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Seantrel has back surgery; Gaines at first team MLB

CORAL GABLES -- Hurricanes offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson underwent back surgery Monday and the results were “very positive” according to coach Al Golden.

Seantrel Henderson “All I know is he had the procedure and it was very positive," Golden said before Tuesday's practice. "What that means long term is still tenuous."

Golden said Henderson would be released from the hospital Tuesday, but a timetable for his return has not yet been determined.

Henderson (6-8, 345) started nine games at right tackle last season and was named a freshman All-American. He moved to left tackle in the spring, but injured his back and sat out the spring game.

Henderson posted on Twitter Monday night that he will “be right sooner than later.”

Several teammates have said they expect Henderson to return this season.

> Jimmy Gaines, a little known two-star recruit out of Buffalo, N.Y. in 2010, has been practicing with the first team at middle linebacker -- ahead of senior Jordan Futch.

"He absolutely can be a guy that starts," Golden said Tuesday. "He's a self-made guy. He's a competitor. He's tough. He's really smart, came back in great condition. He's the starter right now. I think he'll have a lot to say about whether somebody supplants him."

Asked why he thinks Gaines has been so impressive and is practicing with the first team senior Sean Spence said: "I love him. He's a hard worker, very intelligent. He's going to help this team a lot. He diagnoses plays really fast, picks up what coaches want to get done. He's been doing everything right to this point."

> Tight end Blake Ayles had to leave the field Tuesday morning because of what appeared to be heat-related issues. He sat on a table with his head down and was looked at by trainers. No word yet on whether he returned to action.

> Golden said the competition at kicker and punter so far has been "exciting" -- even though Monday was only the first day players were involved in place kicking.

"I think the kickers that are here -- Jake [Wieclaw], and Cameron Dean, and Ben [Hopfinger] and Alex [Irastorza] -- all those guys knew the competition was coming," Golden said. "And they responded before anybody arrived. Obviously [Dalton] Botts and [Matt] Goudis are truly in the mix right now. We have to see more of Goudis yet. What I've seen of Botts so far, he's going to be a real factor in this competition."

> Brandon Washington, an All-ACC First Team offensive guard in 2010, said his move outside to right tackle will be a lot easier than most expect.

"I've always been a tackle," Washington said. "I feel like I'm back at home from high school. It feels like the same thing."

> Mike Williams, a senior and transfer from Wake Forest, said he's currently running with the third team at cornerback. But according to defensive backs coach Paul Williams, he is probably just one of five players in the mix for playing time at corner.

"Right now, I'm still kind of moving into the system, getting to know things," Williams said. "They're not throwing me into the fire just yet. I was here in the summer learning things.

"It's definitely an opportunity of a lifetime to step in right away and play. I'm just taking it all in."


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It's All About The U....

Cane fans, embrace the excitement!!!!( You gator troll, STFU!!!!!)


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

This season is going to be the first season in a while that Canes fans can feel good about!!!

Gonna get that sixth ring dis year.

vaughn t and anthony chickillo went ham today at practice....vaughn had an int and chick caused problems all day...chase ford shined on offense...see link....


When we picked up Gaines, folks got upset that he was underrecruited and from Buffalo. Now he is playing into the starting role over a senior four star.

Sometimes, effort pays off.

Was looking at the schedule today and smiled when I saw K-State. Anyone else look at this and think of the Brown Brothers? As a fan of sport and competition I'd really like to see the brothers go off on the Canes but of course see the Canes come out on top where it counts the most.

what are you talking about, rbleigh? "as a fan of sport and competition?" The Brown brothers left here. They were not asked to leave. Bryce pulled his prima donna act and Randy did not renew his offer.

Why would you want them to "go off?" I would like Lamar to railroad Arthur on the way to a TD and have Sean Spence light Bryce up in the backfield.

I got a boner!!

the brown brothers won't do squat..our d line will bottle bryce up all day long and our TE's will use arthur 'the lost one' brown in passing situations...

What was the score again @ halftime against Virginia in the last game at the O.B. ?

See, you accuse Canes fans of living in the past, you do far more than we do.

The difference is you relive a game of little importance, while we recall games of national title importance. You know, like the 31-4 beating we gave the Gators as a stepping stone to our second title.

^^^^or the 41 to 16 beating we gave to rex grossman and company at 'the swamp' in 2002....yikes

How many years did it take you to win a national title?

At least fans of the U have a past to live in and remember. The rest don't even have that. All they can do is say "man I wish my team had a history like the Canes fans do."

KSU does not have the talent to beat U. Arthur should not be playing football. I saw him at U and I saw absolutely nothing. Wherever Bryce hoes, Art goes, it's called a package deal. If Bryce gets space, as with any fast cutting RB, he might be dangerous. UM still wins big.

Well Cat, I don't know about Arthur since he hardly ever played while he was here. K-State is going to be a lot tougher team than people think. I know they will be coached well and be ready to play but, I like U do see us pulling away from them. However to overlook them as a worthy opponent and challenger would be a huge mistake. I'm sure of one thing and that is the Brown brothers will be ready to play.

OK, back to the article, who cares about Kstate and who ever. I am more concerned about US, not them! Get back to Cane Talk chuckle heads! Saw a little tape on Gaines earlier this year. He is a little monster. Very, Very quick and hits like Sean. Great addition, and should big time push Futch. I really believe that if the D can convert more 3 and outs and not be put in bad field position all of the time,(Last year) that our offense will shine this year. Looks like Golden is wanting to play smash mouth football and we have a great stable of backs and tight ends. Ball control this year, and forget about those stupid bombs until we can get the lead. Really possible for us to go 9-2, a stretch at 10-1, but certainly can win the ACC this year. We really have the talent and now have a coach that is making them accountable for every position. Nice to see! Go Canes!

Chuckle head, no one said that we cared about K-State.

Venice resident Rhonda DeVictor said she noticed the empty lot when she first moved into the neighborhood 12 years ago

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