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Two big leaders -- Jacory Harris, Sean Spence -- among at least eight Canes seeking reinstatement

In case you missed it, our Susan Miller Degnan first reported earlier this evening that at least eight players questioned by the NCAA for allegedly taking improper benefits have been ruled ineligible by UM and they are each in the process of seeking reinstatement.

Sean Spence Two of the eight we know of are quarterback Jacory Harris and linebacker Sean Spence. Each of the eight ineligible players has an opportunity to be reinstated and return before the season-opener at Maryland Sept. 5. Last year, former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was deemed ineligible before the SEC Championship game by Auburn and two days later he was back.

Still, the possibility very much exists we may not get an answer on any of the eight as quickly as Newton, in light of the number of allegations levied. The NCAA will now review each ineligible player’s case and either reinstate them – every case is handled individually – or rule how many games they have to sit out for suspension.

Harris was locked into a big-time battle for the starting job with sophomore Stephen Morris this fall and was "nothing short of excellent" according to coach Al Golden. According to UM, Harris and Morris went a combined 77 of 109 for 954 yards, 11 TDs and 1 interception (Morris reportedly threw the pick) in two scrimmages.

But with Harris now ruled out and his reinstatement status uncertain, Morris moves to the front of the line to start against Maryland. Last season, he had arguably his best game against the Terps, tossing the game-winning 35-yard touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson with 37 seconds left to rally UM to victory. He had an interception returned for a touchdown, but finished 18-for-30 for 286 yards.

The Hurricanes do not have any scholarship quarterbacks beyond Morris eligible at the moment. UM has been trying to get a hardship waiver for Memphis transfer and former Miramar High quarterback Ryan Williams, but hasn't received it yet according to Golden, who was asked about it again before Thursday's practice.

The bigger loss, though, could be on defense where Spence had clearly solidified himself as UM's leader.

One of seven Hurricanes to start all 13 games last season, he finished second on the team and fifth in the ACC with 111 tackles and had a team leading 16 tackles for loss, fourth most in the conference. UM coach Al Golden said in camp it was likely Spence would be in charge of calling defensive plays for UM and organizing the defense.

Freshmen Gionni Paul and Denzel Perryman and senior Jordan Futch are three players who could replace Spence if he's suspended or ruled ineligible permanently. Perryman, however, didn't practice Thursday and was seen in a walking boot according to InsideTheU.com


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Manny/Susan - great work. Can Jacory/Spence still win the Hesiman/Butkus if suspended for the home opener versus the Maryland Twerps?

why are only 2 of the 8 players being reported? who else is on this list of ineligible players?

Harris isnt a big deal, but if Spence is out we are in BIG trouble

Manny I'll take your work over ESPN's any day but they are reporting it's 13 not 8. Can you shed some light on that?

Chickollo can save us

Who are the other 6 guys??

Manny I'll take your work over ESPN's any day but they are reporting it's 13 not 8. Can you shed some light on that?
Posted by: aes | August 25, 2011 at 09:46 PM

A: As I mentioned on Twitter, it's Susan's source and her story. She was told four players have been cleared. We know 15 had their eligibility in question according to Donna Shalala. If four have been cleared with small fines, that leaves 11 in question. I assume eight have been ruled ineligible and three others are still deciding what to do. But as I said, a better question for Susan to answer.

Jacory is in big trouble, SI just reported that Shapiro paid for his famous pink Heismann suit.

Two big leaders -- Jacory Harris, Sean Spence -- among at least eight Canes seeking reinstatement

The only thing Jacory leads in is in INTs

I'll be surprised if any of the 8 players are reinstated for the Maryland game. 8 is better than 12, however. No matter how UM fans feel about Harris, the Canes would be much better off with Harris eligible. I have nothing against Whipple, but without Jacory, he's one play away from getting in the game and I'm not sure he's up to the challenge.

Plus with the way Jacory has been playing in camp, I'd like to have him in there. Sounds like there's been a lot of improvement and I think he's a little better leader at this point because of his experience.

nothing has come out from the school. 13 is the total number of players implicated. 12 football and 1 basketball player.

Paul Dee and Shalala need to be punished, too. It is their job to know.

Will it be a clean sweep for the Northwestern H.S. players?

A sad day, one of many to come, for the U.

Thank you Manny. BTW - ESPN has changed their story to 8. Like I siad ;-)

Thank you Manny. BTW - ESPN has changed their story to 8. Like I said, your work/word over theirs any day ;-)

This is going to be a big time life lesson for these kids who are out. I think they all are gone for good.
What really gets me is Marve...was he not in a photo at a club with Shapiro, and yet he gets to keep his eligibility for being a rat?

The only thing this Yahoo story did was feed the old hate that has never really left. Every hater is going to be happy with this. Just like Greg Cote wrote in his article, the SI writer is a fine example of this. Old hate rises up and clouds the reality of the situation. Is a kid having lunch at a boosters house and playing in a pool tournament for money worse than 34 arrests in four years? The answer is yes, if you're the University of Miami.

Tried, Convicted and Sentenced.....already!

RoboCane your a dumbass, saying that its just "hate" smh, have fun in your paranoid bubble. Don't worry the corrupt and hypocrites that have run UM will be brought down with the football program.

Greg Cote is another prime example of a fat nerd trying to act like he knows something about football. This is just a procedure (admittedly a dumb one) so that the guys can have a chance to play and protect the University at the same time. Just because they have to use the procedure doesn't mean their guilty U idiot. What I'm trippin on is Cam Newton's daddy can pimp him out like a ho for thousands of dollars and the NCAA breaks its neck to clear him (when everybody knew he was aware of what his pops was doing) but we are "possibly" talking about a few hundred bucks and these morons are acting like these young men conspired to kill someone. I feel like Sean Spence's mother in that Shalaber and the University was allowed to accept and return the money and keep their jobs but they want to let these boys take the fall for everything. What a freakin joke.

Who are the other 6 guys??

Posted by: KG | August 25, 2011 at 09:55 PM

Logical guess would (bigger names got better treatment) be Vaughn Telemaque, Ray Ray Armstrong, Travis Benjamin, Aldarius Johnson, Marcus Forston plus one of the next five... Olivier Vernon, Marcus Robinson, ""Adewale Ojomo"", Dyron Dye, JoJo Nicholas. And the rest still haven't been cleared totally. Miami is still reviewing their status'.

Remember Dye, Cain and 4 others are also suspended for the Maryland game only.

Wow, we're gonna be thin. At least the line and RB's are in good to go.

Interesting how the O-Linemen, the smartest group as a whole on any team, didn't take a hit at all.

So handout Harris is one. Makes it easier to pick the right guy, Morris, who is clearly better and more upside potential. Can you imagine harris' parents if he had not been named starter!!! We already know from past performances.

yeah ltc. They would have claimed racism.
I wonder if those racist hate mails that Harris got were from his pimp shapiro. shapiro was calling UM with racist rants.

Someone here called Harris and Spence "leaders"

Leaders? Leaders? Are you serious?

A leader leads by example. A leader puts his teamon his back. A leader shows the way and sacrifices for his team A leader puts others in front of him or herself.

These Yahoos, knowing full well it was against NCAA rules, commited infractions.
They are the anti-leaders.

Good riddance.

I say if the fact that they rae ineligible MORE than just a procedural matter by UM and the NCAA, and they are not reinstated shortly,

kick all off the team. That will free up some scholarships, and the team can start fresh, take wahtever punishment the NCAA doles out and we can move on beyond this garbage.

kick them off. remove their scholies.They put themselves over their "families" and their team.

who are the 4 players that r not ineligible? The canes r going 2 b fine, this shows me that their isn't much proof against them. Go Canes!!!!!!

Agree with the post on real leadership. Michigan State QB, Kirk Cousins, was heard on ESPN saying that a person has MORE responsibility to do right when they have been given much. Those are the leaders, not the self-centered "ain't I special look at my earrings crowd."

We also hear the argument that goes: "what can you expect when you put temptations in front of an inner city kid?" The idea is that the kid does not have the capacity to know right from wrong and make good choices. This is part of the "tyranny of low expectations" that many have for such kids. It is garbage and demeaning.

If that is true,, why do many kids come out of the inner city as young men of character, obey the rules and succeed in life? That is the real issue. The answer is typically a strong 2 parent family or a dedicated mother or grandmother for that kid.

That does not always win however. For 70% of inner city kids, the fathers have checked out, BEFORE THE CHILD IS BORN, and this handicaps many kids. Great role models, huh?

And the parents may foster a sense of entitlement in the child ("you are above the law and rules") or feel entitled themselves.

But, we need to teach whatever makes the winners MORALLY STRONG and stop assuming it is a kid's circumstances that inevitably cause self-defeating choices. It is really about the quality of a kid's moral upbringing and who he chooses as role models at a young age.

As a diehard fan, it is painful to see what is happening. I only hope everyone gets a shot at redemption.

I believe Coach Golden is all about recruiting kids of character. It is a shame, with all the positivity he has brought, that this stuff is tossed at him and us. But as a man of character, he will show us all how to weather this storm, come what may.

Let the resolve to do right be strengthened at UM.

The slow, inexorable, spiral into the abyss has begun.

It's like a horrible train wreck...you want to keep moving but you just can't look away.

Dbc amen and amen again. We have plenty of inner city kids in the service doing the right thing with chance at death and a lot less money in their future. Randy Shannon was a prime example of an inner city kid doing right in his life. Some will really be ripped at that comment.
Golden seems a good man. Pray that the U holds on to him. Do that by firing shalalalala now.
Off for a bit. Lots of preparation to do for Irene here. Have two widows to help also. Have not had a big one in this area for 50 plus years, these people are clueless as to what to do.
Nice post dbc.

ltc says:

"Makes it easier to pick the right guy, Morris, who is clearly better and more upside potential."

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 26, 2011 at 04:47 AM

Manny's article says:

"Harris was locked into a big-time battle for the starting job with sophomore Stephen Morris this fall and was "nothing short of excellent" according to coach Al Golden."

Hmmmmm, who to believe and "how so", hmmmm, who to believe and "how so"

I'll go with Manny, because He knows "how so", HAHAHAAAAAAAA!



Rules were violated! Kids took favors not allowed by only by NCAA. Nothing more. Had it been Joe Cohen business student, he would have been applauded for connecting with money. After reading everything its more of a case of the number of athletes involved versus university or staff condoned activities. I would bet the total number of dollars given does not equal that of the Southern California house given to Bush. The issue will be the NCAA arbitrary application of penalties. I do believe since most NCAA administrators are from traditional schools they will come down hard on Miami. But we are smack dead in the middle of a huge talent pool and they can't take that away. We Shall Overcome!!!

As I go out herald troll. Got a cup of coffee and off he goes. What part of upside potential is it hard for you.

Don't fool yourselves. I was THE biggest Jacory supporter up until last year. The man can look good all he wants in spring and fall, when it comes to game time he loses the games for us ALL the time. He's horrible. If a man makes the same mistakes from his freshmen year to his junior year, he's garbage. In practice and scrimmage with your own players over 3 years you tend to pick up players instincts, playing a different team and different players in a game is ALOT different. GARBAGE he is, as soon as i heard he was still in the running as starter I opted out of my season tickets. "IT'S ALLways ABOUT THE U" MORRIS has got to be the man.

Meanwhile, reports from College Park, MD are that Terrapin DB's and LB's are deeply saddened at news Jacory Harris has been suspended.

Why punish the kids who were led astray by adults? First punish the adults such as Paul See, Donna Shalala, Kirby Holcutt, and any coach that is involved with the strictest penalties. We cannot allow coaches to pull an Erick Dickerson and avoid punishment by leaving school. Take their money n give it to the communities that these young men came from because they failed as adults n coaches to turn their youth into respectable men. All of the adults that should have known about this mess can not be allowed back in college.

If baseball can black ball you out of the HALL OF FAME then all adults that knowingly allowed this shame to tarnish young men's reputation forever should not be allowed n must return the wages and salaries they did not earn.

As for the sex scandal...

Sports Illustrated tell me what is the difference between sorostitutes and prostitutes? What is the difference between student athletes who pledged Greek just so they can have a little paradise in whatever second class city they live in compared to the Miami scandal?

To be angry towards these young men for letting all of us down is foolish and hypocritical of all Americans. We promote sex in every sale. It is a normal custom in America for the star player to get laid and this is normal as early as high school. Greg Cote, this type behavior is not an Urban Legend. You may have been the biggest nerd all throughout school but u remember who was getting laid n who was not. It was the Greeks n star athletes not you that were getting laid but that's okay because you made it through. But please stop living in denial that the U is the only place that this type of corruption of men occur. It is not an Urban Legend. It is a dirty secret that every university uses sex to convince a lot of recruits to come to their school.

Greg Cote if you really want a story then do the public a favor n find out how easy it is to cheat on the recruiting battle for top rated athletes?

Coach Golden. Thanks for helping Miami move forward. I don't know how long you will be here but I am glad you are here now.

we got some canes over here!!!!!!! just wait and c reggie bush got a house given 2 him and lied. none of our players took any thing close 2 that. our players haven't lied, the canes will b fine. just chill and enjoy this season and as bad as it is we can still beat the gaturds. gaturds r a bunch of jokesssss

How do you spell hypocrisy? N-C-A-A

BOYCOTT COLLEGE FOOTBALL ! No Tickets, No Purchases of anything related, Cancel Cable TV. Let's hit them where they'll hurt= $$$

You know, it all makes sense now. I've always been amazed how guys like Jacory would act so flamboyant off the field and be so underwhelming on the field. Shapiro made these guys think they were more than they were.

i guess its against rules to attend any off campus party if you are a collegiate athlete, no parties, no bowling events, no pep rallys where free food, gifts, and or drinks are given away for free, a reminder should go out to across the country to the thousands of athletes who attend such events year-round, oh, i forget these event planners are not talking, if they were talking, these would have to be violations of ncaa rules as well, espcially if the athlete ate and drank more than a 100 bucks worth of goods

Some good posts here. I think we are all in the acceptance phase now and realize there are lean years ahead. IF the administration would give Golden full control of the direction of the program, along with a nice contract, he could do what Butch did in the late 90's. I believe, until I see something to the contrary, that Golden is a man of character and integrity. THE U NEEDS EXACTLY THAT! Folks, I have made mistakes in my life too, but these kids have to realize that they are given an opportunity on a silver platter when they sign. It is by their own free-will that they accepted these offers from Shapiro KNOWING they were in violation of the rules. It just mirrors this corrupt culture that we're living in and, sadly, they are getting what they deserve because they did it to themselves. I just feel very sorry for the MAJORITY of the team that will be a heavy price for the indiscretions of a few.

Stick with Us Al and we will get through this in the years to come.

ok - no OL, RBs, TEs on this group, right? So we have Mr Morris under center, and BYRD, STREETER, CLEVELAND, MILLER, JAMES...on the offense...hopeful for no injuries to QB...DEF- different story...

Here is why I think we will be fine even if none of the players that are still suspended dont get cleared to play for the whole season. AL GOLDEN won at temple with less talent than the U has at 3rd string. A lot of players stepped up in the spring and fall camps. Forsten was out with injuries anyways so more kids got reps in the middle. Yes its going to hurt with spence and ray ray and jo jo out. But there is a awesome coaching staff at the U. There is still a good chance at a very respectful season, dont give on the players that are still going to be playing. GO CANES!!!

UM administration and compliance let this get out of hand. UM compliance team should know when the NCAA is sniffing around (5 mths ago?), which would compel them to initiate their own investigation. If they simply self-reported some minor stuff and imposed a few non-catastrophic sanctions on themselves, it never would've come to this. Their 'shut-up-and-deny-everything' policy is now biting them in the rear-end.

Itc dolphin,

Appreciate the feedback. You are right about inner city kids serving our country. They are kids of character and hope who typically become stronger men in the military. Their challenge is more than what happens on a football field. They are heroes.

In this regard, note the disciplined approach of Golden and his staff, and the complaint of RB Storm who transferred to UCF, and his father, that Golden's approach was "too militaristic." Hey, the more, the better!

I hope Coach Golden stays with us because he too is a builder of character in young men.

Best of luck in riding out Irene and kudos for helping out the two widows!

We know about Jacory Harris and Sean Spence being out and the rest of the group of players implicated by Yahoo! are defensive tackle Marcus Forston, safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque, defensive ends Adewale Ojomo and Olivier Vernon, linebacker Marcus Robinson and receivers Travis Benjamin and Aldarius Johnson.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/26/2375967/miami-hurricanes-confirm-players.html#ixzz1W9VxnqS2

That is both of our starting safeties, LBs are Sean Spence starter and backup Marcus Robinson. Defensive ends are both of our starters. Defensive Tackles are Marcus Forston starter. And Nicolas being the only DB.

Our Ace in the Hole has to be Jordan Futch. If he can earn that jersey from Sean Spence then we are good. The defensive line took a big hit with 3 of four starters out but if the backups can stay in their lanes a good linebacker will be able to run to the ball. If Futch does not earn a starting spot the he will still get a lot of time at all positions at linebacker. I don't feel to bad about corner because Mike Williams is solid and Mcgee has speed to burn. If the Packers could make Sam Shields into a shutdown corner then anything is possible.

The safeties are now our weakest link with two big time starters possibly out.

Our offense should be fine as long as we can protect the ball. If we protect the ball and use the game plan Alabama used in 2009 then we can win a lot of games. Keep our defense fresh by long drives capped off with 2 touchdowns and 3 field goals per game would win at least 7 games. Punting is acceptable and can be offset with good defense but turnovers are deadly.

I don't blame any of the players but you still let us down. We forgive you and are ready to accept this as a turning point as long as you are ready to move forward. You have the rest of your lives to help us forget this scandal by showing you are men of character and integrity. No one is perfect and the successful learn from their mistakes.

Good Luck this season. Trust your coach and protect the U both on the field and off the field. Can't wait to see U on Oct 12 in Blacksburg.

Oh yeah, minimize the three and outs and our defense will be rested. It's all about ball control. The teams with the freshest defense at the end of the year win championships.

I remember the Kyle Wright years. We had a good defense and probably great defense, but the offense was terrible. They never allowed the defense time to rest otherwise the defense would have been able to make a lot more plays.

We have a great coaching staff. Probably one of the best coaching staffs since 1999-2002. If we can manage the offense then that will allow a lot of freshman time to learn the position during the actual game.

Let's play some football.

PEOPLE STOP IT ALREADY!! Be realistic about what happened! A convicted troll groupie let a few young men BALL (thats party for the socially inept) on his dime and dropped dime. As for morals stick it. Our entire society is immoral from; institutions like NCAA, Corporations and your heavenly Religious institutions. So for all you morally purist, go sell that crap to your dog!!!

Mark my words....Chick....Dorsett & Gionni Paul will make the ACC All Freshman team...

In a way I think Mrs. Spence has a point about the adults being punished, but when you think about it, Sean played for Randy Shannon and it's been well reported how Randy despised the dirtbag Shapiro. If he was warning his players like reported about the maggot there must have been players who listened and thought it wasn't worth jeopardizing their futures. It seems like Sean is from a very good home, is intelligent, a leader and has been taught right from wrong. If that is the case and he accepted things he shouldn't have, he is totally guilty and Mrs. Spence shouldn't be making excuses for him. She does him no favors.

Tampa cane,

You say "our entire society is immoral."

In addition to NOT being true for everyone,
ain't that the problem here? Everyone isn't immoral, although I agree that we have more than our fair share of dirtbags at all levels of life.

Time for a change! Let's stop accepting that crap as if that's the way life MUST be. It is self perpetuating and a trap.

Regarding the dog, even he knows who to trust and who not to! He has already figured it out!

RoboCane your a dumbass, saying that its just "hate" smh, have fun in your paranoid bubble. Don't worry the corrupt and hypocrites that have run UM will be brought down with the football program.

Posted by: UM Biggiest Hypocrites | August 26, 2011 at 12:21 AM


Last time I checked, this was a Cane blog you Gaturd douche. "UM Biggiest Hypocrites".....really? I guess that would make you the Biggiest D-bag!

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