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UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst releases statement

Here's the statement from UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst:

Shawn Eichorst "When I accepted the position of Director of Athletics at Miami in April, I not only embraced a new opportunity, but also a new family; a family of Hurricane students, coaches, staff, alumni, faculty and supporters. I know our family is hurting right now and that is what has made the past few days so difficult, upsetting and disappointing for me, as I am sure it has been for many proud Canes.

"But these are not times for pity and reflection. All of my efforts and energy are committed to ensuring the integrity of the NCAA investigation, demanding the full cooperation of our employees and student-athletes and providing unwavering support to our more than 400 plus student-athletes and more than 150 coaches and staff. Along with our passionate and devoted supporters, they are the true essence of Miami athletics.

"There are tough times ahead, challenges to overcome and serious decisions to be made, but we will be left standing and we will be stronger as a result. I understand there are unanswered questions, concerns and frustration by many but this Athletic Department will be defined now and in the future, by our core values, our integrity and our commitment to excellence, and by nothing else. The University of Miami, as an institution of higher learning, is a leader in exploration, achievement and excellence and we will work hard to do our part to live up to that standard.

"In my introductory press conference back in April, I asked the community for their unconditional support in our efforts to achieve the goal of excellence. Now, the community, the coaches, the student-athletes and the University have my unconditional support as we move towards a better day. And there will be a better day."


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well said true cane will never give up.

Eli Gurwytz, an 18-year-old UM freshman, was checking in to freshman orientation Wednesday. “I’m still a full supporter of the Hurricanes, regardless of the scandals,’’ Gurwytz said. “I don’t blame anyone. Students, some of them are economically deprived. Scholarships aren’t enough.’’

"There are tough times ahead, challenges to overcome and serious decisions to be made..."

1.) Suspend all current player named in the investigation ...

2.) Hope to win atleast 5 games this season...

3.) Come December, get Airline tickets for myself and Al to get the hell out of this clUsterphucked Athletic program ASAP ...


Good luck Donna ... Ur on Ur own.

That was a non statement. he may have stayed home and finished his bagel and coffee. There was nothing in this statement. The kind of statement Bill Clinton said when he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

We need to know...

1) What evidence proves there was actual NCAA wrong doing by current players or staff. NOT hearsay. Not photographs, and not receipts. Any of these can be fabricated.

2) If Bryce Brown, Arthur Brown, Marve and the Nebraska guy were cleared, then what does that say of the slime ball'
s allegations?

3) What exactly is the status regarding this issue of Jacorry and the other current 11 players?

4) What coaches or staff knew what happened and did nothingto report this- Because that is what will cause the NCAA to punish Miami badly.

5) What was coach Golden told or not told before he came here?

I say this deserves a 250,000 raise for Golden and a raise for his staff. he did not deserve to come into this garbage. UM needs to do everything and anything to keep him. THis is when the NFL rats who ratted should open up their pocket books. Vilma paid for the building, now the rest need to start ponying up to keep Golden. Otherwise all that "U" family ctrp is BS. Shapiro was never part of this family. He was a scumbag jock sniffing little wannabe. Sure there are millons like him, but he had the cash. And he is evil. You all think Luke would ever do something like that to Miami?

Tyrone Moss and others- Rats

That statement was clearly drawn up by an attorney. It said nothing.

Seriously, what is it with all the "Statements" being released that are composed by speech writers disguised as Shalala's and Eichorst's words ?

This is a crisis and the Leaders of this school and program needs to stand the hell up in front of camera's, microphones and reporters and ANSWER Questions !!!

Coach Golden is the only one that is being Accountable and this is NOT his mess.

NO MORE STATEMENTS MISS PRESIDENT !!! Get out of your office and face the music !

Bill and Obama would.

They have released detailed list like this, he has one on each player. Each list comes with a witness to the crime.



Oh how far the mighty have fallen. Quite the story to tell the grandkids of UM's glory days, they'll just look at you and giggle like you're some senile old man quoting Mark Twain.


A lot of words, but notice he never SAID anything. A page right out of the Barack Hussein Osama book. But Osama has HOPE, and UM has SWAGGER.

Life is good.


They have released detailed list like this, he has one on each player. Each list comes with a witness to the crime.



Posted by: Ugly | August 18, 2011 at 12:11 PM

FYI - Every players name is on the right, you can click each players name.

Statement!?! Go in front of a camera and own this! Especially Shalala!

Shalala was here all of those years...you go and own this right now. The school is getting trashed in the media and you're releasing crap statements like this makes you look even more stupid...if possible.

What is more important in Shalala's day than owning this right now?

I want to hear of actual proof collected that indicate these players accepted money, gifts, or any other form of bribery. I do not want to see picture or hear about restuarant receipts that proof absolutely nothing. Where is the proof that the administration knew of this? Right now, its just a bunch of allegations from a "jocksniffer" who is with the FED for the next 20 years, throw in Tyrone Moss as well, but at least he was honest, however, pictures and receipts proof nothing, tax returns proof nothing, phone records proof nothing, so what 500 numbers were found, trace to you? I've had 6 different cell phone numbers in the past 10 years, and I can only remember 2 of the numbers. The guy ran a ponzi scheme, it take a very high IQ to have a successful ponzi scheme, 1 billion dollars folks, this story he created, if some of it is truthful, I am willing to bet the great majority isnt. If Casey got off, the U will as well, forget cicumstantial proff. I want to see some signatures of players accepting money.

Can everyone stop with the whole is there actual proof crap? This isn't a court of law, there's no reasonable doubt defense. Just think what all of us would be saying if there were pics of 70 or so Gators doing everything it says ours did. We'd be screaming death penalty. Admit it. Our players didn't do anything others don't do, we just got caught cause our booster was a freaking theif.....deal with....lets get our punishment and move on. I hope it ain't a death penalty, cause sadly thats the snowball that espn and others are pushing down the side of the mountain and its gaining speed in the court of public opinion, which is much more important than whether things are as they seemed beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Yahoo! report came out and did not mention one important point:

The blog Pig/Curse/Soldy is still a douchebag and loves him some mens.

You still suck, Pig, after all this time. Amazing.

ESPN is riding two sides of the bench Jayel,,yes they have to report the story, its what the media does for a living, but on the flip-side, the ACC have a $12 million per team TV contract deal with ESPN, trust if the U received the death penalty which most experts say will not happen, that deal will quickly be reconstructed down to a mere 5 million per team, and a team like florida state will leave for the SEC. No, its not the court of law, but the NCAA is still looking for proof to either vindicate the U or convict them. sorry.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I'm now listening to Michael Irving and Luke Campbell on WQAM break down this situation and it makes me now realize just how Miami, as a program got themselves into this whole mess in the first place.

Stupid and dumb is what it is. Just unreal.

Ohhhh, the Capitulation of it all.

If Casey got off, the U will as well, forget cicumstantial proff. I want to see some signatures of players accepting money.

Posted by: AL | August 18, 2011 at 12:37 PM

And there U have it .. Typical delusional Cane Fan in all his missed the bus glory. Don't be the last one to abandon ship... It's sinking fast.

Al - Proof???? He as witnesses who corroborate his story. Last time I checked a witness is what puts most people in jail.

Willis McGahee:

Shelly Bloom, owner of Fashion Clothiers, corroborated Shapiro’s account of purchasing suits in his store for McGahee. Bloom also corroborated one of the suits being worn during the broadcast of the Heisman Trophy ceremony.

• One source corroborated seeing Shapiro give McGahee cash gifts.

• One source corroborated Shapiro paying for two women to be flown to New York City for McGahee in advance of the Heisman ceremony.

• Two sources corroborated McGahee being entertained in Shapiro’s home.

So.....He has a total of 5 witnesses! I think thats plenty of prood

I want to know how much Yahoo paid to Nevin for his story? Don't think that Yahoo did it for nothing. This punk wanted money.

Death penalty, suspension, loss of schollys, no matter what, I'm always a Cane. This is my Alumni--2003


King Soldy now?

Wow, talk about a massive Douchebag.

You still suck, Pig.

King Pig. Has a nice ring to it.

Posted by: This is your Costco Supervisor | August 18, 2011 at 12:42 PM

tell us all about how the Nevin Shapiro rumors have no merit again Cansfool ... It's one of my favorite stories that U told this past 11 months and will continue to be for decades of mediocrity to come...

It's ova fool ... But U can still jump on the FIU and FAU bandwagons... They actually have On Campus HOME STADIUMS with their team playing in it.

and by the way, Canesfool, I love men. I love them all sweaty and when they pour hot whipped cream on me.

If you are a mans, Canesfool, I will give you some lovin' you will never forget.

Give me a holla. I am the King Soldy. I am the King Arty.

Wink, wink my love.

Add another to the list.


I read the allegations on the Yahoo!Sports site against the current players and the coaches. The only incriminating evidence in there was the canceled check to Clint Hurtt.

The allegations against the current players were: they came to Shapiro's house to play pool and the winner got money, they went bowling with Shapiro and the winner got money, they had food and drinks that Shapiro paid for... The "evidence" consists of charges on Shapiro's AMEX bill. In all the instances there was one witness who corroborated the story. My guess is that witness was Shapiro's jailed girlfriend (look here: canespundit.com).

So, it does not seem that incriminating to me. The big caveat: the check to Hurtt. But someone nailed it when they said that this is not a case that goes to court and to a jury. The NCAA has their own process, which seems very collaborative. I would hope that they would consider the source(s) of the allegations.

In terms of additional motivation (other than revenge) for Shapiro. He detailed this spending (including the large number of cash gifts) during his prosecution in order to account for the funds. What if he put these "millions" offshore and doesn't want the feds to find it. He then fabricates the stories about giving the cash away to players and strippers, etc. based on a few acutal instances. Just a guess...

Oooooooh, I just luvs watching young tight mens run around their HOME STADIUMS (notice the all CAPS? I use that for effect since the substance of my posts is hot garbage).

Oooooh, I am King Soldy. Someone call me, pleeeeeeeese.

Fire shalalalala now. She knew what was going on and the type of person he was

Gators still sk

face of the gator program; Channing Crowder and Joachim Noah... Oh I forgot, Charlie Weiss

Weee weeee

Dear Miami Herald,

I understand that you want blogs to reflect a sense of genuineness that accurately captures the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of the fan. However, I think you may need to spend just a little bit of time policing some of the comments made here. Do you really think that 'social media' or 'journalistic integrity' value the comments of The King Soldy and King Soldy have placed here? As a fan who is tolerant of the perspectives of others (even those I don't agree with), I am going to stop reading/commenting here because things are simply out of control. [Insert smarmy 'just like at Ur school' comment here.] Miami Herald, please do something to enforce even the most basic standards of behavior here. I'm not asking for Miss Manners, but seeing someone write 'I will give you some lovin' you will never forget' seems a little far flung, even to me.

Agreed. Ban me. I also post under Rawpimple, Curse of Art Kehoe and all permutations, Soldy...the Real One and all permutations, Purple Drank, and also assume the names of several Cane fans and post as them.

I am this blog's cancer. Ban that IP address.

Only prof, I care about is the prof from the past 4yrs. I careless what anybody did prior. The NCCA isn't going to penalize us for them. Everybody is freak out from what a professional liar is saying. This guy lies for a living!!!! Chill out and let everything come out. So all U haters go back to the country and chew your straws and worry about your team. It's still all about the UUUUUUUUUUUU

ou all think Luke would ever do something like that to Miami?

Tyrone Moss and others- Rats

Posted by: Best cfb program the last 32 years | August 18, 2011 at 12:00 PM

Best CFB,

I seem to remember Luke spouting about "telling all" if his man Ryan Collins didn't start over Clement. He didn't but he certainly threw the noise out there.

First, why are the current players who are implicated in this scandal still active members of this team?

Second, why hasn't UM offered to let Golden out of his contract? If this investigation has been going on for 5 months, why didn't anyone bother to tell Golden? The guy deserves better treatment.

The Joker said it best
"Why so serious?"

For all Cane fans just accept it, UM has been a dirty program since the JJ years, there is proof in the 30 for 30 doc. UM hasn't learn their lesson after all these slaps on the wrist now its time for the DEATH PENALTY.

So I ask again, Why So Serious?

Fire shalalalala now

First we need to wait for investigation to be over and see what ncaa can or cant prove and how manyy allegations turn out to be true or at least proveable. From what ive seen and read 39 of the 72 allegatiosn were for prostitution and only 2 could be proven by yahoo. I hear talks of death penalty and we dont even know what the ncaa can and cant prove i think thats premature. Not ot mention andre dubose, matt patcham, orson charles, robert marve were mentioned with the 12 current players and 2 of them have been cleared as not true already. The agents for axcess sports claims they never paid any players so all the agents cept shapiro deny paying athletes to sign with them. Im sorry but u take that into account with shapiro's wanting to destroy miami program He has states he wants them to get death penalty so never have football again. Makes this thing a bit fishy in places. Im not saying its all untrue im just syaing in the end u may find the ncaa cant prove anything in last 4 yrs and if thats true this thing goes away as if there are no violations in last 4 yrs they cant add on the previous stuff as well as even if they can how many allegations can they prove. Truth is if the ncaa cant prove it they cant charge team with that violation. Im sure in end miami will be guilty of some of the charges i just think to get at miami shapiro made some stuf up as he wants the u to get the death penalty.

Oh and current players are part of team cause u have to prove shapiro's claims. U just can't kick a kid off team because a guy with a grudge says they were dirty without proof. Thats why they are part of team and when 2 of the 16 players named as being sent to him by coaches being proves as lies how many of the others are lies? I say sit tight see what happens and lets see if any of these kids did cheat before we kick them off team. Its called america and innocent until proven guilty people.

We have Heisman Trophy candidate Jacory Harris who had a rough patch under the tutelage of Mad Scientist Whipple, who is now thankfully moved on to the NFL. We also have Stephen Morris, who has an nfl quality arm and just needs to learn to be more careful with the ball.
Now that we’ve upgraded our O coordinator and receivers coach, you will not see the blown routes by receivers and qbs not being on the same page. Let’s not forget what Jacory did as a sophomore, before the hand injury and even as a true freshman.
He apparently went from 195 lbs. as a freshman to 168 lbs. last year. Now that his diet is being monitored, we are going to see a whole new Jacory. I know people are counting him out, but I wouldn’t. This is the guy that led the fabled Northwestern High School football team to two State championships. I like Morris a lot also, the best arm in college football next year, but I’d love to redshirt him if Jacory gets back to his earlier form.

I understand that the palyers were also responsible if these allegations are true, but this little pi55ant runt wannabe, no atheltic conniving con man j-e-w boy will be assigned the ultimate label of having taken down the mighty U.


Just saying people. Just saying

What are you smoking?

Luke and Mike Irvin had nothing to do with this. If U want to stat getting some answers, go back to the Coker years and work your way down. This stuff probably took flight under Coker, which was really the beginning of what U have now. Irvin is a 'Cane true and true. Luke has won at a lot of things, too.

As far as the Clement and Collins situation, luke saw right away what that was about. Luke probably had much more of a positive rapport with the players than actual coaches back then.

Agree. Coker hiring was more disastrous than Shannon hiring. Gary Coleman could have led Canes to 2001 National Championship.

Has anyone read this article...

Separating Fact From Fiction: The Nevin Shapiro Scandal


It doesn't do any good to stick one's head in the sand about this situation. First, the NCAA is the investigator, prosecutor, judge, and jury in this investigation. All they have to do is to prove to their satisfaction that the evidence is sufficient in their eyes that wrong doing occurred. There is no presumption of innocence in a civil proceeding. They don't have to prove that there is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. All they have to do is tip the scales in one direction or the other in their eyes. So those of you looking to be satisfied with the evidence, you may be unsatisfied with the results. And the U may be eligible for the death sentence. There is usually a 5 years statute of limitation between major violations on all sports. In 2003 there was a major violation committed by the baseball team. It would seem that the violations allegedly committed by the football team would be outside the statute. But the NCAA can link all violations from the inception date of 2002. So let's hope that doesn't happen. They can also use lack of institutional control over the program as a reason for for the death penalty. So quit talking about the merits of the evidence, the only one that needs to be convinced is the NCAA. Also the player that have been declared eligible, haven't played a game yet. They can be declared ineligible before the 1st game of the season. Practice doesn't matter.

That Donna "The Queen of BS" Shalala has not resigned yet is pathetic. For all the Cane's saying "wait and see, they have not proved anything yet", you are smoking something. The NCAA has been investigating for 5 months, there are dozens of former Canes saying no comment which is like a kiss of death. I said yesterday, Al Golden is gone after the season and that was supported by his very public statement that "I should have been told" about the investigation. Jeez the admin is so slimy they lied to the new coach and AD. It is OVER. Death penalty or not Canes will not see a bowl game for years let alone win a ACC or National Championship. Between the friggn Dolphins being a joke and now this, I am football depressed before the season has begun.

it's getting harder all the time to not put more of the blame on some of the current players . Apparently, Shannon repeatedly warned his players to stay away from the runt, the key word being repeatedly. I guess kids will be kids. It's more of an indication of how incredibly immature many of these players were and still are.

No, it's not the kiss of death, it is an ongoing NCAA investigation, and the NCAA has ordered them to say no comment. All of the former players are saying more than no comment, they are saying he is a pathological liar and that their names do not belong on this report.

His business partner says he is a liar. The US Government says he is a liar. The three Gators implicated say he is a liar. The Nebraska player says he is a liar. When will you trolls finally accept that his is a liar?

Posted by: Five Titles

Is Tyrone Moss a liar too?
Are the forensic accountants making up stuff?

USC type sanctions coming.

wait a minute, if andre debose, mat pachan, the bryce brothers, robert marve were all clear by their current universities and the NCAA, why cant the same be done for the current 12 miami players??? i mean, did the ncaa investigate and clear these players months ago, or recently? if recently, why cant they do it for the miami players? no one has accepted or been accused of accepting any money after 3/2010, the guy was tyring to keep his butt from the FED pen by then,

King Soldy: blow me!

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