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Report: NCAA to question UM over relationship with former booster Nevin Shapiro

According to InsideTheU.com, the NCAA will be at the University of Miami Monday to question people involved with knowledge of potential violations regarding impermissible benefits and former booster Nevin Shapiro.

Citing multiple sources, InsideTheU reported Sunday that the NCAA is looking into comments made by Shapiro that he was involved in giving former players money.

Shapiro, who contributed $150,000 to the UM athletic program, pled guilty to running a $930 million Ponzi scheme and was sentenced to 20-years in prison in June. Shapiro has said he plans on writing a “tell-all book” about his involvement with former UM players -- dating back to 2001 during the Larry Coker and Randy Shannon eras.

The issue in the end will be if Shapiro has any real evidence or credibility to prove the allegations. When this first surfaced over a year ago, nobody around the program told me they thought he did.

Stay tuned for more. I'm sure we'll get a response from UM at some point in the next 24 hours.

Link: InsideTheU.com's story.


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Do you people know who this guy is? He is as vial a human being as possible. He is the protype for NAPOLIAN COMPLEX. He had $10mm bond and when his family was reachin out to NFLU none of the guys wanted to put up $1mm for the guy. Thats what pissed him off. He is a thief and a liar. This is all insignificant...statute of limitations...totally different athletic admin and coaching. There is no smoking gun here. The guys release date is 2027. Enough said. Lets focus on watching the kids be undefeated when we head up tp Tally in Nov. WE ARE THE U!!!!!!!

Yuk yuk yuk Homer, Hoggtowne has two roads with 4 lanes now , hooooo weeeeee it a big city.
Friggin Tards, they actually call frozen seafood at Ballyhoos good.

Great measure of how low the UFelony maggot-wagon has fallen:

UTrailer fans celebrating some possible allegations from a bitter former booster. Time was, UFelons had bigger fish to fry. Now, with a losing record on the horizon and a return to their mediocre roots,'they have nothing left.

It sucks..to be...a FloriDUH Gatard.

Love the picture with Jackson's article. How did Shapiro obtain Willis McGahee's UM Offensive Back of the Year Trophy? Did Willis give it to Shapiro has a gift (yeah they look like best buddies) or was it to repay a debt?

Stop your excUses fools, Shapiro will take you down. This story will only get bigger, the Herald this AM, ESPN this PM and more to come. The sad thing is all the cheating, all the payouts, all the dirt.......what did it get you lately..........10 years of mediocrity and counting.......very sad.....for you.

the rumors continue to increase that Big East is looking at FIU for 2013/2014.

Posted by: Gator Nation (quijote) | August 15, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Its not easy being at the bottom of the college football food chain. The Sunbelt has a 3 year contract with ESPN to show at least 2 games per year. These games must be willing to allow for a 12 day advance scheduling window and play on weeknights. It isn’t clear if the league even receives any meaningful compensation for its product, but is looking for exposure however it can get it.
-- byucougs.com

truth in reporting ...
an f-i-u-don't-matter fan (oxymoron) poses as a grimy gaturd ...
link to a reputable source ...
I defy you ...
b/c saying so doesn't make it so ...
you are what you is ...


UF will be on that list now that the Great Circumciser is gone. UFelons 3 yr run is over. Luckily for you, you're not ranked highly, so it'll be hard to underachieve.

Whenever I go anywhere and we talk football I always say I cheer for all Florida teams but UF is last due to their fans.

You all have proven it on here.

Us today, maybe you tomorrow...idiots, all programs are the same.

10 years? In the last 10 years the Canes have won a NC, played for another, played in 3 BCS bowls and pounded Gatr trash 3 times.

Maybe the last 5 years but then they don't learn you math at UTrailer.

BWAAHAHAHA. The facts kick you in the teeth again, Pig.

This is too easy you shark-jumping fruitcake.


green...obsess much?

Earl Moore punked Gatard trailer maggots.

In related and unsurprising news, the shark-jumping blog Pig was wrong.......again.

For those keeping score at home, that is a batting average of .968. Not bad for a Costco security slob.



Sunbelt's television contract you are referring us only up to the 2011-2012 academic year. Don't know why this is relevant to you. Oh yeah, I know why, because when FIU joins Big East it'll be yet another bullet that UM will have to absorb.

Just put the damn thing out of its misery already!

of another NCAA violation. LOL

gatorsam, why do you spend so much time trolling Canes blogs? You know there is a Gator blog that would LOVE to hear from you another Brantley for Heisman prediction.

We play anyone anytime.*

* Disclaimer: as long as we play the majority of our games in a basketball conference. First the big least and now the acc. You better watch out with Duke this year.

C'mon, seriously? Big East? ND will bolt soon enough and that eight team conference will collapse like Teblow in a strip bar.

green...obsess much?

Posted by: FIUFan | August 15, 2011 at 01:07 PM

pot calling kettle green ...


Posted by: GATOR NATION BABY | August 15, 2011 at 01:15 PM

I seem to recall a similar mythical organization that existed during the Ron Zook era although it is difficult to tell because it ran and hid in its trailer during that period. Tough to cull through all those layers of trash in Trailerville to be positive though.

Not good news right before the season is to start. This blows but where there is smoke there is always a fire. The only question is how big will the fire be? NCAA seems to be coming down hard on just about everyone these days. My only hope is that when Golden took the head coaching job he was assured by the "U" that the allegations made by Shapiro had no to little merit. If not say bye bye to Golden because the Penn State job will be open in a year or two. I believe that coach Paterno is in his last year of his contract.

gatah nation = top 10 deuchiest school, congrats.

Gatorsam- -You are a doosh
Gatornation- More of a doosch
10 yrs...- doosh
Soldy- doosh

Doosh nation up there yonder in g-ville.

what about statute of limitations do you all don't understand? There is not one player on this team that was here 4 yrs ago. At least not one that matters. barrow, the only coach.

Plus, this is a convicted liar. A ponzi schemer is a liar. A con-man. The NCAA cannot and will not put the word of a con man over that of a university.

Nevin Shapiro- 2027 or sooner. Watch your back punk. Just saying...

ESPN doesnt even have this on anywhere, no story here.

Posted by: Jdbusby2005 | August 15, 2011 at 11:23 AM

Think again. They just broke in on Sports Center with "BREAKING NEWS" from Miami. Went into great detail about the story and said they have a reporter on Campus for an in depth report on the 6 pm Sports Center...

Nothing to see here riiieeet Cane Fan ?

So why are U soooo nervious ?

Right, blog Pig. They break in with a "BReaking News" then go into "great detail."

What an idiot. They had a 10 second blurb on it. That was all. As usual, a shark-jumping Pig who lies about everything.

Remember when you said Matt Patchan was working with the 1's and it turned out he was injured?

You are a lying Pig. A loser. A malcontent. What is it like to look in the mirror at that zitty Pig-face every morning.

Wow, it must suck to be you, Pig/ARty/Soldy/(douche du jour)

This was the same Pig who claimed the book was coming out last December.

Wrong again, Pig face. Actually, I am glad you are predicting bad things. Since you are always wrong, that means nothing will happen to the Canes.

Maybe you can wish you were a fat smelly ugly Pig. That way, the opposite would occur. Just a thought, dope.

For anyone interested is on espn in 6 stories.



little over sensitive there Canesfool ?

They NC2A is going to hammer U and U know it...

Let out the anger...

Ur back ! To the 70's

From what was said what's new here. A slimball thats trying to publicize his book makes unfounded statements. Supposedly has cc receipts, last I saw those don't have names on them. Supposedly has pictures, so what. No where yet do we hear or see where Miami coaches knew about this which is key. hopefully this ends quickly. School needs to answer quickly.
For low class gators, how many arrests in that program the last couple of years. Answer 30 . Nuf said

Shocking, ESPN is reporting a story about the Canes? Hey brainless, the world cares about the Canes, which is why they are reporting it, and why YOU ARE HERE 24/7 with your jokes about murdered players and threatening to lynch our head coach.

Strange, you stopped that threat when we changed coaches, perhaps you only threaten that for black coaches?

So what. This will bring back the swag. Uncle Luke- Your turn bay bay.

P-diddy- Your turn bay bay

The boss Rick Ross- Your turn bay bay

Little Wayne and Little John: Your turn bay bay

Pit Bull- Your turn bay bay

Rae chill (305)- Your turn bay bay

"cause its time for the 305 to turn it back on. We gave you gators a break. Time to reconstruct

F- that little je- boy Shapiro. he is a nobody. All his possessions were stolen property.thats why they are all being impounded. Stolen property. No better than the shoplifter that steals a beef jerky from 7-11. He has no cred, and if he does, so be it.



Welcome to the U. I think you may want to read my post again. I am a Cane season holder and am in no way bashing the "U". Just stating an opinion out of concern. I think you read the first line and jumped to conclusions. A little fast on the Gator trigger. Just saying.

Remember, Scotty Rotty Rothstein was a Gatard trash. Wouldn't want the NC2A poking around the cesspool for evidence of ill-gotten contributions, would you?

On the other hand, Scotty Rotty may have pulled an Emmitt and realized what a stank pond that trailerpark is and decided not to give a dime of his Ponzi cash. That may make more sense.

Gatards can't win for trying.

It's gator country not gator nation and next season will be gator county.

of another NCAA violation. LOL

Posted by: GATOR NATION BABY | August 15, 2011 at 01:15 PM

What's wrong, did Mean Old Matt ban you from your Gator playground Gator Clause, so now you can only post garbage here?

7 posts in 5 days over there, sure looks like GATOR NATION has shrunk to a county, or in your case, a county jail.

But that's okay, you can still be one of three people cheering for your declining team under Muschamp, while we watch our team improve under Golden.

Shapiro is old news, and the NCAA is just tying a nice bow around their "no finding" message to the world.

So, you gonna go back to your dead little blog, or you gonna continue getting raosted here? Neither choice for you is very good, but that matches your school, life, job, and mating prospects.

NCAA violations? Sounds like a Randy Shannon, Kirby Holcutt problem to me....go talk to those guys.

They had a 10 second blurb on it



10 second blurb huh ?

Such a sexy story when a Hot Gator reports it...

U stay tuned for a full report tonight U clUck.


what's that I hear? oh, it's just Ur 2012 recruiting commits decommiting.

You mean Erin "hook nose" Andrews? That is what passes for hot around Trailverville? Course, beats the sheep, I guess Pig.

Mr. Moore, knowing full well the investigation was coming, still committed to Miami. Took his Gatard trash letters and used them while in the latrine.

Sums up the day for you, doesn't it, Pig? 10 second blurb. You said "in depth." All you do is lie and make things up.

So, please, continue to tell us how bad it will be. That just means it won't be. You are always wrong,

shark-jumping Pig.

Shapiro's books to hit stores in 3-6 weeks with excerpts to be released this week...

Dude's a genius. Getting millions in free advertisement at the cost of Ur 2011 Season !

Time for U to take the, "everyones against Us stance" Cane Fan babies. boooo hooo

bUsted !!! again.

We're back babyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

I always hate to see this kind of stuff, and hope there is no substantive basis to the allegations. This is especially true with the Coach Golden era, which I believe will emphasize integrity and playing by the rules.

Maybe Shapiro is trying to get a reduced sentence. We shall see.

Yes, Pig. I like it. Blog Pig who jumped the shark months ago says:

Book to hit in 3-6 weeks means it will never happen.

Excerpts coming this week means no excerpts now or ever.

Pig, given your poor track record maybe if you post about what a homely loser you are and how you enjoy being a virgin, you would actually find some grimbo who finds you attractive and will bang you.

Just sayin' you fruity warthog.

GATOR NATION BABY, that was a great post. Even ESPN thinks UM is a friggin joke!

The so-called "Golden Era" hasn't even begun and Dah U is already continuing its everlasting descent into irrelevancy. What a corrupt university it is, naming a student lounge after such a low life criminal.

Even that basement dwelling troll "UFelony" is squirming

Face it: it's not over for U, it's BEEN over for U!

Watch as more of your 3 star recruits choose USF, FAU, and FIU over U.


Who will be afraid of a 5-7 Gatr team in '13?

How low you have fallen when this inspires the Gatr trash faithful. Somewhere, Timmy Teblow pauses while giving fellatio and shakes his head un disgust at the Trailer Nation.

gatah nation - que banjos

Not one coach or player named is within 100 miles of the gables
Not one alleged "payee" has been at miami in over 4 yrs
The ncaa will laugh at this
The pig who...r attorney representing this slime bag is out to make a name for herself,
Shapiro is squeeeeeeeeeling like a gtr pig in the joint.

Watch your back j-w boy. 2025 or whatever is not long from now.
Watch your back

Yeah, wonder what the NCAA was looking for in campus when the alleged wrongdoing occurred 10 years ago.

Looking for old receipts in old garbage bags? Maybe the blog Pig can help.

What do you say, fruity warthog?


The man that single handedly brought Miami down...

Read and be afraid... very afraid.

Ur Back ? Nope, it's Ova for U.

Do I have anything to worry about?...
probably not.

Am I worried?...

Because with the NCAA, just like a divorce, or being audited by the IRS, some how some way you get whacked.

Why are FSU and UF fans flooding this blog?
Because they're hoping and praying something will stop our momentum.

Exactly what have FSU and UF accomplished in the last few years as they feel entitled to talk sheet?
Absolutely nothing.




The annual August tease: We've got our swagger back!

The annual fall reality: Swagger doesn't equate to a 20-21 record in ACC play and two fired coaches over the previous five years.

The U hasn't finished a season with a victory since 2006, when it took down Nevada by a point in the MPC Computers Bowl. Good luck finding that epic moment among the program's historic high points. The U hasn't played in a BCS bowl since it was a member of the Big East. It has some proving to do to get off this list in 2011."


Posted by: GATOR NATION BABY | August 15, 2011 at 11:46 AM

2009 Preseason Poll- Florida #1
2010 Preseason Poll- Florida #6


Wow, Miami New Times. First Bleacher Report now MNT?

You can't comprehend high-level research so you settle for garbage. Typical Gatr trash edumucayshun.

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