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UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst releases statement

Here's the statement from UM athletic director Shawn Eichorst:

Shawn Eichorst "When I accepted the position of Director of Athletics at Miami in April, I not only embraced a new opportunity, but also a new family; a family of Hurricane students, coaches, staff, alumni, faculty and supporters. I know our family is hurting right now and that is what has made the past few days so difficult, upsetting and disappointing for me, as I am sure it has been for many proud Canes.

"But these are not times for pity and reflection. All of my efforts and energy are committed to ensuring the integrity of the NCAA investigation, demanding the full cooperation of our employees and student-athletes and providing unwavering support to our more than 400 plus student-athletes and more than 150 coaches and staff. Along with our passionate and devoted supporters, they are the true essence of Miami athletics.

"There are tough times ahead, challenges to overcome and serious decisions to be made, but we will be left standing and we will be stronger as a result. I understand there are unanswered questions, concerns and frustration by many but this Athletic Department will be defined now and in the future, by our core values, our integrity and our commitment to excellence, and by nothing else. The University of Miami, as an institution of higher learning, is a leader in exploration, achievement and excellence and we will work hard to do our part to live up to that standard.

"In my introductory press conference back in April, I asked the community for their unconditional support in our efforts to achieve the goal of excellence. Now, the community, the coaches, the student-athletes and the University have my unconditional support as we move towards a better day. And there will be a better day."


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This is not as light as some make it and not as bad as others make it. I believe it will be around what USC got. It will set us back a couple of years but not kill the program. Everyone is over-reacting to the info thats come out. Its a lot and most of it is just sensationilst. The part that may get us is if its proven the coaches were doing stuff. I don't believe the NCAA is going to consider anything other than the last 4 years. The fact that other non Miami players were cleared is a good sign for our current players. This is all new so its emotional right now. Wait for a few months and you will see that the story has died down and when the NCAA finally punishes us it will be around what USC got. There will be no death penalty. The only thing we have to be worried about is if they want to make an example of the U.
Anyone see that UCF is under investigation for basketball and football violations.

I think Shapiro screwed up badly! I wonder how many Cane fans are in the same prison with him on a daily basis? Good luck Nevin!

I think Shapiro screwed up badly! I wonder how many Cane fans are in the same prison with him on a daily basis? Good luck Nevin!

Jacory Harris will never play another down of college football. Neither will the 11 other players. At least USC and Ohio St. were winning when their boosters were paying or providing benefits to players. The shame in all this is we won't get a chance to see Al Golden turn the program around. He'll bail within 2 years.

The whole thing just demonstrates how broken the entire system is. I'm done with the sport.

Couldn't agree more with this guy:

Just a few comments . . .

1) Anybody who's still clinging to the "no proof" belief probably hasn't read this


If this article is just a tenth true,the 'Canes are going down, and hard, and they should.

2) I can't believe people are angry at those who've thus-far witnessed against the 'Canes. They're not disguested with the slime that has come to characterize UM's sports programs, they're angry because the school got caught. That says a lot about this town's morality. No wonder the whole Miami/Dade County government is poisonously corrupt.

3) Shalala has to go: no arguments, no questions, no cheap, dime-store, Clintonesque rationalizing. She goes, yesterday.

4) If I hear or read the word "family" one more time, I'll vomit. I HAVE a family.

Rolle speaks! He doesn't give a crap, so now as a Cane fan I don't give a crap about him! Take blame for your actions.


LakeWorthCane, not saying "no proof", saying "nowhere near the proof suggested in the article, flaws in the article, and the total infractions and players involved is far less than alleged.

Still, yeah, the article is likely over 10% true, and sanctions are coming. Not being an ortrich saying that, just being a fan of a team that the NCAA has crushed before, and will be a fan of after they crush us again.

Sad that in both cases, an individual criminal (cokehead, ponzi scammer) undid years of effort by multiple ethical people. Yeah, the percentage of bad players is likely the same as at OSU, USC, AU, UA, UF, FSU, UCF, BSU, etc., but they make the whole team look bad.

Accepting that doesn't mean we can't point out the factual wrongs, the hyperventilating hysteria, and the exonerated players as they come out. So far, the NCAA has exonerated 7 players, and implicated none. That is what matters, not some tabloid article.

The ex-players don't give a crap!!!


Nothing has been said. Media don't have a clue, they just love to hate us. Our own Admin. is saying nothing, just that "We are a Pridefull University." The Herald keeps saying "PROMINANT PLAYERS IN THE INVESTIGATION." What the hell is that? Great support Herald! Way to stand by the innocent players that read your crap! You really don't know anything do you? The NCAA just says that it is investigating allegations of a scum bag and yahoo sports releases a article written by a felon and they have already indicted us! That is what we know? Oh, almost forgot, the espn boys are all over us as well. So, I will worry when it needs to be worried about. To the above dorks, nice job in ruining us and our Team, before we could even start the season with a promising coach, guys with their heads refocused and a real sense of special things to come at The U. I hope now that we beat the living hell out of every Team that we face. I mean, run it up guys. A really pissed off HURRICANE can do a lot of damage!


I mean, run it up guys. A really pissed off HURRICANE can do a lot of damage!

You said that right, Hurricane not Hurricanes because we are not going to have any players left after this.

Did you go to school? If you did you would have learned most criminals are captured using other criminals.

The players know what they did but don't give a crap about us fans! I will continue to support the Canes but not the ones found guilty!

McGahee said: "I ain't talking about Miami. I'm out of Miami."

Good, stay out!

Why is Shalala hiding?Eichorst merely issued a statement.Why can t they deliver at least a brief news conference?Answer some questions.Really not showing leadership and sincerity.They talk a good game but are not standing up to face the heat.How can the U demonstrate respect to its supporters in this manner?We want answers or at least demonstrate you can appreciate the importance of being forthright and not contrite.Coach Golden is facing the heat and demonstrating patience and class.......and he was not even involved in any of these allegations.

Look so far its looking like his claims about current players are more and more false. 2 have been cleared in a matter of days. I believe armstrongs dad so thats 3 hwo many more will be proven false in the coming weeks. Im sorry maybe 1 or 2 of them did it but so far of the 16 players named 3 look like false already. when the agency that supposedly paid players denies it from every agent cept shapiro who wants miami to get the death penatly how many of the accusations can be proven. IM betting in the end at most 10-15 if that. most of them before shannon.

Everybody is just acting like this was just the football team, well it wasn't Frank Heath and his top assistants have been caught hanging around with this character, even the Shalala has been caught with this character. Plus Miami has been with penalties most of the last decade from the baseball team to the football team, so Cane fans stop acting surprised.

One more thing yahoo sports isn't some cheap newspaper like (the Miami Herald) they have the credibility to back up this story.

Dickie: You are NOT a cane fan and probably never have been...get lost..

For anyone who says the university should have known, what do you tell the people who lost almost a billion dollars? The guy was a skilled scam artist. Were there red flags? Sure but put this into context, he charmed his way with the players and he charmed his way with the school the same way he duped almost a billion $ from unsuspecting folks. What's not excusable is if some of the coaches knew (like Hurtt) and were involved. Throw the hammer at them for aiding this parasite.

I want to see adults punished before any players. Shalala shouldn't survive next week. All that good she supposedly did is gone.

“The real issue here is if you have high‑profile players, your enforcement staff has to monitor those students at a higher level. It’s extraordinarily important that the people that are likely to be receiving these kinds of interactions from people outside the institution are also those same people who are going to provide a reward somewhere down the road. So high‑profile players demand high‑profile compliance.”

--Former UM Athletic Director (1995-2008) Paul Dee, speaking about USC after handing down sanctions against that school as the NCAA's Director of Committee on Infractions.

Paul Dee is going to regret those words. Lifetime ban for any coach who took money.

Again....adults must go down before players.

what a shame? Pray and hope for good results

Please dont suspend Jacory! The man is on a mission to break all sort of INT records. Plus I want to see him wear his pink suit to the Heisman ceremony as a spectator.

I told Lamar Miller before he signed with the Canes that he made a big mistake. Look who was right now. Heck, at least he got a lap dance, a few thousand, and his wee wee played with.

U guys should read this:


This is a great story


Fire shalalalala now

King Soldy is a King Douchebag.

He spends most days in his knees in the bathroom of WalMart.

Why are all the other teams players getting cleared and none of ours??? Coincidence???

Test. Cato institute says it all. Shalalalala probably got him that job.

Fire shalalala now

Sidcane who are you talking about?? If Miami was cooperating in this that would be done by now.


I hope you can part ways from the “sensational media coverage.” Where is the real evidence for all the charges presented? I see mostly hearesay from a serial liar and criminal mastermind and I see Yahoo running away with a story with little to no evidence to back up their accusations, even with 11 months to work on it.

In UM's defense, please read:


Streeter is clean!!!!

Open letter to members of the media (ESPN, herald, sporting news, si, dan lebatard, rick reilley, mark may, etc), and distinguished members of the ncaa:

It is baffling that you all have been allowed to be connived, your undivided attention gotten, and your thirst for scandal tweaked so easily by a convicted swindler. Nevin Shapiro has meticulously lied and embellished in order to sensationalize what may just be some or few NCAA violations, and in the process you all were PONZIED just as badly as those he stole 1 billion dollars from. Think about it. This con man sat in people's living rooms, looked at them in the eye and swindled them of their retirements and savings. Yet some of you have looked at him in the eye and have allowed yourselves to be swindled just the same. He is good, he is a grifter. A ponzi schemer. A charlatan. He clearly connived his way inside the athletes' inner circle, and diabolically mesmerized young men with loads of cash, jewelry and material things that in fact did not belong to him. And he has done the same to you. You all have allowed yourselves to be hypnotized by his exaggerated claims, and your thirst for drama and sensational news has ben quenched with these innuendos many of which are pure hearsay. Why else was Robert Marve, the Brown brothers, or Matt Patchan been cleared when there are photos of them alongside Shapiro?
The sad thing is you have been allowed yourselves to be conned by a con man. He wins. The student athletes who have done things right lose. I hope you realize that the more attention you pay this criminal, the more you validate him.

If this mess is true and we get santioned by the NCAA then Shalaber has gotta go. Frank Haith should be fired at Missouri, Coker should be canned at Texas what ever its name is, Alabama should have to fire Pannunzio and stoutland and Florida should have to fire Hill if they knew about it and were a part of it. I've been through one probation and am mad as hell that we may have to go through another. I hope someone takes that little whizzle out in jail and if he were out and I run into him, I'd beat him down just because. Punish the ones in power that recieve the checks, not the players who are innocent and the fans.

In UM's Defense...thanks for the post.


I read through the entire article and his points are solid. If UM and the NCAA can weather the storm of the court of public opinion, Miami will come out of this thing with a few minor violations.

But will the NCAA have the courage to release a full report on how their investigation found nothing significant even after Yahoo's sensational article?

The U will be alright!

All of the evidence hasn't been released to the public.

If you guys think we're getting away with this, you're crazy. We are going to punishment similar to what USC got.

I just hope there's lifetime bans for Pannunzio, Hurtt, Coker, and Haith.


Those points aren't solid, they are sarcastic. The McGahee stuff alone is enough to get the program in trouble.

You're a smart guy, do you really believe Willis was the only one getting money from this guy?

//espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/6873380/miami-hurricanes-athletic-director-shawn-eichorst-says-tough-times-ahead...folks read this article,,this guy, nevin shapiro and his lawyer are drooling all over these events and the release of the allegations, i mean just simply drooling,,the lawyer stated, he will write a book regarding these events, and use the proceeds to pay back all his investors...and this will make him whole...so let me get this straight,,you destroyed the lives of all of your investors on a ponzi scheme, use the cash to finance a lavish lifestyles, got busted, got convicted, got sentenced, and now, oh, ill destroy the U, do my time, get out, right a book, and make money..people, do you guys see the pattern, he will destroy to rebuild, destroy again, to rebuild,,

Posted by: I Luciferi

That is a great article.

I won't blame Golden when (yes, when) he leaves. He could resign tomorrow and be OK in my book. The guy was blindsided by all of this.

I have tons of respect for Golden because he's out there again defending UM more than other members of the so-called 'Family'.

Shalala should have her troll face next to these headlines, not Al Golden.



Manny, you should do a top 10 list for players who weren't worth the trouble.

Here's a draft...

Courtney Harris - $1K plus at a restaurant, no wonder you ended up in North Alabama.

Kayne Farquaherson - 27 catches, how many drops?

Arthur Brown - Greatest Kansas prospect since Barry Sanders....lol.

Robert Marve - Do I even need to say anything.

Jacory Harris - What's with all the latenight texts?

Donna ... please, please, self impose.

please do the right thing Madame President

>>>Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I'm now listening to Michael Irving and Luke Campbell on WQAM break down this situation and it makes me now realize just how Miami, as a program got themselves into this whole mess in the first place.<<<

When your last line of defense is Uncle Luke and the Original Cocaine Cowboy himslef...you know your goose is cooked.

The 'chair' awaits Miss Shalala.

Got rope ?

When your last line of defense is Uncle Luke and the Original Cocaine Cowboy himslef...you know your goose is cooked.

The 'chair' awaits Miss Shalala.

Posted by: ex-cane fan | August 19, 2011 at 12:32 AM

which way does Ur Toliet flUsh ?

coUnter or clock ?



seriously cane fan ... what feels worse . that Nevin got U , or Ur just like Shapiro minus the GOLD Card ?

Updated: August 18, 2011, 11:28 AM ET

Andre Debose, Matt Patchan OK to play

Why is Shalala hiding? Eichorst merely issued a statement.Why can they deliver at least a brief news conference? Answer some questions.Really not showing leadership and sincerity.Posted by:

jo jo | August 18, 2011 at 05:14 PM


it's a u thang ?

New Blog ...

I'm sleeping in

"That's not why we play the game. So, that's unfortunate if some people would go" to such extremes, Tebow said. "But I don't think all the Miami Hurricanes went out there trying to hurt me or anything because I had quite a few friends, as well. So, I think there were a lot of good players on that team, good kids on that team."

Tebow said high school and college athletes need to be prepared in case they're approached by unscrupulous individuals offering illicit or illegal benefits. He said those student-athletes need to have a heart-to-heart talk with themselves.

"Hey, no matter what comes at me, I'm going to say no to it, not 'What is it? How nice is it? How nice is the perk?'" Tebow said. "If they're thinking anything like that, then temptation can overcome you and you give into it and then regret it later on down the road."

my name is Tim Tebow . btw- McGahee is a bad bad boy . trip too.

God bless U


Yahoo claims they substantiated everything and yet every player that transferred that was implicated has been exonerated. They claim there was an abortion but there are no names nor any proof that an abortion took place. How is that substantiated? A bowling alley bar tab, text messages, phone calls? Give me a break!

Fire shalala now

Hey, all you UM haters who are wishing for the worst scenerio for UM......dream on. The NCAA isn't as DUMB AS YOU ARE...they know that giving UM, or any other school in a major conference, will only hurt that entire conference...it would be like punishing the SEC for all of UF's ARRESTS over the past 5 years...it won't happen.

Do you honestly think that the NCAA, who CLEARED the Brown brothers, Marve, and the Nebraska player, will turn around and "give it" to ONLY THE UM PLAYERS? That would be an obvious show of prejudice towards UM, which would make the NCAA no better than Shapiro himself.
THINK PEOPLE...if the NCAA does give UM the so-called "death penalty" remember, UM has lawyers who will PROVE that Shapiro's receipts, bank statements, etc., do no provide concrete evidence of ANYTHING! If I show you my bank statement and say I bought jewelry with $$$'s on my statement, DOES THAT SAY WHO I GAVE THAT JEWELRY TO? Same thing with taking kids out to dinner...if I have a restaurant receipt, does that say WHO was at the restaurant with me, ESPECIALLY GIVEN THE FACT THAT I'M SHAPIRO, biggest liar, scam artist, and someone who PUBLICLY came out and said that he had a "vendetta" against UM....!!

THINK, USE YOUR HEADS....if the NCAA gives UM the death penalty, they could be giving themselves the death penalty....people on ESPN (analysts) have been saying that most major schools are tired of the NCAA and more are leaning toward something like the BCS....where is it written tha major colleges could not just say "we're out of the NCAA, we're going to start our own ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION" - maybe one where student athletes in all sports are given some $$$ for generating so much revenue for each school, especially in football and basketball.
Something to think about.

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