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Streeter shines again in UM's final scrimmage

The Hurricanes concluded their second scrimmage of the fall Monday and according to the school's sports information staff receiver Tommy Streeter was a star again along with both of the quarterbacks -- Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris -- competing for the starting job.

Tommy Streeter Streeter, who had three TD catches in the team's first scrimmage, two more on Monday and led all players with seven catches for 148 yards. He also supposedly came within inches of a third TD catch at the end of the scrimmage when he hauled in a 50-yard "Hail Mary" pass from Jacory Harris, but dragged down at the 1-yard line. The white team won 34-31 over the Orange.

Harris, leading the Orange team and sophomore Stephen Morris of the White squad were a combined 39-of-57 passing for 547 yards with six touchdowns and no turnovers.

The scrimmage was divided up into four 10-minute quarters with the offenses starting drives in their own end. There were no punt or kick-off situations. It also was not open to the media.

UM coach Al Golden said he and his assistants would have a lot of decisions to make over the next 48 hours -- not just at quarterback. He said Saturday there's a chance the depth chart would be out at Tuesday. But it's more likely that Wednesday will be the day.


> Running backs Lamar Miller and Mike James each ran the ball six times in the first half for a total of 99 yards. However, redshirt freshman Darion Hall was impressive with his team-high 11 carries and a touchdown.

> Junior kicker Jake Weiclaw may have solidified a starting spot as he closed the first half with a 53-yard field goal for the Orange team.

> Big Hits: Dallas Crawford on Eduardo Clements, Micanor Regis on Darion Hall, Darion Hall on Ray-Ray Armstrong, Jeremy Lewis on Jordan Futch, Davon Johnson on Eduardo Clements

> Tackles for loss: Thomas Finnie, Andrew Smith, Micanor Regis, James Gaines, Kelvin Cain

> Sacks: Sean Spence, Andrew Smith (2), Jalen Grimble

> Pass break-ups: Thomas Finnie, Brandon McGee, Andrew Swasey

> Receiver Aldarius Johnson made some nice grabs on the day, including a sideline catch where he feigned two defenders for a nice gain

> A Morris pass was tipped at the line by freshman Anthony Chickillo. However, the ball made it to its original target Maurice Hagens, who made a spectacular one-handed catch in the flat and then ran into the endzone for the 20-yard score.

Receiving Touchdowns: Tommy Streeter (2), Clive Walford, Lamar Miller, Maurice Hagens, Rashawn Scott

Rushing Touchdowns: Mike James, Darion Hall, Stephen Morris


> On Al Golden's post-practice interview with UM radio announcer Joe Zagacki, back-up defensive tackle Luther Robinson can be seen walking away on crutches.


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Por la Calle!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

What a shame man does it look like we were heading in the right direction. I just don't see how there could be a good ending, there is no way in hell Golden stays.

Two weeks and counting down. Let's break some bones!

Holy S - two weeks from tonight!!

Taking it out on the field,
That's Canes tradition.


Steve, I can only hope you are wrong. Al Golden is a class guy - it's a DAMN shame we are suddenly under the microscope...

We would not be there except for the lack of leadership by shalalalala. Fire her NOW


Posted by: 27 Ave Cane | August 22, 2011 at 10:11 PM
Great vid and a great story:


Guys, lets calm down and let everything run its course. Its crazy how people who don't have any information are just posting the wildest stuff. Lets remember these are accusations first and foremost by a criminal who has defrauded experienced investors out of $930 million dollars before like Madoff and Rothstein it all came tumbling down. Yahoo's hatchet job of story is getting exposed everyday and its a shame the Herald and Sun Sentinel didn't sniff this story out if its been a decade in the making before Yahoo. Lets not forgot this is a criminal with nothing to lose and trying to cut a deal with the Feds, lets hope he has the documentation to show where the rest of the money he scammed good out of went... Let the investigation conclude and we will see where we are at. I find it hard to believe out of 105 players he only named the 12 best ones that came in under Shannon who had this guy nowhere near the program during his four years there and these kids have only been there the last three years. If they were dumb enough to put themselves out there and jeopardize their future then they need to be kicked out of the school and off the team when the truth comes out. Bottom line

Streeter sounds like he's going to be a nightmare for opposing defenses.
But you know SaintPaul Cane has a point. It seems like the story unravels more and more everyday and in a way it sounds almost like a set up out of a movie. I hope these players did listen to Randy about this piece of garbage and stayed away from him. The funny thing is like my fellow Cane from SaintPaul said, its like he named guys that he felt would really hurt us like SPence, Ray Ray, Benjamin, and Telemaque. That is typically the actions of someone with nothing of truth to his statements that is trying to cut a deal for a reduced sentence.

I have follow the U for as long as have, lets not forget most of the canes haters need to have something to do before the season begin. I believe we will survire this too. GO CANES BEAT FSU.

jUst starting ...

U stay tuned ...

U know Pandora ?

neither did Nevin

What to do? i diagnose an uncertain approach.

As the evidence continues to leak out i figure every so quietly.
Until it is known if the NCAA will judge and implement discipline past the four year limitations i hesitate to suggest a reaction to the former Canes. However, waiting till it is known what rules the NCAA will decide to judge on could be too late for effectiveness.

All i and those that stand by the []_[] should care about is this and future athletic seasons. This moment the current teams sentence, created by the sometime understandable and part-time greedy acts made by former players, coaches, and administration is migh only consideration.

The question is when.
the answer is in form of hyperbole.
Random Former Cane Future Quote 'We accept free $hit like every other semi-profesional; err major college athlete does.'

poor mans SIDE NOTE: loosing a season for RIMS....wedding ring alright but rims!

There's shatyourpants soldy again. Everyday bro, you are here loving my Canes. I know you fantasize about a real school,5 titles, too many NFL stars to count with their SB rings. It's ok, just put the Cane jersey on and quit fighting it. No,on second thought, just go and watch Tebow play at Denver( I know you love the gators..). Oh wait a minute, he's not starting...wait, he's not even 2ND STRING??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. GO GATORS, you guys rock in the NFL. No, really...GTFO gaytor.

Shapiro is being transferred to a facility in south florida.

Notice to fellow canes in the pen.

Just saying

I have been racking My brain on how this all could be fixed. Espn has weighed in on the subject.But I just want to throw an idea out there. Why cant They install a rule or law? When a kid comes out of h.s. and signs. Make them sign a contract where they are responsible for their actions after they leave the school. Even if they are not pros maybe where they have to pay big fines or serve time to payback their wrong doings. I just think it would put a fear in each individual to walk a straight line. I know these are amatuers but I think if they made it clear to these young kids at the start you would see more people worry about themselves and less irregard to the rules just an idea. Go Canes all the same I hope We put a season together that makes us all feel a little less depressed

Hopefully alot of exaggeration although many allegations regarding partying seem possible.What college doesn t like to party?The current players involvement possibility surprised me but.....if it was........over the top or illegal.....I have no problem with whatever appropriate punishment they receive.Coach Golden is waiting to be informed by Shalala and the AD .If nothing is forthcoming from them soon.........I have no doubt we ll be like NC and play our eligible players.And why not?????????????????????????????

There's no doubt that UM was headed back to greatness with Golden and his staff. He's the best thing to happen to UM since Schnellenberger. I can't imagine him being here next year. If so, it will take the U many years (at least 5) to be half way relavent again.

Everything this guy did he took pictures. Thats his whole basisi for proof to this that he has pictures with players partying, yet I can't remember seeing any pictures with the current players he is blaming. What did he just all of the sudden stop taking pictures or is it that Shannon shut him down and he had nothing. Sounds to me like he is stretching for something on recent players. This could be a really good thing because if he was shut down it would show institutional control and therefore would also prevent the NCAA from going back motre than 4 years. Once again remain patient and stop believeing this criminal liar with nothing to back it up.

You just have to have faith in the U. Do not turn your back on the U like some of their star players who are now in the NFL and do not give a sh-- about anything or anyone but themselves. True die-hearts stick together till the end. But do not worry, things always work themselves out for the better. Go canes....

You must first accept the fact that we are dealing with 18-22 yr old prima donnas who have most likely never been told that they have to follow rules any rules. These individuals are responsible for their actions.
The shame is the fomer canes and/or recruits
have decided to become mouthpieces for the NCAA to save their skin. They are turncoats and have no loyalty except to themselves just as the NFL UM players who have shut up and not given any support to the current team and coaches..

Manny, why did you and Sister Sue coverup all your observed Shapiro 'payoffs' since 2002...

... as you attended the same practices and other Booster Bangs that were mandatory attendence for all these 19 year old kids!

Not a single inference that anything improper was going on all these years??

Hey, Manny, both you and Sister Sue need to look in the mirror at your fake photo smile...

... it is pure BizzarroWorld!!

Coach Randy Shannon was lousy on gameday...

... but excelled at Control Freak 201!!

He would never allow the little sleazebag Shapiro around his players any more than necessary to bag the bucks...

... from business sleuths with no criminal record!!

People guessing on how long until we are relevant is hilarious, we dont even know the penalties yet.
This year the O will be fine if we lose the 15 players, Jacory is and INT machine and Travis is a glorified kick returner, lets start Morris with a punishing ground game, that eats clock and rests defense. this should be game plan.
Defense will suffer.

Anyone notice Benjamins name absent from scrimmage stats.
Moving on

GO CANES!!! I still believe in my heart that somehow SHALALYA knew this was going on and she let it happen to hurt the CANE program. She is just anti-footballl!

You see how SI and Yahoo want Miami to disband its football program..Of course and lets also make a law that kids from South Florida WILL not be allowed to play football..How is that fools? Because we all know that them hicks want is for Miami to disappear and they can take away our playmakers..FACK YOU...

Tebow is actually the 4th best QB there in Denver. Some kid from U Of Minnesota is even better than him.

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