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Report: NCAA to question UM over relationship with former booster Nevin Shapiro

According to InsideTheU.com, the NCAA will be at the University of Miami Monday to question people involved with knowledge of potential violations regarding impermissible benefits and former booster Nevin Shapiro.

Citing multiple sources, InsideTheU reported Sunday that the NCAA is looking into comments made by Shapiro that he was involved in giving former players money.

Shapiro, who contributed $150,000 to the UM athletic program, pled guilty to running a $930 million Ponzi scheme and was sentenced to 20-years in prison in June. Shapiro has said he plans on writing a “tell-all book” about his involvement with former UM players -- dating back to 2001 during the Larry Coker and Randy Shannon eras.

The issue in the end will be if Shapiro has any real evidence or credibility to prove the allegations. When this first surfaced over a year ago, nobody around the program told me they thought he did.

Stay tuned for more. I'm sure we'll get a response from UM at some point in the next 24 hours.

Link: InsideTheU.com's story.


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Why are FSU and UF fans flooding this blog?
Because they're hoping and praying something will stop our momentum.

Exactly what have FSU and UF accomplished in the last few years as they feel entitled to talk sheet?
Absolutely nothing.


Posted by: NJshoreCane | August 15, 2011 at 07:50 PM


U mean the momentum of U losing Ur last 3 games and entire Coaching staff getting fired last season kind of momentum ?

Wow! Guido, U start Ur own spinoff off Jersey Shore, U delUsional Cane Fan.

U enjoy Serious probation the next 5-6 years.


The man that single handedly brought Miami down...

Read and be afraid... very afraid.

Ur Back ? Nope, it's Ova for U.

Hey Arty ... Wanna see a trick ?

ok, watch...



Posted by: Gatr Pig | August 15, 2011 at 05:56 PM

Come...Sit... Speak... Now REPLY !!!

Look at the bright side Cane Fan... U can now market the Ohio State game as "The Probation Bowl"... Think of it, U can sell 10k U Proby T-shirts and 40k OSU's... Big $ !

Just hope U'll both have enough players so U won't have to go 7 on 7.

Hey Arty, errr Soldy, errrrr I can't keep track of my aliases.

You know. I am just a stupid Pig. Costco security.

Have to get my cuts in now. Boss man don't let me post during my graveyard shift.

Hola Soldy. Douchebag?

Who wants opossum soup?

Isnt that blog Pig a coward?

His Daddy gives his mommy road hummers.


Rippin' that stupid Pog to shreds. Too easy.

Pig jumps shark.

You suck Pig.

why is this "nobody" getting all of this free publicity???

Shapiro is pure scum and yes there was things going on behind the scenes......fact. A former business associate was a very close friend and business "partner" with Nevin. This guy had to run around with a full time body guard, that should give you an idea of how corrupt the little man was.....is.....will always be

was or were ? or neva was ?

Ur the Goose

U lose

Off the graveyard Costconshift and right to this blog. The Pig has many interests it's safe to say.

You jumped the shark, Pig. Let your boyfriend know.

Don't let the NCAA know about Scotty Rotty Rothstein trailertrash. Don't want them poking around that cesspool of Trailerville.

Pig, your mommy called.

U are the one sitting there arguing with University of Miami fans on the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald.

Game, Set, Match - you're pathetic.

Regarding the "teasers" article, Pat the doosc Forde forgets how many times UF has been ranked in the top 5 in the last 15 years, and how many times they have choked. he forgets that in 2000, 2001, they were ranked ahead of Miami in the polls, only to be b---c slapped by the canes. He conveniently left the gatrs out of this list. Others on the list that were left out are West Va and just about every LSU team except for 3 in the last 15 yrs. That woiuld be literally same as Miami, as Miami ws #2, #1, #2, #5 4 out of the last 12 years!

On the other hand, the bleacher report had the top 50 athletes of all time, and guess what two schools had players in it?

#30- Joachim Noah

And OSU's AJ Hawk and Greg Oden LOL.

Should have added Emmit Smith and melonhead tebow!

top 5o UGLIEST athletes of all time that is...

Maybe Shapiro was giving them 'SWAGGER' lessons, whatever swagger is. Stupid word for stupid people.

Strange, this insane guy posts all night long on here, yet not a PEEP from him anymore on the Sun Sentinel.

I mean, he is given a gift-wrapped opportunity to do his usual half-english attacks at 3am, and yet not a WORD over there. Sure, he cut and pasted his garbage on the Herald and the Post, (he is repetitive and obsessed, after all), but his Christmas Day left him with a present unopened!

How very sad for him. How very happy for all of us. Herald readers, just ignore him, he is gonna be extra crazy for a while. Basically, he is just like Nevin Shapiro, a spurned loser that is now trying to anonymously attack his betters.

When you point your finger at someone else gator fans, there are 3 pointing back at you!! Your coach quit on your punk felon players!

Emit Smith made no mention of UFelony when he made it to the FOOTBALL hall of fame ahahahahahaaa,". Disgrace

"Randy Shannon's Attempts To Stop Nevin Shapiro"

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