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Tyler Horn, Mike James say Canes are focused on football, not Shapiro or allegations

CORAL GABLES -- Al Golden tabbed the second week of training camp at the University of Miami as "moving week," the period when starting jobs would be won and lost.

Mike James But after Yahoo! Sports unfurled a tsunami of allegations by former booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro against the University of Miami Tuesday night, the attention the Hurricanes have been getting has been anywhere but the football field.

So how have the Canes dealt with this rather large distraction? How have they handled having NCAA investigators on campus asking questions? Friday, center Tyler Horn and running back Mike James, the first football players to do interviews since the allegations became public, said they've dealt with it by focusing simply on what they came to Coral Gables to do -- play football.

"Of course it was a shock, these allegations," Horn said. "But we're focused on football. That's all we're focused on, all we can control. We're coming out everyday, working hard, busting our butts to be the best team we can be.

"I'm not scared by it. I can't control it. When I'm out here I can only stay on my craft. We can't come out here and actually lollygag around. We have to actually play. You don't play, you get hurt. We're out here to have fun playing football. That's why you play the game."

While Horn said he's had family and friends texting him and calling him to find out how he and the team are doing, he said it's been easy to focus on football because he and his teammates are at the Hecht Athletic Center from "6 a.m. to 10 p.m." everyday.

"Football is like a soothing sport. It keeps us going, keeps our mind focused," said James, who said that the team leaders, linebacker Sean Spence, defensive tackle Marcus Forston, quarterback Jacory Harris, receiver Travis Benjamin, Horn and himself got the team together earlier this week to deliver a message of unity.

"It's not very difficult at all [to stay focused]. Coach Golden instilled what we have to do and the things we have to focus on, core values. It becomes easy after a while."

Still, with the season opener at Maryland right around the corner (Sept. 5) and potential sanctions on the way how could the team not be worried about possibly losing 12 players implicated by Shapiro for allegedly taking improper benefits, including 10 starters?

"The way we've been taught from the very beginning is the depth chart is in the sand," Horn said. "We don't even know who is going to start. All we can do is come out and play as hard as we can.

"[Coach Golden has] told us to be optimistic and keep the spirit of the team up. We can't let this get us in the tank. All we can do is focus on football and that's what we're going to do."

James said the 12 players implicated by Shapiro (Harris, Forston, Spence, Benjamin, safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque, defensive ends Olivier Vernon, Marcus Robinson, and Adewale Ojomo, cornerback Jojo Nicolas, receiver Aldarius Johnson and tight end Dyron Dye) have been the same guys they've been everyday.

"Nothing has changed," James said. "They're doing the same things we always do. Staying on process. Tunnel vision, staying on track."

Still, former players have said this could potentially tear the team apart, or bring the team together. Horn said he believes the latter.

"Honestly, it should be us against the world," Horn said. "That's all we can focus on. The only thing that matters are the people inside that Hecht. All the people that matter are the people who are on this football field every day. That's what we see. Those are my brothers and we're going to stick together."


> Horn said the competition on the offensive line for starting jobs is intense. "We have a lot of great players and a lot of guys rotating in at the tackle spots, guard spots," Horn said.

"Everybody is playing at a very high level now. You have guys like Malcolm Bunche, Jermaine Johnson. Jonathan Feliciano is making a strong push. [Joel Figueroa] played some tackle yesterday. It's great to have all these guys out here playing so hard. It's very comforting to know guys want to win that bad, that want to get on the field, they're playing this hard."

> James said the quarterback competition between Harris and sophomore Stephen Morris is "going good."

"They're working hard," James said. "Shoot, I don't know who its going to be. They're doing such a great job, they're making it hard on everybody."

> The Hurricanes practice Saturday and then are off Sunday before their second scrimmage of the fall on Monday. Asked about the scrimmage, James said: "It's going to have a lot of juice. There's a lot depending on it because guys are trying to get on the bus. That's been the theme of the week -- it's moving week. So guys are trying to do that. It's dog eat dog. Nobody is letting up because everybody is trying to go."


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> James said the 12 players implicated by Shapiro have been the same guys they've been everyday.
"Nothing has changed," James said. "They're doing the same things we always do."

I hope not -- because that's what got us in this mess in the first place. I don't know if there is a future for the Canes in football, but if there is one, now is the time to start doing things in a different way, on and off the field.

A short time ago on ESPNU, Kirk Herbstreit stated that implicated players in the scandal should be booted off the team now. While he has generraly been fair to the Canes over the years, this idea of kicking kids out of the program now if they are ALLEGED to have done something is bogus.

Shouldn't there be a full investigation? Then, if serious charges are verified, make the decisions about players? All should continue to play and compete until this juncture is reached.

It is also reported that Marve, the Browns, Matt Patchan and another Gator player were cleared to play by the NCAA. Charges made by Shapiro were found to be false.

The guy is a sociopath, and for people to believe that everything he told the reporter is true is naive. SOCIOPATHS LIE. It is part of their basic fabric. They exaggerate and attempt to inflate their importance.

While this is not to say that some of this stuff isn't true, we all should withold final judgement until the facts are in and analyzed.

That goes for media types like May and Herbstreit, and clowns like professional liar (Oops I mean "spinner")Bob Bechel, who on Fox News yesterday said "most Miami boosters are in prison anyway." Screw him and the clueless political horse that has to bear his obesity.

Coach Golden, you are the guy for this job. Stay with us because great things are down the road for the Canes! THIS TOO SHALL PASS!



Go 'canes!!

Well, I'm glad to hear the team, as a whole, is staying focused. Hopefully not, but if we do happen to drop our opener the last thing I want to hear out of anyone's mouth is that the distraction of the NCAA investigation caused it. I am right where I was after Shannon & Company's canning and Golden & Company's hiring. This team has wallowed in mediocrity for years and there are no more acceptable excuses. That includes the NCAA investigation. No excuses anymore. Talk is cheap. The win column is what counts. Nothing else. I haven't lost focus either.

It's just so funny how every player outside the progrqm has been cleared bit our 12 have not. That goes to show that everyone is against the u and have always wanted us to fail. If those other guys are cleared then are guys should be too.

Full Investigation LOL

There are a billion pictures, bank receipts, venereal diseases, dead babies, and 1,000 of witnesses, including your very own Tyrone Moss. What do you want all their cameras and videos of all the salacious activities? Its been a school of rampant, blatant, and flagrant cheating since the 1980s.

Enjoy the beach on Saturdays now. Go to Calle Ocho. Ride the Metrorail around. Eat some churros. Join in on one of the million scams going on down there. There are plenty of things to do in South Florida.

stay together guys...it has always been miami against the world!

At the OSU/UM game maybe the refs and players should switch garb. Players wearing stripes and refs wearing team colors. Just a thought.

There's not one thing that's been posted that ties the current crop of players to any violation. Bowling alley receipts and text messages do not implicate any of the current players. If they did they would implicate all the transfer students as well.
Everyone has been cleared to this point and there is nothing in that crap Yahoo piece that would prove otherwise. When are we going to hear from the abortion doctor? We won't, he doesn't exist! It was thrown in to sell papers.
If they have info tht Yahoo did not publish then UM can cross that bridge when they get there, but getting and sending texts with this clown is not proof that there is something the NCAA can latch onto.

Go 'canes!

P.S. The only reason the NCAA is even considering the "willful violations" clause in my opinion is because all of their "hard" evidence is outside of the statute of limitations. Shannon ran this guy years ago.

Yawnnnn..Nothing to see here....LOL...Nothing can be proven....LOL...it reminds me of Baghdad Bob who is giving an interview saying there is no war going on in Iraq and in the background smoke, fire, and mushroom clouds are shooting in the air.

Sarasota needs to be there personally through all of the transgressions if it is to be proof. Well, you know what, if that was the standard, no one would ever be caught doing anything wrong. No one would be punished, there would be no jails.

There is so much evidence here (more than OJ and Casey Anthony put together) it is laughable. The cheating has been going on in Miami since the 80s and it has been as blatant as can be. Ask your good friend Tyrone Moss and plenty of others who have come to the NCAA to say there was cheating going on. This report was 11 months done of excellent reporting and investigating from a well respected individual.

Just trade your Miami jersey in for an FIU one.

If its true that the NCAA finished interviewing people at the University, that tells me they are focusing on the last 4 years and not the earlier stuff that occured. They didn't interview coker. That may change who knows but for now i think they are focusing on the last 4 years and will not go beyond that. If that is the case in terms of the players we should be in good shape. Marve and the other cleared players are pretty much accused of the same thing the 12 current players are. In terms of the coaches violations though, thats where we are gonna get hit hard. I still say we get slightly stiffer penalty than USC did. No death penalty or any of that nonsense. Enough with the sensationalist BS.

Nice try pimple! Go to the Yahoo story and click on the "evidence" for Jacory Harris. They have a picture of a phone bill and a bar tab from a bowling alley. Give me a break. Cam Newton won a Heisman and a title AFTER his Dad admitted taking over 180k.
For some of the evidence profiles it says "we tried to call and contact said person through Facebook and they declined!" Real gumshoe work there. Who is the abortion doctor that was vetted for the piece?
I'm not saying that some of his allegations are not true, I'm saying that the only allegations that Yahoo has "hard" evidence on occured outside of the statute of limitations. The only way the NCAA can bring that in is to invoke the willful clause, but you cannot invoke the willful clause unless there is something current to tie it all to. We'll just have to wait and see.

I would hate to be the teams that plays us this year. Whatever happens, Canes are going to playing at a level that I don't think we've seen before. I expect we get bood at every away game. Our guys will come out and lay the wood. Us against the world, the media, and those on ESPN who have already convicted This U. Play like animals and let's win every game.


There is a difference between the last 4 years and prior to that. It all depends on what the NCAA looks at. If you look at his allegations, the worst of them are all from early 2000s. Yes theres evidence but if it happend 6,7,8 years ago that is the difference. I dont think the NCAA is going to look at that.
The problem is the 3 coaches on the football team and the 3 on the basketball team. Thats where the real trouble is. The reason most of his pictures are with basketball players in the last 4 years is cause Randy Shannon kept him away from his football team. No one is saying their isnt evidence. What we are saying is, it depends on what time period you are looking at for that evidence.

Ban the Soldy Pig.

From Mike Rosenberg at CNNSI:

"Look, Miami is not going to get away without a scratch. The Hurricanes should pre-emptively ban themselves from a bowl game this year and dock a few scholarships, because those penalties are coming anyway. But you can forget about the death penalty. And don't be shocked if Miami wages a preposterous, disingenuous defense -- and it works."

Suck it, Soldy Pig. You too, rawpimple. Canes will be back. Sooner than you think. Gatr trash will wallow in its 100 year mediocrity for, well, another 100 years.

i am tired of the NCAA, nothing but a bunch of non-athletes, pencil to paper pushing snubs who themselves acknowledge that this goes on at every major university around the country, okay, maybe not on the level of these allegations, but none the less, a wrong is wrong, right, a violation is a violation right, but hey, if you dont get caught, its all good in the eyes of the NCAA who only come around like vouchers once the allegations are laid out,,this nevin shapiro guy is comtemplating writing a book about this whole situation, and then per the espn story, use the proceeds to repay the investors, so let me get this straight, you destroy lives during your ponzi scheme, got convicted, and now attempting to destroy the U football program, write a book to repay the investors, but in the meantime, you will be destroying more lives,,when does the destruction stops, this guy have the mindset of a serial killer,,simply dont give a.............

This DOES NOT go on at every University in the country. Maybe selling a jersey for 50 bucks, or getting a free bagel sandwich for lunch. However, what has gone on around Miami for the last 20 plus years with the strip club VIP access, prostitutes, yacht rides and parties, massive payments, and bounties do not go on at every University. Do not kid yourselves. This again was blatant and flagrant cheating and disregard for any rules.

This investigation is going to take much more time than 5 months. Usually an investigation like this takes at least a year. The OSU took at least 9 months. The Auburn case is still ongoing. BTW Newton's dad solicited a 180,000 bribe, but the money was never paid. The NCAA said that a solicitation of a bribe by anyone other than the player is not a violation. Just being on this guy's yacht is a violation of NCAA rules. So if there are pictures of these players on the yacht would constitute a violation of rules because it is an extra benefit. So something is going to happen as far as sanctions are concerned. the reason it would be advisable to suspend these kids is that if after the investigation concludes, and the kids are found in violation of rules, the U will have to vacate any wins in which these kids participated in. I hope the sanctions are minimal.

If thats the case, then they will have to forfeit the games they already have played in....

They'll suspend them before the 1st game. I don't see any other way around this.

Who cares about forfeiting previous games. I would be glad to forfeit the previous 5 years to keep this program on the positive track that Golden is taking us.

How can no one covering the canes at all in this paper, Palm Beach Post, or Sun Sentinel not have know anything was going on with Shapiro? Manny/Susan a little digging and you you could have gone on to bigger and better things.

No cheating?

When you are a recruit and get taken out on this guys yacht, get special treatment at strip clubs, and get a little action, I'd say that is blatant cheating and creates a huge advantage. The Canes coaches would turn recruits over to this guy--i.e. Marcus Forston, Jacory Harris, and the like.

Nah, thats not cheating.

DENIAL and lack of common sense here.

Wow, rawpimple, great analysis. "Yacht rides" don't go on at other schools? You mean like at landlocked Gainvesville, Norman, Austin, etc? Great slant you have. Real perceptive.

As for strip clubs. Is going to a strip club illegal? If Shapiro took them to Chuck E. Cheese or, in your Gatr trash frame of reference, Stuckey's, would your false indignation be as great?

You are not an intelligent person, rawpimple. Not at all.

I also think Prostitution is a crime in South Florida. Granted, South Florida is similar to a third world country but I believe even that is a rule.

Down play the allegations a little more. It wasnt just taking RECRUITS to strip clubs. It was "special treatment". Going to a strip club isnt a crime but paying for sex and having sex for money is. You are truly clueless.

We do not like college teams being destroyed from all this like the Canes will be. Id much rather embarrass your team on the field every year then watch you get torn up by the NCAA.

P.S. The Noles will now come in and dominate South Florida recruiting. Putting a pipeline in now from South Florida to Tally.

I don't think anyone said that this doesn't go on at other schools, of course it does, but the U got caught.

I thought things were really going to be different with Al, both on and off the field. This really s..ks.

rawpimple nice try.
What amazes me is how much attention and time the NCAA is giving this con man. This criminal. This pathologic liar. But the NCAA people are not very smart people. These j-ks, who I am sure are drooling at the thought of banning Miami, were the ones who created "The Miami Rule" regarding celebrating, and this year they weill take away TDs if they even "think" a player is celebrating prior to a TD. the NCAA thinks they can change culture with their pathetic rules and regulations. Well, they have, and in the proces they have nearly destroyed cfb.

The NCAA wants Miami to fail. No question. Its always been like that.

But the fact that they actually are giving this slime ball a second of their time and will take his word, and even believe his hearsay and allegations much of which are unsupported by facts is a joke.

And for you dum-a55es, no, Yahoo's so called evidence is weak at best. Recipts, LOL. Photos, domt make me laugh, Allegations and eye witnesses, ROFLMFAO

Rampant cheating and Subpar football

Only at dah U

The once mighty and Uncle Luke supported Miami has come crashing down, hard.

Why haven't any former players denied anything about Shapiro -Wilfork, Vilma, McGahee?

I have been reading and listining to all this B.S. everyone wants the canes program shut down. there is a little thing called do process. Sports writers and such forget this because they want to be the first to blow the story. Well write this back off this guy is a convicted felon not a "Saint"!!! he's faceing 20 years in prison!!! write stories about the lifes he's hurt oh ya that doesent sell papers or get me on ESPN. Cut the crap let the investigation run its course and shut the F--- up.

Photos will kill the U, just being and riding on the yacht is a violation, what don't you get about that. The won't enact the death penalty, but sanctions are probably going to be draconian. The best thing the U can do is to self impose sanctions, no bowl this year, reduce schollies, suspend some of the players, specially those on the yacht. This is the best strategy to help contain draconian sanctions.

Part of the reason that there hasn't been a denial from McGahee, is because Shelley Bloom has confirmed that Shapiro bought Mcgahee a suit or 2 at Fashion Clothiers. You can't make this stuff up lol.

i am a big fan of "Do Process"


MDCC or Miami grad?

"That's not why we play the game. So, that's unfortunate if some people would go" to such extremes, Tebow said. "But I don't think all the Miami Hurricanes went out there trying to hurt me or anything because I had quite a few friends, as well. So, I think there were a lot of good players on that team, good kids on that team."

Tebow said high school and college athletes need to be prepared in case they're approached by unscrupulous individuals offering illicit or illegal benefits. He said those student-athletes need to have a heart-to-heart talk with themselves.

"Hey, no matter what comes at me, I'm going to say no to it, not 'What is it? How nice is it? How nice is the perk?'" Tebow said. "If they're thinking anything like that, then temptation can overcome you and you give into it and then regret it later on down the road."

My name is Tim Tebow and I approved this message... God Bless U .

Rawpimple, there is no due process in a NCAA investigation. The NCAA is the investigator, the prosecutor, the judge, and jury of any investigation. The is no presumption of innocence. This isn't a criminal process. This is a civil action where the burden of proof is much lower than a criminal hearing.

I have been reading and listining to all this B.S. everyone wants the canes program shut down. there is a little thing called do process. Sports writers and such forget this because they want to be the first to blow the story. Well write this back off this guy is a convicted felon not a "Saint"!!! he's faceing 20 years in prison!!! write stories about the lifes he's hurt oh ya that doesent sell papers or get me on ESPN. Cut the crap let the investigation run its course and shut the F--- up.

Posted by: Always a cane fan | August 19, 2011 at 12:43 PM

I am a big fan of this guys "DO PROCESS"

rawpimple, errrr, caniac now:

another brilliant post. So prostitution is illegal? Not in Vegas. And assuming you have never been to a prostitute, male or otherwise, is that what is really driving your false indignation?

You really have a problem with a 19 year old having sex with a prostitute. Really? That burns you up? Does not let you sleep at night?

You are a two-faced coward living in ignorant bible-thumping Redneckville. Having these freakshow Pentacostal churches on every corner in Trailerville is why you 'necks are considered so ignorant.

Tell me you are upset about cash payments, or bounties, or gambling on games you play in. But some phony morality about strippers and prostitutes? Self-righteous moron. No wonder you live among the hill snakes.

Rawpimple, it's due process, not DO process.

Michael, errrrr, rawpimple, being on a yacht will not get them "draconian" penalties.

Being on a yacht is a violation. Agreed. What will determine the extent of any penalty is whether and to what extent coaches and administrators KNEW or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

The rest of it whether it is cash payments, yacht rides, VIP suites will result in penalties of scholly reductions and bowl bans perhaps.

Don't let your anti-Cane enthusiasm cloud your otherwise limited Gatr reasoning.

A lot of good Teblow's preaching did to his 30-felony-committing teammates at UTrailer.

Maybe the power of the lord in him was not strong enough at that time.

Makes me want to puke. But then, anything Gatr trash has that effect.

Your right just riding on a yacht is just a violation for the individuals getting the extra benefit. But if in the opinion of the NCAA the coach or the administration should have known that the players are getting special benefits, then they can sanction the U under the institutional conduct clause. The other allegations don't help either. BTW idiot I'm a U fan, just being realistic, and you'd better become realistic as well.

Why was Susan Miller crying about the cane program at LA Fitness in Deerfield Beach?

To the players...You need to play with a chip on shoulders. A "Us against the world mentality". The NCAA has always wanted to shut down Miami Football. You cant let them win. You know the NCAA is hoping to find everything to be true. Everyone looks at this little private school in Florida and sees success. They hate it. They hate the swag. They hate everything the U represents because the U changed the game and it has never been the same. Keep your heads up, practice hard, and just win!

dbc had the post of the year in my opinion...everybody, please read the second comment on the board.

Exactly, Michael, and that is the point missing in your post. You stopped at prostitution.

It comes down to what was the conduct at an institutional level. The rest are violations which fall under the "improper benefits" category notwithstanding that they may shock the bible-thumping fake morality of certain segments of this country.

DBC, you are so right about sorry ass Beckel. I love watching The Five every day except for that fat blob. The others all took mild pot shots at us and poor Monica who probably doesn't know Notre Dame football from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, most hurtfully miscalled us the Univ. of Florida, UGH. But getting back to Beckel, why they feel they need an arrogant snide unhappy liberal on the show is beyond me. Oh! wait, no it isn't. They want to show the difference between reasonable and insane people.

I wonder if this were the Gaytors or SemiHoles you all would be saying, "innocent until proven guilty, due process, the system is broke, etc"

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