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Questions for fans

Tomorrow is UM's second scrimmage of preseason camp.

Do you think Al Golden will keep most of the players who have been implicated in the NCAA investigation off the first teams?

And do you think he should?

We're all kind of trying to figure that out. This year could be like 1997, when future stars such as Dan Morgan, Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne had to step up as freshmen and make their marks.

I'm really interested to know who he is going to name starting quarterback.

Good night everyone.







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Soldy is my hero.

Dear sweet innocent Cane fans,
Try to get your nimble minds wrapped around this -- THERE IS NO
All that will be left in Coral Gables -- a couple of abandoned outhouses and the remnants of CIA SUBSTATION # 1.
Look at the bright side -- Mothers will bring their children down and show them what happens if you're bad boys and girls.

Play 'em all - I DARE YA

When NCAA gets done with scUM all game results from 1983 forward will be wiped from the books.


Soldy... not according to the alley owner.

Play 'em all - I DARE YA

When NCAA gets done with scUM all game results from 1983 forward will be wiped from the books.


Ya'll are trying anything to get out of our next game. You guys are pathetic. There is not enough evidence or Marve, the brown brothers ,the 2 gators ,or any other player would not be eligible. Keep wishing though , you might just get the death penalty like you want, But it will be for 40+ arrests and lack of institutional control for your felons.

Soldy is my hero.

Dear sweet innocent Cane fans,
Try to get your nimble minds wrapped around this -- THERE IS NO
All that will be left in Coral Gables -- a couple of abandoned outhouses and the remnants of CIA SUBSTATION # 1.
Look at the bright side -- Mothers will bring their children down and show them what happens if you're bad boys and girls.

I don't know what to think... From what we know of Golden so far and his tough love, do the right thing mentality, it wouldn't surprise me to see him suspend all of them for at least 1 game for even putting themselves in the situation where there are questions.
By the way, for everyone feeling a little full of themselves it's ok to enjoy it while we're down but remember, the ncaa is on a road tour. Next stop is Orlando (UCF had received their letter) not sure who's next...gainsville, tallahassee? GO CANES.

Gaator for life. If soldy is your hero...then you need help. He has no clue what he is talking about. Get off the disability,foodstamps,section 8, and join the real world. Strap down your trailers, there is a hurricane coming. No, for real , there is a hurricane coming. STRAP DOWN YOUR TRAILERS. It will be here friday, go to your local bar and watch the weather channel.

Then why did they have to be cleared soldy???

Posted by: sidcane | August 22, 2011 at 10:46 AM


Why do I even try Arty ?

OK, I'll spell it out for U ...Here's the difference ... This is how it went. U may not like it, but these are the facts. Period... U ready ?

The NCAA DID NOT come out and CLEAR THEM ... Each respective school made FIRST contact with the NCAA to inquire as to each individual players eligibility and ask if there were concerns for their eligibility... The NCAA said, because those schools that inquired are NOT under ANY type of investigation, that there were ZERO eligibilty concerns or potential wrong doings by those Schools what so ever...


Now, Miami made the exact same inquiries to the NCAA and they were told, YES there are eligibility concerns for the 12 named players since there IS 5 month ONGOING NCAA Investigation... It is just that simple. Can U even try to half-way wrap Ur Cane biased mind around that ?


This is not a Criminal Investigation Cane Fans !!! There is NO innocent until proven quilty here. This is the NCAA Committee and they are their own Entity... Understand? It's their playground and Ur playing in their sandbox. Every Coach that signs a contract and every player that signs a scholorship agrees in those binding contracts to abide by their rules and regulations. PERIOD. And if Highsmith files suit, it'll never see the light of a courtroom and any Lawyer knows it and would never litigate it... Ever.

U thumb Ur noses to the NCAA and play these players unlike N. Carolina did last year, and they are found to have been ineligible, the sanctions eventually handed down 4-6-8 months from now will be 3X's worse than if U comply now and self-impose... Simply put, the NCAA will BURY U.

Donna, The AD and Golden All know the what the deal is. The 12 have NOT been cleared to play, nor will they... The rest is up to U.

Good lUck, U'll need it.

U older Cane Fans remember the 70's ?

Deja Vu U

Here's a question for Linda. You write an article indicting UM for not seeing Shapiro as an obvious fraud and your evidence?
1-He was rich.
2-He was short.
3-He was attracted to athletes and famous people.
4-He lives in Miami.

Does the FBI know about you? They could probably clear the 10 most wanted in a week with your keen insight at their disposal.

I doubt UM is blameless here but are you kidding? Is that really the best you've got? I'm very disappointed with that effort, Linda, as you should be. I thought you had a little more game than that.

I think that the media will be exposed in this sordid drama as much as the U. Maybe more.

No one is getting suspended. It's funny how the normal guys on teh blogs are blowing holes in Shapiro's story (incorrect dates, wrong uni colors in pictures for games mentioned, etc..)and the reporters at this paper are only reporting the negative stuff. Susan, when are you going to call your buddy Charles and ask him to explain all the errors in his story?

What about arthur brown or marve soldy??? They signed. Keep trying though , it is fun showing Ufelons up. You don't even have a thought process. Looks like ya'll didn't die off millions of years ago like science suggests.

Posted by: sidcane | August 22, 2011 at 10:52 AM

good question ... K.State and Purdue are not under ANY NCAA investigation. The NCAA does what they want, how they want. But know this, and U ain't gonna like it, but in return for the Browns and Marves and the others testimony, the get their freedom and eligibility at a different CLEAN Program... Marve and the Browns were deep inside and WILL NAME NAMES.


But U go right on and deny, deny, deny ...

U Canes are such in the lil fish bowl dopes and are stuck on this Yahoo! garbage. They just broke the story to the public.. Who cares. U better focus on the NCAA. They will have 10 times the amount info when they're done and they all the time in the world to aquire it ... Be afraid.

It's NOT going away.

I like what AKCANE said. Let the 12 sit the first two games & then earn their way back as starters. Just because their names where mentioned in this mess and if nothing happens, then we can all feel that the U did their part in doing what is right. But I think the media has a lot to do with it. They seem at times that they like to tear a team apart when they are down. But my personal opinion is "that I do not think things will turn out as bad for the U as reported". It is just taking to long for the NCAA to act if it was that bad....good or bad, I will always be a CANE fan

Soldy... not according to the alley owner.

Posted by: sidcane | August 22, 2011 at 11:08 AM

who, the biased Cane grad with a Law degree that now runs a Bowling Alley ?

Manny went and asked him about Donna and he sung like a bird... Then when he was asked about Shapiro paying for players he turns into Sargeant Schultz ... huh, what, don't remember, don't recall, I never knew who payed, Nevin never said he payed, I don't take credit cards... blah blah blah... He knows Shapiro was pimpin those multiple players rolling through his alley.

What that Dumbasse didn't realize then that he will soon is that by opening up his big mouth, he's now on the NCAA's radar screen and will get a knock on the door soon...

U Canes really think this is going away soon huh ? Try another 6 months Cane Fans and then 8 years after that... Tick... Tick... Tick...


Silly Cane ClUcks huh Arty ?

Sid, U really need to stfU ... Ur lost.

who, the biased Cane grad with a Law degree that now runs a Bowling Alley ?

Yes......the one that's NOT sitting in federal prison for running a billion dollar ponzi scheme. Take your blue and orange homer glasses off for once in your life......

"There are tough times ahead, challenges to overcome and serious decisions to be made, but we will be left standing and we will be stronger as a result. I understand there are unanswered questions, concerns and frustration by many..."

Ur A.D. words, not mine ... What about that do U Officer Barbrady syndrome Cane Fans not get.

ToUgh times ahead ? Understatement of the year.

There is no substantiation of Shapiros allegations...only credit card receipts. The student athletes from other schools that were named by Shapiro for the same exact activities have already been cleared by the NCAA. 90% of what Shapiros' allegations are will never be substantiated. It is the 10% that I worry about and how does the staute of limitations play into to that 10%? The NCAA has been investigating for 5 months and has not suspended those players. The situation speaks for itself.

If soldy is your hero...then you need help. He has no clue what he is talking about.

Posted by: sidcane | August 22, 2011 at 11:26 AM

I'm his hero and Ur King ... Arty and I both warned U this time last year about the New National Face of Cane Fan Nevin Shapiro but U would not listen...

Now excUse me. Time to listen to Michael Irving mumble his way through another 2 hours of mundane capitchulating denial and excUses...

It must be enraging to see people you hate in HOF jackets wearing super bowl rings from the University Of Miami while your god from UF , Tebow, can't crack the 2nd string job at one of the worst temas in the NFL. Enjoy that UF pride. BTW, you are still in UM's rearview, it's called 5 titles. Enjoy, king soiled your self.

* teams

Yes, all of the alleged players should play in every game until all of the allegations are proven in a court of law! NOT an NCAA court of opinion! Alleged violations from a scum bag parasite felon will NOT cut it...If anyone should get the death penalty, it is the NCAA

King Soldy: You are a bigger scum bag than Nevin Shapiro....you are everything that is wrong with the NCAA...you should as a wanna be fan, "GET THE DEATH PENALTY" get lost and go back to your smelly, filthy, trailer park..




13 that is the most convoluted post ever. You are now to -13 and sinking.

Despite the fact that you can pick holes in the Yahoo article, the bottom line is, something bad happened. The NCAA isn’t working on a five month investigation unless some of what was reported is true. If it makes you feel better to never go on Yahoo again or to print the article and burn it, go right ahead. That will by no means though make the issue go away. The NCAA is investigating some very serious allegations involving the University of Miami and that has absolutely nothing to do with Yahoo. As the saying goes, “Don’t Blame The Messenger

king soldy's circular argument is the reason gainseville is what it is- a backwards s--t town full of hillbillies and inbred trash

"As long as they are not canes they are eligible" Sure.

Say MArve gets a lamborghini while he was at Miami. Should he take it to Purdue and thats fine right? He'll still be eligible right? LOL. So NCAA rules only apply at the school the athlete is at? of course. So if he hired an agent while at Miami and then transferred to Purdue everything would be ok right? Sure.

Thats the Wetzel-Robinson-soldy theorem of backwards upsidedownappliesonlytome school of logic

Soldy. you are such a studdering moron. If a RECRUIT or PLAYER accepts ILLEGAL benefits then they are no longer considered amateurs. THEREFOR , they are not eligible. Your 5th grade education does not allow you to see all the facts because of your closet love for UM. I wish you knew half of what you think you know. You have to look at the WHOLE picture, Not the part you see through your GREEN and ORANGE shades.The sad part is , I used to pull for the gators unless they played us , and white trash like yourself is the reason I pull for UM and any team that plays the gators. I dont know how much ya'll...excuse me, we (taxpayers), not you(NON taxpayers),pay the NCAA to keep a a lid on all those arrests, but it won't last forever.There is already a STATE investigation (court of law) checking into how taxpayers dollars are being spent up there. And when it comes to light our (taxpayers) taxdollars are paying attorney's fees, then the NCAA will be back in Fl. But I wouldn't worry about the NCAA in this one.

King soldy. You now say if a school is not under investigation the players are eligible. That is plain stupid like you. A player is eligible if his record is clean , that's why they have the NCAA clearing house. You need to clear your brain of Shapiro speak.

Susan I gotta ask....

Was Tyrone Moss ever asked or told that he would be recorded prior to his interview? If not then anything on that tape is void because it would be against the law and Yahoo sports can be sued.

Let me know what you think.

plus if we do lose Jacory out of this, I'm absolutely not afraid in the least. As a matter of fact, I'll feel better once he's out of a Miami Hurricanes' jersey.

Oh yea , dont pull that pro bono crap. NO lawyer works that much for free.

I firmly believe the University of Miami has done it's "due dilligence" and has a pretty good idea about the eligibility of our 12 in question. I can assure you...if Golden names Harris the starter tomorrow or Wednesday...with no suspensions...then...it's a "go" for the season.

Joe if the U was on top of things they would have known this was coming. Too many questions, phone messages, etc to keep it quiet if you were looking.

Stop before you post again soldy, ... Your still a moron. OK , continue to post .

Cane fans are delusional.

There is plenty of evidence.

Your program is in serious trouble.

T. Moss makes everything look more suspicious now by saying that he didn't say those things. They have the moron on tape.

This makes R. Bush and the OSU issues look like a walk in the park.

The UM coaches knew exactly what was going on. That's why some of them bolted out including the AD. The question to be answered is how high up did it go? Lack of institutional control is a given here.

Stop kidding yourselves, Miami football if it exists will never be the same.

ok people if the board of trustees are backing this prez. then it cant be that bad, they know more than us, the coach has not sat any player, and the four players not on the team have already been cleared....hmmmm something is wrong with this deal, eitherway the ncaa is treading on this ice because if they dont punish miami to the largest extent if they find them guilty then all hell will break lose,on the other hand if they punish miami for not finding as much as yahoo says then they get sued....either way this is bad for miami and ncaa

C'mon Canes , let's band together and demand our schools products are sold at the dollar general and walmart so we can have a bunch of poor ,ignorant fans that buy alumni tag covers to put on their cars and go to gator blogs all day because their checks have not come in yet.$1 t-shirts , Bwahahahahahaha

Watch out Gainesville hurricane Irene might just be coming your way

i think he cannot use the players or he will have to forfeit any games won using them. i also think the NCAA will punish those players by killing a year of playing time. I think the U will lose at least 15 scholarships per year for three years. Not the death penalty but as close to it as you can get. Basketball will be nailed!!!!!!!! --- and AL GOLDEN will leave! It was a violation of contract not to inform him of this looming cloud. By NOT giving him all of the info known at that time he now has a contract out.

So if Tyrone Moss denies any convesration but Susan Degnan says he did, who do you believe? The white girl? The brother? come on. How does she know its him?

There's only one way it would be fair for Coach Golden to suspend these players and that is if they admitted to him they were guilty of taking perks from Shapiro, then he would have no choice. Otherwise unless or until there's evidence they are innocent til proven guilty.

well, a few thugs must have reached tyrone moss home, as now, he is smiling and saying he had nothing to do with this scandal, and never accepting any money from shortie,,but the guys should practice and they should play starting with maryland,, i mean, by benching them, it could show the world they are guilty, and we all know how it went down at Lucky Strikes, what college student, you know what, forget that, what person will turn down an invite to attend a free event, eat free, drink free, play free, besides the person living under a rock, shortie knew this, but now he is trying to say, the current 12 party with me, no they didnt, they just accepted an invite (should said no), who is saying no to any "invites in miami"

oh yeah, i am glad randy shannon is on record for the sole voice of " get this idiot away from the players" or else the whole situation could be alot worse...2007-2010, that prick was still on the loose..

U get any New Recruit Commits ?

Not today but am sure some felons signed up in Gainesville.

Soldy... Your math is as bad as your facts.

Figure it out folks. KS is a herald employee trolling to drove up the hit count on this blog. They do it all the time on the dolphin blog and even impersonate your name.

Susan I think the answer to both of your questions depends on how much does Golden and the University know about those 12 players. How much validity is there to what has been said about those players. If the internal investigation that the university is conducting is not complete and questions remain then Golden must stay the course. He should continue to run those guys with the first team. We all know the NCAA will waite till the last minute before they had down any suspensions. If my memory is correct I believe that North Carolina did not get word on many of their suspensions until right before kickoffof of the LSU game. I am sure that Golden has pleaded with the university to advise him as early as possible on who the university believes should be suspended. My biggest concern is what will become of coach Golden and players like Chickillo once the NCAA hands down their ruling. If the hammer falls hard I do think Golden will depart as will players like Chickillo and that will hurt the program more than any schloarship reduction or suspensions. I just hope not.

I say "innocent until proven guilty". Shapiro didn't get his sentence until he pled guilty. Why should UM players/staff presume guilt and suffer a consequence? At this point who knows what is really true and what are false allegations by a pathological thief and liar who feels "jilted" and seeking revenge?

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