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UM President Donna Shalala releases video statement, says 15 current athletes have questions over eligibility (transcript included)

CORAL GABLES -- UM President Donna Shalala delivered a video address to students and the community Monday afternoon. We have the complete transcript and a few quick points from her 5-minute commentary on the ongoing NCAA investigation. 

> NCAA Investigators made it on campus Aug. 15 and conducted interviews with current student-athletes, coaches and staff.
> Shalala said 15 student-athletes currently have their eligibility under review and the hope is to move quickly, but thoroughly.
> UM retained outside counsel familiar with NCAA investigations.


"This past Friday was move-in day for thousands of freshmen at the University of Miami. I joined many new Canes as they lugged overflowing suit cases, moved into the residence halls and hugged their parents good-bye. So much optimism, excitement and pride. I thought of those moments over the weekend as I continued to work with our senior staff in the ongoing NCAA investigation.

"I think of those eager young students ready to embrace the opportunity for growing and learning at our university. That is what the University of Miami is about. The young men and women who come here to achieve their dreams. And there are thousands more on our campuses, hundreds of thousands of graduates, who define Miami not nearly as a place, but as an idea.

"The past eight days have been difficult for many members of our community. As I said Wednesday, I'm saddened and disappointed by the allegations leveled against some current and former members of the university community. However, I'm heartened by the kind of displays of support in recent days, phone calls, texts messages, emails and letters from so many of you.

"When our values are called into question as they have been this past week, we have only one option -- do what is right and have the confidence in tomorrow. We will not let others define us.

"The allegations leveled against current and former Miami student-athletes and coaches are serious, and we are treating them with the priority and urgency they warrant. I know there are many unanswered questions about the investigation, about the process and consequences. With NCAA investigators on campus over the past week and with so many unknowns, there's just not much we can say beyond our written official statements.

"The NCAA has instructed us not to comment on specific details of the investigation. It's frustrating for us, for me to be unable to speak more freely or to answer questions. However, we must protect the integrity of the investigation and have patience as the work proceeds.

"I am able to share with you some important points of information:

"I was notified that the NCAA would be on campus on Aug. 15 to investigate potential violations. I insisted on complete and honest cooperation by every member of the Miami athletic department including administrators, coaches, staff and student athletes.

"We retained outside counsel -- outside counsel which specializes in NCAA cases to assist the university in all aspects of the investigation.

"The NCAA enforcement staff in a joint investigation with the university conducted several campus interviews last week and we expect the investigation to continue.

"The Miami Athletic Compliance staff in a joint effort with the NCAA is now beginning the process of reviewing the eligibility of 15 current student-athletes. With the season fast approaching, I know our coaches, players and fans are eager to know the results. The process, however, must be deliberate and thorough to ensure its integrity.

"I'm proud of how our leaders, staff and coaches and student-athletes have handled themselves in the past week. We have been open and cooperative with investigators.

"I should also note the NCAA welcomed our request to conduct a joint investigation and [NCAA] President Mark Emmert commented publicly on Friday that we are being extremely cooperative. Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst has been remarkable in his leadership of our department through these very difficult days.

"The circumstances have also imposed a great deal on the shoulders of [football] coach Al Golden and [basketball coach] Jim Larranga, all of our coaches. We are fortunate there are no better leaders of young men and women. Their insistence in integrity in their programs will help us move forward.

"I ask all of our friends and supporters to continue to passionately support our student athletes who do the right thing and represent the university so wonderfully to the world. We cannot let the actions of some, define the many as we have so much to be proud of.

"I love the University of Miami. It is my home. My colleagues and I are committed to academic and athletic programs of the highest integrity. Like our new freshmen unpacking in their residence halls who are filled with promise, we will be stronger, we will be better. We will move through the process thoroughly. We will learn where there are lessons to be learned. We will move on with a commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in everything we do. Thank you."


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Sit all those players now.
This woman has no credibity and needs to be fired NOW
Did anyone else notice how distespetful she displays the tri folded Old Glory behind her.

Get rid of this abomination now

Nope. They are eligible until something conclusive!

Don't think so canesrus, remember UNC

Then why haven't they taken preemptive action?
We will know something more definitive after the NCAA speaks with Clint Hurtt and Frank Haith.

Won't happen till PROOF is revealed GO CANES


Remember what UNC went thrpugh last year. Well it's our turn in the barrel this year. They will clear those players at trickle speed like last year. Shalalalala said slow and deliberate. If I was golden I'd plan for not having those 15 for at least Maryland and longer.

Just read the invetigative article by the Herald's Glenn Garvin on Charles Robinson. Seems to be a glowing account of the diligence in which this reporter spent the last 11 months.

Robinson should easily win a Pulitzer for his reporting.

PS. Fire shalalalala now

Don't think so canesrus, remember UNC

Posted by: ltcdolphin | August 22, 2011 at 04:28 PM

But there has to be proof to do so. At UNC there was proof so the NCAA instructed them to suspend the players if they did not want it to affect their season.

Same thing goes for us. The NCAA has been their for 5 months already. They would have to know by now. At least know about the current players as that would be the most important in this stage of the game.

Let's all remember, this guy is trying to sell a book. Period. End of story...

Going to the opener. Hope they don't suspend any of the players. It would make for a brutal game at Byrd stadium.

360. They had allegations that went to proof. I don't see a lick of difference here. If the NCAA does not clear a player it's a crap shot if you play them. If you won with them and they are ineligible , you loose the game. If you win without them and they are cleared you keep the win. Seems like an easy decision

How did we go from 12 to 15? Everytime I read or hear something about this it's a different story. Still can't believe that Marve, Brown, and Dubose are all cleared to play yet NOT ONE Hurricane player has been cleared. Some of the most convincing evidence was on Marve & Brown.

We cannot let the actions of some, define the many as we have so much to be proud of.

So typical of a President to throw the "some" student athletes under the bus. She takes no responsibility for failing to investigate Shapiro, for failing to discover he was involved as an agent, for accepting his money after he attacked a compliance official, basically for any of her own actions. Unbelievably pathetic woman, can't wait until she is fired.


The UNC thing was much more complicated. Everyone cooperated here, including the accuser, Shapiro. We will know before football season starts.

We all know you can't prove anything in a photo of dudes looking at the camera smiling...

We all know you can only prove what you bought on a receipt, NOT who you bought it for...

We all know you cannot record a phone conversation without the consent of the other person. Uh, that's a Federal law...

Honestly, I really don't care anymore. This has been beaten to death and then some. Let's just get the season started!


.... I live in NC, near UNC. Completely different cases!

how so canesrus?? be good to know. might be something to hold onto.

#UM president Donna Shalala: "We cannot let the actions of some define the many"...sounds like an admission of wrongdoing to some extent

fire her now

The University of Maryland, and the rest of the ACC are in solidarity
with UM and sincerely hope and pray that Jacory Harris will be cleared
of all wrong doing and be allowed to play QB for the canes, in this his
final, and potentially record breaking season.

The whole problem I have with all of this is that players on other teams that were named have been cleared. So why no canes yet? Is it that they don't have unquestionable proof so they are gonna keep digging until they can find some shred of evidence? I say play them all unless they are ruled ineligable before the game. With them out u probably lose to an experienced maryland team anyway missing at least 12 starters.

"We retained outside counsel -- outside counsel which specializes in NCAA cases to assist the university in all aspects of the investigation."

Why so heavily lawyered-up if there is nothing to hide?...hmmm

no one remembers the games they take away! They remember the ones you physically lose! Play them all until notified by the NCAA

What puzzles me is that the NCAA was so quick in clearing Marve and the Brown Bros.
Either there is something that hapened after they left which has not made the news yet, or the evidence against the current players is really weak, meaning they could be cleared soon.

Re: 12 vs. 15 players: Shalala says "15 student-athletes", not "15 football players". The additional 3 could be from the BB team.

The NCAA is as crooked as the sec. Give us what you can and with Golden we will be back sooner than later. History repeates itself. They dont see holes in the stories,and have been proven time and time again that they are not fair in any instance. They are letting oter teams players play and yet still no word on ours. Did they even interview those other players??? Highly doubt it. I will be there at the home opener with my "Us against the world" sign.Let's break some bones this year.

jls=jacory himself. sit all teh nw loosers that are named.

jls', how old are you? 10?

I agree with Live for today, if the NCAA comes down hard on us, who cares about a couple vacated wins? Take the risk, play everyone. Besdies, benching them signals an admittance of wrongdoing.

In any event, can someone please explain to me why Al Golden, Tyler Horn, and Mike James have given live interviews (when they have nothing to do with the sandal) yet Shalala has gotten off releasing a videotape in which she read a press release written by someone else?? Way to take your lumps, Donna.

The UNC case was about "current" players and contact with agents. Took the NCAA a while to completely uncover due to not 100% cooperation from the parties. UNC acted early on because they had enough info and inappropriate contact with agents automatically makes you ineligible. You don't have something so cut and dry with UM current players. Taking favors (food, drinks) from a booster does not automatically make you ineligible. We will know before football season starts. All parties, the accuser, and the players/employees have been fully cooperative.

She said 15 Miami athletes, not 15 football players. My guess is at least one of the 15 is a basketball player...the other 2??????

canesrus: i hope you are right, but shapiro had a sports agent business, wilfork is the example. now i do not know if that business was open in the last four years, but i think it was, hence improper contact with agents, not to mention everything else. i really hope you are right, but from what i read at allaboutcanes this is trouble, hence the U retaining lawyers.
what say you

Itcdolphin - Shapiro is not an agent and the owner of that now defunct agency contradicts everything the guy says and on top of everything states that Yahoo never spoke with him or anybody else there, which back him up. He was an investor in that agency but had no hands on involvement, according to him! But those allegations have nothing to do with the current players anyway, they go back a few years.

Lawyers to guide a University is standard procedure. The fact that the NCAA allowed them to investigate jointly is a good sign. We need o be patient. We'll know soon, I believe, at least about the current players!

Most of the supposed evidence is very circumspect. I don't expect to come off cleanly but this is not irrefutable "evidence" and in several cases the evidence has already been thrown out and the players exonerated. You have to say one thing about Randy Shannon, he knew a rat when he saw it and he went over and above to keep this weasel away from the program. What I think helps is that most of the malfeasance occurred several years ago. Shapiro is short man with huge ego and a compulsive liar to boot. Read the facts about the so called abortion. Shapiro never even told the player that he paid for an abortion from some stripper. Probably wasn't even the kid's baby. The stripper/hooker knew Shapiro was flashing the buck and why did she go to him and not the player!!!

Sara, you think maybe UM has trotted out the only people in the department who honestly knew nothing about what was going on.

Can you IMAGINE the frenzy around a live Shalala press confrence where she were to answer actual questions? It would be a fiasco and she would have to stand behind what she says. No, they can't risk that right now.

Shapiro said he "shelved" the idea of writing a tell all book. Maybe that was advise from his lawyer. If he writes the book and it's all lies Shapiro could be sued for libel.

I don't know enough about Donna Shalala to have anything against her; BESIDES THIS MESS

canesrus: i hope you are correct. but somewhere and I think it was in the allabouttheu site it talked about his agent company and a 50k cash payment to wilfork. Yes that goes back a few years and I hope it was defunct in the last 4 years. Also lets hope the ncaa stops at 4.
So you are saying all this is only about food, drinks, etc?? Then why the fuss??

this is all crap.

Fire this hobbit please. Anyone, everyone, lets start a petition. My name goes on top!!!!!

Where is the news on today's 2nd scrimmage?

ltcdolphin, I think the more serious accusations potentially involve coaches. The fact is this guy was a booster, and had close contact with coaches. That's their main interest, and rightly so! I think they may nail us for stuff that happened with McGahee or Hester, 9-10 years ago. We'll see! Definitely not death penalty stuff. Not even close to the amazing level of corruption and indifference to rules that happened at SMU.

Overview of NCAA Bylaws Governing Athlete Agents
NCAA bylaws
Under NCAA Bylaw 12.3, a student-athlete (any individual who currently participates in or who may be eligible in the future to participate in intercollegiate sport) may not agree verbally or in writing to be represented by an athlete agent in the present or in the future for the purpose of marketing the student-athlete's ability or reputation. If the student-athlete enters into such an agreement, the student-athlete is ineligible for intercollegiate competition.

Also, a student-athlete may not accept transportation or other benefits from an athlete agent. This prohibition applies to the student-athlete and his or her relatives or friends.

The term "agent" includes actual agents, runners (individuals who befriend student-athletes and frequently distribute impermissible benefits) and financial advisors.

It is not a violation of NCAA rules if a student-athlete merely talks to an agent (as long as an agreement for agent representation is not established) or socializes with an agent. For example, a student-athlete could go to dinner with an agent and no NCAA violations would result if the student-athlete provided his own transportation and paid for his meal.

What happens if a violation occurs?
Example: A student-athlete is befriended by a runner for an agent. The student-athlete is unaware of the connection between the runner and agent. The runner gives the student-athlete long-distance calling cards, pays for meals, articles of clothing and a new car stereo. The student-athlete never asks why the runner is providing him with these items.

The student-athlete's educational institution becomes aware of the runner's identity and the provision of benefits to the student-athlete. The institution must declare the student-athlete ineligible for intercollegiate competition. The institution decides to ask for the reinstatement of the student-athlete's eligibility and sends a request to the NCAA staff.

At a minimum, the student-athlete will be required to repay the value of the impermissible benefits and will be withheld from a certain number of contests, based on case precedent.


will all

be cleared.

Fear not, Canes fans.

but they have cleared Haith, or at least Missouri said no red flags. Now they do have the check for one coach, what else do you know.

Where is the news about today's 2nd scrimmage?

what 2nd scrimmage?? -13 said it was the fourth when it was clearly the 2nd as Susan said.

ltcdolphin: That was in the hiring process for Haith. Interview on these allegations is this week.

"15 in jeopardy." Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Bro, if that "witch" Shalala is not the main person in jeopardy at the U.M. then pigs can fly.

canesrus: that is what confuses me. How could this mess not be part of the hiring process?? He knew and the NCAA knew, how was he hired with that kind of cloud around??

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