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Top recruit Duke Johnson said he'll stick by Canes until they pull his scholarship away

Randy "Duke" Johnson, widely considered the top 2012 recruit in Al Golden's next recruiting class, said Wednesday his plan is to stick by the Hurricanes through this NCAA investigation until somebody pulls his scholarship away.

Duke Johnson "If it's my scholarship that's taken away, then I'll have no choice," said Johnson, a 5-9, 170-pound running back at Miami Norland. "But if I still have a full ride to go, I'll be there."

Johnson, who grew up a huge Hurricanes fan and has helped UM recruit other 2012 players to Coral Gables, came down to The Miami Herald building Wednesday to shoot his picture for the cover of the Miami-Dade High School Football Preview.

With the future of UM's program under a cloud of uncertainty, one might imagine Johnson is already considering Plan B -- especially if the mountain of allegations from former booster Nevin Shapiro lead to sanctions such as potential loss of scholarships, post-season bans and maybe much more. But Johnson said he isn't flinching or thinking about jumping ship. He plans on standing by Al Golden as long as Al Golden stands by him.

"Miami has been a school I've been loving since growing up," said Johnson, who along with Norland teammates Keith Brown (a 6-2, 230-pound star linebacker) and Ereck Flowers (a 6-6, 305-pound offensive tackle) are part of UM's 2012 class."

"It was always been my dream. If I ever had the opportunity to go to the University of Miami, that would be the school I would attend..."

Johnson, who wears a UM jacket to school and can always be spotted with a Canes cap, said he hasn't been contacted by any other schools since the Yahoo! news story broke. But adds, "I expect it will happen soon." Regardless, Johnson says, he's confident he'll be a Hurricane in the end.

"I would be shocked [if the NCAA handed down the death penalty]," Johnson said. "The death penalty for this? It hasn't been given often. I think it was given one time like 20-25 years ago [SMU]. So if they were given the death penalty, I wouldn't know what to do.

"But I think [the NCAA] shouldn't take away from what Coach Golden has accomplished -- what he's doing and working so hard to do. We're bringing in kids. Just cause something happened eight, 10 years ago, that's out of his power, that's out of our power. There's nothing we can do about it. The only thing we can do is avoid it from happening again."

Johnson said he hasn't reached out to any fellow UM recruits yet. He's trying "to give it time to blow over." But once he knows a little more about the penalties UM might incur, he said, he'll reach out and call others.

"I think we could do some special things with the freshman and sophomores that are already there and the upcoming freshman, my class 2012," Johnson said. "I just hope they let us keep it together."


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I love this kid and this is the attitude Golden is bringing to Miami and the kind of players we need.Go Canes!

Those are the kind of players we need going forward. Much love to duke. A stand up guy that is honest, mature and a man of his word. I hope we have quite a few more of his stature in this upcoming recruiting class even if it's reduced scholarships. Give me 15 duke johnsons over one thousand jacorys or ray rays and we can win national championships.

Love this kid! We now need a President who isn't moraly bankrupt instead of an enabler like Shalala. www.firedonnashalala.com

You have to love Johnson's resolve, but there is a long time till signing day. I don't doubt he'll stay firm, but few of the other recruits can match his committment to the U.

Great news. Thanks Duke. You are solid.

Dont be surprised though if the slimeballs in tallhasee and gainseville begin contacting our recruits.

Even if he does move on to another school, he is a Cane through and through.

Definitely a classy guy, despite what the Gator trolls try to claim.

Duke, look at how the Gator fans are acting on here, and compare that to the Canes fans, you know which group will be better to be around in the future.

He will not be at UM next year. I admire this kid, but reality is going to sink in quickly once the sanctions/penalties kick in. Of course the death penalty is a good possibility so the whole issue will be moot.

Posted by: Five Titles

I think you owe me an apology for your Yahoo jokes yesterday.

Da u is toast, fool.

I teach my kids everyday, be a leader and Duke is being the leader of this class.

Let s gather all the facts and evidence.Being scorned after caught cheating for fraud in a serious way....well idiots like Shapiro are vile and poison human beings.He ll get what s coming to him in prison soon I m sure.Time will tell how all this plays out.

The same folks above me will turn around & call the kid a traitor if he decide to look elsewhere.. lol

I would love for the kid to stay, but he has to do w/best for him & not the "fans" that could care less about his future..

News is coming out that Kirby Hocutt was the one that allowed Shapiro on the sidelines during games and invited him to UM hosted events. Not good for him. Makes sense that he ran so fast to Texas Tech. All these douche leeches that used Miami and when they knew the hammer was coming they ran and are now distancing themselves. They should all be banned, Hocutt, Stoutland, Hurtt, Haith all of them. It looks to me that Shalala tolerated this clown because he was supposedly bringing big returns for her friend who was defrauded by shapiro. She has been great for academics but terrible for the sports programs. So axing her is not so simple.

I have never seen you here before, how can I owe you an apology?

however, I am very sorry for you. Good enough?

Posted by: Five Titles

Not good enough. Revoke 30+ schollys, lose Spence and the other 11 this year, no TV, and no bowl games for 5 years. And you have to play FAU and FIU for their homecoming games.

I wish every kid on the Canes team was a "Duke Johnson"--Kid bleeds orange and green. Love it. Its all about The U. I'm still gonna wear my U shirt just like Colin McCarthy did today at Titans camp and was bombared with questions. He just answered, "no comment". Cane true and true.


Hey, Pig, you are still at it.

There will be no death penalty. This is not SMU. There were no payments being made by administrators nor did they have knowledge.

Should they have had knowledge? Perhaps. But that will not get you the death penalty so relax.

BTW, whatever happens, Gatrs are still trash, and Pig, well, you will still wake up the same miserable Pig you have always been so in the contest of life,

Canes win

Pig loses.

Simple as that.

I'll pay 10,000,000,000 for someone to poke Shapiro the f up in the slammer.

I'm thinking we may get the same penalty as USC. I think everything right now is new and raw and everyone is flipping out and going crazy and everyone is calling for a death penalty and for massive punishments. I think if the NCAA takes a year or two to investigate this then the outrage will calm down and the NCAA won't feel the need to give a punishment as severe as we are all thinking now. Its still a huge problem especially as more info keeps coming out. But the longer this takes the better it is for us. At least thats my hope. Problem is it leaves us in limbo and that affects recruiting.

Exactly. What if 99% of the players deny any wrong doing? Where the proof of these allegations? How can this dirtball prove that he paid me x amount or bought me a gift? I can say I bought so and so a Bugatti, but where in a transaction is their proof that the item was directed to me unless there is proof of my subsequent ownership?

Pictures with Shapiro- Not a violation

Riding in his boat? Is that a violation?

Where is their proof that anyone rode in his boat other than hearsay?

I hope UM has a good lawyer because by myself I could destroy Shapiro's and Perez' arguments. I'd school her on the stand.

Finally- What is Shapiro to gain from these allegations?
No he isnt a good smaraitan who wants the truth to be known (he said that by the way)

Oh right. Money. Thats right.

NCAA_ do the right thing. Dont let this criminal have his way

If you can go online & listen to the Scott Velt Pelt show. They had a guy from Yahoo sports as a guest--he said this is just some of the info, they did not expose all of it because they are still verifying info. They said went in thinking the guy was a liar, but he has proven to be telling the truth. Either way, this is still my fav team. Hell, I remember us losing to East Carolina back to back years in the 90s.. Sh*t was a mess back then too...

Right, blog Pig. They break in with a "BReaking News" then go into "great detail."

What an idiot. They had a 10 second blurb on it. That was all. As usual, a shark-jumping Pig who lies about everything.

Posted by: Trailertrash, USA (a/k/a Gator fan) | August 15, 2011 at 02:50 PM


How's that 10 second blUrb working out for U so far ?

Duke Johnson is a class act. We are lucky to have him on and off the field.

Over/Under 10 Wins the next 3 years Cane Fan ?

The only way Duke Johnson wears a U uniform is if he can play baseball.

Football and Basketball are done.

U can't jump to conclusions not right now anyway. But U got to look at how this guy penetrated the U. There are two sides to every story and Shapiro obviously wants to lessen a jail sentence. But where was Kirby, Dee, Coker, Shalala, RS, Haith and how did they let things get this far?

Somebody somewhere is responsible and accountable.

Shalala says to be patient and that they will look into it thoroughly. what have you been doing for the last year...praying it would go away?

Look at all the administrators who have jumped ship, Hocutt reportedly gave access to Shapiro to interact with the players and be on the field...he's at Tx Tech now. Where's the hoops coach = Mizzou; where's the football coach = fired. Where are many of the assisstants = gone.

They've been quietly cleaning house adn they expect us to believe that this is all news to them. Stop lying to us Shalala!

Nevin Shapiro on the sideline in his # 6 Rolle jersey ...

Bbbwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhh !!!

The TrUe New Face of typical Cane ClUck Fan !

Dude bleeds Orange n Green riiieeet ?

Is he a Cane through and through? Or as a Cane he is through?

Hey, Pig, how is that zitty bloated carcass working for you.

I sleep well at night. You? Horrified of what you find each morning in the mirror.

Or rather, when you are on your way to Costco. Now, move along. The Lil' Debbies deserve your best effort tonight.

Soldy, Your truly a moron. First off if they get the death penalty where are you going to spend all your day wishing you were from Miami. I mean really think about it. The only thing keeping you alive seems to be the ability to come on a Miami website and wish you were one of us so much that it makes you bitter.

But anyways to the facts. Look up the definition of the death penalty. It is used in cases where the program is a "repeat offender" Which by definition means a program that is currently on probation commits more violations. That is what triggers the "death penalty".

Finally, I agree. They need to vacate the 2002-2009 or 2010 season if his claims are true. They also need to take anywhere from 5-7 scholarships a year away, decrease visits and calls. They will also get a post season ban which is like 3-4 yrs which will run along the same time as the scholarship reduction. I think Donna should do the first honorable thing she has in a long time, and step down. And finally the compliance office needs to sit anyone who is on the team and connected to this situation, just like UNC did. Miami will not get the death penalty unless the NCAA really wants to break their own guide lines for what it is used for and this doesn't fall under that right now. Finally, it must kill you to know that the 2001 season is safe and therefore we still have more titles then your team.
P.S. you really need to get a girl friend or something or at least go on your teams website cause I can't believe how much I see you post on a team site for a team you don't like or care about.


Sending love to you because you are a young man of true character.

It's going to be just fine.

I'm a Hurricanes fan from the 80s. I attended school at UM, and I am a dyed in the wool Cane lover, never to change. These allegations certainly explain why UM fired Randy, why Kirby Hocutt left suddenly, why Frank Haith was fired. I've read the Yahoo! Sports article a couple of times, the first time as a fan (I cursed repeatedly), the second time as an adult (looking for evidence). I see a lot of photos, I see a lot of accusations, I even see some ex-players admitting to taking illegal benefits. What I don't see is direct proof that what Shapiro says actually happened. Trying to view this from a 'court of law' perspective, I see credit card charges for hotels and clubs, but I don't see where players signed receipts for illegal payments. I don't see check stubs for 'bonuses' for coaches. Yes, obviously, some bad things happened, but it all comes down to what can be proven. A few guys admitting they spent time with prostitutes or taking $1000 is not the Death Penalty. Unless Mr. Shapiro has audio or video tape of these hand offs, there is a lot of grey area here. The question becomes where is the evidence? Not 'he said, she said' stuff, I mean REAL evidence. So far, short of Tyrone Moss admitting he took $1000 when he first came to school, I don't see a lot of credible support material. As more things surface, I may change my mind, but to date, I haven't seen anything that seems all that horrible. Misconduct - yes, without a doubt. But UM claims that have been cooperating with the NCAA for nearly a year on this. If they have, then I think we will suffer some penalties, but I don't see Death Penalty stuff YET...

The Amber Alert is now officially over. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. UFelony30andmore has finally been found. She was a little tired, scared, teary eyed, and hurting. She's had a rough few days. But she's alright everybody. She just wants us to start calling her "Costco Supervisor" from now on. She acknowledges the irony of using the moniker "UFelony30andmore" and she hopes we understand and respect her decision.


Don't get your moniker ("sui generis?". Catholic Youth Organization?), but you make some fair points.

Bragging rights should be about the field of play. Dissing rights, who really needs that crap, no matter the source? Good natured kidding of your opponent, sure. Major prolonged adolescent put downs? Get a therapist.

By the way, friend, since this came up, can you decode my monitor? Hint: I am a UM alum living in the Northwest.

Take care.

One continuous word this kid stated..."WE"....that's enough to get the ball started...

True Canes will still come to the U, just like Little, EJ and Santana.

As far as probation, how do the Canes afford paying for Lifeless stadium if they are banned from TV for 2 years and no Bowl Games?

Does this mean we play at FIU?

CaneOz Class of '89

Does anyone know what Telemaque, Benjamin, Robinson, Ojomo and Nicholas allegedly did?

Any word from Wilfork, Vilma, Beason, Rolle on the accusations?

Does this kid have the scores to attend a D-1 school in the United States?

When a ship is burning and there is a tsunami headed right for it, this kid is ready to jump on and go down in flames and waves.


LOL...Enjoy, your loss! The Canes used to be on the internet, he wont even be on the internet anymore. Talk about a lack of exposure. In fact, Miami Norland games are more available, then Canes games will be.

Any word from the coaches? Shannnon and Coker?

Shannon takes a page out of Obama's book and blames Coker and the Tea Party for the whole thing. Details later tonight on WSVN 7 with Belkys.

Somebody should have taken care of this guy a long time ago.

Snitches get stitches where I come from.

At the end of the day, how do you track cash payments? If everybody keeps their mouth's shut, how do you prove any of this?

Current Canes players... Deny, deny, deny!!

This recruit will never play at Miami. Unfortuately, these allegations have set a course where Miami will not be playing for a national championship, or a bowl game for a decade.

UF has 2 national titles in the last 5 years, and UM has a bunch of whoremongering football players begging for cash.

Nice school

the allegations were created by a mastermind who stole nearly a billion dollars from investors with the creation of a highly coordianted ponzi schemes,,either millionaires are not smart with thier money, or the thiefs who create these ponzies schemes are very clever on persuading and convincing people to do as they say,,add miami, and the players onto the list of all those investors who were suckered into believe in this guy,,he is a convicted felon now, sorry NCAA, you will have to bring proof,,receipts yeah right, a typical restaurant receipts do not show anything,,pictures, yeah right, people of all sorts line up to take pictures with athletes, no guilt there,,players go the club all the time,,find proof that a player signed docs to accept money, yeah right, who would sign anything to accept money, onw player has come forth, tyrone moss,,okay, an average player from a recruiting class 5 years ago who said he took a grand, okay a grand, not much guilt there,,people if casey got off,, the U can as well

As a Canes fan I really find it hard to believe the number of players/coaches and the names that Shaspermo is claiming. Maybe some probably but there's no way in hell all these folks could be involved without this coming out years ago.Former players are always coming out to admit what they in the past why not come out when you're doing it so you can be thrown out of school and have to repay the school what they have spent on you up to date. The only ones that do admit it are the ones who never make it anyway.They should have a rule that the player should be kicked off the team immediately from whatever school and repay whatever room,board,meals,etc paid for by the institution.If it comes out after they left the school should file a lawsuit against them to recover said funds and punitive damage and they would essentially be paying for their own education.The 1st time a player would be subject to that it would send a resounding message

nothing will be proven, sorry ncaa,,the U is one of the most watch program on national tv..win,,lose,,, draw,,,they get the ratings,,espn know it,,the ncaa know it,,and other teams know it..even its a little truth in this,,it still has to be proven, if its proven the admin knew of this and accepted this,,watch out for severe consequences,,if its proven just simply collaborated by a few foks,,i can see lighter consequences coming the miami way...

Hey Donkey Dung(dong)UF 2 titles in 5 years doesn't measure up to the number of titles UM has and oh by the way what were you thinking when UM won 4 titles between the years of '83-'91. Coincidentally during this time frame we were beating the crap out of the Gainesville Gaturds so much that just like Notre Dame they didn't want no more of UM so they tucked their tails and didn't agree to play UM again until a few years ago for 1 home/away series.Da U always schedule a brutal gauntlet to run through unlike UF who normally plays 2-3 cupcakes a yr 2009 it was Charl Southern,Troy and Cincy last yr it was Appalachian State and Miami of Ohio and this yr its FAU,UAB and that powerhouse Furman and you can go back further if you like but I understand any inferior team to make your players look better

"Shannon takes a page out of Obama's book and blames Coker and the Tea Party for the whole thing. Details later tonight on WSVN 7 with Belkys."

Except $hit really is dubya and the Tea parties fault for creating manufactured crisis'.

Few real fans out there and few real future Canes out there! Everyone wants to jump ship now but the REAL Canes Nation will step forward now and be counted!!! Its a tough time people, but we WILL get through this and be better in the near future.

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