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Tyler Horn, Mike James say Canes are focused on football, not Shapiro or allegations

CORAL GABLES -- Al Golden tabbed the second week of training camp at the University of Miami as "moving week," the period when starting jobs would be won and lost.

Mike James But after Yahoo! Sports unfurled a tsunami of allegations by former booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro against the University of Miami Tuesday night, the attention the Hurricanes have been getting has been anywhere but the football field.

So how have the Canes dealt with this rather large distraction? How have they handled having NCAA investigators on campus asking questions? Friday, center Tyler Horn and running back Mike James, the first football players to do interviews since the allegations became public, said they've dealt with it by focusing simply on what they came to Coral Gables to do -- play football.

"Of course it was a shock, these allegations," Horn said. "But we're focused on football. That's all we're focused on, all we can control. We're coming out everyday, working hard, busting our butts to be the best team we can be.

"I'm not scared by it. I can't control it. When I'm out here I can only stay on my craft. We can't come out here and actually lollygag around. We have to actually play. You don't play, you get hurt. We're out here to have fun playing football. That's why you play the game."

While Horn said he's had family and friends texting him and calling him to find out how he and the team are doing, he said it's been easy to focus on football because he and his teammates are at the Hecht Athletic Center from "6 a.m. to 10 p.m." everyday.

"Football is like a soothing sport. It keeps us going, keeps our mind focused," said James, who said that the team leaders, linebacker Sean Spence, defensive tackle Marcus Forston, quarterback Jacory Harris, receiver Travis Benjamin, Horn and himself got the team together earlier this week to deliver a message of unity.

"It's not very difficult at all [to stay focused]. Coach Golden instilled what we have to do and the things we have to focus on, core values. It becomes easy after a while."

Still, with the season opener at Maryland right around the corner (Sept. 5) and potential sanctions on the way how could the team not be worried about possibly losing 12 players implicated by Shapiro for allegedly taking improper benefits, including 10 starters?

"The way we've been taught from the very beginning is the depth chart is in the sand," Horn said. "We don't even know who is going to start. All we can do is come out and play as hard as we can.

"[Coach Golden has] told us to be optimistic and keep the spirit of the team up. We can't let this get us in the tank. All we can do is focus on football and that's what we're going to do."

James said the 12 players implicated by Shapiro (Harris, Forston, Spence, Benjamin, safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque, defensive ends Olivier Vernon, Marcus Robinson, and Adewale Ojomo, cornerback Jojo Nicolas, receiver Aldarius Johnson and tight end Dyron Dye) have been the same guys they've been everyday.

"Nothing has changed," James said. "They're doing the same things we always do. Staying on process. Tunnel vision, staying on track."

Still, former players have said this could potentially tear the team apart, or bring the team together. Horn said he believes the latter.

"Honestly, it should be us against the world," Horn said. "That's all we can focus on. The only thing that matters are the people inside that Hecht. All the people that matter are the people who are on this football field every day. That's what we see. Those are my brothers and we're going to stick together."


> Horn said the competition on the offensive line for starting jobs is intense. "We have a lot of great players and a lot of guys rotating in at the tackle spots, guard spots," Horn said.

"Everybody is playing at a very high level now. You have guys like Malcolm Bunche, Jermaine Johnson. Jonathan Feliciano is making a strong push. [Joel Figueroa] played some tackle yesterday. It's great to have all these guys out here playing so hard. It's very comforting to know guys want to win that bad, that want to get on the field, they're playing this hard."

> James said the quarterback competition between Harris and sophomore Stephen Morris is "going good."

"They're working hard," James said. "Shoot, I don't know who its going to be. They're doing such a great job, they're making it hard on everybody."

> The Hurricanes practice Saturday and then are off Sunday before their second scrimmage of the fall on Monday. Asked about the scrimmage, James said: "It's going to have a lot of juice. There's a lot depending on it because guys are trying to get on the bus. That's been the theme of the week -- it's moving week. So guys are trying to do that. It's dog eat dog. Nobody is letting up because everybody is trying to go."


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For nearly three decades, Miami’s football swagger has been bigger than the school itself -- a small, private university without an on-campus stadium that can’t sell its tickets. In other words, the search for money is endless, which is how a con man like Nevin Shapiro can get his name on the players’ lounge. It’s simple -- his check cleared

rawpimple nice try.
What amazes me is how much attention and time the NCAA is giving this con man... criminal... pathological liar ... slime ball ...

Posted by: corpus | August 19, 2011 at 12:36 PM

Nevin Shapiro no doubt is a con man, criminal, pathological liar, slime ball ... But what amazes me is that he was already a convicted felon in 1995 and Donna, Kirby, Coker, Coaches and the University of Miami administration openly associated themselves with and didn't reserch him before they decided to lay down, start and continue a relationship with him on the highest of levels that allowed him unprecidented access to our student-athletes.

Shapiro is a mangy dog ridden with fleas and we are going to complain now that we now infested ?

That's what bothers me to no end the most with this entire situation. The absolute lack and incompetence of our institutional control. And that's what the NCAA will focus on and hammer down on us with all their power. And they have that power, so I look for Donna and Co. to cut their losses and self-impose sooner rather than later. Or they can roll the dice, deny, deny, deny and risk the Big hit when the NCAA pulls the trigger after the season.

I ask Cane fans. Do you think we should be preemptive and self-impose with suspensions, schollie cuts and no bowl this year and next to help get those things back sooner come 2013-14 or so ?

What violations did the 12 players on the team commit? I've seen the pics they are all from the early 2000's. Let this thing play out, the U will be fine. The true criminals are all the players from the GAYTURDS who get arrest every other week. Nothing these players did will follow them the rest of their life. Stay in your barn and look 4 something 2 do in your boring city. What a joke red necks. hahahahahahahahahahah

Is this University of Miami now centered in Las Vegas? it is illegal in south florida.

You guys are truly clueless i.e. Soldy

What violations did the 12 players on the team commit?

Posted by: b-zo | August 19, 2011 at 01:43 PM

Therein lies the whole problem. We do not know. Nor are we as John Q. Public privy to know. And we may never know the whole true story exactly whether or not Miami is nailed or exonerated. But rest assured, the scum accusor, Donna and Co. and the NCAA do know the facts or non-facts and that is all that counts.

What happens in the next 4-5 days will tell the story. If they decide to self-impose, suspensions will have to come before mid-next week to prepare for game-week. Or they just might decide to ride it out and go with the "12". But once they start the season under those circumstances, there will be absolutely no going back.

The lost and sad thing about this whole situation is the brunt that Al Golden must bear because of so many others indiscretions. But if he is able to keep this thing together and somehow have a successful season, it could just be his greatest hour... For another team needing a fine Head Coach in the future anyways.

Just want to make one thing perfectly clear. By "suspensions" I mean indefinite and open to reinstatement after inquiry. No doubt Miami is taking this on as a 1 by 1 of the 12 indvidual situations. But, like I said before, once these kids play on opening day at Maryland, the School is all in. We'll know soon enough.

ESPN's Herbstreit probably feels his SUCKeyes have a better chance of defeating Miami with 10 starters A.W.O.L.

I've ALWAYS respected Kirk as a major college football pundit. However, his recent comments are simply IDIOTIC.

I gUess he hasn't heard of INNOCENT until proven gUilty. Oh that's right. In Amerika now, it's GUILTY until proven innocent. Go bloody figures.

And IF there's solid evidence against The Cane Twelve of relative malfeascance-sp., then it's up to the N.C.A.A. to inform Coach Golden and the Hurricane A.D. Eichorst-sp. before their conference road opener.

Or, perhaps the powers that be at Miami will automatically sit The Cane Twelve two or three games. jUst a guess.

Nonetheless, yoUr Hurricanes will be just fine. Whether Coach Golden and the team have the services of The Cane Twelve.

INNOCENT until proven guilty!

Everything else is nonsense.

It is also amazing that this fake disingenuity by the ESPNs of this world, but there has been but a peep about Florida's 31 arrests over the last 3-5 yrs. Its ok for a program to have criminals and jail baits but not ok to ride a danged yacht.

Mark UM '83, your degree should make yousmart enough ( I hope) to figure out that a program such as Miami or any other ( I have donated to several programs by the way- because of family) does not do back ground checks on boosters. At least not to the extent that they would know more than the general public would know, unless for example, a check bounces. So there is no way that Shalala would have know what this guy was doing on his own time with players or alumni unless someone actually told her.

So I ask,

Did Coker know?
Did Shannon know? He did. he warned players. That right blows up the "lack of institutional control" argument- at least since 2006.

Regardless, despite the drooling of the likes of Rawpimpleinayass, and others,

The U will be fine. The U will destroy Maryland, OSu, and will go into tally undefeated, and will go 12-0 and then,,, LOL, the NCAA will not do what to do with itself

If the university had any class, they would beg Al Golden for forgiveness and give him a 5 year extension with a big raise TODAY. That's the only way we can hope to keep him past this year. He will have very little shot to succeed here in the next few years. Make it worth his sacrifice to stick with us through this. That's just one man's opinion.

The NCAA has said it may side step their own 4 year rule to check further back for evidence.

Almost seems like they couldn't prove any misconduct for the past 4 years so they want to check further back to see if anything this guy said was true.

Just a thought

Golden needs to be extended. Period, and right now. This isn't a criminal matter, there is no presumption of innocence in a civil matter.

Mark UM 83 to answer your question I say self impose sanctions now. Cut scholarships for 3 years and bowl games for two years. Suspend or dismiss all players associated with this mess. Maybe even cut TV exposure for one year. Another thing I think the "U" should do is give coach Golden two options.
1. As much as I hate to say it, give coach Golden the option to opt out of his contract or 2. Give him a 7 to 10 year contract extension now. Because if the hammer does come down, like it looks like it will, it will take atleast 4 years to get this program back to where it needs to be to compete for BCS bowl games and National Championships. Either way this whole situation blows.

Posted by: corpus

If you have the mindset that the NCAA is out to get you then you as an institution should be careful of whom you associate with. Randy knew this - why not Shalala and Holcutt? Oh because Shapiro was donating money....Shalala needs to go.

it's easy to blame Shalala for this, but it's her job to fund the athletic programs. The U gets NO state funding for athletics like UF and FSU. She probably had no idea who this guy was took the check at the bowling alley and left within 10 minutes. It's easy to play the result. It will probably cost her the job. But if you look on this realistically there was no reason to be not to accept the money. Remember this guy was a con artist, he conned people out of 700-800 million dollars, he was good at what he did.

Posted by: Michael

Why did Randy tell his players to stay away from him? Randy knew something and Holcutt knew nothing?

Fire shalalala NOW

I'm sure Holcuitt knew something.

In response to the other Cane 4 Life. Glad you recognize that as I said yesterday with another post. First, let's remember to talk football until something is proven and the clowns hand down the punishment from a convicted felon's word. Media Dorks; until there is a verdict, who cares? I care about Maryland. And when we beat the hell out of them, the media will bring back the story hot and heavy. GOOD! Maybe you will learn that the more you piss us off the worst it is for your team, dorks! Now as far a our season and our guys really PO' ed about this stuff, YES, there will be a very bad attitude this year. LOVE IT! I will bet that GOLDEN and THE GANG (let's call them this because most of you have written them off as criminals anyway)will bring a bunch of smash your ass tude. Then let's see a bigger story emerge that we were too mean! GO CANES!!! GO CANES!!!!!!


If not for a down-turn in the economy; this roach-bed may never have been discovered. I guess that's ok though, as long as the canes win a few extra football games, we can put up with being seen as cheaters and liers....after all 'it's a U thing'. [I guess we're finally beginning to see what that really meant]

Hey ex-cane fan, jumped ship huh? A true CANE FAN gets it and you obviously don't. Cheaters, roach bed? I see 5 National Titles, should be 6 (Reference 2002) and given to us by THE NCAA. I do you cheat at doing that? Hum.... Guess the ncaa are cheaters too!

Have a nice day!


Absolutely Michael and so did shalalala. She knew what kind of actions were going on in his sky box and visited. Her box was very close. Heck he even wanted to put stripper poles in his box.

Ps. Forgot. Fire shalalalala NOW

Moss has an axe to grind. So it's easy to see why he's running his mouth. Player-wise, I never really saw him play. Why Herbstreit would say something like that is kind of sour grapes. Ohio State lost everything so maybe he wants UM to do same.

Some kind of punishment is coming down, but I just hope they do it to the right people, like Kirby, Dee, Shalala, this is called accountability and responsibility. The players aren't immune either, including Marve and that group. This has nothing to do with Golden, but he;ll be left to do clean up duty sadly.

They're not going to fire Shalala, she'll just retire early in 6 months or so.

Bull pucky.

Its the U against he world!!!!!!

Its always been like that.

In the 80s, the lilly whites including Keith jackson and the cfb establishemnt despised the fact that this inner city, hootin and hollering and dancing team from So Fl with all these 'blacks" was so good and so fast. They hated it.

In the 90s the hate continued, fueled by UMs Pell grant debacle, the Luke allegations, and the fact that Miami cobntinued to dance... Hence the "Miami Rule" against celebrations/

In the 2000s, just when all of these stuffy 'necks though they had us contained in came the best coll,ege football team in history. But they tried and they did contain the hurricane- They managed to finnagle the BCS formula enough to tweak it into not allowing the U to return to the National championship game, in 2002t they had one of their own.. a ref named Terry Porter take away Miami's potential 3rd NC in a row.

they can't stand UM. They think Um is too ghetto, too city, too wild, too hip hop. They are scared of the mystique. Enter the gators, who have never had a black QB except a green eyed light skinned dude named Chris Leak, in a school in florida's Bible belt, and that was as much as they could take. Thus reinforced by Home schooled and bibe thumpin Tebow.

But they hate us. they tried doing away with the program in 1995. They will try again.
But the power of the hurricane wil lbring it back. For now,

Its []_[] against the world. Eff everyone else

Some of you guys need to take a long hot shower...and use lots of SOAP. Anyone who justifies this program's action at this point just doesn't get it.

Michael. 6 hours, 6 days, not weeks.

Ex cane fan. Perhaps you be honest and say your a slimy gator fan. Nothing has been proven yet, but the U will take hits. And they should if it's proven. Wilfork and magahee look really dirty, but so far the school has not been tied go it. Most of this 72 is garbage, but we shalalsla see.

Fire shalalala NOW

Now, the CORRUPT, BOGUS n.c.a.a. is going to extend their status of limitations clause with the Miami investigation.

Simply because their's no " dirty laundry " to uncover with the Hurricane program the past four seasons.

Again, the CORRUPT, HYPOCRITICAL, BOGUS n.c.a.a. is taking direct aim at Miami and will crucify the Hurricane football program.

By the way, former Boomer Sooner All-American LB Brian Bosworth called out the N.C.A.A.'s for being CORRUPT.

And baby, he was absolutely right. Matter of fact, The Boz was so correct, that he was suspended for the Orange Bowl. Simply for speaking truth to power.

Bogus N.C.A.A. + Shapiro = Absolute Corruption.

However, what's so INSANE is the N.C.A.A. is taking the word of a convicted felon and BORN liar as truth. Go bloody figure.

And to make matters incredibly crazy, is the N.C.A.A.'s is allowing the college football media-nexus to INFLUENCE their investigation on Miami. ESPN, CBS and the billions of dollars anyone.

So much for IMPARTIALITY by the corrupt, bogus N.C.A.A.

In other words, the vast majority of college football punditry is coldly shreiking crUcify, crUcify and the N.C.A.A. is going to follow suit and kiss the arse of their financial benefactors, i.e. ESPN, CBS and FOX college sports networks, to name a few.

You may want this you're way but it won't happen that way. That's not how colleges or companies operate. I can wait a week to tell you I told you so.

Another interesting tidbit on WHY the N.C.A.A. is going to extend the statue of limitations clause.

The University of Alabama CLEARD former Miami assistants of any wrong doing which the BORN liar claimed were part of recruiting violations. Stoutland and Pannunzio anyone.

The Tide were recently on probation so you know their compliance departments are going to vette Stoutland and Pannunzio with a fine concise microscope.

The only link left at Miami to these allegations is shalala. Not interested in who is right, just the right thing to do. She was at the helm when all this happened, she needs to go and go quickly. In business it would happen quickly, look how fast the BP guy was gone. Numerous other examples.

A.P. New Release 4:48 pm Aug. 19, 2011

The University of Miami will announce, possibly over the weekend or early next week, that up to 10 of the 12 current football players named in yahoosports.com's investigation into improprieties and extra benefits in the Nevin Shapiro Booster scandal will be indefinitely suspended until a full investigation by the University is concluded.

The list of the twelve players are as followed:

Jacory Harris, Marcus Forston, Sean Spence, Travis Benjamin, Ray-Ray Armstrong, Vaughn Telemaque, Olivier Vernon, Marcus Robinson, Adewale Ojomo, Jojo Nicolas, Aldarius Johnson and Dyron Dye.

DAMN ! This is total Bull$hit !

Mike, I'm a major college football fan who isn't even an alum of the University of Miami and who has NEVER lived in the SoFla vicinity.

I just know when a CRUCIFIXION is in an ongoing process. That's all.

Heck, even Bama' cleared two ex-Cane assistants of any wrong doing. Two former Miami assstants whom happen to be named by the BORN liar.

Connect the dots Einstein. Extending the statue of limitations and now the conniving Emmert talking the death penality. Simply because he's allowing the CBS, ESPN, and FOX college football media network MONEY HANDLER's to influence the process. Give me a fUc! break!

The University of Miami is doing the right thing with The Golden Twelve.

The investigative process must be not mishandled by the powers that be in Coral Gables.

Also, this gives Coach Golden the opportunity to give the replacements rep's and rep's and more rep's prior to Miami's Labor Day night game.

I agree with the motion to give Coach Golden a raise of at least $250K and a 5 year extension to his current contract!! He is OUR COACH, and I am certain he will lead us to bigger and better things immediately and for years to come.

Separately, I love the mentality of some of the people writing in this blog. IF NOTHING ELSE, everyone is INNOCENT until Proven GUILTY!! That is how our system of juris prudence operates, as well as the American way.

I also love the support that the LOCAL MEDIA (Newspapers (this paper included), TV, Radio, etc.) has given to the University of Miami. It is PITIFUL and DISGUSTING!! We will remember!

Finally, and as stated above, it is The U & us against the world mentality that we must take. In the latest Death Penalty vote in ESPN, over 63% of the people voting has stated that The U is deserving of the Death Penalty. So much for innocent until proven guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, Ridiculous!! For all, remember that what comes around, gets around! All who know laugh, rest assured, you will end up crying later.

All players at The U MUST take a mentality of US against The World!! Nothing new for us, and be certain that we will kick some arssss this year and in the future! You can BANK ON IT!!

God bless The U!!

Dead man walking.

And yes, I was once a cane fan.

Dead man walking.

And yes, I was once a cane fan.

Posted by: ex-cane fan

That's a TOTAL lie!! You were NEVER a fan. In fact you never attended any games, did not graduate from UM, nor did you ever cared for The U.

Don't hide behind a fake name!!

LOL! I guess you know everybody in Dade county. Congrat's on that.

86% of the country beleives that the UM Administration 'knew what was going on and turned a blind eye to the situation'...FOR 10 YEARS!!!

You need a long hot shower my friend. It's OVER! Time to find another hobby.

Maybe someone can explain NCAA rules to me. Is it illegal to accept anything from anyone? If my next door neighbor buys me dinner and I swim in his pool and have a beer that's illegal as well. Is it just because he was a booster club member? I remember being at a Buc's game during Tebow's junior year on his off week and he had seats in a private suite. Who paid for that? They even showed him on TV according to my Dad. I suppose someone will tell me he paid for those seats himself. Nothing was said by the NCAA about it so I assumed all was legal and well. What is the line that has to be crossed to get busted?

UM Fan, you're wrong. There are 2 tiers in the legal process, criminal and civil. In a criminal process which this isn't the is supposition of innocence. The other tier is the civil process, in the civil process there is no supposition of innocence, and the standard of proof is different. In a criminal process the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil process the burden of proof is much lower, it's called the preponderance of evidence. That's that's the way it is. I'm not guessing at this, this is how the law works. It's not a mentality. If you don't want the truth hide you head in that sand. I don't know where you're get your information, but it's wrong.

In any event this isn't even part of a legal process. It's an investigation by a self regulatory body, which is what the NCAA is. You don't have the safeguards of legal standards of evidence and adjudication.

ex-cane fan:

Your idiocy and contradictory approach to logic speaks for itself! Therein lies your TOTAL lies about being a Cane Fan! You never were, you obviously are not one currently, and you will never be a fan of The U!!!!! Don't hide behind a mask! Be a Man or Woman, and speak the TRUTH. It truly will set you free!

You were NEVER a University of Miami Hurricanes fan! You are a liar!

If you are a Gator or Nole, or for that matter a fan of any other major university, then come out of the closet. Quit hiding behind your veil!!!

LOL! UM Fan, you are delusional and lashing out at everyone.

This is your new reality. Live with it.

Everyone's not against you, quite the contrary. Problem is...you're dirty and beyond help...you are completely DELUSIONAL and it's time for rehabilitation.

Oh one last thing, this is a good thing, the NCAA has no power if subpoena. So if any of the players or people that have witnessed any of the allegations, they can't be compelled to speak with NCAA investigators, or testify before an NCAA panel. But they can compel U administrators, coaches, and players, or anyone playing or employed by an NCAA member to testify. So if you are out of school you can tell the NCAA to go F''k yourself.

if read you the article posted by Sarasota 'cane that writer makes very good points. but when you look at the cases of stoutland and pannuzi leaving for 'bama. saban vetted the coaches before hiring them. they were cleared by the ncaa and they were the two most blatantly named by shapiro. i honestly think nothing will happen to the canes except a national title. golden is pissed over this and so are the players. the title is ours.

ex-cane fan = Curse Pig/Soldy/Soldy...the real one, et al.

Straight douchebag.

Bogus N.C.A.A. + Shapiro = Absolute Corruption.

However, what's so INSANE is the N.C.A.A. is taking the word of a convicted felon and BORN liar as truth. Go bloody figure.

Posted by: macjones | August 19, 2011 at 04:42 PM


And he's a typical Cane Fan to the core that bleeds Orange n Green ... In other words, Shapiro is the face of Cane Fan now to the rest of the Nation... He's U

Cane Fan + Shapiro ='s Complete Morons

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