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Thursday's post-practice Hurricanes update (with actual football information)

Is it already Thursday?

Feels to me like one long day since Monday.

Some tidbits from my second office -- aka my car (with ac running):

*A ton of national media (well, a ton for UM standards) set up for coach Al Golden this morning, and as usual, he had a lot of patience in dealing with us. I can't tell you how much I admire how he is handling this situation publicly. He continues to answer questions respectfully and pretty much in depth, though some of the repeat questions by national media was getting to him a little. Still, he answered everything.

* So I hear we're getting some kind of prepared statement by UM AD Shawn Eichorst today. A little on the late side, I'd say. He still has addressed us in person since he first arrived on campus a few months ago.

* I asked the coach if this situation makes it any clearer as to naming a starting quarterback (because Jacory Harris is on the NCAA list, as opposed to Stephen Morris). "Obviously you're referring to one of the quarterbacks being mentioned (yes, Jacory, I said) so for me to jump in to say he did have an infraction or he did something wrong would be wrong. I'm going to wait and see what the investigation leads to us and then we'll go from there, but right now, we're just grading them on the field.''

*Jacory Harris was in a gray T-shirt and green UM shorts this morning at practice, with a whistle in his mouth. We were told by UM he is a player-coach for the morning session but will be dressed in uniform and pads and practicing this afternoon.

*Cornerback JoJo Nicolas was not at practice today. UM Associate AD for Communications Chris Freet said it was "for personal reasons.'' JoJo is one of the implicated players on NCAA list.

* DT Curtis Porter has a hand or finger injury. He was wearing a red jersey (for injured players) and his left hand was thickly bandaged with either his forefinger or thumb (or both?) wrapped heavily. It looked more like his forefinger, but I can't be sure. We're very far away.

* TE Chase Ford wore a red jersey.

* G Joel Figueroa was fully dressed in practice uniform then walked off the field looking somewhat out of it after about 10 minutes. We leave after 15. According to UM, he then served as player-coach. Not sure what the story is there.

* Golden said Wednesday's practice was "our best'' practice since all the Nevin Shapiro stuff broke. "Tuesday was the day the story broke so there was some shock and guys were unclear. but yesterday We really came out and had a lot of energy. If anything it's going to bring us a lot closer together. ...For the most part, inside here we're moving forward.''

* How much does the fact that so many guys are fighting for positions now are keeping them grounded? Golden: "Right now they know they have five practices [left] and one scrimmage and then the team is going to be be set. our travel team will be set, our depth will be set and then we'll go from there. They know right now this is crunch time. We call this moving week and next Wednesday is cut down day. They know what they need to do.''

* (timeout for commecial break:) http://redraiders.com/filed-online/2011-08-17/twenty-questions-kirby-hocutt

* How much has the depth chart changed from the first scrimmage going into scrimmage 2?  Golden: "I think it has changed a lot. We're trying to find the right combination on the offensive line. We'll report to you when we know something about Seantrel but we're operating like he's not with us. You have to do that. We've been moving guys around to get the best combination there.

 * "Dalton Botts has been doing an excellent, suburb job at punting,,'' Golden said. [Placekicker] Jake [Wieclaw] was 9 for 10 the other day in our special teams scrimmage Tuesday afternoon and clearly he had the better day, although [Matt Goudis] is right there with him.'' Wieclaw is also practicing his punting.

Have a good day everyone.



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Fire shalalala now


Thanks for some football input. You are appreciated, man!

If many starters go down secondary to this ugly sounding scandal, the remaining players must come together with an "us against the world attitude." They must redeem the UM tradition with fierce and passionate play.

This is painful to those of us who have watched the program come back alive with Coach Golden and his staff. It will be a matter of how we cope with major adversity. I pray that no death penalty takes place, although the self-destructive actions of players and coaches have taken us to the brink. And, for the most part, these were mediocre teams with no character!

And, Uncle Luke? It is clowns like him that are part of the problem. When ignorance and self-indulgence rule the day, we are all going down, my friends. Don't let it happen.

Thanks Manny, refreshing to read football news! What about who is handling kickoffs?


Greed is good ...

U ? Not so much ...

The should just tell the NCAA, "It's a cane thang, you won't understand!"

You guys,

This was Susan.

I have felt sick about this for the last couple of days I hope for the sake of the program coaches and staff had nothing to do with this. If they did our beloved Hurricane football is done and I hope all the adults in this matter loose the right to be involved in college athletics forever.

Most of the accusations are sensationalist BS that grab headlines. So they were on a yacht, in a restaurant, in strip clubs. Ok! So they slept with strippers prostitutes, etc. Again sensationalist. Is it wrong yeah. Can that kind of stuff be proven. I highly doubt it. Did it happen I'm sure. Is there concrete evidence. I doubt it. Right now the story is new and out there. Shapiro basically threw everything at the wall and is hoping some of it sticks. The most severe problems are the coaches.

But this guy is con-man. I'm not saying what he is saying isnt some truth in there but there is definitely great exaggerations in there. Look at the pictures and when he says the pics were taken. 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. If you notice from 2008 and on most of the pics yahoo posted are with the basketball players and coaches. Looks like he was at a distance from the football team in comparison to the early 2000s. Thanks to Shannon most likely. Yeah it looks bad but thats cause most of his allegations are salicious. If you start looking at the facts I'm not saying some of it isnt true, but its about what you can prove. And thats what we are forgetting.

Thanks Susan and Manny for all the info you give us.

Is there anyway to email or get in contact with coach Golden so we can assure him he has all of the U country to support him and that we need and want him and his family at UM!!!!

This one is funnier than the Eldrick Woods comedy. Maybe he can come down and be the new AD. He likes a good time, women, sleaze. The perfect environment for him.

Yup. Anyone can post a pic and make up any story to go along with it.

Nice job, and even the commercial break was entertaining.

Worst part about all this? Not the possible sanctions, and not the obsessive hatred from the Gator trolls, but the loss of the player interviews on here. That was well done by you guys, and I hope it gets to continue soon.

our canes will be ok, all we can do wait and see what god oh i meant the ncaa has in store for the U, as for the guy who started this mess he probaly needs to that he is a judas,

One thing I have not seen mentioned here is the effect the big loss of money will have on the overall athletic program should we lose TV and/or bowl revenues. The football program basically supports the rest of the men's and women's teams (with the possible exception of men's basketball) and there will have to be a lot of belt tightening. We just have to wait and see where the NCAA investigation leads us in regard to sanctions. The fact that Marve and the other players we recruited but lost have more or less been declared eligible can only be a good thing. Only time will tell.

Basically, even when he has receipts with Canes player names on them, that is insubstantial, I mean, he did all this under an assumed name, the names of others can also easily be assumed names.

Or are we supposed to believe a UF point Guard did all this?

Look at the pictures of him with people, Haith at the restaurant, for example, he looks like he was just there to be polite, not like he is their friend or anything like that. haith in fact looks disgusted to be in the same room with Shapiro.

Facts are this. He is a convicted criminal and con artist, his girlfriend is a convicted criminal and con artist. Their word and their documentation is worthless unless backed up by the actual hotels, etc.

A few texts, tolerating a booster groupie saying "good game" "thanks" "I hope you win next week" "I hope so too" are not "extra benefits".

All of this just before the start of football season have me red-hot. The national media from radio to tv personalities make me sick,,they are only looking at this from side. Its no way in hell this guy have proof on 72 players, its no way in hell its that many witnesses who are willing to collaborate these stories, some of it undoubtedly will surface, but all of it, am sorry, not buying it, this is America, and even though the NCAA who have no guideance, no clear direction to fix this problem is just as much guilty as the U. This is a billion dollar industry aka college football, so what an athlete get a free ride, pay the guys some money, 2k per semester will help these guys out tremendously, but the white collars, button down shirt, straight and narrow types do not want to share any of the real money wiith the players. its obvious, anyone who been to college know, the 1st two years is all bullcrap, a bunch of classes no one really need,,the whole system is crappy..

the bryce brothers, robert marve were all clear by their current universities and the NCAA, why cant the same be done for the current 12 miami players??? i mean, did the ncaa investigate and clear these players months ago, or recently? if recently, why cant they do it for the miami players? no one has accepted or been accused of accepting any money after 3/2010, the guy was tyring to keep his butt from the FED pen by then,

This is the time when the TRUE UM fans will come out, and the wannabe's will be looking for excuses & saying what is wrong with the University.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Miami, and I will stand behind, in front, and 360 around them pulling for them.

This is a sad moment, but we will come out of it and move forward in a positive and constructive manner.

Finally, I ask Coach Golden to hang in there. I very much appreciate, as I am sure the TRUE Cane fans also do, his candor, positive attitude, and the approach that he has taken since he first set foot at The U. You are our MAN, and we hope that you continue to be our LEADER and example setter for the rest of the University of Miami.

We will get through this rough patch, and we will once again be a proud & top notch football and athletics program.

One scumbag, rat, liar, and a self-promoting jerk with no life & an even less of a future CANNOT & WILL NOT put this great University down.

God Bless The U!!!!

I think Shapiro screwed up badly! I wonder how many Cane fans are in the same prison with him on a daily basis? Good luck Nevin!

Even Michael Irvin and Big Luke never saw all this going on during their times around the program from 20o2 to 2008.They are mystified at how extensive Shapiro claims it was.They saw very,very little they said and heard nothing.STRANGE.Now if many attended a party in a large group not thinking anything bad because they didn t have reason to.......then little Nevin could say anything he wanted I guess.A scorned loser who is a con,liar and thief....can sensationalize anything he wants if he has a personal vendetta.This motive will certainly explain alot of the venom he spewed......hopefully mostly without merit,

Do prostitutes give clients receipts? I'm sure the one who got the abortion gave one to Shapiro after receiving that $500 cash. Cross those allegations off the list.

This Just in:

ESPN's Mark May says the "death penalty" is the way to deal with this situation. Of course, he has never been a fan of the Canes. Must be tough to be a PITT grad after all. Nothing like coming to the penalty phase without first having a full investigation and trial.

Sporting News: Coach Golden is as good as gone. Let's hope they are wrong. They believe the fact that he was not fully informed and the potential chaos will cause him to leave.

This is the right guy for the Canes, no question in my mind. Losing him would be a huge loss for UM.

Let's hope for "reasonable" penalties if the allegations are true and widespread, and that Coach Golden rides it out. If not, he is the next Penn State coach after all.

Mark May is a scum bag

Alegations or no alegations, Al Golden is the next Penn State coach.

Decision just made easier with the profesional manner interview was conducted (withheld info)

MArk MAy you are a pu55y wannabe reporter who was cane whipped multiple times.

UM is just so low, they have to get on their knees to look up.

Don't count us out, we have been down before and we will prevail no matter what people say, it matters not that the media sides with a person that swindles 1 billion and has a ax to grind because he's a nobody, het Shipparo I know you are reading this and your hate won't bring us down.....Go Canes,, h you 2031

Hey Shiparo I know you are reading this see you in 2031 bro, you are a rat, not just a rat... A rats rat, tonite are you the top or bottom?
Go Canes!!!!!

Let's accept the fact that there is some obvious wrongdoing here, no matter that a sociopath is making the allegations. Eichorst would not have released such a somber statement if the NCAA had not shown him some damning evidence. The U needs to cooperate throughout and be proactive with self-punishment once it's obvious transgressions have been proven.

Mark May is just still piszed because the U fired Shannon. He's always hated Miami because Pitt always sux and can't beat the Canes.

Thanks, Susan. Good interview.

Sept. 5, we have a big game.

34-3 Canes.

i say the U give the NCAA the death penalty and start another college football association... can't see how such a corrupt institution can penalize another for being corrupt... the time is now to get rid of the NCAA...

Mark May is a jerk and does seem to dislike UM, but the 'Canes did not beat him many times when he was at Pitt. Why he hates UM, I don't know, but it is not because the 'Canes beat the Panthers numerous times while he was there, if anything, it was the other way around. May attended left Pitt in 1980, before UM had joined the Big East and before we really started dominating college football. Maybe it's because we dominated Pitt on a regular basis after we joined the Big East in 1991, but not 'cause we beat him. Matter of fact, he played on some talent heavy teams while he was at Pitt (Tony Dorsett, Hugh Green, Russ Grim, Dan Marino, etc.). When he attended Pitt, they were way better than Miami.

Why all the Shannon bashing??!! The guy is gone and deserves to be!!! Some people eat, sleep and drink Randy and it is amazing to see that he appears to be the only one who tried to distance himself from this "snake oil salesman". The one thing that EVERYONE (even the guys who broke the story for Yahoo sports) has said is that Coach Shannon hated this guy and wanted to keep him away from the program. Word is that Shapiro would talk to Hocutt and complain that Randy did not want him around and this caused strife between the two, because Hocutt wanted this scum bags money and would tell Randy to be nice to this guy, even though Randy was telling Hocutt that Shapiro is a snake in the grass. Again, the man is gone and we the program is facing many challenges. Lets hope for the best as far as the invesigation goes, hope that Coach Golden (who I believe is a great upgrade) does haul tail outta here and get behind the team and the program and stop bashing one of the few guys who, for now, APPEARS to have been one of the few adults, coaches or administrators who was doing the right thing down in Coral Gables.

Yeah, Canes4Life, on this one I got to agree with U. Although Shannon was a poor head coach, he was street smart compared to these other morons and knew a piece of scum when he saw it. Thank U Randy for doing your best to distance the players from this piece of crap. I'm wondering just how much of a mess Randy was dealing with here. In any event I commend him for doing his best. I wish him well.

Think about it, folks.

How is it that this Shapiro guy happens to have receipts dating back however many years if he didn't intend to use them in some kind of a FRAUD? After all, didn't he DID bilk investors out of MILLIONS, their LIFE SAVINGS, and that's why he's currently in the slammer serving deserved time though NOT quite long enough?

With the magic of "Photoshopping," who can believe any of the photos that this loser is presenting as "evidence"?

He's such a LOSER that all of the alledged money -- throughout all those years he claimed he was throwing all that "hot" money around -- did NOT have one iota of effect on bringing in wins for the program! With that kind of PATHETIC record, who needs a loser "booster" like that around!?

Thank God this narcissistic sociopath is out of the normal population!

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