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Questions for fans

Tomorrow is UM's second scrimmage of preseason camp.

Do you think Al Golden will keep most of the players who have been implicated in the NCAA investigation off the first teams?

And do you think he should?

We're all kind of trying to figure that out. This year could be like 1997, when future stars such as Dan Morgan, Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne had to step up as freshmen and make their marks.

I'm really interested to know who he is going to name starting quarterback.

Good night everyone.







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I think they will all play. If by chance they get suspended before the game, Golden is instilling a "next man in" culture, and the next man up will have to fill in. No doubt there will be an unexpected underclassman to shine.

I dont think he'll keep anyone out until he knows for sure they're ruled out. Regardless I think multiple freshman will contribute this season. Paul, Dorsett, Chickillo should see some action.


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

This could be a tremendous blessing for Golden..a Golden opportunity...to CUT the Heck out of all these players and face no pressure for losing. These are NOT precious talents...this team did play in the Sugar Bowl last year...they were 7-6 and got pasted in the Sun Bowl. Cut every RS player that took benefits, who cares. Helps recruiting.

Did not play in the Sugar Bowl...excuse me

Why wouldn't they play? I am sure coach has spoken to the player's and he certainly should have a better idea what is happening than I do. Unless otherwise advised; let them play.

It's a tricky situation. They have been investigating for 5 months, but Coach Golden never knew. It makes you wonder if if the Yahoo! story never broke, would Coach Golden have even knew that he had 12 players who had been implicated in this mess. Would the NCAA have eventually had to tell him if the story never broke that you have 12 players who are ineligible? I think that they should do their due diligence before the season opens up. They should also inquire of the NCAA about this issue. Knowing the NCAA, they will say "we are still looking into it, but if we eventually find out down the road that these players are ineligible and you played them, then you will hve to forfeit those games". Until they get a yea or nay from the NCAA, Coach Golden is in a tough situation.

Play the all. The NCAA does not have zilch. UM would know by now based on the interviews and a review of the facts if they should suspend anyone!

Depends on what the U found out from it's own in house investigations.
I think were good enough to sit the "12 implicated players" for the first 2 games.
Then bring them back & make them earn there way onto the field.

some of you people make me laugh, recruiting, who do you think that is any good is going to comment to the U now. Chickello and his friends will transfer as early as next spring. No one with promise will stay with a program that is about to have a safe dropped on it.

Oh, and please tell me where is all this depth you people think there is on this roster, we were 7-5 last year. If the 12 don't play this team is crippled before they starts. I better come down to Miami you all have some great drugs your all taking.

Bob Sullivan you are pathetic. trying to recruit for for your gaytors. Look, if the evidence were so rock solid the NCAA would be all over this. Now they are scrambling to find something that sticks. All because they blew they big NCAA mouths claiming they would give Miami the death penalty. They have nothing but a convicted con man in jail trying to spring his own arse out. Probaly hopes the NCAA gives him some dough to hire a lawyer, and who knows maybe they will. I do not see anyone jumping off buildings on this. So pipe down and keep praying for your gaytors.

Listen: If they all play we will maybe start
4-0 5-0 and atalking possible ACC championship then the media (sportscenter) will start talking bout The U are cheaters, then here comes the suspensions.

Also we need to change the topic because the media is killing us. f a death penalty this fn scumbag liar jus trying to tarnish The U. The pic wit the pres is nothing they were about to present a plaque to the bball coach and this robber (Navin Sapiro)asked for the mic and donated the money. Who in they right mind wouldn't be smilling. He knew what he was doing. In 2006 when it was a coaching job open, this punk called Houston Nutt(Ole Miss coach)and phone records shows it. 30 min conv.

The U will be straight jus a few lost of schlorships. All Bout the U.

Should the troll resign...yes!

First the gators want us to not have a team, so they do not have to play us in 2013. Second yes golden should play everyone. This whole story is starting to look like more lies. Now moss said he never even talked to anyone. There is way to many holes in this story, so if the NCAA comes and says these players do not play then suspend them. You can not mess up a young men future on what this jail bird is saying. Play all of them. In the long run we are going to find out that they did not do anything anyways.
Plus Florida will be lucky to win 7 games this year.

Do not blame the university. He came to the university a year ago and said he was going to do this from jail. The university did everything they were suppose to. They told the NCAA and did a investigation, and found nothing. Plus when they ask him for his credit card statement. He said he did not have them. Of course now he does. They did what they need to do. It will be all fine. Just do not listen to the media it only get everyone worked up.

They should ALL play. If this is what clooege athletics has come to that we are going to shut a program down everytime a jaded, slimy, BS CRIMINAL has something bad to say, then we might as well just GIVE UP and STOP PLAYING.


7 6=13. And that must be your IQ. You might want to read and comprehend the English of 2 preseason scrimmages. That is correct.
The only option at qb is Morris. He is better, has more upside potential, and does not have the stench of Shapiro on him.
Whom ever is not cleared should not play.

Fire shalalalala NOW

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Good Morning Cane Fan ...

U remember exactly one week ago today U when awoke to a just a beautiful S. Florida morning, Cane life was great, a 10 Win and ACC Championship Season was on the horizon and ALL THANGS CANE WUZ BACK !!!

Woot Woot ? Well Cane Fan, it wasn't a dream this last week... It STILL is Ur worst nightmare. Try as U may to minimize this ticking timebomb but the self-imposed hammer is about to fall. Coach Al has announced that Ur Canes will have Tuesday and Wednesday off .. And Do U have any idea as to why ? Thought not. Well it's preemptive damage control to keep Ur party boyz from the media because the self-imposed suspensions will be announced by BIG AL with-in days ... and it's going to be a whistling Bomb Shell.

And then, this time next year, the Big Daddy NCAA will punish U like the redheaded, adopted stepchild of a Football Program that U are ...

So as delUsional as U've ALL been this last week that this is all hearsay and is ALL going to go away ...

Tick ... Tick ... Tick ... Tick ... Tick ... Tick ... Tick ... Tick ... Tick .......

U enjoy Urselves the next 48 hours U misguided Cane Fans ... It's ALL about to come crUmbleing Down ... And after that, it's back to Losing seasons with NO STAR Talent the next Decade ...


FOOTBALL IN 2 WEEKS BABY ... GATORS n NOLES Will Rule Supreme like it was always meant to be...

Hey, atleast U have them Blue Devils at Home this year and don't have to play at that tough venUe up in Carolina ...


1009 post shows what a weekend pickled mind does on Monday morning. A shalalalala supporter it looks like.

Fire shalalalala NOW

Let's see. Robinson and Wetzel of Yahoo go to the pen and interview a slime ball that looked people in the eye and lied to them and bilked and conned them out of 930 Mill. Yet, Tyrone Moss says that he never got interviewed, denies everything, adn now they are making him into a liar?

these are the same yahoos who did not know that Shalala wasn't at the bowling alley specifically to accept this slime ball's check. He just handed it to her after he stole the mike. yet Yahoo wanted everyone to believe that the admina ll the way up to the pres were in bed with this runt. Funny how the media can manipulate any story they want and make people believe that it is true, or that there is some semblance of truth even though it could all be gross exaggerations, half truths, incomplete truths or fabrications of a scorned jaded con man!

Gaytors want nothing more than UM to have a decimated team come 2013.

And what about Patchan? How was he cleared? He was alongside Shapiro as well. What- theybelieve the white boy but not the brother(moss)?

unless the coaching staff knows something we do not LET THEM PLAY.

Before Shapiro you writers were whipping your chin at how great Golden was, if that is the case the Head Coach should have no trouble turning this into a unifying experience.

If UM knew the 12 players had real violations, they would have done something by now. The issue is that there is little or no evidence except a felon writing a book from Jail. I'm sure the U has some violations but doubt that the current players didnt listen to Randy Shannon who knew about the Rat. I think Miami is taking the stance, when you have proof let us know otherwise we keep going as normal. OSU knew because there was proof so they were proactive.

The real question is, "How are the other kids that did not come to Miami, who were implemented also, already cleared?" They were in the same house at the same time as some of the Miami kids and yet they are cleared. Goes to show the NCAA really has it for The U.

You know, you really should just go ahead and get UM season tickets. Go buy a Fortson, or a Spencer jersey. Come on over and tailgate with us at the game. It's obvious you have a serious crush on the Canes. It's ok, you can come on out now. It's time to just let it out. LMAO!

I say play them all, if they come back later and strip the victories it does not change the fact that we won the games. If the hammer falls on this years team, nothing will change that anyway.

Why were these kids going all the way out to Miami Beach to go bowling when they could have easily gone to Student rec center or Splitsville @ Sunset Place ?

perks perhaps ?

Why is the Herald even suggesting this? The NCAA has already said it will not move on sanctions until the 'new year'. If UM plays these players then we see even more wanton disregard for any responsibility here from the administration.

Playing these players only strengthens the case against UM.

And how so ex cane?? And please stay that way

Fire shalalala NOW

The real question is, "How are the other kids that did not come to Miami, who were implemented also, already cleared?" They were in the same house at the same time as some of the Miami kids and yet they are cleared. Goes to show the NCAA really has it for The U.

Posted by: Soldy get out of here!!! | August 22, 2011 at 07:26 AM

Theeeey Diiiid Noooot Siiiiiign Wiiiiith orrrrr prrrrresently Plaaaaaay Foooor Miiiaaammmmi ...

This ENTIRE investigation is a U Thang only ... What do U not get about that ?

Stop being the 3rd. grader that constantly uses the excUse that he, she and they did it too. What about them?

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ..


Why were these kids going all the way out to Miami Beach to go bowling

Posted by: 7-10 Split | August 22, 2011 at 07:37 AM

The after bowling party perhaps ? Shapiro's house was just around the corner.

Yes, ALL players should play. NOTHING has been proven.

What we know is that Moss has recanted (yes, it is iffy) and Shapiro is a chronic liar.

If and when young men are found to be culpable, then they should be suspended, and not before.

Fairness and due process are essential, no matter how sensational the stuff from Shapiro-Robinson!

Go Canes!

Hmm What was it 39 arrests in 4 years in Gainesville? Some were multiple arrests? Now, why doesn't the NCAA look into that situation. I believe that would be considered a "lack of institutional control" and "failure to monitor"

Also Gainesville is the place where players dreams die... yes not making to the NFL. How's little TImmy, looks like he's sitting third on the depth charts. What?? 0 pro bowlers and Miami had 11 Noooooo can't be... What wait??? Only FSU and UF have 2 NFL Hall of Famers? I mean how can that be? Miami has 4!! and more are going in... OH NO were losing to that small private school Miami? WHoaaaa hold on a second. Miami has 5 national titles? Why don't we have more...we have 2 this decade..sooo counting on my fingers and toes that makes 3 for us Gators? Ha at least we got FSU beat, they only have 2



they all will play this year.

Chris. UF. University of Felons
KS : by your thought process, and I use that term loosely with you, of a player comes to a school and commits recruiting violations then no harm no foul. Numb nuts logic!!
Also 39 arrests and no action taken. Guess nothing will happen at LSU and they beat people into the hospital.

Fire shalalala NOW

Ps kris. And does not sign should be added to last post

I thought we are supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty" society. Once again the media is doing what they can to sell ads. And ESPN is scrambling to save face because Yahoo broke this story.

Anyone remember a little incident a few years ago? The Duke Lacrosse team was accused of rape - by a prostitute. All the news outlets were screaming for the "death penalty" and criminal prosecution. Nancy Grace was judge, jury and executioner. Oops, the media got it wrong; the woman lied. And now, there are lawsuits as we speak about false accusations. Yet, I do not recall any of these Professional Media Outlets apologizing.

I am sure there were a few meals and other amenities that transpired - no more than what goes on at any other school.

I find it interesting that only one UM player supposedly went on record. And, supposedly Randy Shannon warned his staff to stay away from Shapiro because Shannon knew he was bad news.

Anyone know if it was Shapiro who had the plane flying the banner "Fire Randy Shannon" over the Canes home games?

King soldy...If those other players accepted anything....anything,then they are not eligible to play. Even if theyy dont play for miami. Unless your argument is that the NCAA hates UM and that is the reason they were all cleared. Look at the rules before you post moron. They were accused of the same things. I would bet one of the gators is the one that got the prostitute pregnant and that is why the player was not named.

Us against the world baby...'CANE 'TIL I DIE...see ya'll there!

Play them all if they take away the games later that's fine we would lose anyways with out those players.

The foolish king has departed.

Fire shalalala NOW

The NCAA has interviewed the 12 players in question and still they have not advised the University on player eligibility. Nor has the University taken a stance on the players, which leads me to believe that there is not enough credible evidence to suspend them. This case is looking good for us and the only stuff that looks somewhat incriminating is from the 2003 time frame which goes beyond the NCAA's statute of limitations.

7 6=13. And that must be your IQ. You might want to read and comprehend the English of 2 preseason scrimmages.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 22, 2011 at 06:04 AM

Uhhhh, Al Golden said the first practice after fall was the 16th practice, so going by Golden's logic, this would be the 4th scrimmage including the last scrimmage, and the two preceding scrimmages in Palm Beach and Traz Powell. So logically, it had very little to do with comprehending English, it's comprehending what comprehending what Al Golden said, you know, kinda like reading between the lines, you should try it sometimes "bright guy".

And how so ex cane??

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 22, 2011 at 08:24 AM

Because Al Golden said so, you ever bother listening to interviews, and I have a problem with comprehension, (GASP) unbelievable.

"Us against the world?"

Then play em all.. even if they aren't starters start them. All the other current players have been cleared except the Hurricanes? pfffft!
If you believe these kids didn't do wrong then make the NCAA tell you to have them sit.
Prove it!

who cares where they went bowling. They could go to lauderdale for all I care. that is 100% irrelevant.

The yahoo crew is writhing and now on the defensive as more questions are coming up about their due diligence. These mowrons are like all newsmedia- They are selfish arrogant and self-serving. All they live for is "the scoop" regardless of facts. Fcatoids and snippets, half truths and imcomplete informations is what they thrive on, since we live in a tweet, newsticker, snipet age. Nobody looks at the big picture or the facts.

Fact that should override everything and anything: the credibility of the source, and his motives to hurt Miami. Those 2 points should make the nCAA say, Can't go with this. Why?

because the little runt lied, cheated, scammed, anc conned a huge number of people out of their savings, investments, and retirements. 1 billion worth. And now, we should believe him because yahoo says so?

If Robert Marve, Arthur Brown, Andre Dubose, and others who have been accused by this low life are cleared to play, then I see no reason why any of the 12 on the current UM roster wouldn't be.
Until the NCAA rules on these ACCUSATIONS us Canes fans should just forget about this so called scandal and get prepared for football.
...as I am sure is Coach Golden's position on this whole thing.
Let the outsiders wallow in this so called scandal to their own amusement.

Posted by: sidcane | August 22, 2011 at 10:15 AM

Ur right, I am the King ...

Ur Wrong, as long as they're not Canes, they're eligible ...

Then why did they have to be cleared soldy???

What about arthur brown or marve soldy??? They signed. Keep trying though , it is fun showing Ufelons up. You don't even have a thought process. Looks like ya'll didn't die off millions of years ago like science suggests.

Posted by: corpus | August 22, 2011 at 10:42 AM

They went to Lucky Strikes bacause and only because they they could eat, drink, party and bowl for free ... Ur boy, and he is UR boy, Nevin lurked in the shadows and picked up every tab, handed out some Beji's in the process and had the Ho's ready for them hangin by the pool at his crib after they were done.

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