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QBs still neck and neck. Who do you think should be named starter? Also: Howard Schnellenberger to make announcement at 4 p.m.

So, as of Thursday, we still don't have a clear picture -- or even fuzzy one -- of who the starting quarterback will be for the Hurricanes.

I asked Coach Al Golden, "Are you hoping to wait until after the second scrimmage to decide the starter at quarterback?"

Golden: "Sure. Yeah. Again, we’ve had five practices now and you look at the stats, you look at the completion percentages, you look at the touchdowns, you look at all that and it’s like a dead heat right now. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved before that time."

Is that good?

Golden: "Yeah, it’s good. If they’re going to keep competing that’s great. I think that’s awesome. Neither one is backing down and the team is rallying around both of them. So all those things are important right now.''

Since we don't see the qbs competing against each other in practice I'm not sure how good it really is. Are they both doing great? Are they both so-so? Or not-so-great?

 So if you were the coach, and the two were truly in a dead heat after the second scrimmage (Aug. 22), would you

1. Wait to make your decision and announcement until closer to the Sept. 5 opener?

2. Make your decision and stick to it.

And if you had to make the decision right now, knowing both are in a "dead heat,'' who would you pick and why? Jacory Harris or Stephen Morris.

I have my thoughts but am a bit hesitant to throw it out there (I am not a columnist, though the lines sure are blurred these days with this new media stuff).

What do you guys think?


> Blake Ayles is injured and sat out again Thursday. For the record, Coach Golden said the reason he came out of practice earlier this week was not heat-related.

"Blake is dealing with a little injury right now,'' Golden said. "Hopefully it will be day to day with him. But he’s good on his assignments. Obviously at his age, from a technical standpoint, he’s solid so he’ll get back soon."

> Former defensive lineman Dyron Dye has been moved to tight end.

In closing, FAU has called a press conference for 4 p.m. Word is that Howard Schnellenberger will announce he is retiring after this season. I have a soft spot for Howard. How can you not? The man brought UM its first national title. I know he bolted, but what a great figure and representative for UM. Let's face it, he might be the FAU coach, but he'll always be a Hurricane.




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Posted by: Five Titles

No one is nervous facing the canes, not UVA, not USF, not FSU, not Maryland, etc. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's the yesteryear mindset that sets us up for the unrealistic expectations. I see this year as a rebuilding year.I just hope we don't lead the NCAA in INTs again. We lost out best receiver and I don't see anyone who can replace his consistency.

Nc cane. Actually the bleacher report said just the opposite. And a small thing whenever Golden talks he mentions Morris first. Logical choice is a sophomore over a senior with an awful history.

Itc--not disagreeing with you but that says something about "coaching" and we both know that was a problem. Im not totally blaming it on coaching nor Im I blaming it on J12...my point is in HS (playing with and against top talent) he was given the responsibility to do, what QBs do--adjust to what he sees on the field. Our QBs wasnt given that oppurtunity thus far.....

Ask yourself this, why have our players gone undrafted in recent years only to excel at the next level....talent is there---coaching wasnt---plain and simple. So thats why I say everybody has a clean slate now....Im for the whomever makes us better on the field []_[]

I loved Shannon and FYI--I had a family member on the coaching staff, but it seem Shannon was handcuffing most of the players and not allowing them much freedom on the field---trust builds confidence; mistrust builds unsurity (is that a word?) lol

Well said Miami. And a reminder how many times last season after an interception whipple wpuld go to jacory and point to the other side of the field only to have Harris walk away. As General Oniery said you can't be stick on stupid??

First to B-zo. I believe that you are right. We are going to be a difficult team to play this year. Golden has the heads screwed on right and is the consumate Joe Pa student. And no one EVER wants to play penn state, do they? Physical, fast, assignment foootball is what Golden has brought. And the guys are really buying in. Not a lot of high fiving is there. Pretty damn serious. Love it! Don't know about running the table, but 10-2 sounds great to me. The ACC IS NOT out of the question as well. But it is time to get back. Not next year, THIS YEAR! We have squandered 4 years with way too much talent wasted. THIS YEAR BABY!

To Howard, you brought to our city a winning focus, an unrivaled determination to a program that almost said "we are done with football." I was there and I remember! You helped develop a reasonable direction for so many kids that what not have had the chance to even attend a College, let alone play ball. 5 star recruits? What? You really did not have even 3 stars with the exception of Kelly. But when you were through we had not only tumpled Ne. but built a dynasty! The "U" started with you Howard, not all of the over the top crap that we have been seeing over the last 5 years. You truly built The Canes and still love Miami. Nothing.... I mean nothing but the best for you and your Family!

Go Canes!

I think that is FSU, VaTech, and Clemson leave for the SEC - we finally will win the ACC.

Its better for recruiting to start the Senior, but better for next season to start Morris. Only a dominant season by the O-Line and running game can save the QB. Otherwise, both will struggle and you play two, especially against VT when they knock the starter out.

El H. How does starting a senior help recruiting?? Especially with the class that's already committed??

No one is nervous facing the canes, not UVA, not USF, not FSU, not Maryland, etc. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's the yesteryear mindset that sets us up for the unrealistic expectations. I see this year as a rebuilding year.I just hope we don't lead the NCAA in INTs again. We lost out best receiver and I don't see anyone who can replace his consistency.
Posted by: No blocky | August 12, 2011 at 11:12 AM

Let's pretend you are not the namechanging guy we all know you are.

USF, FSU, and UVA all lost to us the year before. You really think they are not nervous playing us after one win?

Maryland lost to us last year, is replacing half their team, and has a new coach as well. You really think they are not nervous playing us after that set of losses?


Yeah, we lead the NCAA in Ints, and still went 7-6. Coach Golden will make sure our QBs are prepared better than Whipple had them, and we will throw far fewer times, since our running game looks great. So, we won't lead the NCAA in INTs this year.

Hankerson is a big loss, but it means the five or six very good recieivers we have will get a chance now. Part of his big numbers was due to the fact that Harris was focussed on him only. This year defenses won't have to cover just one guy.

So, don't worry, we will be better than last year, and better than the Gators.

Dennis Erickson talking about Ray Lewis versus Chad Johnson:

Who is more outspoken -- Chad Johnson or Ray Lewis?

Erickson: They're different. Chad is outspoken because it's just how he is. Ray, when he's outspoken, it's on the football field or it's about the game of football. Chad is all about all the different things he does, like "Dancing with the Stars." I've actually had two of my players on "Dancing with the Stars" -- Chad and Warren Sapp.
Yep, Ray Lewis might be outspoken on the field, but he has the right to be. Best Linebacker in Ravens' history, top linebacker in the NFL right now, and all Cane.


Great article about some of the big plays that were ruined by the refs.

Three of them went against the Canes, most of anybody on there, and none went in their favor. But of course, the refs are not against the Canes.

Notre Dame, Cleveland Gary reaches out for a TD, same play that is done every week in the NCAA and NFL. While lying on the ground, an ND player hits the ball out of his hand and pretends he got a fumble. Bumbling refs go with it. Later, they claim it wasn't a first down, but he was on the ONE, the first down marker was on the three.

Alabama, Teague takes the ball from Hill after he is pushed out of bounds. Instead of Miami ball at the ten, they give us a token five yard penalty on Alabama. Momentum is lost though.

Ohio State, do I even need to give the details? OSU QB throws a desperation fourth down pass, incomplete. Terry Porter waits until half the Canes are drunk on champagne before throwing a flag, the inebriated Canes end up losing to OSU*.

Bonus for the UF and FSU folks out there

Doug Moseley, SEC ref, gifts Florida a victory over FSU. 1966, FSU scores an obvious TD, but the SEC ref gives UF another chance, calling it incomplete. Remember, UF made Miami play them in Gainesville with SEC refs, and we all saw how one-sided the calls were there.

I still have my J12 jersey. If all things remain equal between the two, I go with J12 for 2 reasons: (1) experience; (2) IMO Morris has a better arm and is more athletic than J12. If he has not improved upon his game with those natural abilities to clearly beat out J12, then he needs to learn more from the sidelines and lead us later in the season or next year.

For anyone over the age of 30, they must have a softspot for Howard. Here how I would sum up how I felt when our coaches left:

1. Coker & Shannon - Good Ridence
2. Erickson - Relieved (Good coach, too much turmoil)
3. Butch - Rejected (felt like a GF breaking up with you. Said he wouldn't go and then bolted).
4. Johnson - Disappointed (He was building a power house, but everyone knew he had NFL aspiration)
5. Schnell - Heartbroken (Alexis de Tocqueville said America is great because America is good). That was Howard. He was genuine and all class. You want that in your leader and in your coach. In 1983 they called Miami a Cinderella Team and they were the darlings of College Football. It was because Howard was the type of guy that everyone could root for and in one amazing night in Jan of 1984, he had the whole country pulling for his Cinderella team to beat Nebraska. And they did... :)

Posted by: El Huracan

This is what I'm talking about...don't play two QB's. Pick a QB and stick with him. When one leaves the field on a stretcher, then you play the other one.

I think it should be Morris, others say Harris. Whoever it is, they are it...for the whole season.

To expand on my point, we need to think medium to long term and start Morris. Someone needs to learn the new offense under fire, gather the experience and carry it into next year. Morris is the guy right now.

If another QB comes in and looks better next year, then you prep him to take over. However, that prep time will stretch into next season. Morris is either the starter this year andthe next few or he's a bridge to the guy.

There's nothing to be gained by starting Harris.

Amen canesjunkie. Please steve win it outright.

Sounds like a landslide in favor of JH. Count me out. Why? Is JH being seriously considered as a pro prospect? No.
Can he run the offense? Yes. But may be not as well as Morris.
In either case, we do not have a real pro prospect QB and that is what we need. Hopefully, one of the newer guys is.
In the meantime, start Morris,I feel good vibes from him, just as I did from Storm.

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