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Questions for fans

Tomorrow is UM's second scrimmage of preseason camp.

Do you think Al Golden will keep most of the players who have been implicated in the NCAA investigation off the first teams?

And do you think he should?

We're all kind of trying to figure that out. This year could be like 1997, when future stars such as Dan Morgan, Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne had to step up as freshmen and make their marks.

I'm really interested to know who he is going to name starting quarterback.

Good night everyone.







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2011 University of Miami Athletic Programs ...

1.) FOOTBALL -- Probation

2.) BASKETBALL-Probation

3.) BASEBALL -- Probation


The University of Miami Probationers ...

U Canes should be so proud ... U against the World huh ?

is it or is it not illegal to record someone without their consent? regarding tyrone moss, if he infact gave consent to yahoo...

Just announced no red flags on Haith in hiring at Missouri. This yahoo thing looks weaker and weaker.

I'm sorry Susan.
Edit: Dear Susan* i apologize. I didn't pay attention to who wrote the article

Love it: there's no proof, it's all based on the hearsay of a convicted felon, etc. Dude, why are U so damn delusional? The NCAA does NOT need fingerprints, tape recordings, or any other "smoking gun". Pretty much every media outlet is calling the "Yahoo! Sports" investigation a "landmark investigation" - meaning that there has never been such thorough documentation of so many violations at a university. Other than Shapiro, nobody is going to jail. This is not a criminal investigation, but an NCAA investigation. U are totally screwed!

But the scUM love to bash at the mighty Gator Nation and talk about our arrests under Urban Meyer. Hey, at least WE WERE WINNING while we were being bad boys. Urban had two national championships, a Heisman, and 30 some arrests. The arrests were from scrappy players with scrappy backgrounds doing scrappy things. Urban could've been tougher, but you don't see anybody mentioning Cam Newton's stealing a laptop or committing academic plagiarism three times! In that case, Urban is an idiot for punishing Cam. U guys are delusional hypocrites. Oh, and I love the talk about us Gators wanting the U to not have a team so we don't have to play U in 2013. Listen, not only will we kick the U's butt (again) in 2013, it will be a HOME GAME for the mighty Gator Nation at Life Less Stadium. But you're right that we don't want U to have a team or a program, but it's simply because we hate U and we enjoy your demise. Have a great day!

Dear Susan,

All 12 should play unless the NCAA says otherwise. Miami is damned it does and damned if it does not. If all 12 play and are proven to have violated, they will take away the national championship we win this year. If the 12 sit we gon 9-3 at best (thats a stretch). I rather have 14 wins taken away than settle for 9 (at the most). I feel that winning, regardless of them being vacated, will work wonders in recruiting and the uplifting of the university and local community

Thank you for all the news and coverage Susan!

SUICYCO, I hate to say it, but you are right. But dont get too ahead of yourself, UF may be next.

By the way, why are Gators so angry, like they are trying to prove something?

First consider the source. Shapiro was able to live a lifestyle of lies that was worth $930 million of which he has to pay back $82 million. He admitted that he was going to write a book and that book was going to be a start to pay back the money to get him off of probation. This is a big story from a guy who was able to bring some facts such as who recruited which players with a big whopping lie that they were actually brought to his yacht. If you go to Canesport.com you can see all the prospect recruits and their main recruiter.

This dude is a master mind at fudging numbers to make them say a lot more than what they actually represent. The photos of him and players can be found by most major boosters and sometimes if your lucky a fan actually gets to pose with the players. As far as the night club pictures that could be Kellen Winslow Jr when he is in the NFL and does not need any help getting to any Miami night club.

This guy has no indisputable proof like videos of all the hoes they were banging in a hotel or yacht he provided. I mean, if I'm doing it that big you better believe I'm going to record a movie just to laugh with my so called family, but for some reason all he has is bank statements that don't really mean anything apart from he withdrew cash. It's not like he has any players signature on his black card.

At the end of the day these are all allegations from a man who is notorious for lying big. He has an ax to grind because he expected some kind of return from any athlete he funded as a living donor which is acceptable according to NCAA standards. There is a lot of truth behind his story, but unfortunately the most important claims are nothing but a bunch of lies.

My theory is he did not act alone and he is scared to admit what really happened. I mean this guy was laundering money for some very rough people that you watch in the movies. You just washed $930 million illegal money and scammed legit investors out of $82 million to pay your business partners. In my opinion this dude isn't scared of the government or any legit business owners no matter how much money and power they make, but he is scared of the people he laundered money for and worked for.

Furthermore, Randy Shannon was here for the last four years. Enough said.

I am so disappointed with the "Northwestern Stars!" I'd sit everyone implicated in this MESS. If guilty, they're cancer to what Al Golden is trying to build in the Golden Era. These guys are supposed to be leaders of righteousness on this team, not leaders of immoral activity. Therefore, expel them from the team, but still allow them to practice in order to hone their skills for the NFL, but they wouldn't play in games.

The cancer has to be cut out. I'd make an example of them, a SEVERE example. Then fire President Shalala, go after Horcutt, Haith, and any other coaches. Punish everybody, especially the adults, for they know and knew better!

EK. You were almost on track until you tried to suck Randy Shannon in on this mess. If that was your intent you better check your facts.

King Soldy = Herald mole trying to drive traffic.

So blantantly obvious. What a loser. How much does that extra work pay? Can you afford a Big Gulp you loser?

I agree all players should play, but Shapiro is playing the system and everybody in it. I would keep a close eye on Moss, he might have more trump cards than anybody. He got hurt, but why he has an axe to grind, I don't know. Neither do I know about him being the best RB out of Broward County. He was good, but the best ever....

The investigation is going somewhere. U gotta look at institutional control and then work down to the "players."

CC. If there is a lack of institutional control Haith should not been cleared yet or Missouri saying no red flags.

Well, looks like Al has 15 less players He has to worry about getting on that bus:

Manny_Navarro #UM president Donna Shalala says UM and NCAA reviewing eligibility of 15 current Hurricanes athletes

Video link of Shalala PC:


INFO from a Miami Hurricane blog states that President Shalala has said " 15 " Cane players eligibility IS QUESTIONABLE.

It looks like Coach Golden will be without the services of current players named in allegations.

And as a inidvidual mentioned above, the N.C.A.A. absolutely waits till the LAST MINUTE to inform a school about player eligibility.

Others have defined you shalalala, leave now.

King Solied his Pants....Why did Urban leave? 2 titles in 5 years and he just left? Why??? The same reason Pete Carroll bolted... Gators are next for the NCAA get ready!

First - I have been taken back at the hate for the U in recent days. ESPN analysts have either been beaten bad by UM or have never been picked first in dodgeball.

Second - I want to give a big thanks (so far) to Al Golden. We have realized over the last decade that it's not true that just any coach can come to Miami and win. Regardless of the talent here, the coach has to be committed and actually know football, (sorry Shannon).

Third - And the answer to your questions - YES! Why shouldn't Golden play them. The NCAA is a fraud and monopoly just like ESPN and just like our Federal Government. I say "Carpe Diem" (is that right?)!

We live for right now not yesterday or the future. Take some advice from the Kung Fu Panda. "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is the present. That is why they call it a gift".

As far as your question about whether it's right or not. "Those without sin throw your first stone", thanks JC.

Make a statement this year Canes and Al Golden. Show what can happen when the world goes against you.

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