he can play under adverse conditions....I think it's all mental for him from here on out.

The last time J12 started fresh with a new OC, he had a solid year...(see 09)...this time he's starting fresh again in a system that will utilize the TE's and RB's more in the passing game (safer passes) and he has the authority to change the play at the line (audible)...something he could've done in high school....Jacory will have a solid year...behind a GREAT running game and GREAT offensive line...

"Howard Schellenburger" congrads to your success as a coach. If I was Golden I would have u on the sidelines with us on the home games. Help fire these kids up and talk to them when they are off beat or something. But congrads once again Howard.

To all the Miami fans can we say 10-2 this yr? The team that no one is paying attention to is "Virginia Cavaliers". They're bringing back 19 starters. And they had a good recruiting class. So folks be on the look out for them. I know they name doesn't mean alot to some folks but be aware of them. They could help us climb the top 15-25 real quick and easy.

At the risk of being banned, I’ll repost this from another blog. Pretty much sums up what’s going on with your two programs and the back n forth bickering between Cane and Gator fans. I actually find it quite amusing how much you are like oneanother and hope that it continues as you fans fight over the barely Top-25 table scraps. You guys are a perfect team.

See you both soon enough. Expect the same results as last year. It’s what your two teams fans have in common. Ur shoes fit each other. No if’s n buts.

Leeeroyyyyyyyyy Jeennnnnkins Says

OK guys … if we can just get past FSU and if our QB’s plays well and if our Center can get the ball to him and if the Line doesn’t hold or jump offside and if we get catches from our TE’s and if the RB’s stay healthy and if our WR’s mature and if the corners gell as a unit and if we get good LB play and if our Safeties can tackle and if our special teams can be special and if the coaches develope the talent and if the DT depth comes around and if we don’t throw picks or fumble and if we FINALLY get the Officials not to hate on us and if we just get some breaks … We’ll Win’em All !!! Conference and BCS CHAMPS !!!

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp… The U, The U, The U, Woooooooooo !!!


(gotta admit.that’s some funny shh.)

Of course Coach Schllenberger will always be a CANE.He brought the U it s first NC ever.That was very difficult to do for anyone the first time at a major university.He s a legend and has the utmost respect from all Cane fans and across the country - I have no doubt.Thanks, Coach for your tremendous accomplishment here and everywhere else you have been.You re a WINNER.

2011 FSU looks a lot like 2009 Ole Miss. Nothing is proven up in Tally yet. They got talent but that was a majorly up and down team last year that hasnt proven any consistency yet

Great idea for the tribute to Howard. He put us on the map.
At the risk of an oh no another comment about the qb's. Here it goes.
College football is a business. From that angle you have two people even up and one is going to be around for maybe four months or someone who will be around for 36 months. Who do you invest your time and effort into?? Really easy decision.
That does not even bring into account if these two guys are both even in a new system, go with the one with the most upside potential.
In both of these cases the clear decision under those circumstances says Morris should be it.
Now look at arm strength, Morris again
Now look at decisipn making ability again Morris is ahead and has more upside potential.
Sorry folks if mr interception Harris starts we are in trouble.
Go U. Beat him out clean Steve.

Moi's bottom dollar Benjamin is on one Jacory Harris winning the starting signal caller job.

And I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that Coach Golden names the starting QB a week prior to the opening game on Labor Day noche. Instead of the projected date of circa Augusto 22nd/23rd.

Free Shoe U,
That qb emmanuel you have starting this year, what a stud..6 tds and 4 picks last year. Wow. Overwhelming. You better hope YOUR qb situation works out KETTLE.

5 TITLES: Catch up son.

Jacory is going to have a very successful season. Why don't all of you be true Miami fans and give him your support. A real fan supports their team through thick and thin. Let's go J12!

For a successful season we need Harris on the bench, a spot he has earned.

At this point I would say go with Morris since he has the most upside and years of eligibiilty left. But then again I haven't seen Harris this year. From what I hear he is bigger and throwing with more zip than in the past. Jacory does have the guts to stand in there and take a hit and no one can deny the kids toughness. Only the coaches know what's best to do. One thing is for sure, this is the first time that Harris has had to fight for his job which can only make him better. There's no more Daddy Day Care Shannon protecting him and making sure he is the starter which is refreshing. I see a previous posters point in that If they start Harris, he has to know U have confidence in him and let the kid play. Some Turnovers and INts are going to happen but a lot of Jacory's could have been prevented last year. I say this if Golden starts harris and his play sucks like it did against ND in the bowl game last year then its Morris all the way. But to be honest with everyone, based on what I have seen from both of them they both seem like backup QB's that play their best when they are coming off the bench. Jacory did that his first year behind Marve, and Stephen played better in a backup role as well. Maybe the kid from Memphis will get to play immediately because of all three of them he has more of a starter's mentallity than the other two.

Cool Cat, FYI U don't know S h 1 T! Quit blaming Benjamin and everyone else in the Universe for Jacory's int's. The only game U have played is on a playstation so shut up. And do tell me how a team that went 7-6 is hunted. Learn the game before U make a comment numnut's. But the U is hunting your Gator's.

championships, you are absolutely right, "cool cat" comes on here stiring things up, must be a high school drop out because you can figure his BS out two words into his post. Take your gatah troll arss off our board.

Really ...Who cares who starts at the QB. Trust the coaches! When the fish won the two SB;s they were the best conditioned team in the NFL. Our canes the same thing w our 5 and almost 3 more championships. EMMM guess Golden got the message. How bout yall? When you're in condition in Miami with the high heat and humidity you litterally laugh at other teams tough bloviating in the first quarter. Add game management..with our talent,,,,,,Kaachiiinnng!

Cool cat is a reetard or a gatr. He never says anything that makes sense, is a jacorry and shannon apologist, and is a babbler.

Cool cat, get it through your thick noggen. Jacorry stunk. He blew games. He had key ints in the redzone. Like that one vs osu. He never should have thrown that usf int. 2 yrs ago, he single handedly gave the game to clemson with 2 pick sixes. Shannon is worse than bad. I hear fau may get him.

Coach shnellie is a local hero. He can walk alone down l-town or o-town and wont get mugged. He is respected and loved by canes fans. He brought us to the promised land. Coach shnellie we love you. Good luck.

I would pick jacorry if they are even. Make him the starter now, give him 2 weeks two prepare, and at the very sign he is foltding in real game play,m pull the hook forever, and give the ball to morris.


Nice topic and plenty of interesting comments from the Canes fans. Here's my two cents (which are somewhat repeats of other comments-but in my own font-so to speak)

First and foremost, normally (and I stress normallY) if you are neck and neck with a Sophmore, you go with the Sophmore, especially if you are trying to build for the future with the Sophmore (this is how its now being done in the NFL). Jacory showed a great deal of potential his first full year as the starter. However, Something happened to Jacory last year and none of us know what. Maybe its because teams picked up on his inability to throw down field or maybe it was Whipple's offense that was figured out rather quickly by Defensive Coordinators or maybe it was (as it has been rumored) that the QBs were taught to throw to a spot on the field rather than throwing to a player or they were not allowed to audible out of plays as it was hinted the other day, who knows. Bottom line J12 appeared to have checked out. Even a recent interview with him after practice showed me something that was peculiar about him. He said, when discussing team goals, this team could go undefeated or it could end up without a win. Seriously? Seriously? He said that out loud. That to me sounds like he may still be "checked out." Where's the mentality that we're going to kick the Shiznit out of you anytime and anywhere?

Now, I stressed normally that I would go with the younger kid in these circumstances. However, Shannon's (downright ignorant) decision to take 8 friends and teammates from the same school serves as a number one road block to doing so. His decision to accept the Northwestern team all at once put a huge mortgage on UM's future. If you take this further, we all know now that RS was showing favorites and others were put into Shannon's Dog house. Did any of Jacory's buds get placed in the Dog house and that angered the group and they quit playing? With the exception of Spence and Washington, which of the NW players contributed last year in any meaningful manner? With that said, what choice does Golden have? How can he go with Morris, with such a highly leveraged locker room?

I'd pick Morris because he's a better QB. Morris took his lumps last year and will continue to at the begining of the season, but there's something about this kid. Great arm, he can move in the pocket, and he can play under pressure.

Jacory is a 3 year starter and he still can't beat Morris out. We're better off with Jacory on the bench. He's a nice kid, but he's had his chance.

It's important Golden picks one QB and sticks with him. Morris need to be given a chance. If he can't play you start a freshman next year.

Three things:
#1. I love Hurricane Howard. He got the head coaching job when i was a soph at the U. The 'Canes need to put him in their hall of fame.

#2 Can the 'Noles win something, an ACC championship, SOMETHING, before they start talking sheet?

#3 I got to go with Morris. We will go 8-4, or 10-2 with EITHER GUY. What is the upside for '12? Play Morris.

Oooooooooooooooooooh C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!

To cut to the chase about how all UM fans should feel about Coach Schnelly: If it were not for him, we may not even have a team to cheer/complain/argue about. We talk about him winning UM's first championship, which he of course did, but UM would not have even had a football program if had failed when he took over. He was given the last chance of reviving the program. He not only revived it, but he built the foundation for a dynasty. What he did with UM, could not be done today in the landscape of D-1 football- turn a floundering program (UM was at the time) into a dynasty. Even though we all also love Jimmy, the question that we will always have about Coach Schnellies tenure is, how many championships would he have won if he had not decided to go coach the Orlando Renegades (which he ironically never coached a down for).

Wow. Great job by all giving really thoughtful, well-presented opinions. Thank you everyone.

Susan. Please do not let this blog degenerate to the level of Armandos on the FIN app

Who ever Golden thinks is the better option is fine with me; however, you guys dont think Whipple play calling or not allowing the QBs to make changes at the line could have contributed to the INTs at all...remember both were INT machines, J12 more because he played more....clean slate for everyone on the team this year, run with em, or run from em......... []_[]!!!!!!!!

FYI--- In HS that was J12's strong point---calling/changing the play at the line, why would the last coaching staff change that---hmmmmmmmm????

I know folks are concerned with the impact of playing Harris versus Morris and it's impact on next year.

I just want to remind folks that next year we will likely have Ryan Williams as the QB. I beleive he is better than either one of these guys, and if he can get the hardship waiver from the NCAA, could even start the Maryland game. After all, he has as much exposure to Golden as the other two.

Teams have less film on Morris, and are more nervous about facing a Canes team without Harris. Teams have even less film on Williams, and would be more nervous about facing a Canes team with Williams at QB.

Seems to me that we can go with one, and if they fail go to the other, but Harris has been given SO MANY last chances, under Whipple, that Morris deserves at least one first chance if Williams is not available.

It's a shame we don't have a practice game like FSU and UF has, but instead, we go straight into a tough ACC game against a Maryland team that was ranked last year, on the road. So Golden has little room for error.

That ND game, where Harris threw three INTs when he was trying to impress his new coach, should be what weighs in on Morris' favor. I have never seen Morris play that poorly, even when he was thrown in as the third QB, totally unprepared.

Miami365. Just remember Morris was playing from behind and had to throw. And for someone to blame whipple and Shannon about not letting plays be changed, okay let's say that is true, what does it say about a jr qb that he still had freshman restrictions???

ltc- Agrred. And a junior QB should know IF and WHEN and WHETHER he should make that throw. And against USF, he absolutely positively should not havemade that throw, or thrown it OOB. Against ND, he kept telegraphing his throws, did not read the defense, particularly the linebacker and safety, and that resulted in the same guy, reading hhis eyes, and making pick after pick down the middle. I mean that ND defender was probably saying to himself, "oh, yummy, this is waaaay too easy, merry christmas to me!"

Morris played badly too, but again he did have to play from behind to try to bring Miami back froma 20 point deficit! So what was he going to do BUT chuck the ball?

If we beat the bad teams the way we are supposed to beat them, then the backup QB should get a lot of experience this year. If Morris ends up the backup, he will still have a good chance to develope. I've heard through other sources watching the entire practices that JH looks much more polished than Morris right now and his arm strength is back. I know he didn't have a great arm to begin with, but better than last year. His weight is way up too, which is a good thing. I guess we will all find out at the first scrimmage.


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