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UM releases depth chart

CORAL GABLES -- Along with the news from the NCAA, here's the depth chart according to UM (with suspensions).

QB: Stephen Morris | Spencer Whipple
RB: Lamar Miller | Mike James | Maurice Hagens
WR: Allen Hurns | Kendall Thompkins | Phillip Dorsett
WR: LaRon Byrd | Rashawn Scott or Tommy Streeter
TE: John Calhoun or Asante Cleveland or Chase Ford or Clive Walford 
LT: Joel Figueroa | Malcolm Bunche
LG: Harland Gunn | Jared Wheeler
C: Tyler Horn | Shane McDermott
RG: Brandon Linder | Jonathan Feliciano
RT: Brandon Washington | Jermaine Johnson

DE: Marcus Robinson | Anthony Chickillo
DT: Micanor Regis | Olsen Pierre
DT: Darius Smith | Jalen Grimble
DE: Andrew Smith | David Perry 
SLB: Ramon Buchanan | C.J. Holton
MLB: Jimmy Gaines | Gionni Paul
WLB: Jordan Futch | Denzel Perryman
CB: Mike Williams | Lee Chambers
CB: Brandon McGee | Thomas Finnie
FS: Vaughn Telemaque | Kacy Rodgers
SS: Jojo Nicolas | A.J. Highsmith

Special Teams
K: Jake Wieclaw | Matt Goudis
P: Dalton Botts | Jake Wieclaw
KR: Lamar Miller | Brandon McGee | Phillip Dorsett
PR: Phillip Dorsett | Kendall Thompkins 


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It's been real, AJ.

Thanks for Freshman year.


I don't think Chase Ford is going to be the next Shockey.

They should tell that kid from USC to just pack up. I hope he wants to become a marine biologist.

Is Dorsett still the PR when Benjamin returns? Hmmm

Secondary is going to be rough. Hello 4-5 star recruits. Would you like to walk in and play?

Looks like they'll still be able to put up plenty of points against Maryland and the secondary will be fine. Biggest issue will be keeping DT's fresh.

Yeah they look good! The two top losses will be Vernon and Ray Ray for 4-6 weeks! Ohio State will be a great game! Lets hope for no injuries!

It looks like we are going to be RUNNING the ball is Calhoun is No. 1 at TE.

Works for me regardless of who starts at QB.

I thought we had some other DT (jeremy lewis, luther robinson) ? I know curtis porter is injuried

Finally,Lets kick some ASS GO CANES

Street needs to be on that field. He will ball.

Can't Wait!!!!

This will only serve as motivation for the young guns that are trying to impress and will take out weeks of this frustrating bullsh_t on the little turtles. This year could be really big for the U, lets throw it in the media's face and win it all.

Nice to see Hurns getting the start. Love that kid

JoJo back at safety is smart I think

I though Kacy Rodgers was back at corner where he's always played? Can someone please correct me if I'm wrong

Go Canes!

It will always be ALL ABOUT THE U!!!!!! LET'S GO CANES!!!!!

I don't think there will be much drop off. We have good depth. Great experience for some of the younger guys. One game reprimand speaks volumes about what evidence this scumbag really has. Good luck trying to get the guys that are in the NFL to fess up to anything

Confused Face:
I don't think Calhoun is No.1 at TE. I don't think they have a #1 TE or maybe they have 4 #1 TE's. If you notice they have "or" between the names rather than "|" and they are in alphabetical order.

can't wait!!! go canes!!!

robinson is injured also. Oh this is maryland depth chart. Ayles is injured. So lets not put him down if u dont realize he is hurt. im betting its calhoun and walford in running downs and ford and cleveland on other downs.

The or means they are pretty even . Our ol if figs can do it looks pretty good and young. Rb is the strengts of this team.

Wish streets were startign though after his 2 spring games thought he would.
Dbs should be fine mcgee , chambers and finnie dn williams will do just fine.

mcgee was a top notch recruit comig out of hs should be fine nichols and rogers at sefey due to suspension of ray ray most likely and improved play for the cbs hopefully.

We need to keep Stephen Morris healthy!

The O-Line must do a great job of protection and opening holes for Lamar and Mike.

Also, we have 4 Freshmen as backups in the D-Line.
Anthony Chickillo will see a lot of action. Chick, do your great heritage/lineage proud!!

As has already been stated........Lets ball...F@$K the rest of this nonsense.

Bring on the turtles

Offense really isn't missing anyone except TB3.I like Calhoun and Hurns,guys that work hard,we need that on our team,we need that chip.

Defense looks fine without suspended guys,2 senior linebackers,high motor freshman that will give us a huge spark and a very experienced secondary.I heard Williams blew it up this fall at corner.

I love Ray Ray and it's a loss without him but it's not as big as some think IMHO. Ray Ray is being hyped around the country since he projects well in the NFL and will likely be a high draft pick but personally I think he is out of position a lot and has taken bad angles on a lot of plays. For every big hit, it seems he has a bad play too.

I think Vernon will be a bigger loss as I believe he was our best rush end. Hopefully Ojomo, Robinson and Chickillo can turn up the heat while we get through the early part ofteh season.

Also hopefully we will be celebrating Lamar Miller's amazing play and the great offense so much we don't have to talk about the big plays that our secondary may give up when the other team is playing from behind.

It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!

Figs at left tackle scares me to death

All the media hype and hysteria and only 3 players will miss significant playing time.

And of those 3 players...2 will miss 4 games...no season long suspensions...no 15 players gone for the year...and the gifts they took on average is less money than most every college football player in the country makes selling their game tickets.

Further, the kids that were suspended for 1 game took on average a couple pf hundred bucks, which is less than a valet makes on a good night at a South Beach club. And had ESPN, the Herald and other media fools not tried to turn this into a terrorist act the 1 game suspensions would have never been handed down.

Finally, in another attempt to make this verdict seem much worse than it is the Herald ran with the headline...Miami players suspended for a total of 16 games...proving that sports reporters have officially taken the lowest rung in the feed chain being below used car salesmen and attorneys.

The kid. How so??

Yeah I feel u on Figueroa. Hopefully if he screws up, they will not hesistate to put Bunche or Jermain Johnson.

Whats up with Grooms?

we need a fullback... where is he at I count 10 on offense???

Dang, they should have just stole laptops or beat people into the hospital or gotten DUI's . The NCAA does not mind those things. ! game suspention for DUI's ??? thats the way to keep you program clean.

Espn just named Jacory as a suspended starter??? where did the get he was a starter? ESPN is as sad as SI. Oh, and the sec.Where are you on criminal behavior NCAA?

I agree with putney
Where is eduardo clements?
Dallas crawford?
Streeter is wavering... Still! Why? Coaches must be seeing something. This kid should be destroying it by now. What the...?
And aldarius? What did he do? This lack of discipline is maddening. I mean, all that talk and hype and this and that, and he is plain floundering. Floundering. There are walkons at other programs who would have contributed more than this clown

As far as the predicted "institutional" penalties, i challenge anyone to prove that anyone other than haith took any $?

Morris needs a good game on the 5th. I believe Morris would have been the starter anyway. So we get a reprieve from noodle arm hand out Harris and hope he does not see the field except in mop up operations.


Aristotle. Be careful what you ask for. The NCAA is already taking up your challenge.

The so called experts on ESPN are plain hating on The U. I hope the kids do zero interviews with anyone from ESPN.

The hypocracy is killing me. I hope this toughens up the whole team. Need them to play with a sense of urgency and anger.

Take out all the anger on MD and the other teams. Go CANES!!

Morris - will shine.

Streeter - will shine.

Fig- is gonna show us all what we have been waiting for, I can feel it.

Dorsett - I'm going out on a limb and gonna say that he's gonna return a punt for 6.

Oline - shine.

Dline - will be just fine. Shine.

Futch - will F'ing shine.

Darius Smith - will show us what else comes out of Lacksawana U, where Bryant McKinnie came from. (sorry if I can't spell Lacksawana U, I really have no idea). Lets go PLUG!!!!







P.S. I respect Golden's kind words in reference to the hobbit's attempts to keep control within the U. But in all respect and seriousness, he hasn't been here long enough to see how much she has pissed off the community.

Golden - a gentleman and professional in all aspects.

I'm not sure how anyone can read into these suspensions and think its much of a positive long term. Yes, short-term we are probably ok. But if they did "prove" that these guys took something (even as small as it all seems), they will probably "prove" that the others did as well and if our coaches (Hurtt, Panunzio, Hill, etc) knew about it, we will get a big time hurt. Probably 2-3 bowl ban and a bunch of scholarships. Sucks, but that is what I expect.

Hopefully my trip to DC will still include a win!

manny tweeted streeter has injury issue. actually in all the miami players will miss less time then ohio states players for tatoos.

If it turns out coaches did help give out beniits is where this could hurt miami.

the dl worries me more then figs at lt as bunche was outplaying henderson so figs must of really played great to be our lt.

If he doesnt do it in games golden wont stick with him unlike shannon golden wont mind benching a guy for the next guy if they dont play well.

WOW "P" Diddy(Dorsett), will be returning punts! Awesome! Is Dallas Crawford going to get some time? Ohio State is in the same boat as us, if we can contain Herring, and pressure the QB(who ever) then were great! Maryland I don't see too much of a threat!

The more recent potential violations are from the basketball coaches. Coach shannon ran Clint hurtt out. So that is a very big plus. So any potential football penalties may lessen due to RS diligence. In retrospect thank God coach shannon was at the helm. That is a very good man and no one should bash him. He may have single handedly saved miami from devastating penalties. It's a day of vindication against sensationalist media. I will be there Monday and hopefully celebrating a victory. This is going to be a special season I can feel it.

OK. First things first: U got problems on defense, especially up front. U don't have a "standard-bearer" on DL. I don't even want to comment on LB's, this does not look good. If I'm the opposition, I run allover U all day long...

Stephen Morris the TEAM is YOURS, protect the ball and we'll watch you star against Ohio ST.


Only one injury away from WHIPPLE TIME!

Please God, help us make it through Monday night.

Aldarious...not sure what you did but GOD BLESS brother...keep your head up and please finish school. Keep ballin as well....it would be great to see you keep playing the game you love.

Cool cat I guess tebow is a standard bearer ha. You better go see him this year before he is out the league.lol

Don’t forget the politics behind the scenes here. Donna Shalala has Bill Clinton’s personl phone number on her cellphone i’m sure. She’s an incredibly powerful person, much more so than your average university president.

Paul Dee was the AD during this Shapiro era so for the NCAA to penalize The U for “lack of institutional control” would also convict Dee of incompetence or willful disregard for one of their own committee members…

The politics of this is setting up very nicely for The U to escape without major penalties such as “death” or scholarship losses.

HARRIS continues to disappoint....

As the "star" QB for the Canes with hopes for the NFL and all eyes on him, including Randy Shannon's, you'd think this kid would have kept his nose as clean as a baby's ass....

So now he basically gives up his chance at starting. If Morris performs well at Maryland, Harris is riding pine for the remainder of his senior year. No way Golden can give the position to Harris unless Morris throws picks or goes down...

Harris basically threw another interception.... on his career.

I agree with both of your posts WestCoastCane... It's ridiculous how someone with that much potential can just not care enough to piss it away.... Ridiculous...

I don't understand why Streeter isn't starting. Kid tore it up in camp. Injury?

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